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Within Vert’s room her trusted bodyguard is setting up the scene for her to talk with the fans. “Okay Lady Vert, we are about to begin the program,” the guard said.

“Okay my dear Gene. Time to talk with my adoring fans,” Vert said to sit on a chair to look at the readers. “Hello Internet. Welcome to my program called Superdimension Vert X and I will be your hostess and finally the main protagonist of a story for once,” she said.

“About time Lady Vert,” Gene said.

“Indeed, this story will be complete with kinds of things like action, romance, hijinks and all kinds of awesome little nuggets of fun and exciting sights,” Vert said as she hears the door moving.

“Hey big sis, what are you doing?” Chika appears at the door with a big grin on her face with her hearts in her sights in the sight of her beloved sister.

“Oi Chika, buzz off. The Lady is addressing her fans across the Internet,” Gene said.

“Shut your trap Gene, girly trap in fact,” Chika mocked him as he has shoulder length black hair, light skin tone and red eyes, delicate looking facial features and a slender frame clad in a black and white bodysuit with a long grey jacket.

“I would love to exchange verbal abuses as much as the next guy but we are still online,” Gene said dryly.

“Hello world, I hope you enjoy my sister’s company but don’t enjoy it too much or I’ll kill you all in a slow painful death,” Chika said with a mean look on her face.

“Oh do not mean her folks, she is quite protective and one heck of a joker. Most of the time,” she said with a frown on her face. “Anyway back on track. As mention before this story will be centered around me and my party going on an epic quest to stop a great evil from another dimension,” Vert said.

“Again,” both Gene and Chika said at the same time.

“Yeah I know it feels recycled but why fix something that’s not broken right,” Vert said. “Okay folks let’s get the show on the road,” Vert said as they hear a doorbell at the front door.

“Hey Vert, I want to come over to play some games with you,” Neptune said.

“Oh nooooo! Why does she have to appear now,” Vert said sounding she is going to panic.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Neptune and she is going to steal the role of protagonist like she always does,” Vert complained. “Gene, go take care of her,” she said.

“Of course milady,” Gene said as he goes out to the front door to open to see the short girl in front.

“Hello their lady bodyguard, where’s Vert,” Neptune said as Gene pulls out a dart gun and fires a dart into her neck knocking her out cold.

“There is enough in there to knock out an elephant. That should keep her quiet for a while,” Gene ordered the guards to ship her off to Planetune. “It’s taken care of Lady Vert,” he said on the radio.

“Excellent, now let our adventures begin,” Vert said as she snaps her fingers as the whole screen goes white switching to Vert and Gene playing a game of Halo for them getting on split screen.

“I’m going to win once again 5 against your 3,” Vert said as they are holding their Xbox 360 controllers tightly as the match was intense with Gene getting into a building trying to get his bearings.

“Okay, got to reload and get Lady Vert,” Gene said to reload his assault rifle for he sees Vert coming at him with a gravity hammer for him to shoot at her in quick bursts.

“No camping Gene,” Vert jumps over the gun fire to toss a plasma grenade into the building for Gene dodge the blast but Vert closes the gap and smash him with the hammer killing him instantly their match is over. “Yes, 6 to 3,” Vert said.

“Your pretty good Lady Vert,” he said.

“Yes but you are holding your own to last this long,” Vert said.

“Thank you Lady Vert, it’s great to be playing with a woman who not only beautiful but quite skilled in gaming as you,” he flirted with her as she gives a pretty smile which made his heart go aflutter.

“You were always the sweet talker Gene,” she said.

“Only for you my fair lady,” he said.

“Such a gentleman, so what do you want to do now?” Vert asked.

“I need to go to the ruins to the check out these weird readings,” he said as Vert looks on with interest.

“Weird readings you say,” she said.

“Yes, I need to go to the guild to meet with the client,” he said.

“Allow me to accompany you,” Vert said.

“Your company is always welcomed. Let’s go,” Gene said as they duo exit out of her home to see the capital city filled with warm smiles and a pleasant air. “What a great day here,” he said.

“It is, what are these ruins called anyway?” she asked.

“The Foreran Tombs, they hold powerful people throughout the history of Leanbox. There is a strange surge of energy detected there and it called some concern,” Gene said.

“Who filled in the report?” she asked.

“A young woman named Cave. You should be familiar with her,” Gene said.

