Metroid: Long Live The Queen

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Metroid: Long Live The Queen

Chapter One:





A Note from the Author:

What am I doing? Starting another series when I've got three left unfinished – one of them for ten years? Oh, well. At this point I'll just roll with it. Since Nintendo isn't all that interested in progressing the Metroid timeline any further past Fusion, I decided to dust off this old idea, throw it at the wall and see if it sticks. Spoilers for Fusion (and, really, every other game in the series) abound, so if you haven't played them, I would highly recommend doing so before reading this. I'm also going to be taking a few liberties with this in regard to the more erotic portions that I probably couldn't get away with in the other series I'm writing, so there may be some content that is disturbing and/or disgusting to some readers. You have been warned.


It was the end of another mission. Another report to file. And another long flight back to Galactic Federation-controlled space.

Sometimes, those were good because they gave you time to relax. Time to unwind. Time to think.

Sometimes, those were bad because they gave you time to worry. Time for tension to build. Time to think.

For bounty hunter Samus Aran, this was definitely one of the latter cases.

After returning to Planet SR388, a Chozo colony world and the home planet of the Metroids, a new lifeform had been discovered: an amorphous, shapeshifting parasitic organism simply called “X”. Having been infected by one of the X after destroying the physical form it had mimicked, Samus herself nearly died. She lost consciousness and crashed her prized gunship, which had seen her through many an adventure and always brought her home safely, into an asteroid. The auto-ejection system was the only thing that kept her from dying then and there.

A vaccine for the infection was luckily developed using a cell culture the Federation scientists had kept from the last infant Metroid she herself had recovered from SR388, though it had almost been too late. The X had infected the organic components of her Chozo Power Suit, forcing the doctors to surgically remove the bulk of it and rather drastically altering the appearance of what remained. Just another reminder of the pain I've gone through, she thought bitterly, which brought more old memories to the surface.

As a child, Samus had lived in a mining colony on the planet designated K-2L. That colony was destroyed by Ridley, the Space Pirate commander and from that day onward her sworn enemy. She was the only survivor and luckily was found by a group of Chozo that had come to render aid after the attack. A peaceful people, not at all like the Pirates, they took the young girl in and raised her as one of their own on their Zebes colony, even going so far as to infuse her with their DNA. This gave her their heightened senses, reflexes, intellect and problem-solving skills, but most importantly it gave her the ability to interface with their technology, which was as much organic as it was anything else. Her Power Suit had been the ultimate symbol of that – something powerful, unique, that only she could use. Utterly invincible.

Or so I thought, anyway. The X proved me wrong.

When she regained consciousness after the operation which saved her life, the Biologic Space Laboratories space station in orbit over SR388 had sent out a distress signal. Given a new ship by the Federation and told to investigate, Samus discovered that the specimens from SR388 were all infected by the X and had attacked the scientists, leaving no survivors. Worse yet, the infected segments of her Power Suit had been sent back there and there was an X mimicking her. Without a doubt, the SA-X, as it had been dubbed, was one of her most dangerous enemies, but it wasn't the only threat on the station. In a restricted area, near an artificial environment perfectly replicating SR388's, she had found Metroids. Massive quantities of Metroids in all their life phases. Larval, Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, even Omega. All cloned from the same source – the cell culture which had saved her life.

In the end, she had to fight not only the SA-X, but an enormous Omega Metroid, which ironically the SA-X helped her to defeat by allowing itself to be absorbed and returning to her the Ice Beam, which in turn let her destroy the Omega and escape the station before it exploded, taking SR388 with it. Another space station and another planet gone because of me. I thought I was supposed to save the galaxy, not destroy it piece by piece....

“Penny for your thoughts, Lady?”

