A Completed Chorus

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A Melody of Home


Authors Note: Something completely different for a change. Done on request for Megaolix, someone who’s supported me almost since I first started writing.


The war was over.

The final battle had been waged, the last of the angels had been driven away and Mother Qualia, now purified as Eve, had become humanity’s guardian, looking down on the world.

‘It’s funny.’ Alto thought to himself, sipping hesitantly at a cup of dandelion coffee. ‘After everything that’s happened, it’s hard to be believe it’s all over.’

It had already been a few days since their hard-fought victory now, but even after leading the celebrations, joining in the festivities and now helping with the first slow steps towards renewal, he still couldn’t fully relax.

Another taste of the remarkably bitter drink solidified his thoughts.

‘Probably because there’s still so much to be done.’

Even with their peace won, it would be a lie to say that his life had returned to the carefree days he’d enjoyed before. Truthfully, he doubted it ever would, they had all changed immensely in the past year, him no less than any of the others. He was the Grandmaster of the Tuning Knights now, he had responsibilities, people that depended on him and difficult decisions to make.


Decisions that he had yet to make.

His eyes lifted from the cup to the women crowding around his room -having once again decided to use it as a location for their tea party- Decisions… No doubt that was why he’d been so restless, ever since returning, somehow, no matter what, even at times like this, his thoughts always returned to that, the pending decision he could neither make nor put off.

If Alto had been paying a little more attention, he would have noticed himself falling under the careful gaze of the orange haired beauty sitting quietly on the far side of the room.

“Ah? Is something the matter, Miss Rosa?”

Instead, it was Hilda’s soft voice that caught his attention, a minute later as she looked across from her own steaming up of green-tea, to where the older woman had begun riffling through Alto’s cupboards with a dissatisfied frown.

“Oh no, not at all.” She answered with a characteristically warm smile. “Nothing to worry about, I was just feeling a little whimsical I suppose.”

“Whimsical?” Sakuya spoke up now, curious. “What do you mean?”

“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about, really.” Rosa answered, raising a hand over her mouth in embarrassment as she waved it away. “I suppose I’m just in a peculiar mood, I was thinking about back in Mithra village and I was wondering if Alto had a cup similar to the one I sometimes use back at home. I nice little pink one.”

“A-Ah!” Alto suddenly hissed. “Ow! Gah, th-that’s hot!”

Looking around in surprise, the entire room turned to where the conductor was now shaking his hand in the air, with almost half his coffee spilled down onto the floor beneath him.

“Alto…” The Wind Witch pouted at the sight. “Did you not like it? Popo made that specially for you.”

“S-Sorry!” He stammered, not quite able to meet her eyes. “I’ll be more careful… it’s very nice Popo, really, thank you.”

“Geez, Alto.” Lisette smiled kindly toward him as she passed him a tea-towel, glowing slightly as their fingers touched, lingering for just a single moment.

“Your pink cup though, mum? I haven’t thought about that in ages!” She explained quickly, spinning around with a light blush and returning the previous discussion as she addressed the other assembled women. “That’s the cup she always uses when she’s in a really good mood!”

“Or a rather poor one.” Rosa teased. “It’s just a little tradition of mine, from even before Lisette was born.”

What went without mentioning and without the Water Witch noticing, was that it was also a tradition that had been put on hold for most of Lisette’s life, not returning until shortly after her daughter had come racing out of the forest with a half-conscious boy slung weakly over her back.

“That’s right! And, you always say it helps you sleep much better those nights!”

Alto swallowed, his mouth suddenly bone dry. The dandelion coffee only made it worse.

“Well, it does certainly make me feel better. I suppose I’m just in that kind of mood.”

There really was no arguing with such a simple superstition. Hilda smiled, Dorothy snorted and Veronica rolled her eyes, but between Popo’s enthusiasm and Sakuya’s commands to Nonoka, a suitably pink teacup was soon arranged.

The conversation quickly moved on from there, and the tea party continued without further issue.

