The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Fuckfest

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The legend of Zelda:


Twilight Fuckfest



The white stallion raced down the rickety wooden bridge. Particles of black twilight licked at both the long haired brunette rider and her stead. Her royal white dress was stained with the dirt that kicked up from her three mile ride form Hyrule castle. She pushed her horse to race faster and jump the last few feet of the bridge just before the walled darkness closed on them. The rider pulled the rinse on her horse, calming the beast down as he slowed down in front of the clear lake of Ordon. 
 Her crystal blue eyes gazed at the tall wall of twilight. Queen Zelda, the princess of destiny, has lost her kingdom. Again. Two years in a row. However this time it is more of a mystery. The Twilight mirror is gone yet darkness has covered the land again. When she had seen the first drop of twilight form the window of her room she immediately rushed to her horse to find Link. The blanket of darkness shadowed over all Hyrule’s provinces in the two days her horse and her ran nonstop to Link’s old home. 
 And even odder is that the reach of the twilight stopped. It didn’t appear to head any further than then Ordon. She wanted to investigate this however, both she and her horse are now drastically tired. She climbed off her the noble beast and guided him to the fairy filled spring to drink and rest before heading to the village to look for Link. 
“Princess of Destiny….” 
The bright golden light blinded her for a second as it formed into a trail ordonian goat that it is the great light spirit Ordona.  She isn’t surprised by the spirit, however she was surprised that it addressed her. 
 “Link, the chosen hero, has disappeared. He is gone into the dark realm.” 
The princess eyes widen in shock. It would explain how the twilight was able to cover half of Hyrule again. But how is this possible? The fuse shadows are with Midna in the twilight realm, but the mirror was destroyed so how can anything form the twilight make it through.
 The sprit lifted its head towards the forest temple in Foron woods, “There is….a dark power in the temple….” Turning its head back to her it spoke. “You must head there, through the twilight and re awaken Faron to find the answers. However….” 
Zelda nodded, allowing the spirit to continue. 
“It is dangerous for you venture into the twilight. You will need to take in my divine light to protect yourself against the twilight and the monsters you will face on your journey.” 
She titled her head at that, but it would make sense. She didn’t have her cloak and the Triforce of wisdom doesn’t really protect her form well anything actually. Seriously, even though she is the queen of her kingdom the goddess decided to give her the weakest of the Triforce. 
That has to mean they have some sort of cruel sense of humor. 
The light beast stepped forward to her, it’s hooves touching the water but never sinking into the spring. Between its legs a bright light flashed and, a large gold horse cock appeared.
Between the sprit’s legs is an eight inch long and 3 inch wide glowing gold horse cock with the same swirling tribal markings as its owner. 