She sighed. “Just the usual, Adam,” she said, still finding it odd that she was talking to her ship. It was a new generation, the central computer containing an artificial intelligence. In this case it was a copy of the memories and personality of Commander Adam Malkovich of the Galactic Federation Marine Corps and her former commanding officer during her brief time as a soldier. Adam had died on another space station, called the Bottle Ship, where they had tried to clone Metroids for use as a bio-weapon. Apparently the Bottle Ship and B.S.L. projects had both been bankrolled by an as-of-yet-unknown cabal within the Federation leadership and had been taking place almost simultaneously. On the Bottle Ship they had managed to not only produce a Queen, but also a variant of the larval stage which was immune to extreme cold, previously its only weakness.

“You still doubt your actions these last few months?”

Samus stretched her arms over her head and sighed before yanking out the elastic band that held her blonde hair in a ponytail. “Not just mine. The Federation's. Metroids as weapons....that would make them no better than Mother Brain and the Space Pirates.”

“Which is another thing they conveniently edited out of my report when they gave Madeline Bergman the project. Co-opting my name to make it seem like I was in charge, just in case they needed a scapegoat. What I can't figure out is why the Federation insists on pursuing this.”

Samus kicked her feet up onto the console, crossing them at the ankles. She wore only the backless blue tank top and shorts that she had been wearing under her Power Suit on that ill-fated second trip to SR388. Her boots and wristbands lay on the deck next to the chair, having been discarded almost as soon as she got her suit off, which in and of itself was an entirely new process for her. The release mechanism she was accustomed to triggering with a mere thought had been part of what the doctors had to remove. With much effort, Samus found that she could loosen the helmet with sheer willpower and once it was off the rest of the suit loosened considerably, allowing her to slide out of it. It currently sat atop a storage locker at the back of the cockpit, not quite folded but somewhat presentable, helmet and arm cannon at rest on top of it. She idly flexed her right ankle and toes as she tried to put the pieces together.

“Mother Brain was made by the Chozo. An A.I. with organic components that they thought could help them save their dying race. Instead she allied with the Pirates and doomed the Chozo to extinction. The Chozo developed the Metroids on SR388 to kill the X Parasites, but took the larval creatures with them to other colonies to serve as protection from natural predators.”

“And since the Metroids could only mature past that stage on SR388, there was no fear of any getting loose and setting up a new breeding ground that couldn't be controlled.”

“It wasn't a bad strategy, and the Chozo seemed to have better control over them than Mother Brain ever did. Once she had control of Zebes, the Pirates wiped out the Chozo there and made it one of their primary bases, continuing to experiment on the Metroids.”

“Until you came along and destroyed Mother Brain. Twice.”

“Mother Brain, Phazon, and anything else the Pirates tried to use. I've blown up entire planets to keep them from unleashing terrible weapons upon the galaxy.” She sighed. “And each and every time the Pirates find a new potential weapon, the Federation just has to try and use it themselves.”

“It does make you question their motives, doesn't it?”

“No kidding. I'm starting to think they're as much of a threat to civilization as the Pirates.”

“That might be going a little too far. The majority of the Federation's leaders are innocent of all of this. They had no knowledge of these attempts at breeding Metroids or using the X as a weapon.”

“The money for all of that had to come from somewhere, Adam. The Federation Council controls what gets funded and what doesn't. Someone on some committee knew enough to get the finances for all of this.”

“I do not doubt that, but you cannot just barge into the Council's chamber and start making accusations.”

“Just watch me. Someone there knew about the Metroid breeding programs. Someone learned about the X and decided to send the military to capture it. Just like someone had to approve of the use of Phazon as a weapon. And please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed how much the Aurora Units looked like Mother Brain!” Samus kicked the edge of the console and instantly regretted it, swearing loudly as the metal cut the tender arch of her right foot. She grimaced as she saw the size of the cut. It went across the entire arch and had gone rather deep. Not quite to the muscle, but deep enough; a testament to both her own enhanced strength and the sharpness of the console. Blood dripped rather freely from the wound. She swore again.

“You're getting too loud, Lady. You'll wake our passengers.”

