Power Exchange

BY : Shinashi
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Disclaimer: I do not own Touken Ranbu in any form or fashion. I make not a dime on this piece of fiction.

AN: Hello, hello! I've written a whole story while away from AFF! I've been playing Touken Ranbu for forever now and thought that if those on AFF don't know TKRB, they should know it now! It's a browser game concerning tsukumogami (spirits of tools which are, in this case, famous Japanese swords). In the game they are depicted as handsome men and boys. I refuse to list Shouta as a warning because the youngest of these swords is still over a 100 years old. The shorter swords look like boys and are literally smaller (of course) and vice versa for the bigger swords. The entire game is in Japanese but there is a dedicated English fanbase which you can find on wikia. 

STILL, there's no need to play the game to enjoy this story (but it'll prolly help for humor and personality, just like all fanfiction). This may be PWP but some have called it romance ?-? 



Kurikara pretended he hadn’t heard the loud, perpetually drunken voice of Jirou and continued walking- though he knew that wouldn’t stop the oodachi from talking to him. He would have to run for that, but Aruji didn’t like people running in the citadel. And if there was one thing Kurikara hated more than making friends with people, it was being lectured.

“Wait uuuuup… Oh, I’ve drunk way too much for this…”

“Just a regular Sunday for you, isn’t it,” Kurikara responded dryly.

Jirou garbled out, “It’s Tuesday, isn’t it?” When the tachi didn’t reply, Jirou, having finally caught up, dove into the topic he wished to discuss, “Are you and Mitsutada fighting?”

Kurikara stopped. “What do you mean?”

“Yea, it doesn’t make sense that the two of you are fighting, right? You have to talk to people in order to fight about something!” Jirou laughed with his usual exuberance, aided by too much drink. “But everyone’s saying how Mitsu-chan is looking over his shoulder for you. He seems nervous… But he always changes the subject when we try to talk to him!” He shrugged. “But you are oblivious as always.”

Jirou’s words worried a teeny-tiny panicky part of Kurikara’s mind: he didn’t know of anything that Mitsutada had done to make him nervous, except for his incessant attempts to be his friend, or gush about Date Masamune. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t found anything. And there were things he didn’t want Mitsutada to find. What if he tells Aruji? Or worse… the tantous… Or worst, that idiotic crane Tsurumaru!

“Are you okay, Kuri-chan?”

Kurikara abruptly turned around with a curt, “Don’t call me that.” He started his search where he had thought he had hidden his secrets: his room. His was in the furthermost corner of the citadel, separated from any nearby rooms and persons by storage closets and his general air of unwelcome.

Once he arrived at his door, he knocked; he didn’t know why; he couldn’t even feel Mitsutada anywhere nearby- their time together having forged some odd bond. But there were times that one had to be careful, and this was one of those times.

Then again, he found it silly to expect Mitsutada to answer the door to a room he had no business being in. Kurikara walked inside. He found all of his belongings in their appropriate places (a neat boudoir was something the swords had in common), window closed and locked, but then he went into his closet, all the way to the back. It was spacious place for its name, fit to hold swords and armor comfortably. He could have this clothing hanging over the hidden chest to the back.

He opened the chest and found his toys in disarray.

“Che’… Fucking knew it.”

He shuffled through the box, underneath a couple of crops and phalluses, vibrators, items he’d collected when they had returned to the modern world ‘for a breather’. He found that one of his bigger vibrators was missing completely, and he couldn’t imagine why Mitsutada would have taken it.

Well, he would have it back. Someone else having something of his just wrinkled him wrong.

And his brother-in-arms shouldn’t have taken it. And his brother-in-arms shouldn’t have ever been in his room. The conglomerate of offenses unsettled his nerves and Kurikara left the room to seek out Jirou.

He knew he would never be able to corner Mitsutada, who would sense him, and looking to sense him. As usual, he found the pretty oodachi drinking, trying to convince a couple of tantous to share a cup underneath a garden tree. It looked like he had managed to fool them with a picnic, but what he really wanted were drinking buddies. Aruji would have a fit.


“Huh! What! They wanted some! They were thirsty!”

“No, we weren’t. He interrupted our picnic,” Maeda corrected in his matter-of-fact voice.

