Reign of the Asari

BY : Vitezislav
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New story I am writing. I have had this idea for over a year now, not sure how I would try to tell it. I thought about making a comic in SFM or maybe even an animation movie or turn it into a visual novel. Maybe I will do more with it, but for now I will just write it. I will use a different writing style than I use in Lawson.

I am sure all you Mass Effect fans will recognize the Asari used in this.

Feel free to comment on the idea of this story.

Want to see a particular lady first, just let me know.

I have no plans yet for chapter 2 and future chapters.

Don’t worry about the story Lawson, will continue that one as well. This story however might appeal to others than die hard Miranda fans.


Chapter 1: Menace


Year: 2190

Location: Omega, lower regions


A dark room in the lower regions of Omega was being filled by several Asari. Two Asari are guarding the door outside. Inside the room a hooded figure is sitting in the dark at the head of a large table. The hooded figure calmly waits for each chair to be filled, by a guest that was invited to the meeting. Some of the guests are starting to get restless, but less and less chairs remain empty. It takes about an hour before the final chair is finally filled and all eyes divert to the hooded figure. The hooded figure looks around the room and beacons the guards to close the doors. The doors close with a creaking noise, but all eyes remain on the hooded figure. It remains silent for a couple of minutes, until the hooded figure gets out of the chair. The figure grabs the hood of her cloak and pulls it down. The figure leans on the table with both hands and reveals herself in the dim light above the table. All in the room gasp, as they instantly recognize the Asari standing at the head of the table. “This cannot be, they said you died.” One of the Asari comments. All the other Asari start to chatter and everyone is on edge. “How can this be?” An Asari on the right side of the table asks.


The Asari at the head raises her right arm and makes a fist. Everyone at the table stops talking and look at her. “Let’s keep it simple, I survived my fall.” She looks around and no one responds to her answer. “Good, now that I have your attention, let me explain why I summoned you here.” All the Asari lean in closer and all wait anxiously. “We all have one thing in common, our enemies think we are dead. They assume they killed us when our paths crossed.” The Asari straightens her back and begins to walk around the room. “I have a plan to get even with them, but I cannot do it alone.” She places her hand on the shoulder of one the Asari sitting. “You see if I enslave my target, her friends will come looking for her and they will find her. Finding her wouldn’t be the problem for me, the problem would be I can’t enslave them all myself.”

One of the Asari sitting interrupts her. “Enslaving? What are you talking about?” She grins at her and walks towards her.

“Yes my sister, enslaving them, turning them into sex slaves. We all have experience with training girls into pleasuring us. Yet these enemies are something different. They will be much harder to train, their wills are strong and will kill us if we fail.”


The other Asari begin to smile and it seems they like the idea. She moves around the room again and continues her proposal. “Each one of us has… how should I put this… a nemesis. The one person responsible for our demise. The one we hate the most in the entire galaxy. She who ruined everything, we worked so hard for.” All the Asari in the room nod at each other in agreement. “We all need to find our own way, I cannot tell you how you will be able to capture her and make her your fuck bitch.” She stops at one of the Asari and leans in. She places her head next to that of the Asari. “Just imagine the perfectly engineered human biotic whore Miranda Lawson and her sister Oriana Lawson, as your personal fuck toys. Oriana pleasuring your beautiful azure, while Miranda eats out your asshole. How wonderful would that be, putting those two in their rightful place.” The Asari that she is addressing almost begins to drool at the idea of having the Lawson sisters as her sex slaves.

She moves to the next Asari. “You my dear sister, how would it be to have that human spectre Ashley Williams as your slave? We all know she is a racist bitch, she is probably even worse than Cerberus was. She thinks humans are so superior, compared to all other races. She also has a sister, Sarah Williams, I believe she is against same sex relationships. It has something to do with a weird human religion she has. Many think Shepard and Samara were the ones to bring you down, but I know the truth. Ashley Williams shutdown your operation completely, after Shepard and Samara exposed your operation. I owe you one for helping me back then. How great would it be to show Sarah how great we Asari are. We can have the best of both worlds. Turn her into your personal cumslut and show Ashley what a superior race looks like, as she watches her sister drown in your cum. After you show Ashley what she really is and have her beg you to fuck her ass.” The Asari’s eye light up and gets lost in her imagination.


She stops at the next Asari, who is eagerly waiting what she has to tell. “Yours will be very difficult. Liara T’Soni the Shadow Broker, she will be hard to get. However just think about sitting in her chair, being the new Shadow Broker. Liara your new pet is kneeling in front of you, lapping away at your cum soaked azure. The bitch so eager to please you, that you allow her to make you cum over and over again.” The Asari almost jumps out of her chair in excitement.

She moves to the final Asari and sits on the table next to her. “Yours will be the greatest, Commander Jane Shepard Heroine of the Reaper War. She has many friends who will come to her rescue, if she still has friends remaining to save her. Just think about having her bound and gagged at your place, waiting for you to return. Eagerly wiggling her ass, as you approach her from behind and jackhammer your member deep into her ass. She will be your finest trophy and yours to use and abuse as you please.” The Asari smiles at her and seems ready to follow her.  