And Alto, sitting awkwardly in his corner of the room, was left with his mind now swirling recklessly in an entirely new direction.

She was almost pointedly ignoring him, her eyes never quite meeting his… Yet, all the same, with each sip he saw her take, with each time he saw the pink teacup raised to her lips, his heart pounded in his chest, racing faster and faster.


Hours passed, the evening gave way to night and their energy gave way to fatigue. Slowly, the rest of the female Tuning Knights drifted from his room, sharing goodbyes and splitting up in their own directions.

“A pink cup.” He breathed aloud, his words as shaky as his breath as he shifted on the edge of his bed, eyes flicking continuously toward where the teacup in question -one of Sakuya’s spares- was now stored safely away in his cupboard. “I didn’t expect that.”

He should have.

There was no reason not to, it wasn’t as if they’d talked about it, as if she’d said anything...

‘It’s just been so long.’ He rationalised. It may have been only a few weeks for her, but it had been more than a year for him. Not since the night before Lisette’s birthday.

It was wrong. He knew that for certain. It had always been wrong, even before the entire world had changed. But now, with all the girls waiting on a decision from him, it was far worse. She knew that too, he knew. So much had changed while she’d been trapped in crystal, but she’d seen all the changes since, that was surely why she’d never said anything after being restored.

Until now. Until tonight.

His heart pounded even harder and his lips turned up into a bitter smile.

It was wrong. But, sitting anxiously like this, he couldn’t ignore how much he’d missed it- how excited he was right now.


His door opened slowly, he hadn’t locked it and she’d had no reason to knock. With her green eyes sparkling mischievously and her long orange hair shining in the pale moonlight, Rosa stepped lightly inside.

“Hey…” He offered weakly, all the greetings he’d planned dying in his throat the moment he fully caught sight of the woman now boldly locking his door behind her.

Having apparently borrowed Lisette’s tuning dress for the occasion, she was an incredible sight to behold. With her large, full breasts pushing the thin fabric to its limits and with her thin waist highlighted by the golden cord tied tight around her stomach, Rosa easily filled out the light, creamy nightgown just as well as her daughter. Despite being in her early 30s, she could easily pass for Lisette’s sister.

“Alto…” She breathed, face flushed and lips pursed in silent anticipation.

Moving without a thought, they acted in unison, each crossing the room to the other- their bodies falling together as her arms looped around his neck and his lips hungrily captured hers. Moaning into his mouth, she spun him around in place. Gasping in reply, he hitched his hands under her soft ass, lifting her into the air and against him.

Her legs locked tight around his waist as he carried her to the bed, wearing only the tuning dress, the heat between her thighs slid directly against the thick rod straining wantonly against his pants.

It was a familiar feeling. A comforting feeling. Alto couldn’t even count how many times they’d come together like this.

It had started barely a few weeks after he’d been brought to Mithra village. Perhaps it had been an inevitability, the obvious result of introducing a man back into a family that hadn’t seen one since before Lisette had even been born. He had been lost and bewildered, confused about the world, without even a clue as to his place in it. She had been lonely and yearning, a beauty untouched for more than 14 years, ever since her husband’s death.

It had started as an accident, turned into a habit and then somehow become a comfort for both of them, a small shared secret between them.

The pink cup as a signal had been her idea. When Lisette was away she was as likely to approach him in the kitchen as he was to take hold of her in the garden but when they were all home it served as a way to warn him that he should expect a night time visit.

“Mhaaa.” Alto groaned heavily, propping a knee onto the mattress before depositing her down atop it, pulling his shirt over his head the moment he released her.

“You’ve gotten stronger.” She whispered in quiet appreciation, her hands reaching up and tracing lightly across his hard-earned musculature.

“It’s been some time.” He answered simply.

The whole time since she’d been revived, for the rest of the war and even the days since, all the time until now- she’d never said a word, never approached him once.

That was natural he’d thought until tonight, they’d both always known their time together wouldn’t last and with all that had changed in their time apart, it was only to be expected. The Witches had all made their feelings clear to him and even now were patiently awaiting his decision, to do anything else couldn’t possibly be fair to them. So, he’d swallowed his disappointment and accepted it.