“Of course, she is my finest soldier in the Leanbox forces,” Vert said to be at the guild office to see a red haired young woman by the entrance.

“Oh Gene, you gotten my request and Lady Vert good to see you,” Cave said to bow before her leader.

“Of course, we are here to answer your request,” Vert said.

“I was ordered by my superiors to check it out but I wanted the extra help. Luck enough I gotten Gene and Lady Vert,” Cave said.

“We will gladly help,” the three go off on their quest to locate the mysterious energy readings.

“Hey Cave, I wonder. What’s with the uniform is that standard issue?” he asked.

“Yes sadly,” Cave said as Vert looks like she was insulted.

“Well I put a lot of work into the soldier’s uniforms especially females. It is functional and fashionable,” Vert said as Cave utters a sigh.

“Yeah her Anime obsession is coming to play here,” she muttered.

“What was that Cave?” she questioned.

“Oh nothing,” Cave said as a shadow watches from afar observing them with a sharp eye.

“Madam, they are approaching the ruins. What should I do,” the girl asked.

“Send them out, test them against the fools,” the woman said.

“Of course madam. Okay go and destroy them,” she ordered as the black being behind her disappear into the shadows heading for the targets.

The trio are within the woods as they can feel something around them. “You feel that ladies,” Gene said to magically summon his twin custom made chakrams holding the handle in the middle of the circles.

“Yes, we are being tailed,” Cave summons her blade while Vert is wielding a polearm to see shifting movement within the trees.

Gene casts down an electric bolt into the tree to lit it on fire to see a being in front of them. “What the hell is that?” Gene wondered as the thing in their way is a pitch black hulking humanoid with glowing yellow eyes and red swirls all over it body.

“A hell spawn to me, come on you two let’s destroy this monster,” Vert said sound more serious as she unleashes multiple attacks with the being slipping through her slashes and thrusts. “It’s fast,” she thought as the monster hits her with its big forearms knocking her into a tree.

Cave is slicing at the monster as she barrages it with magical orbs to smash into the ground unleashing large blasts knocking the beast a bit. Gene follows up with a few slashes as he tosses chakrams to make it spin around the monster creating a magic sphere encasing it inside.

“Lady Vert now,” he called.

“Taste my blade,” Vert tosses her blade to be empower by wind energy to pierce the sphere making it implode causing major damage. “Sonic Barrage,” Vert leashes out swift thrusts to stab into the monster causing it to roar in agony to let out a single powerful strike knocking the beast backwards.

It tries to hit Vert back but she blocks the strikes with her weapon. She charges up the blade with power to quickly counterattack slicing off its arm with black liquid oozing out of it severed arm.

“Time to finish this monster off,” Vert dashes at the beast letting out powerful slashes to cripple the beast further. “Heaven’s Strike,” she pours energy into her polearm to launch it into the sky for it instantly splits into smaller versions stabbing into the monster’s black hide with several polearms around the monster.

“Alright, here we go,” Gene shoots lightning from his palms to strike the polearms to electrify preparing for another spell. “Rolling Thunder,” Gene activates the spell for the electricity converts into a big ball of lightning to be above the monster to bring down torrents of electric power.

“Now for me,” Cave said as she whips out energy crescents to crave into the beast and pepper it with energy orbs blasting it into near oblivion. She slashes it three times and cuts it down with her behind it. She taps the grass with her blade for the monster falls apart with black liquid spreading across the surrounding area.                 

“Well that’s done,” Gene said as they dismiss their weapons with them having looks of confusion. “What is this thing?” he wondered.

“It looks like an ink blob came to live,” Vert said as it soon dissolves into the ground leaving no trace behind.      

 “It’s weird but let’s keep moving to the ruins,” Gene said as the two women nod their heads to keep moving.

“So looks like the Darkling failed. Oh well better conjure a stronger one,” the girl gets onto a black bird to fly away to her objective.

“Let’s rest for a bit,” Gene said.

“Sure,” Cave said.

“A little rest wouldn’t hurt,” Vert said as Cave starts up a fire with Gene going next to the river to try catching fish. “Trying to catch our meal?” she asked.

“Yep, I need your polearm,” he said.

“Sure,” she said to hand him her weapon as he stabs the water to catch 3 fish in several tries.

“Okay one for each of us,” Gene said as he goes to the fireplace to put the fish on sticks with them resting on big rocks.