“Come princess. Take in my divine light.” 
 At first Zelda didn’t believe what the sprit is saying, until it brought it spectral dick right in her face. Contrary to what many people in the country believed, Zelda isn’t really that much of prude. Although she is no slut, the thought of sex has crossed her mind once or twice. She’s even had sex. Crappy sex form some dumb small dicked that barely reach two inches into her prince she was meant to marry when she was sixteen, until her farther found out he was a fake. 
With a massive blush Zelda crouched on her knees and gentle grasped the surprisingly warm shaft with her gloved hand. She started to stroke the glowing cock. It felt like flesh, warm and rather soft but as she caressed it there was no push or pull of skin. As she continued her back and forward motion, a clear yellow and white goo started to seep out of the tip.
“That is the light you must take inside of you princess.”
Inside? Does that mean-
“You must suck the light out of me.” 
And yes it dose. 
She gulped down on her nerves and licked the liquid, her tongue grazing the head of the dick. 
“Mmm…” She moaned, stunned that it tasted good. It was like a gooey version of her favorite dessert. She licked the head more, gathering more of the delicious light. She swished it her mouth, swooning at the flavor until she swallowed heavily. 
By the goddess, this is good!
She started to try and inhale the spirits shaft, deep throating so far that a bulge forged in her throat. She coughed and gaged, forcing her head to bounce on the dick. She drooled, with spit dribbling down her chin, coating the dick with it. She choked herself until she pulled back huff and panting to catch her breath. 
“Clam yourself princess.” The spirit spoke who is rather dormant during her sucking. “The light will come. Do now hurt yourself.”
That is rather hard to do since his dicked tasted so good. With a sigh she steadied herself back on to his cock, now with two hands, and went back to sucking. She was not as zealous as before, but she still had the same zeal. The princess started at the head, slurping and licking the goo the seeped out. Slowly she took it in her mouth twirling her tongue to get as much sweet sprit cum as she could. 
With another gulp she went back to swallowing the dick, gulping repeatedly with the large bulge in her throat thumping. Her head went back and forth, but not once did her greedy mouth leave the whole cock. 
 “Prepare yourself princess.” The spirit spoke after three minutes. “You must swallow all of the light.”
The spirit pushed forward, shoving its shining cock deeper down her throat so her lips hug tightly at the base. 
“Mmph! Guk!” Her nose pushing up against the under its belly, tears formed in her eyes as they rolled up. Then a blast of the spirits sperm shoot down in her stomach making the lump in her esophagus grow and shrink with every large swallow. Some of the light shot form her mouth and her nose, coating the lower half of her face in the yummy goo. 
She sat there under the sprite drinking the light for a full minute, desperately sucking the spectral horse dick dry. However even after the spirt was dose releasing the light, she continued to let the dick stay in her throat. Her tongue poked out of her mouth at the base licking as much cum as she can even if she was about to lose consciousness form the lack of air. 
The spirit slowly pulled its massive prick out as Zelda moaned as tried to suck more of godly spunk out. Wet sloppy sounds echo in the forest until the still hard dick bounce out of the princess mouth. Spit dripping form it.
 “Aahh…” She sighed, a clear gold spit bubble of sperm formed in her loose hung open mouth and nose she panted for air. Her perky breast heaved up and down making her steel harden nipples scratch against her shirt. Making her shiver in pleasure, making her more and more horny.
 “Bend over princess.” Ordona spoke while Zelda gather herself. “There is one more place where you must take the light before you are fully protected.” 
Although in a drunken oral state of coughing, Zelda still heard the spirit and looked at it in more of a surprise.  But she agreed none the less, bending over in the sand on her knees, she pushed her long dress up and moved her white panties to the side. Her firm butt and virgin-ish, pink pussy is soaked with her arousal. Her juices dripped like a light rain drizzled in the spring. 
The spirit walked closer resting it warm shaft on her small peach rear. She flushed more out of nervousness than arousal. Although she was grateful she broke her hymen with all that horseback riding and sowrd training when she was younger and she has had sex before, but this is with a light beast with dick three times as big as some three inch prince.
“Steel yourself.” Said the spirit just before he pushed it’s dick inside her wet cunt.
“Uh! Ah!”  She bared her teeth as it pushed deeper and deeper, squeaking with every push inside her
“Aaahhh!!” When it finally bottom out in her, she broke out in joyful scream of pleasure. She squirted out her first ever orgasm all over the sand beach of the spring and her legs. She went limp, her face and shoulders falling into the sand as her body was being rocked by the slow humping of the spirt.  Its dick created a small lump in her stomach, disappearing and reappearing in though her dress with every in and out of Orodna’s dick. 
“Hold fast princess.” It spoke, picking up speed. “By enduring this you are ready to take in my light.” 
By Nayru will she hold fast! This feel’s fucking amazing!
Moaning pleasure, panting in ecstasy, Zelda lost herself in the ‘light taking ritual’. Her tongue rolled out her mouth, not caring for the sand that was caught on it or her cheek that was pushed down into it. Every time the glowing horse dick rammed inside of her, she squirted again and again. Filling the spring with her our juices, and drenching her dress into a dark color. 
 “Ah! Ha! Aaahhh!!!” The sprit hilted itself in side her, hitting her womb making her twitch and spasming while continued to batter her womb.  Another big orgasm rocketed through her as near ocean of her cum splatter on the ground. Her pert butt shake, and rippled with every slamming of her pussy. 
The hot horse rod was tighten around her quivering pussy, making it harder for the sprit to give her its light. It pushed harder, starting to get rougher with the princess twat. Kicking up its speed so fast it was starting to be a blur. 
She wanted it deeper! She wanted the spirit’s cock deeper inside of her cunt! She didn’t expect it to feel this good. Ether it’s the spirit’s magic that made the fucking feel so divine or maybe she really is just nothing but a horny slut begging for a dick. At the moment, as the sprit is ripping her pussy a new one, she didn’t care. 
“Haaa! Ahh! Ah” The lump in abdomen became a flash of movement, her mind was slowly melting for the being filled and stuffed with the sprits shaft that is coated in her cum. The sprit did not let up on it pounding, turning Zelda’s ass bright red as if she be slapped. The heavenly pleasure form the beautiful fucking made her lovely cobalt eyes un focus in a ridiculous fashion. She felt it bash all the nerves inside of her, throbbing and pulsating. Sending electric shocks to her shaking body.
“Here you are princess. Take my light in you.” The sprit pulled back a little then then slammed its cock deep into her cunt, crashing into her womb.  Zelda shrieked, regain some energy in her body to bend her head upwards to roar out a mind blowing release. 
“Haaaaaaa!!!” Her womb was punched by the holy dick and then flooded with it gooey cum. It thumped and pulsed. It’s cum booming inside her with every blast, making shower the ground with her cum with every squirt of Orodna’s pure cock cream. Her pussy, stretched wide open, over flowed with golden goo as it was pumped in her. It dripped heavily like sap. Creating a tiny pool below her. 
“Ha. Ha. Ha. Haa! Ah! Ahhhh!” For minutes Ordona continued to fill Zelda with its light as she moaned weakly with each injection. Her body hitched with every time.  It went through her womb and filled through her body. Giving her a yellow other worldly glow. The spirit keep pumping more and more of its light in her. Enough to fill two gallons worth. 
 “Haaa….” She was barely conscious when Ordona took it’s rod out after an hour of filling her. Her face still like that of a well fucked whore as it laid in the sand. Her royal ass presented high for the world to see her gaping twat, as her hands hung limply to the on her side on the ground. It opened and close with her rigid breathing. Even though her pussy has been thoroughly ravaged it was begging for more. None of the magically sperm leaked out of her, even though it was enough to drown someone, it was all absorbed inside of her. 
The spirit stood back to wait for the princess to regain her senses with her body and mind thoroughly fucked. After a few minutes Zelda finally stood up on shaky legs, back to her normal calm composure as she fixed herself and her dress. 
“Now you are ready princess of destiny.” Ordona spoke, its gold shaft disintegrating away. “With that light you will be protected from the twilight and the monsters in the monsters in this world too.” 
She looked at herself and sure enough there was a feint light glowing all around her. 
“Go princess of destiny.” The spirit of the spring slowly started to dissipate back into the spring. “The chosen hero needs you.”
The fairies around the spring spun around her to give her some new vigor. She turn to her horse, who was resting nearby. She walked over to him to pat him on the nose, deciding not to take him into the twilight realm. She didn’t know what kind of effects it would have on him. Checking her rapier, she walked to the wall of darkness.

Steeling herself, the princess of Hyrule walked through the portal into. To find out what happened to her friend. The only man who may be able to stop all this. 

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