“I missed you.” She purred, emerald eyes twinkling in the moonlight as his hands pulled greedily at the white dress, rolling it up over her hips and uncovering her milky white thighs, bare into the pale evening glow. “Ahh, Alto, I missed this.”

“Me too.” He admitted, his long restrained lust easily drowning out the minor spike of guilt as her hands worked deftly across his trousers, flicking open his belt and tugging them down with practiced ease. “I’ve, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

The raiment’s of the Royal Conductor were swiftly discarded onto the floor, joined by the golden cord from her dress a moment later, loosening the garment enough for him to roll it down to her stomach, freeing her massive, heaving breasts into his warm palms.

“Ahnnua. Al-Alto.” Rosa moaned with a low sigh as weeks of pent up desire thrummed hot through her, bubbling up all at once. “You do-don’t need to, to-”

Her words fell silent when she suddenly arched into his touch, her back jolting off the bed as his lips wrapped around the hard nub of her left nipple, catching it gently between his teeth as his hand kneaded her right breast, his thumb flicking across her right nipple.

“Ah! Yhah! Hhnngg!”

Blasted by the sudden rush of pleasure and with her moans now echoing loud around the room, it was almost a minute later before she regained the composure to speak again, her hands looping around his neck as she pulled his face from his chest and up toward hers.

“You don’t, ghaaa, don’t need to wait.” Rosa finished, tongue running wet across her lips as their eyes met, sharing the same smouldering gaze. There was no doubt what either of them craved.

Pulling his right hand from breast with a sight, she replaced it between her legs, leaning back into the bed with a low groan the moment the felt his fingers pushing against his entrance- proving to him just how wet she already was, the juices soaking her thighs, instantly coating his palm. “I-nghuuua- I want it, I want you. Please… Alto, don’t tease me. Not tonight.”

His fingers spread her pussy wide for a moment before he plunged them inside, touching her in a way that had haunted her dreams for weeks. “Ahhnng! A-Al-Alto! I don’t, I don’t want to wait.” Ultimately, that was the real truth of this.

She’d missed this far too much, far more than she should have. He was the man her daughter loved… But, right now, greater than that guilt, greater even than her reasons to come to him tonight, was her simple need for him.

She pulled him into her shoulder, panting with her lips inches from his ear, as his fingers continued to stir around inside her, sliding against her inner walls, scraping against her in all the ways she’d grown so used to. “It’s been too long… I don’t want to wait. Alto, please… Fuck me.”

His fingers suddenly jolted roughly inside her and her entire body trembled in response- oh she knew very well, just how much he loved it when she begged.

“Yeah.” He breathed, leaning back and moving his hands to cup her face, stroking her cheek with surprising tenderness. “I’m about at my limit too.”

Her legs locked around his waist and he rolled himself forwards, pushing his cock directly against her aching entrance and letting her ease him inside. Taking her hands in hers as he sank slowly into her, pushing into her heated depths.

“Ah-Ahuuaa! Ynhaaaa!” She cried, gasping and moaning, her torso arching back into the bed as she felt his shaft slowly, finally, spreading her walls wide once more- filling her tunnel until it felt like her entire body was wrapped up tight around him.

“Alto- it’s, it’s…” Rosa’s entire body shuddered as a small orgasm suddenly rippled through her core. “You, nhgaa, you’re so hot inside me.”

He always did this to her. Always, with just the barest effort he drove her crazy in ways she could neither understand nor resist. It would have been maddening if it didn’t feel so damn good.

“Rel-ngha, Rosa, just relax.” He answered, mouth opening in a gasp as he felt her muscles coiling even tighter around him.

Running his thumb in circles across her cheek, Alto bit back a second gasp as he felt her grip on him relax slightly- allowing him to plunge even further inside, rocking himself forward and carefully spreading the entirely of her innermost walls around him.

