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It wasn’t supposed to be like this.


Ann Takamaki shouldn’t be on her knees.

Ann Takamaki shouldn’t be looking up at the man she should hate the most.

Ann Takamaki shouldn’t be so wet.


“Departing: Aoyama. Departing: Aoyama.” The woman’s soft and professional voice contrasted with the teenage girl frantically running towards the subway station.

“Shit, not again!”

Ann Takamaki was used to drawing attention, the blonde’s twin pigtails flowed in the wind as she clutched her bag, her wild blue eyes revealing her western ancestry. While her face was a sight to behold in it’s own right, most men (and some women) were drawn down to her shapely curves, her sprint only served to accentuate her slim legs and tight bottom covered only by a short school shirt and red tights that hugged her ass, to top it all off she decided to wear her favorite brown ankle boots on this rainy morning, which gave her a posture that emphasized her sizeable bum.  Her C sized breasts were enveloped by a warm baseball-styled sweatshirt with a big “S” decal on the side, the only real sign of her affiliation with the local Shujin Academy being the black blazer and white shirt she wore that bore the school’s insignia. Ann felt comfortable walking around with no bra, she always felt she had enough layers of clothing at all times to compensate.

She had gotten numerous warnings from her math teacher Ms. Usami and Student Council President Makoto Niijima that her “adaptation” of the school uniform was inappropriate for an academic environment, those amounted to a big stack of empty threats however, as the rest of the staff didn’t seem to care as much. Her English teacher, Ms. Chouno, applauded her “bold” and “independent” style, Homeroom Teacher Sadayo Kawakami ignored it as to not have more paperwork to get in the way of her part-time job, while the male teachers and Principal Kobayakawa seemed outright giddy at her choice of attire.

Her special treatment only served to fuel the fires of the numerous rumors that hovered around her:

“Is that the Ann Takamaki?”

“Yeah, the teachers’ bitch.”

“I heard she got expelled from her previous school ‘cause they caught her blowing a teacher for better grades...”

“Really? I heard she got caught fucking the entire boy’s track team…”

“I heard she fucked the school mascot…”

“Ohmygosh, no fucking way! I heard…”

“I heard…”

She heard it all, countless times, the cruel words of her fellow students, judging her off of speculation and baseless allegations. To them she was the example of an American porn star, a nice set of legs and ass, an empty head adorned by beautiful golden hair and exotic eyes.

A stupid american slut, that was their cognition of her. As for if those rumors were true…

Does it really matter?


“God fucking dammit, of course it had to be raining today.” Despite trying her best, Ann did not catch her stop, being instead forced to put up her hoodie and walk towards her destination, finding shelter from the rain whenever she could. Her hood hid her natural beauty, creating a disparity between her amazing body and lack of face, giving her a sort of mysterious allure. The kind of mystery that gathers people wanting to crack it, the kind of allure that attracts curious gazes.

The kind of mysterious allure that would attract him.


Takamaki’s meaningless thoughts as she made her way down the street were interrupted by the honk of a car horn, her attention was immediately drawn to the an old grey vehicle. She was certain she had seen it before around the school grounds, which was confirmed as soon as the driver side window rolled down:

“Hey, Takamaki! Need a ride?” On the other side of the door stood the built face of one Suguru Kamoshida, the head coach of the Shujin Volleyball team and olympic gold medalist. While the man’s dedication in staying in top shape shows on his face alone, the same care can’t be said of his ruffled hair and plain white shirt. Ann stared at the man, specifically at his ridiculously athletic chin and jawline for an almost uncomfortable amount of time, before finally coming to her senses and accepting the invitation with a quick greeting and a thank you.

“So, where to Takamaki?” Kamoshida said followed with a boisterous chuckle, as if laughing at his own joke. Ann felt the need to laugh if only to be nice.

“Thank you for ride Mr. Kamoshida, I missed the train…” Ann started to talk, but was quickly interrupted.

“Oh man, I understand you Takamaki, the subway’s been a mess since those incidents started, “random mental shutdowns”, the police are calling it, seems like overwork to me, y’see Takamaki, the government should impose stricter control on these kinds of stuff, overwork and a faulty infrastructure is the cause of…” Ann didn’t care much for these kinds of things, the railroad derailment was simply an annoyance in the way of her daily routine.

Her mind wandered while Kamoshida ranted and she thought about the man himself, she identified with him as he too was the victim of ridiculous rumors. Word on the corridors is that, since the members of the volleyball team regularly gets injured, the coach must be using some form of corporeal punishment on the team. Ann dismissed those rumors, an olympic-level volleyball coach surely is imposing an olympic-level training session on them, which is why they show up slightly scratched at times, this theory is corroborated by her best and only friend Shiho Suzui, a new member of the team.

“Ehm… Takamaki? You there? We’ve arrived. I gotta go park the car.” Kamoshida said while he tapped Ann on her thighs, awakening her back to reality.

“Oh! Thank you very much Mr. Kamoshida...” Kamoshida’s hand is still on her thigh. Ann goes to open the car, click, it won’t open. . “Mr. Kamoshida? The door?” The coach is leaning slightly towards Ann now, his hand still firmly placed on top of the student’s leg, he’s not grabbing her, he’s not massaging her, it’s just there. “M-Mr. Kamoshida! I have to go now or I will be late for class!” Ann blurted out, the shocked expression in her eyes betrayed her attempts at gently excusing herself.

