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(Facial; Group masturbation; Hand job; M/F; Voyeurism)

Sorryn grimaced; sweat had beaded on his brow and the muscles in his arms strained as he gripped the handles of the chair in a white-knuckle grip. He shot a quick glance at the girl who reclined in her chair nearby out of arms reach, her face just as strained and in no better state than his. Apart from the two of them, six others were seated in a semi-circle, and similarly distressed. Realising he did not have time to be concerned about the others, he focussed forward to try and better resist the instrument of his torture - a pale, slender hand that stroked his erect manhood with a surprisingly skilful, if cool, grip - the owner of which was a bland faced, dispassionate young woman, with distant eyes beneath her cowl, who muttered barely discernible orisons as she went about her present duties. Sorryn did not recognise the woman despite having lived in the village all his life, and wondered where she had come from, for Ingnam had never seen a traveller for many years.

The ceremonial robe, his one and only garment, that he had entered the chamber with, had been carefully folded and placed on a stool nearby by the same girl who currently attended him. He now lay back on the reclining chair completely naked except for sanctified oils and paints that had been traced across his body with a light finger, whilst a bronze torc of serpent motif clung gently to his neck.

The girl beside him was called Karren, and when she caught him looking, her glare was angry. She would have probably been furious, but was unable to concentrate on anger for long, for she was also attended by an almost identical hooded Acolyte, who's hand worked sensually between Karren's legs. There was rivalry between them, but it was a one-sided affair as far as Sorryn was concerned.

Nearby, a choked cry went up, and several heads swung in that direction. Mason, the oldest participant there, being in his mid-twenties, groaned as his orgasm came to term and began to dribble down his length and the hand of his attendant. Spent, he lay sprawled on the chair, as inert as a sack of salt, whilst his attending Acolyte went to cleanse her hand in a nearby bowl. The seven remaining participants returned to concentrating on their own plight.

They were not the only people in the room, nor were they even the dominant element, despite the sordid display group masturbation. In front of the half-circle, thirteen men and women sat silently behind a heavy raised table, looking on impassively. Garbed in heavy black robes, splashed with designs of gold and crimson, their heavy hoods shadowed their features though everyone present knew who they were. The village Elders watched without comment as, one by one, the prospectives succumbed to orgasm.

The scent of male potence and female concupiscence was heavy in the air, by the time it was just down to Sorryn and Karren. The girl had her eyes closed, her brow furrowed in concentration as she drank great gulps of air whilst beads of sweat traced teasing paths between the valley of her breasts and the around the curves of her body. Sorryn did not close his eyes, but kept looking about, trying to keep a dispassionate, almost academic view of the pleasure wracking his body. But, significantly, he glanced in the direction of one of the Elders; this man was Elder Eomun, the father of Sarah, who's approval he was desperately trying to win for their courtship, yet deep down, Sorryn strongly suspected the man had an intense dislike of him.

A harsh spasm ripped through him. Sorryn wasn't sure if it was the end, but it felt like it. Karren showed no evidence that she was even close, and even looked at ease enough to take pleasure in the matter somewhat. Another glance at Eomun, and his pride welled up, determined not to show weakness before the man that he had unconsciously come to hate. A strained cry escaped his lips, and the Acolyte began to raise her free hand to signal his end.

Sorryn's outburst was one, not of orgasm, but defiance. In a single moment, Sorryn refused to have it end so easily, and, in that moment, lost his girl, his life in Ingnam, and put him on the path of hardship and woe. Of course, Sorryn could not foretell the future, and with a supreme effort of will, he choked down the rising ecstasy as if it were his mortal enemy with an intensity so great it was painful enough to cause his engorged member to slacken slightly. The Acolyte dropped her hand and raised a brow in mild surprise, but smoothly returned to her task.

As the minutes went on, the other prospectives looked on, even as they dressed, for the remaining two continued to endure. Deep gasps were the only thing that could be heard, beside the slippery sounds of slick hands working.

The pale face Acolyte suddenly gave back with a startled gasp as Sorryn's member gave out, and a heavy string of his ejaculate shot without warning to slap upon her face, where it clung as she staggered back. Sorryn's strained grunts were about the only dignity he could muster as he emptied out the spewing contents of his balls across the chair and his body. It was the first time in his life that he had experienced such force of orgasm, but then, it was also the first time he had ever been intimately touched by a hand not his own.

Jerking upright, he gasped and his ears began to burn as Karren laughed stingingly.

"Too bad," she taunted. "You put up a brave show, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough – if you spent less time being a braggart and more time being a man, you would have probably had a chance!"

Sorryn locked his jaw, despite the urgent desire to retort – the gods knew he had plenty to spare and then some – but it would only validate Karren's words that he was all bluster and no muster. And part of him burned that there was some truth in her words.

"Let's face it, you–"

"Silence!" It was the stately voice of one of the female Elders, Verana. "Remember where you are, Karren Sandrick."

There was instant silence, in which not even breathing could be heard. The Elders had been so quiet through the whole rite that to hear one of their number speak was a shock in itself. Elder Verana took her seat again. "Remain as you were Miss Karren; I do not believe you have finished with your own ordeal yet."

