Proud No More

BY : Red_Anticius
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Disclaimer: I do not own World of Warcraft, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's Note: This story was inspired by Blizzard's move towards accepting multiple timelines within the WoW canon. What follows is a description of events that occurred in an alternate WoW timeline, during the Siege of Orgrimmar patch.


            It was a disaster. The siege had failed. Garrosh and his True Horde proved too powerful for even the combined might of the Alliance, Vol'jin's rebellion, and the Shado-Pan. King Varian, avatar of Goldrinn, now laid dead on the floor of the Warchief's throne room. Next to him was Go'el, the World Shaman. Many of Garrosh's other enemies also died with them during the final encounter. Now, in a desperate attempt to escape with what they had left, the Alliance incursion force was running through the depths of Ragefire Chasm, with the Warchief's soldiers in hot pursuit.


            At the head of the Alliance, Lady Jaina Proudmoore led her people as the interim commander. With Varian dead, she had stepped up to take his place. Unfortunately, with the high king's demise, morale on the Alliance side had plummeted. Seeing it was a losing battle, and despite her intense hatred for Garrosh, Jaina had ordered a hasty retreat. Better to fight another day than commit to more losses. Garrosh had won this time.


            But even the prospect of escaping to fight again later was becoming less and less likely. She looked around, and saw that her people were slowing, weighed down by the wounds and the exhaustion of battle. Concerned, she looked back at Anduin in particular. The boy's face looked utterly hopeless. Her still kind heart went out to him.


            [If only I had enough mana to mass teleport us all out of here], she thought. Although even if she did, the orc wolf riders she now saw giving chase would surely overtake them before she could finish casting. She knew there was only one thing she could do to ensure the survival her comrades.


            “Vereesa, you take the lead! I will buy you some time.”


            “Jaina, we're not leaving without you!”


            “I'll join you outside as soon as I'm sure you all make it out alive. Take care of Anduin for me.”


            “But you'll never--”


            “Go Vereesa, that's an order!”


            “Yes, my lady...”


            And with that Vereesa grabbed Anduin and began running even harder, with the rest of the Alliance party not far behind her. Convinced they would find their way out, Jaina promptly shot a couple of arcane barrages at the ceiling of the tunnel they were running through, collapsing it behind her friends. [That should give everyone else a chance to escape], she reasoned. With the only exit out of the chasm now blocked off, she solemnly turned around to face the enemy.


            It wasn't long before Garrosh and his host caught up. The Warchief surveyed what the archmage had done, then laughed uproariously.


            “You humans are always doing such foolish things. You have just ensured that you will die a painful death at my hand, just like your king did.”


            “Whatever happens here today, you will not get away with your crimes, Garrosh. Justice will catch up to you. And until it does, I'll be happy to act in its stead.”


            The defiant retort in the face of certain death annoyed the Warchief. Jaina had her back to the make-shift wall she had created, and the Warchief and his soldiers formed a semi-circle around her, blocking any chance of escape. Archmage or not, she had little right to be cocky now.


            “Petulant witch, you will pay for your insolence!”


            And with that, the orc charged Jaina. Anticipating the obvious move, Jaina blinked forward through Garrosh just before he reached her. She then spun on her heel to face him, and with great presence of mind, instacast a mighty pyroblast right at the orc's exposed back.


            “Aarrghh!!” cried the Warchief. Enraged, he spun around, only to see Jaina already in the middle of casting a fireball at him. He ran towards her, and as she unleashed her fireball, Garrosh lept heroically in the air, dodging the archmage's attack. Landing just in front of Jaina, and before she had a chance to cast another spell, he cut her down with a mortal strike.


            Or at least that's what would have happened if his target wasn't actually just a mirror image. Instead, the magical clone faded away just as the real Jaina broke her invisibility spell by casting yet another pyroblast at the orc.


            “Raarrgh! Impudent wench! You will pay dearly for that! You there, shamans, hurry up and heal me!”


            Immediately, the dark shamans of the True Horde began casting their riptides and their healing rains to soothe their chieftain's wounds.


            [I can't keep this up much longer, especially if he's going to be getting healed. I'm low on mana as it is], thought Jaina. [I'll need to stop the other casters somehow.]