“I don’t care,” Kurikara said shortly. “Jirou, send Mitsutada to my room. Tell him to give… it back.”

“Haaaa…. Give what back?” Jirou stood on wobbly legs, ready to help at a moment’s notice.

“Doesn’t matter. He knows.”

He saw the tantous looking at each other, and before they could muster up the courage to invite him to their picnic out of pure politeness, he started walking away.

“He would have said no anyway,” Midare whispered to the others.

The tachi agreed. Back in his room, he reveled in his solitary confinement before the other tachi was to destroy his quiet, having already taken his peace.

The gentle knock came not too long afterwards. The irritation within was kept in check as Kurikara called his comrade in. He had to contain the rolling of his eyes as Mitsutada slowly slid the door open with a small decorated bag.

“Oo… Kurikara-kun!”

“Don’t try to be smooth. Just give it back.”

Mitsutada’s good eye looked abruptly to the side, and he continued to speak, “I… I… I washed it…”

“So?” Kurikara said immediately, his reflexive response to any sort of conversation, but then the words washed over him again. “Wait, you used it?”

“N-N-Not well. It hurt…”

There were rare times that Kurikara’s curiosity was peaked by another being. It tingled now.

“Why? And why were you in my room?”

Mitsutada smiled, guilt-free. “I was cleaning, and since I have never ever ever been invited to your room, I wanted to make sure you were keeping yourself and your area neat.” He seemed proud of himself, and then he looked away again and continued, “And I wanted to make sure you weren’t just keeping a mess in your closet and you were getting your armor cleaned, so I checked in there…and… found it nice… and dug…deeper…. the box…” Mitsutada began to mumble.

Kurikara rubbed his temples. “And? What makes you think…Why did you take that…”

“I heard someone coming and I thought it was you-”

“You can sense me!”

“I know!” Mitsutada nearly whined. “And I had this one in my hand, and I climbed out the window because it was open and… and I asked Tsurumaru what to do with it… and he said it was a tool for relaxing and that I should… put… it…”

What an idiot. How can he still trust Tsurumaru?

Kurikara finally stood from his bed and snatched away the omiyage-styled bag. He took out the vibrator unceremoniously and sniffed it. He heard Mitsutada gasp behind him but ignored it. The toy smelled of soap, and so he placed it back in the box in the closet.

“Do you put it in yourself?” came the question from behind.

He did. But for some reason he didn’t want to share that, and it would seem suspicious if he gave a curt answer. This is one of the many reasons he didn’t talk to people… They wanted to know all his business. “I use it on some guys from the base troops…”

Mitsutada put his hands on his hips. “You let some low-bred brutes into your room but not me?”

With a lifted eyebrow, Kurikara turned to his visitor. “Would you like me to fuck you and treat you like I treat them?”The tachi’s one eye widened, while his lips thinned, and finally he crossed his arms and whispered, “Really?”

Kurikara was not prepared for his rare shot of teasing to backfire so quickly- this was why he didn’t tease. But then he, accidentally, thought of doing to Mitsutada what he did to the ‘low-bred brutes’. Just thinking of him naked brought his cock to full mast. The silly Mitsutada… Beneath him…

Mitsutada asked over his shoulder, even quieter than before, “Can you make…it fit?”

Kurikara would have groaned aloud if he didn’t stop himself just in time. He’s never thought of having sex with any of the other swords; he didn’t want relationships, just sensation. However, his thought process differed for this one sword. As much as Mitsutada tried to get him ‘out of his shell’, he still gave him as much space as he normally required (notwithstanding this case). As much as he wanted to be seen as calm and collected, he was often a fool, clumsy, naïve… a virgin?

“Munechika said that perhaps we could grow closer if we were to help each other relax.

Tsurumaru and he were… near each other when… yes…” He was looking straight ahead with his golden-colored eye. He was willing to do it, Kurikara understood abruptly, even if he didn’t know exactly what was to happen. Of course, that implied that Mitsutada was pretty desperate to ‘help him relax’, but, hell, this would be fun. Let the tantous faint at the thought that Kurikara had the word in his vocabulary.

Kurikara turned around, ordered, “Close the door and take off your clothes.”

“Eh? Now? I-I have to shower. I was in the fields and-” Mitsutada backed into the door’s boundaries.