Karren looked on confused for a moment, before realising that being the last person standing did not exempt her from the conclusion everyone else had experienced, and she slowly reclined again Her hot glare was accusatory as she glanced at Sorryn, as though she held him responsible for the reprimand and humiliation.

"The remainder of you will clothe and await outside," Verana instructed, and as they finally shuffled out and the doors to the chamber were being closed, Elder Eomun's voice was heard.

"Continue." Then all sound was cut off from within, as the doors closed with a deep, ominous clang that echoed down the long cavern that curved gently upward towards the distant light of day.

After many long minutes of trudging along in silence along carven steps, they came up from out of the deep cavern and into the forests outside, where crisp, cool breeze of the heights met them. Standing of the western face of Mount Ilgast, they could see the sleepy village of Ingnam below that they all called home, yet it would be while before Karren would come up to join them.

Undoubtedly, everyone present felt some degree of mortification as he was, now that the fires of arousal were not surging through his veins. Had the actual village Elders not been present to inform them that what they were about to go through was an actual part of their trials, it was highly doubtful that anyone would have believed it was a trial, let alone go through with it – it was far too different, let alone bordering on sleazy, compared to the trials of wit, body, and skill that they had been formerly undertaken.

Whilst they waited, Sorryn went to a nearby stream to splash cooling water on his flushed face. Removing the voluminous robe, he tied it off at his waist and proceeded to cleanse his body of some of the stains of sweat and semen and paint. Disappointment tinged the triumphant afterglow of orgasm, for he had really wanted his first experience to be with Sarah. But there had not been penetration, and it had been as part of his duties as a potential champion for the village... Sorryn shook his head with a growl and resolved not to fuss over what he hadn't any control over.

Only slightly taller than average height, he was compactly built and responsive in his movements, with dark shaggy hair and light hazel eyes that seemed yellow in the right light, giving him an almost feral cast at times. As he shook the water from his sinewy limbs, his attention was called to the rustle of leaves that announced the arrival of two others.

Mason and Clara, another of Ingnam's prospective champions, were making their way too him. Mason was tall and almost lanky, whereas Clara slender and tomboyish cast with short brown hair. Initially, they were all sheepy as the considered each other, but Mason decided to break the tension first.

"Tough break, huh?" he grinned.

"Yeah, I don't think anyone was expecting something like that," growled Sorryn.

"I don't think anyone was," sighed Clara. Usually she was a brazen and brassy sort, but now, her shyness and the way she clutched her robes close was rather girlish.

"Where did they get those girls?" asked Mason, glancing back towards the cave. "I've never seen them before in my life, and I know pretty much everyone in the village."

"Maybe they came from outside?" offered Clara somewhat hesitantly.

"Then why be so sneaky about bringing them here? I haven't heard a word about outsiders coming here, and I'm pretty sure something like that wouldn't get past widow Rayner of all people."

Sorryn offered no insight onto his thoughts on the matter as he cast his brooding gaze into the woods beyond the stream. He wanted to trust the Elders, everyone did, but the often clandestine nature of the tests and trials they were put through often had Sorryn wondering more often than not. At this point, he no longer felt it was relevant – he had succeeded only at the trial of body, after which he had second place in all others, including today – Karren was likely the next champion of Ingnam, to follow after the others who had gone before and aid them in keeping Ingnam safe from The Darkness.

"Perhaps its for the best," he muttered beneath his breath. Now he could stay and be with his friends, and get married to his childhood sweetheart. And the more he thought about it, the more it sounded good. Why had he wanted to go in the first place? To see a face he never knew?

The murmur of the crowd in front of the cave's entrance told them that Karren's trial was over and that she was joining them, along with Elder Eomun, Verana, and Cadwen, the later of whom was the eldest of the Elders and was truly showing his age. Karren was clearly as embarrassed about the whole thing as everyone else, but her pride was fierce and she wore the accomplishment of her victory like a badge.

"You have all done well," intoned Verana with a pleasant, motherly smile.

"Yes," nodded Eomun. "We regret the... nature of the trial itself, but clues to some portents cannot be divined in any other manner. Hence we left this one for last."

The announcement that this was the final test, had everyone whispering anew, except for Sorryn and Karren, who both glanced at each other, Sorryn blankly, and Karren with a faint grin. They had been good friends at one time, may have been even more, but at some point, the relationship soured before it could come to that. Sorryn decided to put some distance, whilst Karren decided she had to prove who was the better between them.

He had always wondered why, but was too proud to ask why. Yet a small part of him was secretly worried that they might reconcile and then it might jeopardise his relationship with Sarah. When he thought of it that way, he realised he hadn't entirely put her behind him as he liked to pretend. With midnight hair, and mismatched blue and green eyes, Karren's athletic frame was still feminine and she presented an image of liveliness and dynamism. Her breasts were full and larger than Sarah's, though neither of them could be considered particularly endowed.

"As always," reminded Elder Nomur, "all that has passed here, shall remained sealed to ourselves."

There was a murmur of acknowledgement from those gathered, Elders and prospectives alike. It was then that Sorryn noticed that the Acolytes had not followed the Elders out. If anyone else noticed, they kept it to themselves.

"Return to your homes and rest," advised Elder Verana. "Tonight, the omens shall be read, and tomorrow, one of you will be Ingnam's new Champion."

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