            Before she could finish that thought, a renewed Garrosh charged once more at Jaina. This time, she froze him in place with a well-timed frost nova. With her target now immobile, the archmage mustered all her strength and began channeling a powerful blizzard spell to deal with the rest of the Horde.


            However, taking their queue from the dark shamans, the shadow priests in the crowd also began to interfere with the duel. Almost immediately after she started channeling, a group effort by a consortium of shadow priests managed to silence the exhausted archmage. Emboldened by their success, they then started to assail Jaina's mind with a wide array of debilitating shadow spells.


            Having one of the most capable and brilliant mortal minds on all of Azeroth, Jaina probably would have been able to fight off the Horde priests if she were at full strength. But since she was nowhere near that, the combination of mind flays, mind blasts, and psychic screams brought the woman temporarily to her knees.


            She was only left disoriented for a moment while she struggled to cast mage armor. But against one of the most dangerous warriors alive, a moment was something she couldn't afford to spare. Garrosh had already broken free of her earlier frost nova spell, and was making his way over to Jaina. As she shakily got back to her feet, doing her best to resist the continued mental onslaught, Garrosh appeared in front of her. Giving her no time to react, he immediately sunk a mighty fist into the gut of the archmage, causing her to crumple to the floor once more.






            Mental pain now mingled with physical pain as Jaina doubled over, coughing. While most would not have guessed it, the archmage actually kept her body in excellent physical condition. Even so, her hard, toned abs offered practically no defense at all against the orc's brutal strength.


            Garrosh spared her no mercy as he savagely pulled the human back up by her unique white hair.




            “The mighty archmage and leader of the Kirin Tor, brought down with just a single punch by the Warchief of the True Horde. I'm disappointed, Lady Proudmoore. It seems your powers were greatly exaggerated.”


            If she wasn't in so much pain, Jaina probably would have pointed out that she had been winning the duel before Garrosh's lackeys intervened. Instead, Garrosh followed up his point by viciously hammering three more raging blows into the defenseless archmage's midriff.














            Garrosh then tossed the human aside with great contempt. Hitting the floor hard, Jaina gasped piteously for air as her body writhed in agony. With her eyes squeezed shut in a vain effort to try and block out some small part of the pain, Jaina couldn't see what Garrosh was doing. But what she heard made her feel even more hopeless than before.




            “You won't be needing this anymore,” said Garrosh, as he dropped the two broken pieces of Jaina's staff on the floor.


            Already, Jaina felt massively weaker. That was the staff of Antonidas, her mentor, charged with the power of Lei Shen, the Thunder King. The Alliance had spent so much effort creating that weapon for her, but in the end, it wasn't enough. If there was any chance of continuing to put up a decent fight, it was gone now. The most she could hope for was a quick death.


            Garrosh walked over to where Jaina collapsed and raised his false Gorehowl.


            “Any last words before I let you join your pathetic king, human?"


            “Varian... Varian was a greater king-- *cough* Than you will ever be, Garrosh. You may kill me here-- *gasp* But know that you do it as a coward. Today, your own men bore witness to the kind of orc you really are. There is no honor in the way you fight... *cough* The way you live. The day Go'el left the Horde was the day the Horde died!”


            Having said that, Jaina gathered every last ounce of mana in her weary body and sent a final arcane barrage at her hated enemy. In her condition, it was hardly enough to do any real damage. But it was sufficient to knock the Warchief unceremoniously onto his behind. Satisfied with her last symbolic act of defiance, Jaina laid back and prepared for oblivion.


            Tragically for her, that was not meant to happen. Garrosh jumped up, angrier than ever. She had crossed a line. She had insulted his honor in front of his soldiers and made him look like a complete fool. This was unforgivable. Garrosh couldn't just kill her now. He needed to erase all doubts from the minds of his subordinates. Convince them that the words of an ignorant human female meant less than nothing. Her prideful need for the last word had sealed her own, ugly fate.


            “You could have had a swift death, Alliance bitch. Now you will regret ever stepping foot in my city. You two, over there, pick her up and hold her before me.”


            Two nearby Kor’kron warriors immediately grabbed Jaina's arms and hauled the confused sorceress to her feet. With one Kor’kron holding each arm, Jaina wasn't going anywhere.