“Regardless. Strip.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if we did this at another time?”

“Cross that threshold then don’t bother. It’s now or never.” That was a lie; Kurikara would have taken another chance. But Mitsutada didn’t need to know that.

Mitsutada stood there for a moment, thinking, and then, finally, closed the door and began removing his articles of clothing. He folded them neatly and placed them in the corner near the door.

He stood there in a pair of boxers, a luxury from the modern world, his gloves, and his eyepatch.

Kurikara crossed his arms. “Those too,” he gestured to the underwear.

“You want me completely naked?”

“What else would I want?”

“Shouldn’t we kiss or… isn’t there a level of foreplay to…”

Mitsutada tapered off at Kurikara’s bored stare. He put his fingers on the waistband, waited, then took them off. There was a redness tinting his pale face as he folded them, and he stood covering his cock.

“Move your hands.”

“You are simply set on embarrassing me!”

“I’m giving you the same treatment as anyone else. You either listen to me, or you leave. I don’t need you tonight.” But he wanted him, that was for sure. “Take off your eyepatch, too.”

“I will not take off my eyepatch.”

The stiff, serious proclamation meant a line had been crossed. Mitsutada was already nervous on several levels, and Kurikara has never seem him without his gloves either… And so the dark-skinned tachi said, “Fine. Come here.” He pointed to the spot right in front of him. Mitsutada stood there, taller and head cocked slightly to the side.

“D-Do I kiss you?”

Kurikari snorted. “No, but I’ll kiss you.” He tangled his gloved fingers into Mitsutada’s hair, being careful of his eyepatch, and pulled him down. He shoved his tongue into the other’s mouth, and he had to keep a tighter hold to keep the taller tachi from escaping. Forcefully,Kurikara sucked in the other sword’s tongue, tasting his mouth.

There was a clumsy reciprocation that made it painfully clear that Mitsutada had never been kissed. Kurikara grabbed his chin and squeezed it a bit so that Mitsutada could open his mouth wider and let his tongue more freely roam the recesses of his mouth. A low moan traveled from Mitsutada, and Kurikara swallowed it.

When they separated, Mitsutada had his eye closed.

“That was nice.”

Kurikara said nothing but, “Don’t speak.”


“If you can’t, I’ll gag you,” the younger tachi said offhandedly. Again, the thought pressed more urgently on his mind than he would have anticipated. Perhaps that was too far for this first time. Instead, he got a good look at his new naked lover.

Mitsutada almost covered himself again, bashful under the solid glare of the glowering tachi (a usual thing). He resisted the urge, and Kurikara could see the slow rise of his cock. The saniwa magic gave the swords bodies that would grow and still functioned as any man’s body. Kurikara was pleased to find little difference biologically between the sword in front of him and the troops that made it to his room. The longer he was stared at, the harder he became. Mitsutada’s cock was rather large, veiny, with a heavy pair of balls hanging beneath it. He was hairless.

“You shave.”

“It is much more hyge-”

“I didn’t ask for an explanation.”

However, he’s never seen anyone who had shaved their pubic hair. He grabbed hold of a smooth testicle.


He squeezed the soft skin, pulled them apart, and watched the clenched fists waver, the legs tremble. He held both in the palm of his hand and rolled them around. After a few minutes:

“Kurikara-kun, I can’t… I can’t stand like this…”

Part of him didn’t like the use of kun, but the thought that a senior was at his mercy pleased him.

If Mitsutada was willing to acknowledge that, then all the better. He ignored Mitsutada’s small plea, saying, “You will stand as long as I want you to.”


“I will gag you.”

The older tachi bit his lip. He tried to put his hands on Kurikara’s shoulders to steady himself, but Kurikara shrugged him off without a second thought. With his leathered hands, he took the hard staff and began to jerk. When the ministrations got the other sword moaning deliciously, he pulled ruthlessly on his balls.

“That hurts!” Mitsutada pushed him away suddenly in complete surprise.

Their eyes met. Mitsutada’s eye seemed to glow, and his face was completely red. Kurikara could almost smile as he watched the nervousness play out on Mitsutada’s embarrassed face. But he made sure that his own face was much sterner, to make the senior sword realize his transgression.