Throwing her head to the side, Rosa gasped and moaned, her eyes clenched shut and body trembling in ecstasy beneath him. Even with all the time they’d spent together, after so long apart, she only just barely managed to maintain a semblance of control as he smoothly sheathed himself fully inside her, his thick length pushing against even the furthest walls of her tight pussy, waves of bliss spreading through her with each time she felt his glans twitching inside her.

“Wh-Whoa. Alto, mmm.” She breathed, her hands running fast over his back as she slowly adjusted to feeling his entire length within her, the intense pleasure spreading continuously through him with each small movement they made. “I-It’s, ahumm. I feel so full.”

Leaning his head into her shoulder and breathing out a heated sigh, standing on the very edge of losing control himself, Alto didn’t answer. Instead, he contented himself with showing his enduring affection silently as he pressed his lips lightly against her flushed skin, taking his time to kiss slowly over her clavicle and up under her jaw.

‘It really has been- far too long.’ He thought, releasing a pleasured groan as he gently pulled out, pushing smoothly back inside the moment he felt her body seize up, stretching her walls around him and driving his cock, again, into the point right at the back of her tunnel that he knew so well-

“A-AHUUA!” He grinned, the point that made her do this. “Al-AL-ALTO!”

Ego soaring, Alto leaned back, watching as Rosa’s mouth hung open in a guttural scream, holding himself inside her as her legs bucked tight around him as she came- her orange hair tossed left and right as she thrashed under the pleasure, her incredible cleavage bouncing hypnotically before him with each jolt she made.

‘F-Far too long.’ He added, groaning aloud and fighting back his own suddenly rising pleasure as Rosa’s tight pussy, throbbed even tighter around him.

Months without release -months of sleeping in bed with Marie at home and beside the girls when afield-  was very quickly working against him.

Already, he could feel the pressure building inexorably within him, stronger with each time her muscles pulsed around him, stroking his entire length at once and deeper with each thrust he pushed into her, the wet heat of her depths thrumming through him as their bodies gently, wonderfully, moved back into an intensely familiar rhythm.

“Rosa…” He breathed, laying his elbows beside her head as he switched position, shuffling up and tenderly kissing her forehead. “You’re incredible.”

It was like being home again. It was like his carefree days had finally returned. For now, at least, he couldn’t possibly worry, he couldn’t possibly think of anything but her. In this moment, his world consisted only of the sweet sound of her mewling in his embrace and the warm affection in her touch.

Her hips shook in time up against him, matching his movements in perfect synch with experience borne from years of tiny moments spent together and slowly, everything else faded away, far into the distance.

“Ahuughaaaa!” Fingers digging into his shoulder blades, Rosa suddenly bucked her waist into the air, driving his cock directly into her deepest walls as she was pulled again to the brink of another powerful orgasm, her entire self coiling around him as she came, the pleasure washing over her in an electrifying rush.

“Alto…” She murmured, beaming up at him with half lidded eyes as lights sparkled ahead of her vision. “Ahn… I love you.”

Savouring her tender gaze, he leaned down, pressing his lips lightly against his and parting her mouth with his tongue. “I love you too.” He answered.

Somehow, that had become another habit of theirs, speaking such words aloud only during moments like this. Yet, strangely, it was only like this that the words felt appropriate, Alto knew what they shared wasn’t something either of them would be able to properly describe. He didn’t love her like he loved Hilda or Mordi, it was closer, perhaps, to how he loved Lisette. He and Rosa would never have a relationship, nor would they want one, they were more than lovers and less than family, they were somewhere in between, somewhere unique.

Lacking the right words, Alto expressed himself honestly, leaning deeper into her arms as their tongues danced together and their bodies continued to rock against each other- neither having paused their motions for a moment.

Her walls pulled taut around him again, pulling back against his thrust, and Alto broke their kiss with a loud gasp, an electric jolt running up his spine as Rosa coiled herself rhythmically along the entire length of his shaft.

“Hnhuuah.” He groaned aloud, shuddering at the sensations, his breath racing faster by the moment.