            “What are you--”






            “Silence!” bellowed Garrosh, as he swiftly slapped his prisoner across the face. With Jaina now dazed by the force of his blow, Garrosh set to work at the task at hand: the complete and utter humiliation of this Alliance scum that dared to question his honor. The irony didn't seem to register for the orc.


            With the human held tightly by the Kor’kron, Garrosh began discarding the archmage's robes. Jaina was in her usual garb today: white and purple dress, gold trim, and a provocative white top that some would argue showed a little too much skin for the esteemed leader of the Kirin Tor. Garrosh's job was made easier by the fact that the trials of battle had left the archmage's clothing in an already very disheveled and tattered state.


            That said, the Warchief didn't really need much help anyway. Starting with Jaina's top he grabbed the two sides of the magical cloth and easily ripped the garment off her chest.




            Hearing that, Jaina instantly regained her senses, her head snapping back up to look at Garrosh.


            “No, you pig! Don't you dare!”


            While her arms were restrained, Jaina did still have use of her legs. And so, tired though she was, she tried her best to kick out at the orc. Of course, this only served to annoy the Warchief, and he responded with yet another sudden blow to the archmage's abused belly.






            “That should calm you down a little, Alliance whore. Don't get too excited already. We've only just begun.”


            Jaina's head lolled forward, the sorceress in too much pain to retort. Satisfied with her silence, Garrosh went back to his mission. Her cloak, spaulders, and brassiere were the next to go. Jaina now stood before the True Horde naked from the waist up, her glorious breasts on display for all to see. Garrosh took a boob in each hand and hefted them, feeling their weight, their size, their texture. Although no expert, Garrosh figured her to be a D-cup, using the human system of measurement.


            His thumbs then began to trace the archmage's pink areolas and playing with her cute nipples. Jaina was regaining her wits again, and blushed furiously as her hated foe toyed with her body in front of his men. But she also knew she was powerless at the moment, and dreaded another punch to her aching abs. Choosing the lesser of two evils, she closed her eyes, turned away, and endured the Warchief's perversions.


            If Garrosh noticed or cared about the human's resignation, he didn't show it. He continued to be fascinated with Jaina's impressive breasts. Whether to humiliate his enemy or just for his own personal amusement, Garrosh particularly enjoyed bouncing the archmage's boobs up and down, slapping them this way and that, flicking her nipples when it pleased him.


            Before long, Garrosh couldn't help but notice the human's body was responding a little. Each time he flicked one of Jaina's exquisite nipples, it got a little bit harder, and stood up a little bit taller. Now things were starting to get really interesting.


            Curious, Garrosh started focusing on her nipples exclusively now, flicking them rapidly back and forth. As he did so, he caught a glimpse of Jaina's face, and saw that she was trying her best to block out what was happening. That wouldn't do.


            To bring her back to the present, Garrosh took a now very hard nipple in each hand, and twisted them, slowly but firmly. As he did so, he carefully scrutinized the archmage's countenance, looking for a reaction. Jaina bit her bottom lip and tried to ignore the sensation as long as she could. But Garrosh kept twisting and she couldn't help but cry out in pain.


            “Ahhh! You beast, stop it!”


            “Hahaha, just don't you falling asleep on us, my lady.”


            The audience joined in on the laughter at Jaina's expense.


            “You better kill me Hellscream, because if you don't--”




            Garrosh cut her threat short by pulling on both the archmage's nipples to painful lengths, then letting go and watching her majestic boobs bounce back into place.


            “Now may not be the best time for threats, Lady Proudmoore.”


            He emphasized his point by flicking one nipple particularly hard.




            Garrosh continued to torture the noblewoman's boobs for awhile longer, getting rougher and crueler. He even got a little creative, sometimes pulling one nipple towards him while twisting the other one back and forth. Occasionally he would just give her boobs an especially powerful slap, and watch, mesmerized, to see how long they would jiggle for. Jaina could no longer hold back her anguished yelps at this point, which were music to Garrosh's ears.


            But eventually, the Warchief tired of that, and moved on to the next part of the plan. Sensing the change, Jaina became even more apprehensive. She had good reason to be.


            “You know Lady Proudmoore, you have quite the slutty body. I would even say you're attractive, for a human.”


            Some chuckles in the crowd.


            “I wonder if the rest of you is as appetizing.”


