Go Big Horns

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Go Big Horns

“Never thought we’d end up back here” Ellie commented as Joel helped her over the wire fence that stood around the borders of the East Colorado University, the brunette then pulling at the bottom of the fence moving it out of the way so Joel could crawl through

“Me neither Baby girl but remember what Tommy said, we need scrap for repairs back at the dam and we haven’t checked here so hopefully we can find something useful” Joel replied as he and Ellie headed towards one of the entrances other scavengers had made in the rotting wall of the University’s entrance hall “just keep your eye out for Infected”

“Yeah, yeah I know old man, this isn’t my first rodeo” Ellie smirked back as the pair split up, Ellie heading towards the locker rooms and the Gymnasium armed with her Switch Blade, Bow and Pistol whilst Joel headed towards the science labs with his Shotgun and Revolver

As Joel had expected new Infected had made their way into the University nearly catching Ellie off guard as she climbed through a broken window, the brunette able to scramble to cover as a Runner raised its head to investigate the sound of her hitting the floor

Moving quickly Ellie silenced the Runner as it staggered towards her, sneaking behind it before planting her Switch Blade between its vertebrae killing it instantly before it could alert the other Infected in the next room, letting the first Infected fall to the floor Ellie then drew her Bow to deal with the others, dispatching each one with a single Arrow to the head each silencing them before the others knew of her presence

Deeming herself safe for the time being Ellie began scavenging, coming through the old lockers trying to find anything that could be used or at least broken down to help with repairs back at the settlement “come on, what have you got for me?” she pondered using her Switch Blade to unlock one of the long closed lockers only to huff in disappointment when she only found rotten books and what she could only guess to have been food twenty years passed its expiry date

Cringing in disgust at her first discovery Ellie quickly moved onto the next locker, then the next, then the next, each one providing as little as the one before it soon causing her temper to rise “god fucking damn it! Come on you gotta give me something here!” she exclaimed violently kicking one of the smaller lockers near her feet immediately regretting it as a pang of pain shot up her leg

“Motherfucker!” Ellie exclaimed clutching her leg as she hopped on her good foot, hissing as she willed the pain in her foot away the brunette didn’t initially notice the locker slowly creaking open until a few moments later “you better have something” she grumbled as she crouched down to search the locker

Unfortunately once again she didn’t find anything salvageable, instead what she did find was some neatly folded clothing “hmm, better than nothing I suppose, if it doesn’t fit anyone we can shred it for bandages” she commented pulling out the clothing and unfolding it to inspect it

For being over twenty years old the clothing was still in relatively good shape since it had been locked safely away allowing Ellie to quickly work out that the top was what she had read to be a tank top that girls used to wear before the fall of civilization, along with the top Ellie found an extremely short skirt and knee high socks, all the pieces of clothing emblazoned with the Universities colours and logo

“Damn, this was the uniform back then? This place must have been fun!” she could help but smirk as the pressed the tank to her front looking in the old cracked mirror on the wall “hmm, not bad” she commented realizing how much skin the outfit would show off if she wore it “not bad at all”

Deeming the clothing worth taking Ellie then stuffed it into her backpack before noticing a small leaflet in the locker, it was dirty and faded but she could still make out the words on it as she picked it up “be the best in school spirit: thirty of the best tips to be the best cheerleader you can be” she read aloud as she admired the faded picture of a cheerleader doing the splits on the cover of the pamphlet “cheerleading? I’ve read about this”

Stuffing the pamphlet into her backpack for later reading along with the cheerleading outfit Ellie quickly went back to scavenging, picking up one of the smaller doors of a locker that had rusted beyond repair seeing it as usable to plug leaks before heading into the next room

On the other side of the university Joel wasn’t having much better luck himself, the survivor cranking another Shotgun blast at a Clicker as it rushed towards him, the shot blasting the Infected head clean off sending its body flying back before Joel used the Gun to hold another Clicker away, forcing it sideways into the Clickers mouth before drawing a Shiv and driving it deep into the Infected’s throat causing the Infected to fall to the floor, thrashing and choking on its own blood before finally falling still

Breathing heavily as the Clicker died Joel reloaded his Shotgun before suddenly spinning around hearing footsteps behind him, aiming his Gun only to freeze as he found Ellie behind him “Jesus Ellie!” he exclaimed quickly moving the Shotgun out of the brunette’s face “say something if you’re going to come up behind me!”

“And potentially alert any other Infected in here? You talk me better than that Joel” Ellie smirked back “I found jack shit, you get anything good?”