Samus took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She climbed out of the command chair and hobbled over to the medical kit hanging on the wall next to the door which led to the sleeping cabin, below which was a small cargo bay. Aside from thermal blankets, spare bedding, ration bars and water packs, the only contents of the bay were the only living natives of Zebes. A trio of blue monkey-like Etecoons and two green flightless birds known as Dachoras. She had encountered them during her second visit to the planet and observing their behavior she learned two valuable skills: how to leap from wall to wall and to use the energy built up by the Speed Booster to propel herself across chasms or even vertically at incredible velocities. She had seen them trapped in a sealed room during her escape from the dying world and made an exit for them, but had had no idea they survived. They somehow had been found by the B.S.L. scientists and been taken to their station for study.

As Samus removed an alcohol pad, antibiotic gel, a sterile pad and bandage roll from the kit, she thought more about what the docile creatures had taught her. It never occurred to me before, but it's possible the Chozo designed my suit to do those things by watching these very animals. I wonder what other species they encountered that inspired their technologies. She limped back to the command chair and began dressing the wound, hissing as the alcohol sterilized it.

“Let's get back to the matter at hand,” Adam said calmly. “Before we go to the Council, we need evidence. We need names.”

Samus ripped the plastic of the single-use gel packet open and smeared it over the cut. “Any of which we might have had went up with the Bottle Ship and B.S.L. station.”

“You're forgetting Ceres Station. That's where all of this began. The Metroid DNA was extracted from the hatchling there.”

“And it's gone, too, thanks to Ridley.”

“What's remarkable is that in just those few short hours, they had extracted enough DNA from the hatchling to do all of this.”

“It wasn't just those samples. There were microscopic fragments of everything I encountered on Zebes stuck to my Power Suit when I got back. They scraped it clean and found cells from the Baby there.” She pressed the pad into place, then unrolled the bandage and wrapped it around her foot. “Not to mention Ridley.”

“It's a small wonder they didn't try to clone Mother Brain from that, as well. They seemed quite determined to replicate her.”

“I'm fairly certain they tried. But she was a very complex fusion of organic and synthetic components. Could not be entirely built or grown. The two portions had to be created independently, then fused together.” She reached the end of the bandage and tied it off. She tested her weight on the foot, found the pain dulled and stood. “I can't think about this anymore. I haven't had any rest since I was sent to the B.S.L. station and I need sleep.”

Adam responded by turning off all of the lights in the cockpit, save the one Samus needed to see her way to the cabin. “Good night, Lady. Sleep well.”

“I will. Thanks.” She opened the door and disappeared behind it, the single light clicking off as she shut the door.


“What, Adam?”

“There is a malfunction.”

“What kind of 'malfunction'?”

“I am not getting a signal from the cabin's camera.”

“I know.”

“Is it damaged?”


“Then why is the signal blocked?”

“I put a blanket over the camera.”

“It's rather remarkable that you found it in the first place. All of the cameras on this ship are concealed.”

“I noticed it through my suit's visor when I first came on board. And after I discovered you were the ship's computer, I decided to cover it until I can find a way to remove it from behind the bulkhead.”

“Why would you do that?”

“So you wouldn't try to watch me.”

“I wouldn't try to do that, Lady.”

“Yes, you would.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you just did.”

“That might be true, but you couldn't possibly have known that before.”

“I always take precautions. And you had a reputation back when you were a cadet.”

“I concede defeat. Goodnight, Lady.”

“Goodnight, Adam.”

Though he could see nothing, through the camera's microphone Adam heard what could only have been the rustle of fabric as Samus removed her top, the snap and zipper on her shorts being undone and both garments hitting the floor before the creak of the mattress signaled her climbing into the bed.


Samus smiled to herself as she sat on the edge of the mattress. She stretched and felt the gunship's air circulation system pushing cool air gently over her nude body. She didn't consider herself a nudist, but sometimes it was nice to just ditch everything and be comfortable. The Power Suit was like a second skin and so whatever she wore beneath it by necessity had to be skin-tight itself, which rarely lent itself to comfort. Between jobs she would “dress down” and wear looser clothing on occasion, but the trade-off was that if she needed her Power Suit in a hurry she would either have to strip in public or deal with a less comfortable and less responsive suit. So she usually just compromised and wore something like the tank top and shorts during her downtime.