             Jaina almost began kicking again at those words. But she knew that would get her nowhere. She was still at this monster's mercy, and there was no way around it. If she was lucky, she might yet survive this in the end and kill everyone in this room for their participation in this sick and twisted spectacle.


            Garrosh grabbed both sides of the archmage's invaluable dress, and tore the epic garment asunder in an instant.




            “And these can go too,” said Garrosh, as he took one foot at a time and removed Jaina's boots as well. Finally, he moved on to the last barrier of her modesty. While he could have ripped it off just as easily as anything else, he decided to have a little more fun here. Grabbing her panties from the front and back, he worked the thin, soft cloth into the crevice of Jaina's pussy, and began pulling it back and forth through her.


            “Sorry about that human, I'm having a little bit of trouble getting this last one off.”


            More laughs from the audience. Jaina did her best to ignore the feeling of her underwear being rubbed against the inside of her pussy, and stared Garrosh defiantly in the eyes. She wasn't sure what Garrosh expected of her, but all he was getting was disdain.


            Her continued bravado seemed to irk Garrosh, because he now began pulling both sides of her panties up at the same time, causing the cloth to dig even deeper into Jaina's pussy. Her eyes widened a little at this; something that didn't go unnoticed by the Warchief. Smiling at her now less confident expression, Garrosh stopped pulling for a few seconds, then suddenly pulled up and apart with all his strength, ripping her panties in half against the archmage's pussy, while lifting her up a couple feet as well.




            That got yet another round of laughter, and some cheering this time. Recovering as quickly as she could, Jaina crossed her legs to hide her now sore pussy.


            “Now, now, my lady, there's no reason to be shy here. Open you legs wide for all of us to see, or I'll have these fine orcs do it for you.”


            Even though she knew it was pointless to defy him now, Jaina just couldn't bring herself to voluntarily expose herself to Garrosh, of all people.


            “The hard way it is then, human. You two, lift her legs up.”


            The Kor’kron obliged. They both now held an arm and a leg each. Jaina was suspended in the air by the two domineering Kor’kron warriors, one on either side of her, unable to move at all. But that still didn't stop her from staring daggers at her tormentor.


            “Spread her open wider. I want the entire Horde to see her gaping, whorish sex. Well friends? Have you ever wanted to see what an Alliance whore looks like in her natural state?”


            Loud cheering erupted as the Kor’kron spread Jaina's legs even wider apart, giving all who looked an unimpeded view into her sacred core. A lesser woman would have burst out in tears at this point. Not Jaina. Although that didn't stop her from turning red all over, either from embarrassment or rage, if not both.


            “It seems they like what they see, human. You should feel honored the orcs of the True Horde find you attractive. Even if you are just a lowly human.”


            And who could blame the orcs assembled there for staring at the archmage in lust. Although not an orc, her legendary beauty transcended race. Despite being a spell caster, her body was in phenomenal shape. It was hard in all the right places, while still retaining a feminine grace befitting the aristocracy.


            Jaina's heaving bust was a thing to respect no matter who you were, and now that the rest of her sensual body was laid bare, the crowd could see that the whole package was similarly gratifying. From her rock hard abs, to her well-toned thighs, to her dainty toes, to her elegantly-trimmed pussy, there wasn't a misplaced cell in her body. A paragon of beauty, perfect in her splendor, she was a magician goddess at their mercy.


            For a moment, Garrosh just stood there staring into her glowing blue eyes, admiring her extraordinary white hair, and remembering how he had done that to her with his mana bomb. Then, surprising even himself, he made a decision. An unusual one for him, but one that he was happy to make.


            “It's your lucky day, human. I've decided not to kill you. In return for sparing your life, you will swear fealty to the True Horde and its rightful Warchief, me, and vow to perform every service I demand of you. Accept my offer quickly, while I still feel merciful.”


            Jaina stared at him for a few seconds, her face a blank slate. Then:


            “Ahahahahaha! Join you? Are you mad, Hellscream? Have you forgotten what I said? I would never pledge loyalty to a coward like yourself.”






            With her legs forced open, Jaina was utterly defenseless against the cruel slap the orc delivered directly to her exposed pussy. In response, she tried desperately to close her thighs and cover herself with her hands, but athletic as she was, the Kor’kron were much stronger. Instead, she lay there, quivering in shock and pain, gasping for breath.