“Why the hell is his hand down there, why isn’t he opening the door, why is he leaning, why…”

“...Tsk.” Her frantic thoughts were interrupted by a click of Kamoshida’s tongue and the sound of him unlocking the doors. “See you around, Takamaki!” Ann immediately went out the door and gave the teacher a rushed goodbye, walking at a brisk pace to get away quickly, but not running as to draw attention to herself.

“Is he ignoring what just happened? Did he expect me to…”

Back in the car, away from Ann’s view, Kamoshida’s face distorted into what can only be described as a face of pure disgust. “How fucking dare she…” Kamoshida looked at himself in the rear view mirror. “How dare that fucking slut.” With his hands trembling, he pulled out his cellphone and started typing at a person named only as “Mine”.

“SUGURU: Shiho my room now”


Ann couldn’t pay attention to any classes that day, her thoughts rested solely on Kamoshida, him and that damn hand. “He didn’t really think she was just gonna… do something right then and there did he? For god’s sake he’s a teacher and old enough to be my dad, and… and he’s so unlike every boy that asks me out, he’s… he’s so big and manly he would probably fucking destroy my…”

“...Takamaki! Earth to Takamaki!” Ms. Kawakami clapped at the front of the class, waking her up from her dark thoughts.

What the hell was I thinking?!” Ann thought to herself, accidentally giving herself a silly looking surprised face in her dazed state.

“Are you even paying attention, Takamaki? What is this widely used in Japan equivalent of the Golden Ratio called?” Ann was completely caught off-guard.

What class is this, even?” Ann thought to herself.

“Silver Ratio, Takamaki! S-I-L-V-E-R, don’t forget it!” Ann was sure Kawakami didn’t mean it, she wasn’t that kind of teacher, but her tone almost sounded like mocking her. ”This’ll be on the test people! It’s really simple!” The class erupted in tiny islands of conversation, just loud enough to be heard by Ann, but quiet enough to just sound like random murmurs to the Kawakami:

“Holy shit, Takamaki never fails to impress.”

“I feel like asking questions to her is unfair…”

“Such a nice piece of ass for such a stupid girl…”

“She’s so dumb, it’s actually degrading to me as a woman…”

“Ohmygosh, I saw her leaving Kamoshida’s car...”

“I bet the bitch gave him an expert level blowjob on the way over…”

“The school slut is at it again, huh? Didn’t she learn her lesson last time…”

Like in the subway station, Ann acknowledged that she was no stranger to these whispered conversations, but this time it was different. Something sent a rush through her when she heard her own classmates’ words, something primal she couldn’t explain, she was the center of attention, she was loved, in a way.

This isn’t happening… No, no, nonoNONONO.” It did, Ann felt the dampening in her white panites start. No one was even looking at her anymore, choosing instead to judge within their own little cliques, but her mind was already racing:

“What if someone sees me like this?! Would I be sent to the Principal’s office? Can he suspend me for this? Expulsion? What if he contacts my parents? What if he spanks my ass for being a dirty exhibitionist whore?”

Ann paused.

“I didn’t think that, I didn’t fucking think that.”

Ann washed her face at the women’s bathroom sink and took a long stare at herself in the mirror, the rest of the school period involved her trying to keep a low profile to hide her soaked panties, while still trying to pay attention to class to avoid another Silver Ratio moment. “They could have seen it, I’m fucking leaking.” She thought to herself. “They could have just looked down at any moment, they could have just started laughing again, they could have just gotten up and fucking gangraped me.”

Ann gave herself a slap on the face. This was more than just hormones, this was not normal.

“Ann! Wait up!” Just as she was prepared to leave to end this awful day, Ann got called by the familiar voice of her friend.

“O-Oh, hey Shiho.” Ann was not in the mood for talking, especially considering how uncomfortable her hard nipples were brushing against the soft fabric of the school shirt. Ann had doused herself in perfume in the hopes of masking the scent of her leaking sex, which proved to be somewhat effective, but it wouldn’t last.

“S-Sorry to be a bother, Ann.” Shiho stuttered. The blonde had to admit she was cute, her big brown eyes, perky nose and black ponytail with bangs was just a three hit combo of adorableness and innocence, a complete 180° from Ann’s more mature, “porn star” looks. Another notable characteristic of Shiho were the numerous bandages that covered her face and legs, these injuries no doubt happened at volleyball practice and Ann couldn’t help but feel proud for her. Shiho and Ann grew close through the past year because they both felt alone and excluded from the rest of the school, Shiho due to her social skills, and Ann due to her looks. Shiho joined the school’s volleyball team in hopes of learning how to deal with people and to Ann those bandages represented she was giving it her all, the blonde was jealous of the her resolve.

“I-It’s Mr. Kamoshida.” Shiho stuttered. “He said he wanted to apologize to you about something… He wanted both of us in h-his office.”

“Kamoshida?!” The memories of this morning’s car ride hit Ann like a ton of bricks. “That’s when it all started...” Ann thought. “Maybe he… