Suikoden III - Sextain of Destiny

BY : Streti
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Suikoden III - Autumn Chill
by Streti,
With thanks to J!

Six years had passed since the war. Hugo now once again found himself at Castle Budehuc, which had grown silent in those years. Eerily quiet, even. Many of the stores had moved out, and eventually the people that had gathered at Budehuc went their separate ways. Hugo looked at the open, empty yard. It was a chilly autumn day, but the sun still shone from the blue sky, and warmed Hugo. From the corners of his eyes, he could see some people in the distance, but nobody he could recognize. He moved through the yard, and into the castle proper.

There was no sign of even Thomas or Cecile, who he knew still stayed at the castle. It was obvious they were not able to maintain the castle by themselves. Most of the paintings and vases that had decorated the halls were gone, but at least they weren't replaced with graffiti or hex dolls. Even so, the building had fallen into disrepair, with cobwebs in the corners, markings and broken boards on the walls left uncleaned and unrepaired. There was a cold draft even after Hugo had closed the door behind him, and without the sunlight on him, he felt slightly colder. Hugo realized he should have carried a coat with him and that he shouldn't just rely on the rune.

He thought of the hot baths and wondered if they were still in use. He walked across the corridor, and opened the makeshift door that led to the wrecked ship. He was surprised it was still there. The ship had run aground next to the castle many years ago, and it had been a permanent fixture of the castle during the war.

"Oh! Hugo! Hi!"

Hugo was taken aback for a second. "Iku! Hi!"

He was surprised to see her there. The last he knew, she had returned to Le Buque with Franz.

"I thought you were in Le Buque?" he inquired.

She turned her head down, averting his eyes. "Yes... I broke up with Franz. That's when I came here."

"What? When?"

"It was a while ago. I've been taking care of the baths, since the bath guy left for somewhere else."

Hugo didn't quite see Iku as the bath-tending type, but he just accepted it.

Iku looked up at him again and brought a cheerful smile to her face. "Would you like a bath?"

"I... uh..." stammered Hugo.

"Ohh... you've grown since we've last seen. It's been a long time now, hasn't it?"

She looked him over, and a cheerful, even slightly mischievous expression that Hugo was familiar with returned to her face. It was true they hadn't seen in a long time. Hugo had reached a higher stature, becoming the Karaya chief, and he had grown physically as well. He was no longer a teen, but a real Karaya warrior. His hair was now fully blonde, and he had grown it longer, somewhat emulating Geddoe's style. His chest had broadened, and he felt the strength of an adult in his muscles. He also enjoyed the attention of women, and this meeting with Iku was no exception. As she rested her eyes on him, he felt himself swell with pride, and more.

"Would you come with me?" asked Iku, and then Hugo was surprised once more. Iku started removing her clothes, opening her vest and placing it on the deck of the ship, then following with her green sweater. As Hugo watched with mouth agape, she uncovered her pert breasts, and smiled at him.

"Did you come all the way here like that?" asked Iku, referring to his sleeveless Karayan outfit. She already got goosebumps from the chilly air, and she touched her nipples to confirm that they were erect and prominent.

"The rune keeps me warm," replied Hugo. "At least... in part."

"It would be warmer in the bath..." suggested Iku, and swayed gently from side to side.

Hugo realized they were still practically out in the open, and now Iku had started removing her pants too. Even though the castle had looked almost deserted, somebody could still come at any moment. "Good idea," he replied.

Iku picked up her clothes, and Hugo watched her ample butt sway from side to side as she walked to the bath door. She had already had a very prominent butt before, and now it seemed her feminine behind had gained even more girth. Yet her waist was still narrow, highlighting her ass even more, and giving Hugo ample reason to follow her into the baths. She left her clothes in the dressing room and continued through. Hugo quickly stripped off and followed her into the hot baths.

As promised, it was warmer there than outside, even though the bath was technically "outside" as well. The storm that had wrecked the ship had ripped apart a cabin, exposing the rest of the cabin and a storage hold to the elements. Goro the bathmaker had waterproofed the hold anew and made it into a bath. Hugo had thought that the use of the baths had stopped when Goro left, but now the bath was full of hot water, and the heat and steam spread around the whole enclosure. Iku was looking at him expectantly.

"We're not going to bathe, are we?" he asked, taking in her naked beauty.

"Well... maybe," she answered, her eyes glinting mischievously. She approached him and placed her hands on his dark skin, caressing his muscled chest, shoulders and arms. "Mmm... Hugo, you've really grown."

He chuckled in response, and drew her in for a kiss. As they kissed, he let his hands wander on the curves that he remembered from ages past. He nonchalantly squeezed her breast and moved his hand further down her light skin, soft to his touch, and ended up upon her abundant ass. He relished fondling her rotund behind, and their kiss grew more anxious as they explored each other's bodies.

"Ah," gasped Hugo when Iku grabbed his cock.

"...Really grown," she flattered him.

"Uh, I dunno, it's about the same size..."

"Yes, you were always a big boy..." she said, stroking his hard meat. Then she kneeled down, trailing her other hand across Hugo's chest and abdomen. She kept stroking his member, but took the head into her mouth, suckling and kissing and licking it. Hugo whimpered in pleasure. At the same time, he realized that they were still not completely private. Even if the castle was almost empty, somebody could enter at any moment. Was the bath still being used? If Iku was the bath attendant, there was nobody stopping others from coming in...

But nobody came. Iku kept sucking him off, taking his shaft deeper in her mouth, focusing on her blowjob with her eyes closed. Hugo took hold of her hair, and she looked up at him, the look in her eyes almost making him come right there and then.