            “I see. Perhaps some more convincing is in order.”






            Again, the archmage shuddered in the Kor’kron's grip, barely managing to endure the abuse. Her breathing was labored, and a light sheen of sweat had broken over her stunning body. In the orange light of Ragefire Chasm, Jaina's perfect skin glowed divinely.




            “Uuunnnngghhhh!! Stop, you bastard!”


            For a second, Garrosh didn't even care if she submitted anymore. This was too much fun. He love watching the way her insolent body responded to the torture. The way her sexy abs tightened visibly on impact. The way she clenched her calves desperately for no reason. The way her toes curled tightly and reflexively, as if that would lessen the pain somehow. Garrosh partook of her helplessness like a fine wine, getting drunk off his power over the alluring human. He could do this all day.




            “Aaaarrrggghh!!” You'll pay for this, Hellscream!”


            Still so much spirit. What would it take to break this one, Garrosh wondered. He raised his arm once more, but instead of striking her sensitive sex again, Garrosh made a feint and stopped just short of making contact with her skin.


            “Ahhhh!” she yelped, prematurely. Immediately realizing what happened, Jaina looked back at her enemy and cursed his name. Ignoring her, Garrosh did the same thing again, faking a slap, but stopping short at the last moment. Again, Jaina squealed in fear prematurely. Again, she felt a little more embarrassed. Garrosh deliberately swung his hand back once more, and this time, he slapped Jaina's exposed pussy hard, three times in quick succession.


            *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP*




            Her wail of agony echoed throughout the chasm, letting all know the depths of her suffering. Her once pink flower was now an angry red, inflamed by the cruel torture. While she stayed strong for as long as anyone could expect, a few tears now streaked down her face. Seeing the proud spellweaver brought to tears warmed Garrosh's dark heart. [Time to change tactics, I think.]


            Slowly, Garrosh reached out a hand towards Jaina's vulnerable pussy. Instinctively, she tried again to close her legs, without any success. Looking at her face, Garrosh could see real fear now. She knew what he could and would do, and she wondered how much further he'd be willing to go. [Good], thought Garrosh, [It's time she learned her place.]


            Garrosh took two fingers and gently started to trace the archmage's nether lips. The instant he touched her, Jaina felt a shiver go up her spine. But he continued just lightly touching her, without hurting her, at least physically. Although confused, Jaina took this as an opportunity to recover from the previous round of pain.


            Then, temporarily withdrawing his hand, Garrosh licked his fingers and returned them to Jaina's hallowed entrance. This time, he inserted two fingers inside of her, and started probing slowly. All the while, the Warchief stared at the human with an inscrutable smile on his face.


            Soon afterwards, he turned to the audience and spotted a small contingent of blood elves. Although there weren't many blood elves still loyal to the True Horde, some of that race still had honor. Finding Zelanis, the rogue trainer of Silvermoon City, among them, he pointed and motioned him over. Somewhat puzzled, the blood elf stepped forward and Garrosh began to whisper some orders in his ear.


            Jaina watched cluelessly as a smirk appeared on the blood elf's face.


            “Your will be done, Warchief!”


            With that, Garrosh stepped away from Jaina, and the blood elf took his place.


            “What's going-- Ohhhhhhhh!”


            Jaina's question was cut short as a current of cool air blasted through her pussy straight into her core. Looking at the blood elf, she saw him kneeling with his face in front of her sex, hands gripping her firm ass. Before Jaina could try and figure out what Garrosh was up to now, the blood elf blew another stream of air into her pussy.




            The pain from earlier contrasted with the soothing breeze aimed at her core was too much. The archmage felt herself getting turned on by the blood elf's technique. It was the perfect feeling to wash away the hurt from before. He blew again.


            “Ohhhhhh! No, don't... Don't blow on it... Uhhhhhhh!”


            She couldn't be getting turned on! This was insane. She'd heard of the fabled skills of blood elves in the bedroom, but there's no way this Horde scum should be making her feel so good right now.


            “As you wish, my lady,” said the blood elf, as he moved his head closer to Jaina's pussy.


            “Wait, don't do-- Mmmmmmmm...”


            The blood elf began by tenderly nibbling at Jaina's pussy lips, bringing new and unwanted feelings to the archmage. Like a master playing his fiddle, the elf teased the relatively inexperienced human with impeccable skill. Before long, the combination of intricate tongue-work and feather-light kisses brought Jaina to the heights of pleasure.




            Trying to regain control before things got too far, Jaina attempted again to close her legs and block the elf's access to her progressively dripping pussy. But the Kor’kron holding her remained steadfast, not giving her an inch of freedom.


            “Stop it, before you-- Ahhh!”


            The blood elf had started to reach deeper inside the archmage with his tongue, twisting and turning inside her walls to great effect. The tell-tale signs of arousal were undeniable by now. Each swipe of his tongue brought forth a sensual moan from Jaina.




            Her hips had begun moving in rhythm with the elf's technique, probably unconsciously. And every time he reached a particularly sensitive spot inside her, she would buck hard against his face, unable to stop the reflex. A healthy flush now spread across her upper body, further betraying her unintentional excitement.


            “If I ever get out of-- Uhhhhhhh!!”


            Taking it up yet another notch, the skilled elf took to focusing on her clitoris, gingerly coaxing it from its hood. Under his deft ministrations, it only took a few seconds more before the archmage's hard clitoris was standing tall and proud for everyone to see.


            Throughout this performance, Jaina was doing her utmost to fight off her involuntary rapture. Although she knew she was a bit of novice in the carnal pursuits, she was still shocked at how easily the elf was able to manipulate her body, especially after all that she had been through just a few minutes earlier.


            “You see? These Alliance whores have no shame. Watch as she forsakes her honor in front of her own worst enemies,” mocked Garrosh.


            “You have-- Ahhh! No right to-- Ohhh Light!”


            Her attempt at a coherent retort was sabotaged by yet another wave of irresistible pleasure. With her eyes squeezed shut, head thrashing back and forth, the archmage was far too focused on denying the bliss being inflicted upon her.  Garrosh found himself marveling yet again at the wonders of her nubile body. She was clearly close to climaxing, but was doing everything she could to stave off the inevitable. Her milky thighs were trembling now under the unending oral assault. Her hands gripped her Kor’kron jailers so hard her knuckles were turning white. Her cute toes, painted an innocent light blue, curled tightly in the air, grasping uselessly at nothing. Her abs were tensed tightly, in a futile attempt to delay the imminent tidal wave. Indeed, every muscle in her body was flexed taut, the exertion causing sweat to pour even more liberally down her sensuous frame. Stray strands of beautiful white hair now plastered her angelic face. And perhaps best of all, the Warchief noticed his prisoner doing her best to keep her voice down by adorably biting down on her bottom lip. It didn't help much.








            Experienced as he was, the blood elf could tell the archmage was only seconds away from a massive orgasm. And so, per his instructions, he immediately stepped back and signaled to the Warchief.


            “Wait, what? I--”






            Now that the blood elf had cajoled Jaina's sensitive pearl out into the open, it provided a very attractive target for the sadistic Warchief's heavy-handed slap.


            “Owwwwwww, fuck! Light!”


            Jaina couldn't help but cry tears anew, her mind hardly able to process the unbearable pain of having her delicate pearl smacked by someone as monstrously strong as the Warchief. For his part, Garrosh just stood there, watching her writhe in the grip of the Kor’kron, gasping for air, while in the background the True Horde cheered on this new brand of misery for the Alliance whore.


            “You... You beasts! Perverts!”


            “Don't go calling us names now, Lady Proudmoore,” Garrosh said, using her official title to humiliate her further. “You're doing this to yourself, after all. All you need to do is pledge fealty to me, and this can all be over.”




            With a look of mock exasperation, Garrosh motioned for the blood elf to come back.


            “No, wait, not again!”


            And so the blood elf proceeded to do it all over again, alleviating the pain caused by Garrosh and replacing it with reluctant arousal. Once again, Jaina was brought to the precipice. But at the last second, Garrosh brought her back down to earth with yet another merciless whack on her unprotected clit.




            This same, brutal cycle was repeated continuously another dozen or so times, during which Jaina was given no time to recuperate. After each slap, Garrosh would ask if she would submit. Each time, with tears in her eyes, she bravely refused. Eventually, even Garrosh began to tire of the ritual. Instead of slapping her again, he ordered the blood elf to move aside, and motioned to the Kor’kron.