“Hey Lady Vert. I wonder when you meet Gene for the first time?” Cave asked sounding curious.

“Well I put an ad on online wanting to recruit a bodyguard. I had so many candidates but Gene stood out not just with his combat skills but he did amazing house work,” she said.

“Hold that phone. You also wanted a butler as well,” Cave said.

“Yes,” Vert said as Cave sighs at this.

“I got good at housekeeping while getting combat training to be a merc. I used to guard ships, trade routes and trips to ruins before I got recruit by Lady Vert. I’m her bodyguard/back up/butler for a while now,” he said.

“He makes excellent crepes, makes my mouth water. I wouldn’t know what to do without him,” Vert said.    

“Okay, enough backstory. Let’s eat our fish,” Gene said gives the girls their food.

“This is good, its roosted just right,” Cave said.

“Thanks,” Gene said as they finish their meal for them to hit the road.

“Hey Gene, do you mind having a word with me?” Vert asked.

“I always have time for you Lady Vert,” Gene said with showing a cute smile at his sweet comment.

“Well what is your opinion of me?” she asked as he raises an eyebrow at this.

“Where is this come from,” he asked.

“Recently the shares are coming into Lastation in truckloads and Noire’s popularity is quite high even in Lean Box. Lots of people are going to live in her nation instead of my, am I a bad ruler?” she asked as her normally calm face replaced with distress.

“This been bothering you lately?” he asked looking worried.

“Yes, so be honest with me. Is Noire better than me,” Vert said sounding unsure.

“No in my opinion, I find you very kind, strong, smart, cool and mature. You are a great leader no what some stupid chart says, I believe in you and the rest of your people believe that as well,” he said.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah 100 percent,” he said as her mind is put at ease.

“You always say the sweetest things to me,” Vert said with her blue eyes lightning up and her donning a pretty smile which Gene just adores. 

“I only speak the truth,” he said as Vert looks at him fondly.

“Oh Gene,” she thought warmly.

The trio manage to reach the Foreran Ruins to see a massive door in the ground as Gene presses a stone slab which acts like a switch to let them go inside. “Ladies first,” Gene said letting the ladies go inside.

“Always the gentlemen Gene,” Vert said in a slightly flirty tone to lightly brush her gloved hand against his cheek looking at him with her beautiful blue eyes.

“Only for you Lady Vert,” he said as Cave rolls her eyes at this.

“Let’s focus and stop making goggling eyes at each other,” Cave said.

“Right,” Vert said with a light blush on her face as the trio enter into the ruins to see the interior is like smooth metals with cool purples and blues with artificial lights all over the place.

“Wow this place is like a different world in here,” Cave said.

“Pretty is it, I used to go through these all the time. Sights to behold, let’s find your power surge Cave,” Gene said.

Meanwhile Chika is in her office overlooking the shares of Lean box to see it’s at a low level while comparing over nation’s. “Oh gee, big sis Vert is not doing good but Lastation is going high right now. We need to boost up our shares, we can’t let Lastation make us look like fools,” she thought.

“Hello Chika, hard at work I see,” Mages appears at the door.

“Hey there Mag, sit down. Let’s chat while I finish this paperwork,” Chika said as the mage sits down to catch up with her.

“How are things doing?” Mages asked as Chika has a frown on her face.

“She is hanging out with that bodyguard of hers a lot lately,” she said sounding upset.

“Oh Gene, good they are both getting along,” Mages said.

“Not good for me, Vert is spending time with him especially playing FPS games like Halo,” Chika said looking depressed.

“Maybe she is taking a fondness to him like a boyfriend,” Mages said in a dry tone making Chika panic.

“Boyfriend, she doesn’t need a boyfriend. She needs me,” Chika said.

“It’s nothing you need to worry about. You are the oracle of Lean Box, she does need you to run things here,” Mages said.

“Your right but I can’t help myself. Vert is so cool and kind,” Chika gushing over her big sister figure.

“She is. I want to let you know about some weird sightings of abnormal monsters,” Mages said.

“Weird monsters huh?” she asked.

“Yes like living ink blots with yellow eyes and red swirls on their bodies,” Mages said.

“Ink blots, Mages what kind of crazy drugs you are experimenting with now,” Chika said.

“This isn’t a joke, we have to defend the capital city if they come here,” Mages said.

“When you mean defend the city you really mean just the two of us. Since the soldiers in the city can’t do jack shit against real monsters,” Chika said.