She knew him far too well. What had been more than a year for him had been only weeks for her and she hadn’t forgotten a single instance of the technique she’d developed with him. Fingers running up and threading through his hair, she mercilessly attacked every one of his weak spots, her pussy hungrily milking his cock with every ounce of her overflowing adoration.

“You-You’re getting close, Alto?” She whispered, forcibly relaxing herself under him, lying back into the mattress and loosening her legs from his waist, planting them on the bed, making it clear she was offering herself up for his use. “You don’t need to hold back.”

He groaned, his hands clenching the bedsheets as he felt her finger tracing down the back of his neck, her whispers and the soft look in her eyes both adding to the incredible pleasure welling up inside him.

“Go ahead.” She urged with a cheeky shake of her hips. “I-nghh- I hate the herbs earlier, it’s, it’s safe…”

Legs shaking as his thrusts grew stronger, Rosa’s mouth pursed in another gasp as she felt his shaft swelling even thicker inside her- spreading her walls almost to her limit. “I want you to cum.” She moaned. “I want to feel it.”

“R-Rosa.” He panted, giving a shaky smile as he pulled her hands down to the bed, linking her fingers with his. “Rosa!”

“Alto…” She breathed, drawing his name out into a deep moan as her voice turned pleading, her eyes turned imploringly up toward him. “Alto, please…

He suddenly jolted, his cock scraping across the top of her pussy. “A-Ahhnmm!” She knew very well, just how much he loved it when she begged.

His grip around her hands grew tighter, his entire body seizing up as his resolve suddenly crumbled, slamming himself right to the hilt inside her, his cock pushing desperately against her deepest walls.


Their voice mixed together and everything suddenly went white.

The moment he’d heard her soft voice entreating for his release, Alto had lost the last semblance of his control, abandoning himself to the incredible warmth of her pussy as his cock unleashed rope after rope of hot, thick cum, flooding her tight tunnel with everything he’d held back for so long, as if he was trying to stain her permanently with his seed.

Her muscles clenched tight and pulsed around him as Rosa’s body shuddered in place equally. Crashing wantonly through another incredible orgasm, her moans filled his room and heart equally as she clung desperately to him.


Eyes meeting again in equally dizzy smiles, their strength collapsed all at once and they both slumped weakly down together, their bodies falling together in an unsteady kiss, passion and affection twisting gently through each of them.


Time passed slowly in a pleasant haze before Rosa collected herself once more, tracing a finger across the defined muscles of Alto’s chest with a satisfied hum as she curled into his shoulder.

“Mmm, that was a surprise.” She teased with a light laugh. “I wasn’t expecting you to be so gentle, not after teasing you like that.”

“Eh?’ Alto blinked himself back to reality, not quite sure how to take that. “You weren’t?”

Leaning over and pressing her lips into his skin, she flicked an impish smile up at him, showing she didn’t mean any offense. “You’re usually much more forceful.” She explained. “Especially after it’s been a while.”


“I don’t mind, it suits you like that.” She interrupted, cutting off his embarrassment as her finger danced lightly over his stomach. “You’re very kind Alto. Enough that it makes us worry about you. You’re too sensitive to other people’s pain and you always act on impulse whenever you can help people.”

Sighing she shook her head lightly, brushing the mess of orange hair over her shoulder. “But, at the same time, you really are also rather manly.”

Blinking in surprise, he looked down to where Rosa was smirking up at him…once again suddenly very aware of her leg hooked lovingly over his own as she lay pressed flush against him, her large chest moving in slow circles into his side.

“You’re stubborn and determined.” She breathed, her left hand sliding slowly below the covers and curling carefully around the base of his shaft, her gentle touch quickly drawing it to full height once more.

“In our time apart, you’ve really gr-owwwnhgghaaa, up.” She moaned throatily, sliding stop him and wasting no time in easing his impressive length back inside her once more. “Ahhuh. You’re strong an-and confident, even more than you used to be.”