She goes back to her chair at the head of the table and sits down. “You all probably know, who I am after. She tricked me once with the help of Shepard, but that won’t happen again. I have already begun setting my plan in motion. I have acquired my asset that will help me bring her down.” All in the room look around to see if they can spot the asset she is talking about. The room is very dark, so it could be they missed it. However they find no sign of the asset she might be talking about. “Don’t worry I will show her to you all.” She snaps her fingers and the guards at the door open it. They shortly return guiding an Asari on a leash and on all fours into the room. The markings on her face should give her away, but the other Asari don’t recognize her. “This my dear sisters, is my sister in blood. She is like me, but she was forced to deny her true potential. She was easy to capture and very willing to be trained by me. She just couldn’t resist the things I promised her.” All look amazed at the collared Asari who is crawling towards her mistress. The Asari slave kneels besides her and she places her hand on top of her slave’s head. “Any of you want to a demonstration?” All nod at the same time. “Let me see, you are all wearing so much armor.” One of the Asari quickly removes her pants, before the others can remove theirs. “That will do. Slave Sister I want you to pleasure her and you will address her as Mistress, do you understand?”

Her slave looks at her mistress’s feet. “Yes Mistress.” She looks pleased at her slave and taps her head. Her slave crawls under the table, finding the azure of her new mistress. She swiftly goes to work, sticking her tongue deep inside the azure in front of her. It doesn’t take long for the azure to become wet and the slave is rewarded with delicious pre-cum oozing out the azure. The Asari Mistress the slave is pleasing, moans in pleasure. The Asari is clearly impressed by the skills the slave is showing.


The Asari at the head of the table returns her attention to her guests. “I hope you can focus your attention, with my slave between your legs.”

The Asari being orally pleasured answers her. “Yes, please continue.” The other Asari look a bit displeased that they don’t have a slave between their legs.

“There is another powerful enemy that needs to be brought down. Aria T’Loak Queen of Omega, don’t worry I will take care of her myself. Once she is my slave, we will rule Omega and we will have a place for ourselves. No one will dare to challenge us, when we rule here. Afterlife Club is a decent nightclub, I picked up some very sweet girls there. However once we control Omega, we can build a better club. One where everyone who visits can enjoy the sight of our slaves. I might require some help with capturing and training Aria’s weaknesses, Councilor Tevos and their daughter Liselle T’Loak. We will have to be careful, because if Aria finds out I am alive, she will try to kill me. I am sure she will try to kill all of you as well.” She can see the concerns forming on the other Asari’s faces.

“A risky undertaking if I may say. Yet the rewards for succeeding outweigh the consequences of failing. I mean we are all living our lives, as if we are dead.” The Asari with the slave between her legs responds.


The other’s agree with her and tell the Asari at the head to tell them more, since they still have some other concerns. She hears their concerns and unfolds the other parts of her plan. “Our main objectives all have friends, which form lesser threats to us. However united they are powerful and we need to take them out first. We need to focus our attention on them first and they will help us enslave our nemeses. We are lucky they are all scattered across the galaxy and no longer serve together on the Normandy.” She places a holo device on the table and activates it. The device shows a holo of a female Quarian. “This my sisters is Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, a Quarian who helped Jane Shepard defeating the Reapers. We will need to train her, because we need her help acquiring someone else.”

The holo changes and is now showing a robot that looks like a female. “We need Tali to get this thing called EDI. She is an AI and I am not sure if we can fuck her into submission. She could become a real problem for us, so we need someone who understands these things a bit more than us. Tali should have the knowledge to turn this hot AI robot into our personal sexbot.” The device skips to the next holo image and all recognize the woman that is being shown.

“You all know this crazy biotic tattoo psycho, Jack aka Subject Zero. She is one of the strongest human biotics I have ever seen. She could be used to help aid your cause to capture and train Miranda Lawson. She used to despise Miranda Lawson and Cerberus, but they seem to be getting along fine now. Deep down however I think she still hates Miranda and if you are able to train her, she will help you willingly. Miranda’s will is strong and I think that you will break her together with Jack.”


The Asari with the slave lapping away at her azure gets a bit worried. She doesn’t seem fond of the idea getting Jack involved into helping her break Miranda. She knows that Jack will be a tough opponent and hard to train, given Jack has trained a lot of girls herself. “Don’t worry together we can pursue Jack into helping us.”

A few more holo images show up, showing Diana Allers, Kasumi Goto, Kelly Chambers, Samantha Traynor and Matriarch Aethyta. “Each of them once turned into our sex slaves will help us into acquiring our main targets.” She deactivates the holo device and puts it back into her pocket. She stands up and walks around the room. “I take it you are all in.” All the Asari say that they will join her into turning the Heroines of the Reaper War and their nemeses into sex slaves. “Slave finish up and make your new mistress climax.” The Asari slave doubles her effort, sucking on her mistress’s clit and fingering her soaking wet azure. It doesn’t take long for her new mistress to cum and she thanks her for allowing her to pleasure her mistress’s azure. Her leash gets grabbed by her true mistress and she is being guided to the door. Her mistress turns to the Asari still sitting at the table. “I will remain on Omega and you will all be provided with all the information you need. I will also show you our current place, were we will meet and were you can train your slaves. Of course you are free to train them elsewhere as well.” The four major Asari stand up and their guards shortly follow.


They all follow her through the lower regions of Omega. “Don’t worry about those living here, they don’t know who we are and they are smart enough to mind their own business.” It takes them several minutes to reach their final destination. She opens two large doors and they enter an old factory. “I know this place still needs to be fixed, my servants started cleaning up this place. We still miss most of the decoration and tools that we will need to train our sex slaves.” Her fellow sisters look impressed by the enormous size of the abandoned factory and see the potential this place holds. “Remember this place is only temporarily, once we rule Omega, we will live like queens.”

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