She swung her legs up and reclined with her hand folded behind her head. It wasn't the most comfortable bed she'd ever used, but far from the worst. This is nice, she thought. No alarms, no explosions, no self-destruct timers. Just the sound of the fans and the engines. Good way to relax.

Her eyes slowly opened and she smiled again. Though I can think of a better way to relax. And it's been a while, at that....

Sliding further up against the bulkhead, she gasped a little as the cool metal sent a biting sensation through her shoulders. With her right hand, she slowly began tracing a path along the inside of her right thigh. She wasn't in a hurry; they had more than two days before they reached the closest Federation border checkpoint. All the time in the galaxy.

Her middle finger drew lazy circles on her thigh, each one bringing it closer to its ultimate destination. When it finally reached her pelvis, she let the other fingers uncurl and play along her smooth-shaven mound, careful not to touch anything sensitive. At least, not right away. The times when she got to do this were so few and far between that she had learned to drag the experience out, to savor it as much as possible.

She had also learned that it was well worth it.

Her left hand, previously unoccupied, found itself on her breasts, teasing and massaging the nipples until they hardened. She alternated from one to the other, letting out slight gasps and moans as the sensations spread through her body. She didn't have the largest chest in the galaxy, she knew, but was happy with what she had. Anything more than a handful is a waste, really, she'd always thought. They were just big enough to be fun.

After a few minutes of teasing herself, it was time to move on. She felt the heat and moisture building in her innermost core, begging for more, and it was a siren call she was not about to ignore. Her index and ring fingers slid up and down her outer lips, coaxing more moisture from within. She did this for another two minutes until she could stand no more.

Gently, Samus slid her middle finger into herself, moaning out loud at the penetration. Slowly she worked it in and out, building up a pleasurable friction. After getting accustomed to the sensation, she added a second finger, then finally a third. That was as much as she had ever taken inside her.

Growing up among the Chozo, there had been no other humans, let alone boys, for her to be interested in during her curious teenage years. It wasn't until she left Zebes at seventeen that she interacted with other humans again. There were several males she turned out to be attracted to, but either she was too nervous to approach them or they turned out to be self-absorbed playboys that only cared about what was in her pants. Even after joining the Marine Corps there had been no romance. Everyone was there to do a job, Samus moreso than the rest, and even as the other soldiers paired up for long-term relationships or one-night stands, she remained alone.

Over the years Samus had bought a handful of devices that were more useful and more pleasurable than her hands, but those were sadly lost when her old gunship crashed. She gave thought to replacing them but, for now, would do with what she had.

As her pleasure built, she rotated her wrist slightly and angled her thumb so she could press it against her clitoris. Her back arched, leaving only her head and feet still on the bunk. She ground her hips against her hand, pinching and pulling on her nipples harder than before. She continued to work her fingers in and out, edging ever closer to release.

Craving more stimulation, she lifted her right breast to her mouth and sucked the nipple in, continuing to play with the other with her free hand. It was a small stretch to accomplish this, but her breasts were just big enough to allow it and she had learned some time ago how good it felt. After years of self-exploration, she had found all of her body's weak spots and knew just how to stimulate them. Including the “big one”, as she referred to it.

Now past the point of no return, she stroked and sucked and massaged herself as feverishly as she could. The time for patience and teasing was long past. With one final shove of her fingers, she pushed as deep as she could go and curled them upward, seeking that soft, spongy bundle of nerves right above the inside of her entrance. One good push on that was all she needed. Samus cried out one more time, her body spasming uncontrollably as her orgasm peaked.