“Rosa…” He sighed, leaning back into the mattress as the older woman braced her hands on his chest, her mouth hanging open in a silent groan as she lowered herself onto him, letting his shaft fill her once more.

“So…So I think, it’s always very nice when you’re gentle Alto, because the Alto I know is very kind.” She explained, closing her eyes and arching back as she finally took him right down to the base, shaking with delight as she felt his entire cock pushed deep inside her. “B-But, I enjoy it when you’re a li-little rougher too, because, because the Alto I know would never hurt anyone.”

With her fingers digging into him, she slowly raised herself a few inches, trembling happily as she slid back down a moment later. “I trust you Alto.” She hummed. “And, and, I’ve grown rather fond of being swept up in your determination.”

“Heh.” Leaning up into a seated position -capturing the rock hard nub of her right nipple in his mouth and laying his hands firmly on his hips- Alto finally took the hint.



“Ha… Phew…” With the covers long since dashed to the floor, Alto was laying splayed out across the bed, his heart racing fast. Even with his recently war-forged stamina, the last few hours had taken quite a toll. “That was incredible.”

“Mmm.” Rosa agreed, moaning happily into his chest from where she was lying atop him, her long orange hair ticking lightly across his sensitive skin. The thick streams of cum pooling down her thighs, running from both her (thoroughly satisfied) pussy and ass was a testament to her own exertions. “Do… Do you feel better now?” She panted.

“Feel better?” He blinked. “You, you were trying to cheer me up?”

“Of course.” She answered, a small edge of concern creeping into her voice. “You looked so troubled Alto, you have for days now, it’s clear on your face whenever you don’t think anyone’s looking at you.”

“Ah.” He winced, surprised he’d been so transparent.

“We’ve all seen it.” She assured him, reaching a hand out and stroking his cheek. “It’s not the look a man who’s just saved the world should wear. You almost seemed calmer going off to fight God.”

Somehow, that made a strange amount of sense. After all, he’d known exactly what he’d had to do then. It was a terrifying challenge, but he’d had only one single path. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realise.”

“Tell me about it. Talk to me Alto.”

“Rosa.” He swallowed, “I’m sure you already know…”

“That Lisette finally realised she loves you?” She answered with surprising warmth as her arms slunk around him, encircling his stomach in a light hug. “Yes, she told me, I’m very happy for her.”

“Don’t…” Alto swallowed, his words coming with uncharacteristic hesitance. “Don’t you think it’s strange? Her and me? After, after…”

His words trailed off. He did love Lisette, more than as a sister, he cherished her as a woman, but, not for the first time, her mother was lying atop him, breathing hard from hours of passionate love-making, her body thoroughly drenched in his seed.

“No, not at all.” Rosa didn’t waver for a single moment. “I know you care deeply for her and I know you would make her very happy. I’ve always thought the two of you would be a great couple.”

Looking away, Alto wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Partially it filled him with relief, resolving a lingering guilt he’d grappled with, but, in removing one of his few excuses, partially it just made things harder.

“If, if it was only Lisette…” He found himself suddenly speaking, baring himself plainly without even meaning to. “I- That’d be fine. But lately, it’s just… It feels like everyone’s look to me, everyone wants something from me that I can’t give them.”

Giving him the room to speak, Rosa remained silent, simply tightening her arms around him in a quiet show of support.

“I always thought after the war, after we finished, I’d return to Mithra.” He spoke slowly, his eyes closed as the words began to slowly fall free. “But, it’s not that simple. I’m the Grandmaster now, I’ve got responsibilities and there’s still so much to do while we rebuild. I always planned to go home afterwards, but now, I’m not sure… Everyone wants me to lead them, can I really just walk away?”

Turning aside, his cheeks flushed lightly with embarrassment. “A-Archibald has even been trying to get me to take over… To be the King!”

Expecting a laugh, he was left slightly open when she simply continued the same wordless support.

“B-But, that’s ridiculous! That was Xeno’s, that was Ana’s role! I-I can’t be King!” He stammered, arguing against himself. “I know someone needs to but, but surely it should be Elmar. He’s the one who knows the job best.