“Nah there’s nothing here either, I think this place has been stripped clean already, that is unless you’re up for ripping the pipes out of the wall but that could risk bringing the entire room down on our heads” Joel sighed “let’s just get out of here, it’s getting late” he added to which Ellie readily agreed following him out of the University and back to their horse

(Later that day)

Arriving back at Tommy’s settlement near nightfall Ellie quickly excused herself to her quarters, her sudden running confusing Joel but he decided to leave her be putting it down to ‘teen problems’

As soon as she was in her room Ellie slammed the door shut and threw her backpack on the bed unzipping it to further inspect her discovery “now let’s see if this fits” Ellie pondered as she smoothed the uniform out on her bed before stripping out of her normal clothes

To her somewhat delight that the scavenging journey wasn’t entirely a bust the uniform fit her like it had been made for her and as she had expected showed a lot of skin, the top only just covering her chest leaving her entire abdomen bare and the skirt was so short it only just covered her groin making her titter at how naughty she felt as her bare pussy and ass were only just out of sight “I guess the rumours about the cheerleaders spending more time on their backs than dancing on their feet were true” she smirked remembering to how a couple of old guards in her old home used to talk about missing the cheerleaders at football games before society crumbled

Pulling on the knee high socks to complete the outfit Ellie then admired herself in her mirror “damn I look good in this, though I’m sure old cheerleaders had less scars” she commented striking different poses to inspect how she looked from different angles “I am so going to freak out Joel with this, old man will probably have a heart attack if he saw my ass in this”

Stepping away from the mirror Ellie then picked up the pamphlet flicking it open to the page on specific dances that were apparent ‘must knows’ of cheerleaders decades beforehand “damn, these girls were bendy” she whistled as she admired the faded but still eligible diagrams “there’s no way I’m gonna be doing that one” she then commented as she noticed a picture of a cheerleader bending over backwards to press her palms to the floor without her feet ever moving “not without breaking my back first”

Moving onto a simpler stance and dance Ellie decided to try the splits, heading to the centre of her room she set herself out, placing a hand on each thigh to help support herself before beginning to lower herself, thanks to her exercise heavy lifestyle she was relatively flexible allowing her to slowly spread her legs in the manner of the splits “come on, just a little bit more…”

Before her cunt could touch the floor however the door swung open as Joel walked in “Ellie food’s ready in the mess hall” he announced like he did every night only to stop as he realized what Ellie was doing and wearing “what the hell are you doing and what are you wearing? Where did you even get that?”

“Back at the University” Ellie replied somewhat sheepishly as she climbed back to her feet “I did pick this up so we could shred it for bandages but I just wanted to see what it looked like on me first, you have to admit I look good in this” she added giving Joel a little spin causing her micro skirt to lift up showing off her tight young holes

Finding himself staring for a moment Joel quickly cleared his throat to compose himself before answering “yeah, you do baby girl”

Smirking at the hitch in Joel’s voice Ellie knew that he more than liked her outfit proceeding to immediately put on her charm “so I heard that cheerleaders were really popular back in your day, did you ever go to a game, watch the cheerleaders and think about what it would be like to just pin one down and have your way with her?” she purred giving Joel another spin to give him another teasing view of her holes

Ever since Joel had taken her virginity Ellie had immediately began testing his restraint, using any chance that they were alone and safe to see just how much he could take before he lost control and had his way with her and by now she was well versed in the signals that his restraint was crumbling

Naturally his voice got heavier and huskier and his eyes got darker but his stance also changed, his shoulders hunching as if trying to close the height difference between them making Ellie grin dirtily “come on Joel, have I found one of your things here? Do you want to fuck your own personal little cheerleader?” she purred turning around to lean back against his front, her hands against his thighs as she slowly slid up and down to rub against him

“Damn it Ellie” she heard him groan in response making her smile wider knowing that she had him, making sure her skirt lifted so that she could grind her bare ass against his groin before letting out a triumphant giggle as he took hold of her and pushed her face first onto her bed

“Ooh doggy style, you’re getting dirtier old man” she giggled biting her lip as she felt Joel’s large rough hand on her back holding her down as his other undid his pants

“Just try to be quiet this time” Joel replied gruffly knowing by now that there was no point in resisting Ellie’s advances and that she was perfectly willing to let the others know what she had him do to her if he denied her

“I’ll try daddy” Ellie purred back before gasping as she felt Joel forcefully slide into her, the pet name more for her own arousal than his as she gripped the bedsheets and bit her lip to prevent herself from screaming in ecstasy as he began thrusting into her “fuck Joel, your dick’s fucking big”

Gritting his teeth to stifle himself Joel took quick deep thrusts into Ellie wanting to finish up as quickly as possible just in case anyone came to check up on them, his hold on her firm as her bubble ass beat and clapped against his groin, Ellie’s body so small and soft compared to his that he never went all out on her out of fear of hurting her or worse but Ellie didn’t seem to think the same “Joel…harder…fuck your little girl harder!” the brunette panted bucking her hips back to meet his thrusts “I can take it Joel!”

Grunting as she squeezed tighter around him Joel obliged her, lifting her until she was on her hands and knees before starting to take her roughly from behind “fuck! That’s it! That’s how I like it!” she exclaimed as her groin began to tighten “that’s it, hardy daddy, I’m going to cum!” Ellie panted looking back at Joel with hooded eyes “cum in me daddy!”

With a few more thrusts Ellie got her wish, Joel burying his entire length into her tight teen cunt as his climax hit him hard which in turn sent Ellie over the edge, the brunette biting her lip to the point of nearly making it bleed to muffle her scream of pleasure as her orgasm coursed through her, her body shaking as she gripped the bedsheets before slumping forward keeping her ass raised high against Joel’s groin

“Daaammmnn that was intense” Ellie panted, half giggling as Joel slowly pulled out of her “so fucking glad I found this thing, I should really learn some of the dances too”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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