“Pretty much,” Mages said in a flat tone.

“Alright, hope Vert and the others got what they get in those ruins,” Chika said.

Back with the trio to be into a straight hallway as three are equally bothered by this. “I smell a trap,” Gene said.

“Indeed. Let’s tread lightly,” Vert said as they feel their way through the dark hallway looking out for anything weird. Vert presses the wall for it slightly moves. “Oh no,” Vert said.

“Lady Vert, what did you do?” Cave asked.

“I press something on the wall by mistake,” Vert said as the floor is starting to fall apart. “Oh shoot,” she said panicky.

“Run,” Gene said as they rush across the hallway avoid the falling floor but he slips up and falls into the black abyss.

“Gene,” Vert stops and leaps down into the blackness. She quickly transforms into her HDD form to spread her wings to speed down to grab him in her arms.

“Wow, an angel has come to aid me in my time of need,” he said.

“Let’s get you out of here,” Vert said as debris is falling towards them to fly through the falling metals. Suddenly another the piece of metal falls from above to slam into Vert knocking her down.

They fall down towards the bottom as Gene uses his magic to slow down their descent to crash onto the ground.        

“Lady Vert, Gene,” Cave said on the radio to hear nothing. “Damn it, better scale down this to catch up,” she thought to use her sword to cut into the metal to descend downward towards the bottom.

Gene slowly comes out of his fall for this magic helped soften their drop. “Wow, that was a trip,” he thought as his head is laying to grab it to feel how soft and warm it is. “What is this, it’s so round and squishy,” he thought enjoying the touch.

His vision is back to look to see Vert’s skirt as his face freezes up to see a pair of blue eyes looking at him. “You okay Gene,” she said as she notices his hands on her rear as he quickly removes them off.

“Yes and you Lady Vert,” he asked.

“I’m fine. You seem fond of my rear,” she said teasingly.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t my intent,” he said sounding sorry as she giggles.

“I know,” Vert said as she secretly liked it as they get off the ground.

“Guys,” Cave scales down the hole to reach the bottom. “Thank the Goddess, you are okay,” Cave said.

“Yes we are, where are we anyway?” Vert wondered.

“We are not in the normal areas of the ruins,” Gene said.

“Oh this is exciting. I hope we find some treasure in this secret area,” Vert said.

“Let’s stay on task,” Cave said as Gene summons a ball of light to pierce the darkness allowing them to see.

“Always on top of things Cave,” Vert said as they find a lone room to see something in the corner.

“The energy signal is coming from that object,” Cave said.

“Okay, let’s see what’s doing this,” Gene said to go towards the object to see it’s a large sealed metal box.

“A box, here?” Cave wondered.

“Let’s see what is inside,” Gene unhooks the locks to lift it open to reveal something unusual.

“Oh my, this is weird,” Vert said looking very confused along with the others.

“Tell me about it, there is a little boy in a box,” Gene said as they find a nude little boy about the age of 12 to be lying on his side in cold sleep.

“So this boy is the cause of the high energy surge. This can’t be a normal boy to produce this kind of energy output,” Cave said as the box is emitting a cloud of cooling fluid for it activates.

“Life support container online, Android Combat Unit is beginning to activate within 5 minutes,” the computer voice said.

“Guess we wait,” Gene said as a lone shadow is looking is at this.

“They must not get have that combat unit. Boy get them now,” the girl ordered as a massive beast crashes through the walls with a thunderous thud.

“What the blue balls is that,” Gene said as they instantly see the markings and yellow eyes of the monster. “Oh goodness, it’s one of those again,” Gene said to summon his chakrams with the females drawing out their weapons.

“En Garde, foul beast,” Cave said as the towering hulking behemoth slams both its fore legs to make the whole area shake under its weight.

“This monster is powerful and filled with malice,” Vert said transforms into her Green Heart form wielding her polearm. “Let’s go, don’t hold nothing back,” Vert said as the three split off to dodge an incoming swing from the beast’s massive limbs.

Cave peppers the monster with energy orbs and slashes at the leg of the beast but it only brushes the attacks off easily. Vert lets out multiple barrages of thrust and cuts knocking the beast back a bit. “Get cut down,” Vert summons a large magical spear and strike the monster with Gene blasting the monster with magical spells.

