Grima's Pets

BY : KratosAurion97
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Lucina was forced to watch as Robin murdered her father at the Dragon's Table just before she and everyone else was captured. This world was now fated to become just like Lucina's; a world devoid of life and mercy. Lucina was knocked out and taken to Plegia's capital, her future was uncertain.


Lucina's eyes slowly opened as she awoke from her slumber, Lucina realized she was in a bed that wasn't hers, she also realized she wasn't alone in the bed. Sleeping next to her was the busty manakete, Tiki. 

Lucina sat up, the blankets fell from her chest, her bare skin was exposed to the cold morning air inside their castle room.

"W-why am I... naked?" Lucina said worryingly,  she looked looked around the unfamiliar room before she turned to look at Tiki lying beside her, watching as the woman slept peacefully despite the recent atrocities.

Lucina heard footsteps outside the door, her body tensed up as she watched the doorknob turn. The shadowy figure who entered the room was the one being Lucina hated and feared the most.

"Monster!" Lucina snarled at the approaching man.

"If you're not quiet you may wake up Tiki." Grima said calmly as he walked towards the bed.

"W-why did you keep me alive? What game are you playing, demon?" 

"I've kept you alive and well for a purpose." Grima walked over to Tiki's side of the bed, he place his hand on her face and gently caressed Tiki's cheek. Grima looked back up towards the quaking princess, "I came here with a proposal: I will let your mother and sister return to your homeland where they can live peacefully."

"T-they're alive? How can I trust you to spare them?"

"I was getting to that. If you agree to stay here and serve as my... personal slave then I will guarantee you family's safe return to Ylisse."

"I don't have a choice then. I..." Lucina gritted her teeth, she found it hard to even speak the words. "I accept your offer. I... I pledge myself to you." 

"Smart girl." Grima stated mockingly. Grima turned and began to walk towards the door, he stopped once his hand gripped the doorknob, "I will see that Sumia and Cynthia are returned to Ylisse's capital safety," he said while looking over his shoulder.

"T-thank you, um..."

"You may refer to me as 'Master'."

"Very well. Thank you, M-master."


Lucina awoke once more several hours after Grima's first visit, this time she was alone in the bed.

"Oh, you're awake." A soft voice stated.

"Tiki?" Lucina responded as she sat up, she immediately noticed that Tiki was also completely naked. Lucina watched as the woman stepped away from the large window she was looking out of and began to walk around the side of the bed.

"Robin should be here soon."

"I see but... did Grima capture you too?"

Tiki giggled before she sat back down next to Lucina, "I'm here for my own reasons. Robin and I are... lovers. We became closer together during the war with Valm."

"I see. But shouldn't you be in Grima's quarters? Why would he put us in the same room?"

"I would imagine intends to bed us both at the same time."

"O-oh." Lucina's cheeks reddened as she looked away from Tiki."

Tiki laughed again, "Do not worry; Robin will be gentle with you for your first time."

The bedroom door open once more, both girls turned their heads to see their master enter the room.

"Good, you're both awake."

"What do you plan to do, my love?" Tiki asked.

"I'm going to test my new slut." A wicked smile formed on his face as his gaze was focused on the virgin princess.

"I've never had... um... will you be gentle?" Lucina asked nervously.

"For your first time. After that however, you will be fucked in anyway I please. But for now this a simple exercise." Grima began to undress, he relished in the way Tiki's eyes eagerly scanned up and down his body. "Tiki, would you mind getting things started?" 

"Of course, Robin." Tiki grabbed Lucina's hand and she led them off the bed and down to the floor in front of their master. 

Grima tossed his last piece of clothing aside as his two pets awaited at his feet. Lucina was intimidated by the sheer size of Grima length as it stood hard and tall.

"I'll go first," Tiki said with an eagerness Lucina hadn't seen from the woman before. Tiki leaned forward and kissed Grima's tip, she slowly licked down the side of his shaft before going lower and placing a sloppy kiss to his balls.

Grima moaned, he turned his attention to Lucina who watched Tiki serviced Grima. "If you practice as much as Tiki does then you might even be worthy of becoming my second wife," Grima mocked.

Lucina inched closer, she watched as Tiki took Grima's length into her mouth and effortlessly moved back and forth along Grima's massive cock, shocking Lucina at how deep she could take him.

Tiki gagged as Grima's cock passed into her throat, she looked up at Grima with a deprived, almost innocent gaze.

"You've gotten so good, Tiki. There's an endless amount of slutty things you can teach Lucina."

