Begging for Mercy: Repost

BY : LordMaxwell
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Disclaimer: I do not own/claim to own any of the characters in Overwatch as well as the game/universe itself. Neither do I profit from the writing in this story.

Chapter 1

Angela walked slowly down the hall of the slim and crowded hospital. There had been another bombing at a train station in town. The anti-omnic terrorists had been carrying out these types of attacks for months now and the hospitals resources were always stretched thin. Men and machines were brought in their hundreds to the hospital to be helped after such attacks. Many of them died but Angela tried her hardest to save every one of them as she just wanted the violence to stop. She had always received admiration for her abilities to heal her patients but she also got a lot of hate for her work. She’d been harassed and threatened by a gang of young anti-omincs recently but this didn’t stop her from doing her job and duty. Little did she know that they had found out where she lived and were now waiting and hiding in her house, ready to give her a lesson she was not likely to forget.

Angela sighed as she reached into her bag to find her keys, it had been a busy day at the hospital and she was exhausted from treating her patients.  Her hand rubbed against the cold of her keys and she opened the door. She walked in and shut the heavy wood door behind her. As she took off her coat and placed her bag down her living room table, there was a loud crash from the kitchen. This startled her and made her call out in a trembling tone. “Hello, Is anyone there?” She said with silence being her only answer. Angela creeped over to the kitchen door and clutched the door knob, slowly opening it as she held her breath. The door creaked open and she quickly flicked the light revealing nothing more than knocked over vase next to a wildly swinging window. “It was just the wind.” She thought, exhaling loudly and closing the window with a sigh of relief. Angela then turned around to find a gun pointed to her head and behind it was a muscular gang member staring deep into her light blue eyes.

“Hello doctor.” the man said in a gruff voice.  A wave of fear swept through Angela body as she stared at the man with wide eyes. She wanted to talk but she was in shock at the situation she was in. “P-Please don’t shoot me.” She managed to force out in a meek voice making it obvious she was terrified. The man laughed and responded with “Shoot you? Now where would the fun be in that?” The man’s free hand clutched Angela’s neck and he then said in a more serious tone “But the fun ends if you don’t do as we tell you.” Angela frowns and says “We?” 

“You didn’t think he was gonna have ya all to himself, did ya?” A second taller man says followed by another man who was much younger than the other two. Both were smiling and getting closer to her.  At this point Angela was very scared of what they had in store for her and she thought about yelling out for help. She then thought against it as these men had no reason not to kill her. The man holding the gun who she assumed was the boss then then pressed the gun firmly against her forehead. “Take off your shirt.” He commanded.

Angela was wearing a light blue button up shirt with a pair of black jeans and red heels. She looked at the man with pleading eyes as tears started to well up in her eyes. The man just looked back at her with a look that could cut steel and pressed the gun harder against her head. “You don’t have to make this painful, you know.” He said as he stared at her sizable chest. The taller man then said “I wouldn’t mind hurting this stupid bitch. She probably likes it rough.” Angela shot him a look of anger which caused him to smile harder but she was in no position to fight or even argue.

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