“Ah, Kurikara-kun,” began Mitsutada, but Kurikara interrupted him, “Get on the bed. On your back.”

Kurikara didn’t wait for him to do as he said; he simply expected it. Shuffling around in his closet box, he took off his gloves and found a medium-sized gag. When he faced the bed once more, Mitsutada was looking off to the side, reminding Kurikara of Hasebe, but he was on the bed in the correct position.

“Put your hands above your head.”

He had another spark of inspiration. Straps of silk cloth were retrieved from the box. Both gag and cloth collected, he set to putting Mitsutada in his place. Without complaint, though he looked a little worried, Mitsutada opened his mouth to accept the gag, then he whispered, “Don’t… My gloves…”

“I won’t touch your gloves or your eyepatch,” Kurikara promised. Tension left the taut body underneath him. With that, Kurikara announced, “Let’s see how quickly you come.”


This was one of the first parameters Kurikara set. He usually kept a bedwarmer for a week to two weeks before one of them breaks it off, though it was hardly ever the other. If he knew just how quickly he could make a bedwarmer come, it was easier to set standards and make plans.

There was some oil he kept nearby, and the younger tachi grabbed it, plucked up the top, and squeezed out a generous amount into his hand. He rubbed both his hands together and placed himself between Mitsutada’s open legs, with Mitsutada’s limbs over his own thighs so that groin was against stomach. He grabbed the stiff cock. While quickly yanking his slippery hands over the taut skin, he counted the seconds.

“Mmm…. Mmm! Mm!” There was a grimace on the tied sword’s face, and he twisted away.

Kurikara had anticipated this; with one arm he kept the legs apart and was able to continue the movement with his free hand.

“That’s all you got? A minute?”

Mitsutada’s back arched, knees shaking. Kurikara could tell the tachi was trying to hold back, just for a moment- his cock hardened at the thought. It hardened even more as the cock in his palm erupted. Whimpers trailed deep into the gag as the body released itself into an unwanted orgasm.

“Hm. I was wrong. A minute and thirty seconds.”

Mitsutada blushed.

“Now, for what you came for.” Mitsutada’s confused face had him clarify, “The dildo.” Even more confusion. “The dick-looking thing you stole.” The confusion changed to understanding, a flaming red understanding. Red became scarlet as Kurikara pushed open the slightly sweaty legs wider, and he wiped the cum onto Mitsutada’s slightly heaving belly. “Don’t close them.”

Kurikara stood up, looking down on his futon as Mitsutada obediently lied there, breathing shallowly. His eyes were closed, but not with the stress of the situation, but as if he was just feeling. That was good. Often after something like this with a newbie, they would panic, and sometimes they didn’t even come back that first night. That wouldn’t bother him regularly, but with Mitsutada he had to make it work… somehow.

“If you want to quit, get up.” The dark-skinned sword stood a bit of a ways to the side, so that it didn’t look like he was staring menacingly at some captive- which was how a lot of bedwarmers felt if he looked at them longer than two seconds.

But Mitsutada met his eyes with his usual calm, and Kurikara knew it was fine to continue.

He chose a toy from the box, a smaller one than the one Mitsutada had taken. When he turned back around, Mitsutada had closed his legs, but they sprung open at once. The younger tachi settled between them again, pushed them further apart and back, so that the small asshole was vulnerable to his whims.

“You have hair here…”

The legs nearly snapped closed; if Kurikara hadn’t been in the way, they would have been locked tight. Within the splayed legs, his fingers trailed through the small soft hairs, pulling delicately. Mitsutada’s cock shot up in an instant, and an embarrassed moan left from behind the gag.

Kurikara lifted an eyebrow.

With both oiled thumbs, he opened up the asshole, seeing how Mitsutada handled the anal stretching. Kurikara had men that didn’t like it up the ass. The one-eyed tachi was not one of those men, as he groaned, and his dick’s stiffness didn’t suffer one bit. Did he get off on the fact that he was indecently exposed? Kurikara stuffed that information in his head for later.

“I can see inside of you, Mitsu.” He pulled a bit more. “It’s pink, you know.” Mitsutada moaned and yet tried to close his legs. “Look at me.” It was barely a squint, but Kurikara saw enough yellow to let it slide.