"Mmm," Tiki moaned around Grima shaft as she resumed her steady sucking. Tiki's tongue caressed the underside of Grima's shaft as her lips were sealed tightly, dragging along his sensitive skin. 

Tiki continued to suck Grima off for a few more moments before she pulled away, "I don't want to be the only one who gets a taste," Tiki said playfully. The busty woman scooted to the side a bit in order to make room for Lucina.

Lucina hesitantly reached out, Lucina's fingers curled around Grima's saliva covered cock, even despite the dampness from Tiki's spit, it was still incredibly warm to her touch. Lucina slowly began to pump her hand back and forth, a slight groan from her master indicated she was doing something right.

"Don't just use your hand, Lucina." Tiki whispered in the princess's ear. Lucina pulled her hand away and leaned forward, Lucina closed her eyes as she took Grima's cock inside her mouth.

Tiki marveled at the speed Lucina started off with, the princess sucked Grima off rapidly, giving Grima a faster sucking than Tiki gave, as well as a much sloppier and messier sucking overall.

"I will do my part as well," Tiki stated to no one in particular before she leaned down and began to suck on one of Grima's balls.

Grima groaned happily, he placed a hand on each of the kneeling girls' heads as they serviced him in tandem.

With Lucina bobbing her head back and forth along his cock, and with Tiki slurping on his balls, Grima felt empowered; finally a suitable reward for the mountain of corpses he created to get here.

"You have both been good girls... and good girls get rewards." Grima spoke lowly.

Tiki let Grima's testicle pop out of her mouth as she looked up at him excitingly, "Are you going to cum, Robin?"

"Yes, get close and finish me off." Grima ordered.

Tiki wrapped one arm around Lucina's shoulder and pulled the virgin princess close together. Now they kneeled before Grima cheek-to-cheek, Tiki's hand was placed on top of Lucina's as they both stroked Grima off rapidly.

Grima's moans grew louder, both girls watched from below as string upon strings of white cum was splattered across their faces and into their open mouths.

Grima stood satisfied as he watched Tiki and Lucina lick clean the cum from each other's faces, he was taken back at how quickly Lucina became his little slut.

Tiki place both of her hands on the sides of Lucina's face before the older woman pulled Lucina into a messy kiss. Lucina eyes went wide once she felt Tiki's tongue press against her own, she would have never thought her first kiss would be from another woman.

Tiki pulled away from the embrace, strings of white seed were still painted across Tiki's lovely face. "I'll help you get cleaned up before later tonight. Master Robin usually needs rest after he cums that much."


Grima moved Tiki and Lucina to his own bedroom once nighttime arrived. Tiki helped lay Lucina down onto the king sized bed while Grima removed his clothes in the meantime. Grima climbed into bed, his length was rock hard from the anticipation of claiming the princess. Lucina stared nervously at the cock that would soon force its way inside of her.

Grima laid on top of the quivering princess, Grima's hands found her small breasts, he fondled them gently as he pressed his lips against hers. Lucina's eyes closed as she moaned, it frightened her that she felt herself getting wetter from Grima's touch.

Tiki kneeled beside the pair, her one hand reached down between her legs while the other hand grasped one of her own tits. Tiki moaned as she slid two fingers into her pussy as she watched Grima finally claim his second girl.

Still laying on top of the nervous princess, Grima pushed into Lucina's pussy, taking her virginity as he buried himself into her heat.

Lucina gasped sharply from the sudden penetration, she had hoped Grima would keep his word and be gentle with her. Grima waited for Lucina to adjust, he buried his face into the side of her neck and he began to place warm, caring kisses across her skin.

Tiki smiled at the sight, she continued to squeeze her breast and pump her fingers in and out of her wet cunt while she watched.

Lucina finally felt Grima's hips beginning to move, his cock began to slide back and forth within the wet tightness of her pussy, her gasps and groans of discomfort had turned into moans of pleasure as she began to feel the bliss of being gently fucked for the first time.

Grima continued to kiss her neck in between the moans he couldn't contain, his slow thrusts filled Lucina's sopping hole all while providing a satisfying tightness around his shaft. Lucina's legs curled around Grima's waist, "T-this feel too good..." Lucina admitted.

"Good. This is what you can expect now that you're my pet. Slowly you will earn freedom within my castle. Maybe even one day you will be permitted to walk through the capital with me at your side." Grima relished in the thought of breaking Lucina; he loved the thought of Lucina and Tiki bending over the edge of the bed next to each other, begging desperately to be fucked first in any way he desired.

Grima began to steadily pound Lucina, she made it clear she was ready for him to go faster by the repeated use of the word 'master'. Grima's hand trailed up her body before he grabbed ahold of one of her bouncing tits. It was a shame her breasts were so small, but he supposed Lucina's wide hips and her plump, perky ass would have to be enough.