"Iku... I'll come..." he moaned. "You gotta stop..."

Iku took her mouth off him, but kept stroking the saliva-covered tool.

"Oh? Don't you want to?" she asked. Then she rose up, and walked to the cabin wall. She leaned against it, and spread her bushy pussy with one hand for Hugo. "Maybe you'd like to come here instead?"

Hugo just breathed heavily, shook his head and approached her, his jutting cock pointing the way. Iku waited with bated breath as he positioned himself at her entrance, then pushed in, drawing a moan from her. Hugo took hold of the older woman's plump buttocks, and started fucking her, making her gasp and sigh with pleasure. At this point, he didn't care if somebody came in, or if he came in her, he was just going to keep going. The feeling of her pussy wrapping around his cock as he thrust rapidly into her was intoxicating, and whether it was the steam of the bath or their fucking, they were soon hot and flustered with their skin glistening with wetness. Hugo fondled and caressed Iku from all over, reaching over and groping her tits, and making her moan when he pulled on her hair, but at the same time, he felt overwhelmed, and he knew he couldn't go on. With just enough clarity of thought, he pulled out at the last moment and stroked himself off, groaning and shuddering as he spewed a thick load of cum all over Iku's big butt.

"Ahh... still young..." she said, looking over her shoulder at Hugo, who was ejaculating all over her behind. Heavy ropes of spooge landed on her ass and back, and Hugo felt like he was never going to stop, spewing jet after jet on Iku's skin. But with a final, strained groan, he gained control of himself, just in time to admire Iku's completely cum-covered backside as his cock deposited the last drops onto the mess. Copious strands of sticky semen ran all over Iku's full, round buttocks, and down onto her thighs. Her back was likewise covered with rivulets of crisscrossing sperm. Hugo marveled at the sight with his mouth open, gasping for air.

"You must have been backed up..." commented Iku, reaching out and scooping some of the cum for a taste. "Ah!" she suddenly yelped.

Hugo was down on his knees, and his tongue was in and on Iku's pussy. 

"Ahhh... That's nice..." she moaned. He wrapped his arms around her cum-covered butt, and buried his face deeper in her snatch. He eagerly lapped her hairy pussy, tasting her flowing fluids and probing between her puffy lips with his tongue. Some of his cum on her ass ran down and onto her pussy, but without second thought, he licked it away, working his tongue in her soft folds, and being rewarded with her sounds of pleasure.

As he licked her, Iku bent her head down and saw that he was stroking himself at the same time. She didn't know if he had had any time to go soft in between, but now she watched with eager eyes as his cock hardened again, some of his cum still dripping from the head. Instinctively, she licked her lips, and when it looked like Hugo was fully hard again, she withdrew from his reach.

"My turn," she said.

"Uhh... wasn't that your turn?" he said, perplexed.

With a smile, she kneeled down to him and pushed him onto the deck. Then she straddled him, and sighed with satisfaction as she took his cock inside her once again. She started rocking back and forth, first biting her lip lightly and then opening her mouth in pleasure, and Hugo had the pleasure of watching the beautiful woman ride him. Her breasts jiggled slightly with her movements, and they were just in Hugo's reach to take hold of, caress and squeeze and to play with her nipples. Iku rode him hard and fast, changing position slightly every now and then, moving her hands onto his on her tits, or onto his chest, or into his long blonde hair. A couple of times she would bend down for a quick kiss, only to quickly rise up and continue her grinding.

Hugo had started breathing more heavily again. The floorboards of the deck chafed against his back slightly, but he didn't mind with the spectacle he was witnessing. Iku was obviously further along than he, her eyes narrowed to slids, her breathing heavy and ragged, and the movements of her pelvis now less steady than in the beginning and more erratic, demanding. She was lost in lust, and Hugo admired her beauty with wide open eyes and mouth, happy that it was his cock she was drawing such pleasure from. He wasn't sure if he should interrupt her, yet...

"Uhh... I can continue if you..."

"No!" she exclaimed, then looked at him with hazy eyes, panting. "Just... ng.... ah... little... ahhh... more..." she said, punctuating her words with movements of her hips.

"Okay, it's not like I'm complaining," said Hugo and grinned, then gritted his teeth as Iku hit a particularly good spot. Her body was wet and glistening, somehow making her skin even more alluring to the touch, and now he was sure at least some of it was sweat, and her back and buttocks were still slick with the remains of his cum. She moved back and forth frantically, swinging her head back and forth, and her hair was becoming disheveled.

"Ohh... ohhh... ohhh yessss!" she suddenly exclaimed, and first threw her head far back, then bent forward, and Hugo could see and feel that her movements were now different. She made quick, short thrust with her hips against his, until she just stopped, moaned loudly and started shuddering. Hugo could feel her pussy clamping his cock, and the suddenness of it was too much for him.

"Ung... Iku... coming!" he grunted, sending a fresh load of sperm inside her spasming quim.

"Yesss..." she moaned, eyes closed, her head making small jerking movements, as pleasure coursed through her. It was like blazing strips of fire, spreading upwards into her body from her sexual center, burning her with unquenchable flames. She moaned, and shuddered, and felt like she was going to lose her mind, weathering the blaze of passion.

At the same time, Hugo groaned with exquisite release, as he came inside Iku, filling her with his semen. When he was done, his cock still pulsing inside Iku's cum-filled cove, he opened his eyes and saw her looking at him amorously. In one motion, they pressed tightly against each other, Hugo wrapped his arms around her, and they went into a long kiss, completely content to just lie there in warm embrace.

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