Without further ado, Kurikara poked the tip of his oiled finger into the middle of the wrinkled flesh.

The eye closed. “Hmmm… Hmn!”

“You’re still noisy with the gag…” The younger tachi managed to get an entire finger inside, feeling every pump of Mitsutada’s heart through the tight walls. He warned, “It will hurt if you don’t relax.” His finger started pumping in and out. As he stretched the flesh, he silently admired the white flesh that was near perfection in regards to musculature. Even the scars added a worthy charm to the image. He wasn’t nearly as spotless as, say, Gokotai or the Crane. Indeed, Mitsutada was just Kurikara’s type, if one were to talk about appearances. He could be shorter though. A lot shorter.

He added another finger, and Mitsutada whined, eyes fluttering. He was trying to relax, and Kurikara decided to make it just slightly easier. He usually wasn’t into bedfellows who needed a lot of TLC, but enjoyed those who would wash him with (physical) affection. But an exception could be made now. He hung himself over Mitsutada’s chest, thrusting shallowly with his fingers.

Mouth wavering over a dusky nipple, Kurikara made sure he had the one eye looking, and licked a bit lower than where the hump was located. His fingers were squeezed several times before

Mitsutada calmed. He licked the stiffening areola.


He blew softly to cool the saliva gathering around the tiny muscle and then timed a particularly hard thrust as he engulfed the nipple completely. His index and pinky fingers anchored themselves on Mitsutada’s buttocks, and he used his thumb to finger the sensitive perineum. At this, Mitsutada raised his hips. Kurikara checked his cock, which already had newly made precome at the tip.

“You’re going to come again?”

The older tachi looked away.

“I asked you a question. Are you about to come again?”

Again, they locked gazes briefly on and off as the golden irises shook back and forth between looking at Kurikara and outer space.

“Are you?”

Mitsutada nodded quickly.

“You need to work on your endurance… But what a surprise that just a couple fingers in your ass is enough to get you this horny.”

As Kurikara expected, Mitsutada’s ass twitched excitedly. Ideas formed in his head, ideas that he would never have had with any of the troops surrounding the citadel, ideas that would need more than two weeks to come to fruition. For once, he looked forward to being with another person later on in life.

But he won’t admit that to Mitsutada of course, and would deny all affirmations to his thoughts.

He slowed his fingers to a crawl after adding his index. It was so tight, and quivering, so Kurikara kept his hand away from the deepness, so he wouldn’t bump the nut inside, and instead set to spreading Mitsutada to his limits.

He went to the other nipple, finding it just as sensitive as the first. He bit into the base, pulling it between his teeth while he stabbed the tip with his tongue. He had to let go as the chest pulled away, and he noticed Mitsutada’s heavy breathing.

Kurikara removed his fingers. At Mitsutada’s blinking, he showed him the pale vibrator he had.

He turned it on, watched as the older tachi stiffen in confusion, and he stared raptly as the vibrator neared his asshole. With the first teasing touch, he closed his legs and eye, but Kurikara managed to slip the toy in a little deeper even as Mitsutada’s death grip with his thighs cut off a little circulation.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Mitsutaa immediately shook his head.

“Then open your legs a bit.”

Only a bit the legs opened, and Kurikara was able to push the toy all the way to his untouched prostate. Mitsutada lifted his hips and came immediately, groaning almost in pain from coming once again.

When Mitsutada was finished with his orgasm, with Kurikara watching closely, the smaller tachi pulled out the toy and watched the shivering of the pale abdominal muscles. He put the toy off to the side, and then took out the gag, and untied the hands gripping themselves. If he weren’t wearing gloves, he might have hurt himself.

“Don’t move, yet,” commanded Kurikara. He stood over Mitsutada’s frame and took out his cock, which had grown a good bit with the situation. There was enough oil on his fingers for him to slide quickly, and with the image of Mitsutada stained in his own come, waiting with a red face for his own release, where the direction was undeniable, Kurikara came himself. Strips of cum landed on Mitsutada’s chest. Predictably, the skin reddened, and the older tachi’s cock twitched just a small bit. With a bit more urging, Kurikara believed he could get him to come one more time.

But this was good for a first day. Now, he had to wait for Mitsutada to think over his experience ….and whether or not he wanted to continue together.

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