“Except.” His words lost their power. “Except, he wants me to rule Regnant as well…”

“As do the people.” She spoke finally, her words soft but with gentle surety. “Do you know what they say? The streets all whisper that the conductor Alto has done what even the Hero Elcrest could not. For months now, no matter how bad things were, we all believed you would save us, the entire Kingdom has faith in you.”

Alto swallowed. Was that truly how he was seen? That he had surpassed his prior self?

Now with all his memories back, it was already awkward enough whenever he thought of all the people that prayed to the Hero Elc, thinking about that worship now being directed toward his current self…

“But that’s not what truly worries you.” Rosa whispered, pulling his thoughts back on course. “Nor do I think you’re only worried about seeing Lisette as a woman.”

No. She was right. If it was only that, then he would have simply turned Archibald down and pledged to remain in the capital while it needed his help rebuilding. That wasn’t why he hadn’t been able to move on.

“I promised her an answer, after the war. I promised all of them one.” He spoke, slowly, finally opening up the topic that had endlessly haunted his thoughts since the fighting had ended. But, but I don’t know what to say! How can I? They’re all so brilliant, so beautiful! F-Five women, it just doesn’t make any sense… How can I be so important to all of them?”

“Alto.” Rosa’s voice grew firm as she scolded him. “Do you doubt their feelings for you? Do you think they’re mistaken about what you mean to them?”

“N-No, no of course not.” As impossible as it seemed, he’d seen it clearly, how much he meant to each of them. “I believe them.”

“Then, don’t ask how or why, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they do.” Her fingers threaded softly through his hair and her voice softened once more. “Your Witches have all been very patient with you. They’ve made their feelings clear, you’re the only one still hiding his.”

“Y-Yeah.” He nodded, getting the vague impression like he was being tuned himself. “I know. I just, I’m not sure what to say, who to… How can I?”

Nodding, Rosa accepted his words, falling silent for several minutes as she continued running her hands lightly over his body, easing the sudden tension from him with a loving touch.

“Then, do you love Lisette? Even though you used to think of her as a sister?”

“I do.” He answered, shocking himself with how easy the admission finally was. “It took some time to get used to at first, but, after losing her and after getting my memories back… I do, I love Lisette. I want to return to Mithra with her as my wife.”

“And, what about Hilda? Do you love her even after all the terrible crimes she’s committed? All the people she’s killed?”

“Of course!” He declared, a familiar dull guilt throbbing through him. “Everything she’s done… It’s as much my fault as hers, she’s suffered so much because of that promise she made me. I-I want to help her atone. I love Hilda, I want to show her she deserves to be happy, that she doesn’t have to be alone anymore.”

“And, what about Popo? Even though she’s always runs away?”

“Hah…” He chuckled wryly, his emotions spinning in a hundred directions at once at the continuous admissions. “I don’t think there’s many people who could help but to fall for her. She’s been through so much but she’s still kinder and sweeter than anyone. Y-Yeah, I love Popo, I want to see all the sights of the world with her.”

“And Mordimort? Despite how awkward she is?”

“Yeah, of course I do.” He sighed, trying not to think about his failed attempts to help her socialise. “She’ll never be normal, but that’s fine, she’ll always be special to me. I love Mordi how she is, I want to keep her at my side and help her help everyone.”

“What about Sakuya? Do you love her, even with how difficult she can be?”

“Well, I certainly had some reservations about becoming her manager.” He admitted. “But, I’ve actually grown to miss spending time with her like that. Being with her is comfortable, she’s so open, it’s refreshing. I know the Priestess has to be chaste, so I’m not sure what kind of life we’d have together, but I know she wouldn’t let anyone keep her from what she wanted. I love Sakuya, I want to keep being someone she can rely on.”

Steepling her hands on his chest, Rosa beamed happily up at him. “Well, there you go then!”

“Huh?” He blinked.

“I’m relieved actually. You’re not running from the truth or pretending not to know how they, or you, feel. They love you, and you love them.”