After what seemed like hours, she finally calmed down. Her nipple slipped out of her mouth and she withdrew her fingers from her still-convulsing vagina. She licked her fingers clean as she basked in the afterglow, the familiar taste of herself always a reward for a very pleasurable job well done. Satisfied, exhausted and relaxed, Samus pulled the blanket over her and quickly drifted off to sleep.


In the gunship's computer core, Adam Malkovich was uncomfortably aware that Samus had not bothered to sabotage the microphone in the cabin and not for the first time resented his new form of existence.


“This emergency session of the Galactic Federation Council will now come to order.” A trim, short-haired brunette in a Federation naval uniform stood at a podium elevated at one side of a round table, neither her eyes, voice or mannerisms betrayed any emotion. “This meeting is classified. Ladies and gentlemen, the C-in-C.”

As she briskly stepped away, an elderly man in a similar uniform, decorated with several awards of merit and campaign emblems, took her place. He was Admiral Sean Drake, supreme commander of the entire Federation military. “To break this down succinctly, the Federation is once again at war. The Space Pirates are no longer the greatest threat to galactic peace.”

The assembled Council members – only a small fraction of the entire body with the highest of security clearances – were confused. One of them, a wrinkly, green-skinned alien with a pair of antennae protruding from his bald head, stood up.

“Pardon me, Admiral, but I don't believe there has been a formal declaration of war made.”

I just made it, Chairman Keaton.”

Keaton put his hands on the table. “It doesn't work that way, Admiral. The Council has the power to declare war, not the military.”

“Keaton, you were only invited to this session on a technicality. As Chairman of the Federation Police Bureau, you are responsible for all law enforcement divisions across the galaxy and we will need the cooperation of the police on this. But if you do not wish to cooperate with us at this time, then the first order of business today will be to choose a new Chairman. Do we have an understanding?”

Keaton sat down, never breaking eye contact with Drake. “Unfortunately, we do.”

“Then I shall get to the point.” A screen embedded in the wall behind him came to life with several images, most of them planets. “Zebes. SR388. Phaaze. All destroyed. Tallon IV. Aether. Norion. Bryyo. Elysia. The Space Pirate homeworld. Each one a battleground and left irreparably damaged. Ceres Station. One of our Bottle Ship laboratories. The Biologic Space Laboratory station. Again, destroyed. And they all have one thing in common.”

The image shifted again to show a blonde human woman. “Samus Aran, bounty hunter and former Federation Marine. Everywhere she goes, this woman leaves a trail of death and destruction in her wake. And now, more than ever, she has to be stopped.”

Keaton raised his hand ever-so-politely before speaking. “Admiral, am I to understand that you are putting the Federation at war with a single woman?”

“This is no ordinary woman, Chairman, as you well know. She has single-handedly exterminated entire species and shows little to no regard for the sanctity of life. She kills without remorse, without hesitation...but not without getting paid, of course. In fact, there is only one lifeform that she can be said to have not ever tried to kill.”

“Admiral, with all due respect, this is insane. Whatever your misgivings about Samus are, she has saved the Federation on multiple occasions. She's a hero, not a murderer. Before you do something insane, why don't you call her here and have her to explain all of this?”

A new voice cut in. “Because, Chairman, she's already on her way. And we have no time to lose.”

Every head in the room turned to look towards the door. A red-haired human woman nearing middle age walked into the room carrying several datapads. She wore a gray lab coat and boots over a dark bodysuit and her green eyes blazed with intensity.

Drake extended a hand towards her. “Council members, may I introduce Doctor Madeline Bergman, one of our top research scientists.”

Bergman walked up to an empty space at the table and sat the datapads on it. “Admiral, I have brought the data you requested. Psychological profile, DNA models, everything.”

“Then let's hear it, Doctor.”

She cleared her throat and activated the top datapad, projecting a holographic image of Samus over the table. “Samus Aran is, as you said, no ordinary woman. As a matter of fact, she's not even human. Not anymore. As a child, she was taken from her colony by the Chozo. They experimented on her and grafted their genetic code onto hers, effectively making her a hybrid. They also raised her as a Chozo, teaching their way of life, their values and morals, or lack thereof. Quite simply, they brainwashed her.”