            “Drop her on the floor. The bitch doesn't know when to quit.”


            Obediently, the Kor’kron did as they were ordered, then promptly stepped back into the crowd, eager to see what would come next.


            “Ooof...” groaned Jaina, as she hit the ground, ass-first. By now, the archmage was a truly pitiful, albeit still lovely, sight to behold. Her athletic, sweat-soaked figure was completely drained from the day's events. Her massive breasts heaved hard as she lay on the ground, dreading what fresh hell would be visited upon her defenseless body next. Fear mingled with anger, as the once untouchable sorceress wondered how things had gone so wrong. Trying to ignore the mix of soreness and desire between her legs, she looked her jailer in the eyes.


            “You... Will never... Break me...” she managed.


            “Your stubbornness is almost admirable, human. But perhaps it's time to end this game.”


            Naively thinking he meant to kill her at last, Jaina closed her eyes once more and awaited her end.


            But instead of feeling the sharp, merciful edge of Xal'atoh, Jaina was startled when she heard the sound of something heavy hit the floor. Looking over, she watched with dismay as Garrosh then threw his bracers next to the tusks of Mannoroth he had just dropped on the floor. Seeing the perverse smile on the Warchief's face quickly disabused Jaina of any hope of her nightmare finally ending.


            As Garrosh kicked off his boots and stepped out of his pants and belt, Jaina looked in horror at the monster between his legs. Standing tall at what looked to be around 9 inches, with an impressive girth to boot, the Warchief was larger than any human Jaina had ever been with. Not that, innocent book worm that she was, she had too many past partners to compare with.


            “Like what you see, human? Probably more than your Arthas ever managed, eh?”


            “Just... Just kill me already! You owe me that much.”


            “If you really thought this was going to end before I raped your whore cunt, you're far more naive than even I thought. It's thinking like that that caused the destruction of your precious Theramore”


            Without another word, Garrosh picked up Jaina's feet and put one atop each of his two broad shoulders. Far too fatigued to fight him, Jaina could only watch helplessly as Garrosh knelt down and began rubbing his enormous member around her delicate pussy.


            “You're lucky you're slutty performance turned me on a little. It might make this a little easier on you,” said Garrosh, as he mixed some of Jaina's arousal from the blood elf's efforts with his own precum to lubricate his hard cock. “But not much.”


            With deliberate determination, Garrosh began easing his head into the archmage. Although still hurting from Garrosh's harsh treatment from before, a small part of Jaina was glad the blood elf had turned her on so much. If he had gone in dry, there was no way she could have taken him. As it was, her wetness was just barely enough to allow the orc's cock to enter her, although at a snail's pace.


            Breathing hard and fast, Jaina did her best to adapt to Garrosh. No small feat, as she had never felt so full before in her life, and he wasn't even all the way in yet. It made her think about Go'el, and how she had once wanted to do this with him. Was he as big as Garrosh? Maybe bigger? It was probably a good thing that never ended up happening. For a moment, she got caught up in thinking about her former crush, and how everything had fallen apart since he gave up leadership of the Horde.


            Jaina was brought back from her reverie when she felt her rapist bottoming out at last, with what looked to be about another inch still outside of her.


            “How's that? More than any of your puny Alliance partners could offer you, I bet.”


            “Is... Is that it, Garrosh? I can barely feel-- Ahhhhhh!”


            Garrosh cut short Jaina's petty defiance by withdrawing his cock until only his head was still inside her, then thrusting himself back in at full speed.


            “Let's see how long you can keep up those smart quips, woman.”


            Without giving Jaina any more time to adjust, he began to continuously and rapidly thrust into the archmage, going as deep as he could every time.




            Jaina couldn't believe it. The length, the girth, the speed, it was way all too much for her. It was big enough to hurt, but also big enough to fill her so completely each time he entered, and leave her feeling so empty each time he left. And the fact that she had just spent the last hour getting teased by the adept blood elf ensured she reached the edge in no time.


            “This harlot's pussy is gripping me like she never wants me to stop!” roared Garrosh, to the amusement of the audience. “And look how she continues to shame herself,” he said, as he reached down and scooped up some of Jaina's juices streaking down her ass. He then lifted his hand in the air for all to see, with Jaina's essence glistening on his finger in the orange glow of Ragefire Chasm.