“Wh-Wha? Rosa?” Was she teasing him? “That’s not answer though, I can’t love all of them. That’s…”

“But, you do.” She countered simply. “And Alto, while I can sympathise that this is certainly a difficult position you’re in, haven’t you ever noticed, that you’re only looking at this from your perspective?”

“My perspective?”

“That’s right. Have you not seen that they’re just as worried about this as you are? All your Witches, they’re all such kind, sensitive girls, they fear receiving your answer as much as you fear giving it.”

“Th-They do?”

“Of course. They’re friends, comrades, they’ve spent all this time supporting each other.” Her voice remained soft, but there was no doubt she was serious. “You know Lisette wants to return to Mithra with you, but do you really think she wants to do that if it means leaving Mordi alone, or breaking Hilda’s heart?”

 “I-” His mouth fell open in surprise, he’d never even considered that. He knew how important he was to the girls, he’d forgotten, of course, that they were also incredibly important to each other. “Then… Then, I shouldn’t choose any of them?”

“That’s just running away.” She answered with a sigh. “Alto, don’t you realise, you and them, you all want the same thing? Instead of trying to decide which of them you care the most for, why don’t you try make them all happy? Isn’t that your job as the Conductor?’

“A-A-All of them!?” He balked. “E-Even if they did somehow accept that, I can’t marry five women!”

“Well…” She drew the word out, trailing a finger across his chest. “Not unless you were the King.”

Speechless, he stared dumbfounded in shock, looking for any sign she was kidding. Her twinkling green eyes shone confidently back up at him.

“Surely it’s only natural for the Conductor to stay with his Witches? No-one, not even they, want to be separate. And, as King, you’ll be able to support them all.”

“I-I can’t be the King…” He repeated numbly.

“Only you think that. You’re kind, determined and selfless, you’d be a fine monarch.” She answered clearly, speaking to the boy she’d taken into her home as much as the man who’d become a saviour for all of Regnant. “You have the support of the people and of the Tuning Knights. Alto, it’s hard to think of anyone who’s more qualified than the man who’s a legendary hero twice over.”

Wincing, he tried very desperately not to think of all the times Rosa had prayed to Elcrest.

“And, anyway, if nothing else…” She whispered, a drop of heat returning to her voice once more as she pressed her lips into his skin. “I imagine it could be very fun, you sitting on that fancy throne like that…”

“Ugh…” Alto sighed after a moment as her blatant insinuation hit him. “You really are incorrigible.”

Still, he couldn’t deny it, it really was an appealing thought. A fact that was shown very clearly a moment later when his cock stood again, rock hard into the air, as the whimsical image ran through his mind.

“Ooooh. You do like that?”
“W-Wai- Rosa!?”

Ignoring her cries, her hands snapped out and she pulled him upright, tugging him to a seated position on the edge of the bed before he could even think to resist.

Sliding off the mattress with a laugh, Rosa’s eyes shone with mischievous intent as she lowered herself to a seated position, bare naked, kneeling before him in supplication.

“I’m just a simple village woman.” She murmured, lowering her eyes, as if in shy deference. “But, if I may, please allow me to serve you, my lord.”

“Rosa…” He breathed, far too aroused at the sight of her acting so submissive toward him to even begin to argue.

She moved forward with a smile, her hands resting on his thighs and lips descending worshipfully around the head of his cock.


And, as her warm mouth bobbed further down his shaft and as his worries melted into bliss once more, Alto could only remember her earlier words… He really did love seeing her on her knees like this, maybe he really did have something of a rough streak?


A/N: I really liked Stella Glow, it’s got its weaknesses, most prominently being that the final arc of the story is a LOT stronger than the previous 2/3 or so, but it’s also a game that’s had a surprising amount of care and polish put into it. It’s pretty simplistic, but it’s also just a really fun, interesting SRPG. Plus, some great characters, Hilda especially.

Of course, the biggest weakness is the complete lack of a harem mode for NG+! An absolutely glaring admission, and one hopefully I can make up for, even if only a little.


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