A life of fighting

BY : sueda
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‘So, you’re here!’

Cassandra Murata refused to look behind her, she continued pretending to order what little properties the two siblings had.

In a battle, he would have been able to not even get noticed with ease but now she could perfectly sense his body as he came closer to her.


Silence by her part.

‘Are you mad?’

The only answer that came from Cassandra was putting a jacket on the ordered pile of clothes. She could sense her own blood pulping to the scalp and her own breathing resounding with irritation.

‘Hey, come on…’

She took a shirt and folded it.

‘It was… I mean, it was just a fight…’

Before she knew what she was doing, Cassandra finally had it.

‘As always… it was just a fight!!’

‘Why are you so…?’

‘This guy is a drug dealer! Don’t you see he is dangerous?’

Oni was shocked, how did she…?

‘He is just a small one’ he answered ‘I mean, seriously, don’t worry, I know. He has no more than three, four at best, guys to do his bidding…’

‘They might have guns!’

‘No, really, they don’t!!’

She turned back to face Oni at least.

‘How do you know it?’ she asked.

‘Because I they had it, they would have already used them’

Cassandra stared at him for almost a minute.

‘Come on, sister, it is ok!’ Oni kept saying.

‘I don’t like that answer’

Oni smiled. Not the kind of smile most people saw from him but a kind only Cassandra knew, able to made her feel alright and beloved, the smile of a big brother always there to remind her that the world was not as bad and ugly as they were often seeing.

‘Listen, it’s alright!’ he said ‘I’m strong. As long I have these claws and you, nothing can beat me’

Cassandra looked away for a moment, apprehensive.

‘You disagree?’ Oni asked.

‘But… if you keep fighting and fighting like that… at this rate, you might get tired and… they might get you… they might bang all together against you’

Cassandra stared back at him.

‘Why do you have to keep fighting all the time?’

‘I… I just don’t know’

‘All you do is fighting, why don’t you…?’

She interrupted herself and threw a quiet gasp as she sensed Oni hands, strong and firm but sometimes sweet as silk, over the skin of her naked hips, caressing. When they moved to cover her delicious buttocks, beneath the white lower tailcoat piece she was always wearing, she moaned quietly in arousal. Oni was over her, practically, his face a few millimeters away.

‘Well, there are other things indeed that interest me’ he said.

‘N… Elias might see us!’

‘Elias is having dinner right now. I just had an argument with him’

‘But… Oni, siblings should not do this kind of things… This is incestuous, normal people think this is evil and unhealthy!’

‘We’re not normal people, Cass. We’re not blood related, either’

‘Yes… I know, but…’

‘You don’t like anymore?’

Cassandra simply was unable to deny it. Oni and she were no longer children and even while they had grown together like siblings, they were now apparently also man and woman… with something more between them than mere fraternal love. Her mind wanted to keep up to what she always thought and felt towards Oni, but her body was having a separate agenda on its own, seemingly much more aware than her conscious brain of the fact that it had always been an illusion, sustainable when they were younger yet no longer so as their bodies matured.

‘If you don’t want to have fun, it’s right…’

As if controlled by a strange puppeteer, Cassandra put her hand on Oni neck and looked at his lips, which kissed her passionately. His tongue invaded her mouth and explored every bit of it, teeth, her own tongue, everything. With a swift and precise movement, Oni undid the fastener of the white bandages covering her chest, which felt over her skin to the ground, exposing Cassandra breasts. A bit small, petite, cute and delicate, they were still perfectly proportioned. Finishing with her mouth, he tasted them both at his full health as Cassandra moaned. He was able to cover roughly half of them with his mouth wide open, enjoying the sweet and soft flesh and rounding the little nipple with the tongue.

When he finished with the two, in a few minutes, he looked back at the deep black eyes of Cassandra, who stared at him blushing in arousal, her breasts slightly shinning with saliva.

‘Come on, Cass, make your brother happy. Like at the shrine’

Cassandra knelt before him. She put her left hand inside his crotch until she found his penis and took it out, exposing it with the testicles. Holding the skin back with her left side at the base, she started licking the shaft to the top as if it was a lollypop, slowly, while looking at Oni to see if she was doing it right. It was hot, hard and salty. She also circled her tongue all around its head the way he had taught her.  After a couple of minutes she put it inside her mouth. Sucking it slowly like a giant Popsicle, her mouth and nose became filled with Oni heat and strong flavor, as her mouth was with his penis.

‘Oh, yeah, Cass’

After a while he asked:

‘Hold it there for a while and… you know’

She stopped moving her head and kept the penis inside in its place, while she began moving her tongue beneath it to the sides, flickering with the small patch of skin.

They continued as that for a couple of minutes until Oni asked:

‘Ok, stop it, I want do something else’

Cassandra took the penis out of her mouth, cleaned a gelatinous thread spreading between her lips and the tip of it and stood up in front of Oni.

His adopted brother turned her around and undid the three bandages that, forming an inverted arrow shape across her upper hips and belly, covered her gender, leaving it entirely exposed. Oni took a sit on the bed that was on the room and sit Cassandra on his hips, penetrating her from behind. His sister moaned in pleasure and opened the legs to allow more space for Oni. With two hands he was able to hold Cassandra above him while going into her over and over again, the beautiful and long black hair waving over his face with each thrust. She was as tight and sweet as always.

‘Oh, yeah, Cass, you’re the best! Just like in the orphanage, I’m still amazed that you just don’t break in half!’

They heard noises coming from downstairs: Elias was going up. Oni cursed but he was unable to stop, he hissed silence to Cassandra, who covered her mouth with one of her hands to avoid her moans escape, barely. He had to come up at this only moment, for hell sake!

He was outside, walking. His steps came closer… and stopped at their door.

No, no!

This was bad! No matter what, he was right now simply incapable of stopping, he was going to caught them in the act… quite literally.

The steps resumed their pace at the other side of the door.

That was close!

The two orphans continued passionately, Oni thrusting into Cassandra, his shaft being caressed by her delicate and humid labia, her naked buttocks bumping on his stomach, her moans getting deeper and increasingly arousing, the tails of her dress flopping around as if she was the naughty stage magician of a strange fantasy. After just a little while, Cassandra was unable to hold back any longer and gave herself into a delicious climax, her body seemed to collapse and start contracting in intense pleasure in a mere instant. While she enjoyed the intense pheromone discharge invading her body, Oni had to concentrate to fight back the increasing pleasure and not reach the climax himself.

When Cassandra finished, he could barely keep it longer. Standing both up again, she knowingly knelt down before him again and Oni put his penis inside her mouth for a second time. Covered by her mouth, Cassandra sucked it for little more than a minute before the intense, unpleasant, taste of semen started filling up her mouth cavity as Oni ejaculated inside. As his seed came out, she swallowed it until there was nothing left.

In silence, the adoptive siblings dressed up.

‘Well, you see, not everything in my life is about fighting! Or rather…’

Cassandra stared at him.

He held her chin with his strong hands, hands capable of being hard as the toughest steel alloy or soft as the dream of an angel.

‘… About fighting myself’ 

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