"Are you going to impregnate me?" Lucina's asked, all signs of hostility were gone from her voice, now she spoke like a true pet.

"Yes. You will join Tiki in carrying my child. But I will continue to ravage your holes even after tonight. Just like Tiki you will become addicted to both my cock and my seed." 

Even Lucina could see how much her attitude had shifted, she couldn't pinpoint what was happening, but the burning desire to be filled with cock and feel the impending feeling of warm cum rushing overtook her thoughts, her drive to resist Grima was lost completely.

Grima heard Tiki moan behind him, he knew he wouldn't be able to neglect Tiki's needs either.

Grima's thrusts grew faster and more frantic as he grew closer to his release, Grima's hips viciously slammed into Lucina's, the princess's moans spilled from her lips endlessly as her very first orgasm approached.

Lucina's juices leaked out of her and soaked the sheets below her as her whole body shook wonderfully in bliss. Grima hilted himself inside Lucina's pussy before shooting a load deep inside her. Lucina gasped happily as Grima's seed settled inside her. 

Grima pulled out, he watched as his seed began to leak from Lucina's used hole. "I imagine I won't be sleeping until I fuck you as well?" Grima said mockingly as he directed his question to Tiki.

"I've been waiting since this morning, my love." Tiki got on her hands and knees and crawled up the bed until she was facing the headboard. Tiki wiggled her perky ass back and forth as she presented herself.

Grima pressed his still hard tip against Tiki's entrance, it was soaking wet from her touching herself.

"N-not there, Robin!" Tiki reached behind her and moved Grima's cock upwards until it was pressing between her cheeks. 

"Pay attention Lucina." Grima ordered.

Lucina pulled her self up off the mattress before she found the strength to move behind Grima. Lucina pressed her chest against Grima's back, her small bust pressed against his back as her arms wrapped loosely around Grima's neck as she watched from over his shoulder.

Grima gripped Tiki's hips before he slammed his cock into her asshole with a single, hard thrust.

Tiki cried out as her anal walls were forced apart to take in Grima's dick. Grima let out a satisfied groan as he enjoyed she sheer tightness of Tiki's ass clinging to his shaft.

"Don't let her scream fool you; she's loves my cock in her ass the most." Lucina's eyes were wide as she watched Grima hammer Tiki's behind so roughly.

Grima treated Tiki the exact opposite than he did Lucina, he roughly thrusted into Tiki's tight hole with a force that made Lucina flinch the first few moments she watched. Grima brought his hand down harshly onto Tiki's ass, another yelp escaped her lips as Grima began to spank her.

"A-are you going to do this to me?" Lucina asked more excitingly than worryingly.

"Yes," Grima brought his hand down hard against Tiki's butt. "You will learn to love being fucked in the ass and spanked until your ass is red just like our little slut here."

The rhythm of Grima's cock slamming into Tiki's back door was almost hypnotic to Lucina, her eyes followed her master's shaft as it plunged deep inside Tiki's abused hole. Lucina  found herself wanting to be in Tiki's position, despite just losing her virginity.

Another smack landed onto Tiki's ass, breaking Lucina's lewd thoughts and halting Tiki's moans.

"Let Lucina see how pathetic you are when you cum." Grima ordered, he reached out and grabbed Tiki's long, thick ponytail and used it to pull the woman to a upright kneeling position.

"Go watch from the front. Watch as this slut make a mess." 

Lucina did as she was told, she snaked around Tiki and sat down and leaned agreed he headboard as she watched as Grima continued to fuck the kneeling manakete from behind. Lucina's eyes watched as Tiki's massive tits bounced wildly from the force of the hard slams into her.

"It's a lovely sight, I know. I'm glad I picked a big-titted wife. But you need to focus on her pussy."

Lucina lowered her gaze to Tiki's dripping pussy. Lucina as amazed at the way Grima's balls swung forward and slapped Tiki's pussy each time he pushed forward.

"I-I can't hold it anymore!" Tiki cried out, she leaned her back against Grima's shoulder she let out a stream of clear liquid, Lucina gasped as Tiki's squirt shot far and stained the sheets.

Grima slammed forward one last time before he came, Tiki felt Grima's dick twitch inside her ass, she gasped happily as a warm load of cum spilled into her.

After Tiki's orgasm passed, Grima gently laid Tiki down next to Lucina, he pulled the blankets over the exhausted girls. Grima's smiled wickedly as he had further plans for his wife and his new pet.

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