Gene swings his weapons to unleashes several electric orbs to blast into the body of the lumbering monster. The beast fires a concussive beam to hit Gene knocking him into a pillar as Vert is blocking the incoming beams with her weapon deflecting them away.

“You okay Gene?” she asked making sure she is okay.

“Yep, I’m cool,” he said as she slashes the monster with Gene release a blast of wind to knock it off balance. Green Heart follows up by flying above the monster and begins tossing magical spears to stab into the monster for them to explode blasting off chunks of black matter and liquid.

“Blast Edge,” Cave empowers her blade to slash at the monster several times and then deliver a powerful slash causing some major damage. The monster in anger as it sends waves of dark energy pulsing in all directions knocking the trio backwards.

It slams its legs into the ground to unleash pillars of darkness with the three evading its attacks. “It’s tougher than I thought,” Gene said as he blocks a fast energy beam with a well-placed magic barrier.

“Indeed,” Green Heart said as suddenly the monster falls face first into the floor. “Well that was anti-climactic,” Green Heart said with a halfhearted laugh as she reverts back to her human form.

“Well that monster is done,” Cave said to withdrawn her sword to notice someone on top of the corpse.

“Target destroyed,” a monotone voice said as the figure leaps off the being for it disappears in a mist of black smoke.

“Who was that, whoever that was manage to one shot that beast with one blow,” Gene said as the figure goes through the smoke to appear before them.

“Hey is that combat unit, the little boy,” Cave said as the boy is naked having short brown hair, deep green eyes and pale skin standing 4’11 tall. He has gauntlets with holes on the edge and ridges around his jointing limbs showing he is an android.

“Thank you for releasing me from my cold sleep. I am under your orders,” the boy said in an emotionless tone showing a bright smile.

“This is weird, Lady Vert what do you think?” Gene asked to turn around to see Vert is nowhere to be found.

“He is so adorable. You will be my loyal cute little brother forever,” Vert said gushing over the android as she shoves his face into her huge bust.

“Lady Vert that is a dangerous weapon, not a toy,” Cave scolding her as Gene feels jealous that the android gets to be in Vert’s impressive cleavage.

“He’s harmless to us. Don’t fret,” Vert said to put him down. “Oh goodness, I wonder what I can call you,” she wondered.

“My designation is Android Combat Unit 5542,” the boy said.

“I’m going to call you Natal, is that okay,” she asked.

“I like it big sister,” he responds as she has hearts in her eyes at this.

“Finally I got a cute little sibling to call my own,” Vert said as the shadow looks on with disappointed.

“Damn it, they manage to bond with him. Oh well, at least they are away from the city,” the girl said to escape out of there.

“Oh my name is Vert, this is my loyal soldier Cave and this is my friend/bodyguard Gene,” Vert said.

“Nice to meet you all,” he said.

“Likewise kid,” Gene said

“So why were you in that box?” Cave asked.

“Straight to the point as always Cave,” Vert said.

“Well I was placed here to guard an item for the CPU of Leanbox,” Natal said.

“Really, for me?” Vert asked.

“Yes, you will need it,” he takes out an object shaped like a triangle to show it to them.

“What gadget is this?” Gene wondered.

“It’s a Lily Unifier, its device that let you use your bonds like weapons against your enemies,” Natal said.

“Goodie, that friendship mechanic might be of some use in combat,” Vert said to put it on her left hand for them to get out of the ruins.

Suddenly she gets a call on her smartphone from Chika. “Big sis, we have a bit of a situation here,” she said sounding very panicky.

“Calm down, what is going on?” Vert asked.

“The city is under attack,” Chika said.

“What by who?” Vert sked sounding worried.

“I don’t know, there are bunch of living inkblots with yellow eyes and red swirls on their bodies,” Chika said.

“This is getting stranger, how are our armed forces?” she asked.

“Seriously, they are useless. Me and Mag are holding ground, we need you back here ASAP,” Chika said.

“Okay, I’ll be there. The capital is under attack,” Vert said as the others were shocked.

“Damn serious, let’s make haste and go help the others,” Gene said as they rush back to the city.

Suddenly everything goes black and returns back to Vert in her room. “That is a good start,” Gene said.

“Yes is it, with my precious Leanbox in trouble from an unknown enemy and a mysterious boy in our hands. Things are getting quite hectic, join me next time as me and my allies fend off the fiends and discover a new yet familiar enemy. Hope to see you again,” Vert said waving to the people on the Internet as the screen turns off.      




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