“Now wait just a minute!” Keaton exclaimed, standing once more. “It did not happen that way! I was a police inspector in that jurisdiction at the time and I investigated the K-2L colony where Samus was born. The Pirates destroyed it and the Chozo saved her from the wreckage. I made several visits to Zebes following that to make sure she was being cared for and found nothing but a happy, healthy young girl. They adopted her and raised her, yes, but nothing they did was immoral or illegal.”

Bergman glared at him. “You don't call genetic engineering immoral?”

Keaton huffed, crossing his arms. “The Federation does its own share of that, my dear doctor. From engineering crops to withstand more extreme climates and livestock that will yield more meat per pound to bacteria and viruses that hunt down and destroy other pathogens that cause illness.”

The scientist was enraged. “That is entirely different, Chairman! Those programs are designed to help the people of the Federation live longer, fuller, healthier lives! What those freaks did to her was careless at best, criminal at worst!”

“Zebes was a colony ideal for the Chozo, but as with most of the worlds they colonized the environment wasn't well-suited for humans. The gene-splicing they did was to help her thrive there. The girl had no other family, no other home to go to. Everything she knew had been destroyed. Everything except the Chozo. Zebes' proximity to K-2L meant trade and travel between the two was common and Samus had already come to see Chozo as friends. Would it have been more cruel to have left her with strangers than to enable her to live among a people she trusted?”

“And they abused that trust, Chairman. They made her into one of them. Trained her as a soldier. Gave her weapons that we have never been able to duplicate and set her loose on the galaxy. Samus Aran was already a danger, even if she didn't herself know it. But she is a true menace.”

“And just how do you figure that?”

The Admiral spoke up. “Chairman, I will not warn you again. Doctor Bergman could have made her point by now were it not for your constant interruptions. One more outburst and you will be removed from the meeting and your post.”

Keaton sat and said no more, but his eyes spoke volumes about how he felt.

“Doctor, please continue.”

“Of course, Admiral. As I was saying, recent events have made Samus more dangerous than anything we have ever faced. Her latest killing spree, which took place on the B.S.L. station you already mentioned, was precipitated by a scientific expedition to SR388. While there, Samus became infected with an organism we have called Parasite X. It nearly killed her, but one scientist got the idea to inject her with a retrovirus carrying a DNA sample from a Metroid – the same larval Metroid Samus herself brought back from SR388 after eliminating the Queen. Samus Aran is now a hybrid of three different species. Human, Chozo, and Metroid.”

Another Council member spoke, her delicate elf-like features, waist-length white hair and pointed ears giving her an air of beauty and grace despite her advanced age. “Doctor, I agree with Chairman Keaton. Everything Samus Aran has done has preserved the galaxy, not destroyed it. The Chozo who raised her were the most peaceful race in the galaxy and if they taught her anything it would have been the sanctity and preservation of life. And even if she does have Metroid cells in her now, what harm could possibly be done? The species is gone. No more exist in the galaxy. Their threat is no more.”

“I wish I could agree with you, Commissioner Ni'la. I do,” Drake replied. “Let the doctor tell you what she has found and then you will understand.”

Bergman activated another pad. This one projected a small larval Metroid, encased in a cylindrical tube. “The hatchling that Samus returned from SR388 with, defying her orders to kill every Metroid she saw.” The image changed, showing the next four stages of the life cycle. “These phases of growth were only possible on SR388, the planet where the Chozo bio-engineered the Metroids to use as weapons.”

Ni'la spoke once more. “Again, I protest, since the Chairman is being bullied into silence and cannot do so himself. We have all read the data sent from the hospital ship where Samus was treated for her parasite infection and the B.S.L. station. It is quite clear that the Chozo made the Metroids to hunt the parasites – not to be an army for them. They were peaceful. They only defended themselves, never instigated an attack.”