            “Silence! You can't-- Ahhh! Speak about me-- Ohhh! Like-- Nnnghh!!”


            “She can't even form words anymore! The great archmage, conquered by her own slutty needs!”




            As much as Jaina hated what Garrosh was saying about her, she found herself once again needing all her concentration for the sole purpose of curbing her mounting arousal. The orc was like a machine, going in and out with remarkable speed and power. Her extreme anger at her captor had started to give way more and more to shame and embarrassment. This was especially true when Garrosh had shown everyone the evidence of her lust just now. [I can't help it], she reasoned, [my body is just doing what it's being forced to do by these degenerates!]




            Even so, she wanted to at least deprive them of the satisfaction of making her cum. Although that seemed less and less doable as time went on, and the Warchief showed no signs of slowing down.




            Jaina's hands were spread out on either side of her, clawing at the ground. She whipped her head from side to side, trying to block out the sensation between her legs. Her loud, sensuous moans echoed around the room, a reluctant declaration of her passion.




            Although Garrosh prided himself on his stamina, he had been turned on ever since he started playing with Jaina's tits, and it had been a long time since then. He had been fucking the archmage for a good fifteen minutes now, and was getting pretty close. The woman's pussy really did grip him with strength surprising for a human, and was tighter than any orc pussy he had ever fucked.


            But before he came himself, he knew he had to get the woman to cum first. That would be the final humiliation. She had been fighting against it this entire time, and making her cum now that he himself was raping her would be the ultimate degradation. Her pride would not survive it.


            “Ohhhhhhhh! Hahhhhh!”


            Still fucking her at the same pace as before, Garrosh took one hand and started rubbing the archmage's sensitive clit, which was once again standing tall.


            “Noooo! Stop, I-- Uuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!”


            Jaina knew she wouldn't last long now. Her tender clit had suffered so much, and the uncharacteristically gentle way Garrosh was now stimulating her most sensitive spot felt so, so good.


            “Ahhhhhh! Don't-- Uhhhhhhh! Not there! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!”


            And that was it. Despite all her efforts, the archmage, Lady Jaina Proudmoore of Theramore, exemplar of the Alliance, came vociferously undone on the hard cock of Garrosh Hellscream.




            The walls had come crashing down, the floodgates were open, and two hours of sexual frustration was released in one, single, glorious moment. She arched her back high into the air, her body supported only by her shoulders and arms on the ground, and her feet propped up on Garrosh's shoulders. Her fingers dug into earth, an anchor for her as the rest of her angelic body shuddered and convulsed in carnal bliss.


            Every muscle in her body coiled and uncoiled, deluged by the sensual overload. The archmage's thighs were quaking uncontrollably. Her hard abs were clenched tightly, braced ineffectively against the pleasure rocking her sexy body. Her toes curled frantically, then uncurled, then curled again, with no rhyme or reason to the bodily expression of her lust.


            The whole time, Garrosh continued to rail into her, and continued to stimulate her clitoris, extending her climax. When it seemed like he could hold out no longer, he quickly pulled out and dropped her feet back on the floor. Moving to her side, Garrosh blew his load directly on the archmage's still orgasmic face. Ropes of the Warchief's hot cum landed on her hair, her eyes, her nose, and inside her mouth.


            Jaina was still too far gone to really notice, as she continued to revel in the aftershocks of her full-body orgasm. Even as the Warchief stood up again and looked at his conquest, her body was still spasming lightly, her legs were still twitching occasionally, and her mind was still caught up in the throes of her intense climax.


            “You see? That is how an Alliance woman should always look.”


            More cheers, more applause. Their Warchief had just raped one of the most powerful members of the Alliance, and had made her cum hard, and loudly, on the floor of their lair. Surely, the rest of the Alliance would fare no better when Garrosh was done with them, they must have thought.


            Garrosh looked at his handiwork again and noticed now that the archmage had stopped moving. With her eyes closed, she appeared to be taking deep, exhausted breaths. Chuckling at the concept of Jaina cumming so hard she had actually fainted, he pointed at some nearby orcs.


            “Take her to the dungeon. I'm not done with her yet.”

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