Wario likes it dirty

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A/N: This is a very old fic I wrote. Just thought I would post it on here.

Wario likes it dirty

Chapter 1= The smell of his cum

It seemed like another normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom. It was a beautiful day as princess Peach opened the curtains of her room as the sun shone brightly inside. It was a week ago that Bowser died from old age and the rest of the koopas were useless without a leader and so they all turned good. People like Mario now had no chance with Peach. She once loved him because he was fit and had a great bod and he used to save her all the time. Every time that he saved her he would bring her back to her castle and they would have a wild night of sex and since Bowser kidnapped Peach at least once a week sometimes more Peach and Mario had a lot of time in bed. But now Mario wasn’t staying fit anymore he was a couch potato or mushroom and would waste days in front of the TV set, at this rate his great bod would soon be gone. Peach would always think back to the great sex she had with him when they were in love, or was it even love in the first place? The love they shared was based on him saving her life and getting hero sex out of it and now with Bowser gone, it would never happen.

But also Peach was glad that it had ended, they were having lots of unprotected sex and it was a miracle that she didn’t get pregnant because if she did get a child with a man of no royal blood it would be in all the “Mushroom Weekly” magazines as the top story on the cover. It was a risky time with all the love they made, but now it was finally over.

“All I can do now is be a real princess and not have the fear of getting kidnapped anymore” she told herself.


In Wario land, he was looking after his castle, but something was missing.

“What can I be missing? I have money. I have drugs. I have alcohol. I have prostitutes” Wario was saying to himself as he counted on his fingers “Wait, I need a princess to share my castle with or if her castle is better I can move into her castle and sell this place for a million or a billion gold coins” 

Wario ran to or should I say walked to the lastly issue of “Mushroom Weekly” magazine that was in his bathroom as reading news for when he took a shit. He flipped through the pages knowing he had seen the picture inside. Then he found it a picture of princess Peach.

“I’m going to fuck this princess bitch” he said gladly.

Wario took the nearest warp pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom. Once he got there he walked over to Peach’s castle and just walked in. The guards smiled to him and waved. It was so easy to get into the castle of Peach because now that Bowser was dead there was no need to fear. That is what they thought, but Peach would have a right to fear if she knew what was inside of her room, waiting to jump onto her and fuck her tight pussy all night long.

Wario got in her room with no problem and hid in her closet. He could see everything in her room and once he would see Peach enter and it was just him and her, he would strike.

At that time Peach was on her throne and was dealing with a noise complaint from a few Toad’s in Toad town towards the Mario brother’s house.

“Not again” she said

“We must stop those out of control plumbers’ princess” said Toadsworth

“I know that Toadsworth” Peach told him “But after all they did to me, it just doesn’t feel right. You do understand that if Mario and Luigi never came that your king right now would be Bowser. I would be his wife and would have countless Koopa kids. I know that at this moment Bowser would be gone, but it would not have been over.”

“Princess, I know all of that. But we have to do something.”

“Your right. I will go talk to them tomorrow. It is late so I’ll go to bed now. Please Toads let me know if the noise continues tonight” Peach said

“We will princess” the Toads told her.

 With that princess Peach went towards her room. She turned the doorknob and Wario spotted her right away. Once she closed the door she noticed a foul smell in her room right away. Even Koopa cum didn’t smell as bad as this smell.

Then from her closet Wario jumped out. “Hello princess Peach. I think my penis and your vagina will be good friends”

“Wario! What are you doing in my room? How did you get in here” she asked

“I walked into your room and I want to fuck you” he told her.

“If you think that we are going to have sex then you are crazy” Peach said

But it was already too late. While she was talking Wario went over to her and grabbed her arm and threw her onto her bed. He got on top of her and ripped open her pink dress to show her pink bra.

“Oh, princess I didn’t know you had sexy underwear like this” said Wario.

“Please Wario don’t rape me. I‘ll give you whatever you want” Peach told him, because you see if Peach was raped it would ruin her clean image to all the royals of the Mushroom Kingdom. As for how she knew the smell of Koopa cum, let’s just say that Bowser would masturbate a lot.

“I’m not going to rape you Peach. First you’ll fall in love with me and then we will have sex. It will be from your own free will” Wario told her.

“That will never happen” said princess Peach.

Wario took her bra off. He was the second man to see them; the only other one was Mario. Wario used his dirty hands and grabbed her pure breasts that were so clean. He moved her melons like if they belonged to him. Peach could feel the pain while he moved them. She couldn’t take it anymore and then milk shot out from her breast.

“Peach you dirty girl” said Wario.

“I couldn’t hold it inside any longer” said Peach.

“Let me get you naked baby” said Wario.

He took the rest of her dress off as well as her underwear. He played with her pussy and took some of the milk she shot out with his fingers and showed it to her.

“Drink up” he said

Peach used her tongue and licked Wario’s dirty fingers and she drank her own milk.

 “Do you love me now?” asked Wario

“OH! YES! I DO!” screamed Peach and with that she kissed Wario right on the lips. His lips were not much cleaner than his hands, but Peach didn’t care somehow she had fallen in love with this fat and smelly man.

Wario opened his pants and took his penis out. He grabbed it a little. Peach took it in her hands.

“Wow! For a fat boy you get hard very quick. Let me taste it” Peach told him and Wario was glad that his stupid plan worked so well.

She took his penis and put it into her mouth. This was the first time that she had a dick in her mouth but Peach is a fast learner. She gave Wario a run for his money. She sucked it and licked it and soon Wario was having trouble to keep it all inside of him. Then he shot it all out, Peach felt his warm cum going down her throat, once she removed the cock from her mouth he just kept on shooting and the cum landed all over her beautiful face. Peach looked at herself in her royal mirror, never before in her life has she been this dirty. She was naked with a man who smelled bad but that she now loved and her face was full of his cum.

“You know, even with my cum on your face your still the most beautiful princess in the world” Wario told her.

Peach knew that he was right and she kissed him. She took some of his cum into her finger and smelled it. One thing was for sure, this wasn’t Koopa cum.

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