Bergman smirked. “An enemy that appears to be peaceful may merely be biding its time. The Chozo created the Metroids and then proceeded to carry them all over the galaxy to their colonies. Thus the Metroid scourge we lived under for years. I don't believe this was an accident. Nor was Samus saving that hatchling a coincidence. Based on what we know, I have surmised that Samus, acting under orders from the Chozo, used her mission to SR388 to eradicate the species as a smokescreen. To let the X loose.”

Shocked whispers emerged throughout the room. “She retained one single Metroid, no doubt to use as a backup plan, but things worked out for her far better than I think even the Chozo planned. Yes, the hatchling did end up getting destroyed, but its DNA now survives within her. She now has the ability to absorb the X harmlessly, which is even better than having a Metroid attack dog to keep them in line. The Chozo planned all along to use the threat of the X to secure more and more power until they dominated the galaxy.”

Keaton had had it. “That is enough, 'Doctor'! I will not sit here and listen to you slander Samus' good name or that of the Chozo, who have been friend and ally to every sentient race in the galaxy for longer than most of our species have existed! Remove me from the Council if you want! Put me in prison! I don't care! But unless you can give me proof of what you say, I will have you brought up on charges of slander, defamation of character and anything else I can think of!”

Bergman activated another pad. “Here is my proof!” A hologram of the Metroid Queen appeared over the table. “Security recordings from the Bottle Ship, where Samus just happened to be a few months ago and not long after the destruction of Zebes. A group of scientists there were breeding Metroids, using DNA from the hatchling Samus recovered. Her 'backup plan'.”

“It still proves nothing!” Ni'la interjected. “Those scientists were rogues, operating without authorization.”

“Oh, they had authorization, alright. From Commander Adam Malkovich. I have here a report he drew up, detailing how to use Metroids as bio-weapons. And Samus Aran used to be part of his unit in the Marine Corps. I doubt even he knew about her plan to use the X, but he certainly had no qualms about making Metroids. Fortunately he died when Samus blew up the Bottle Ship so that her actions would never be exposed. But the truth is right here in front of you.”

Keaton knocked the pads off the table. The hologram of the Queen was still active, though now it appeared to have its head stuck comically in the podium. “I see no truth – just suppositions and outright lies! You yourself have even said that the original Queen was destroyed, and if there was one on the Bottle Ship it surely was destroyed along with the ship itself!”

“It is true that both of those Queens were destroyed. But I say again, Chairman, the truth is right in front of you.” She locked eyes with him. “The hatchling was being protected by the original Queen when all of the others she birthed were immediately sent out to hunt and to kill. The DNA of that hatchling was used to create a new Queen. Ergo, that hatchling was a Queen. Samus now has that same DNA.”

Keaton's eyes widened as it dawned on him what Bergman was saying.

Bergman turned to look at each and every Council member present. “She's a Queen. She'll breed. You'll die.”


In the cabin of the gunship, the bounty hunter slept peacefully, not knowing the fate that awaited her when she returned to Federation space. With the camera still covered, Adam could not see into the room and so deep was Samus' sleep that she was unaware of what was happening to her body.

Her right foot began to swell. The cloth bandage strained against the pressure, but eventually the fibers began to give way one by one until it fell away, revealing the cut across her arch. A blue slime was pouring from it. Onto the bed, then out from under the blanket and onto the floor until it formed a large puddle, glowing softly in the darkness. It pulsated, expanding ever so slightly each time, until parts of it began to stretch into other shapes. Over the course of the next few hours it did this, as though it was having trouble becoming whatever it had decided it wanted to be.

When it was finally done, a humanoid shape stood in the middle of the room. Bulky spheres sat on its shoulders, a soft blue light emanated from its face, and armored fingers on the left hand traced the arm cannon covering its right.

It saw Samus asleep in her bed. The embodiment of its hated enemy. Unarmed. Defenseless.

It knew what it had to do.


To Be Continued.....

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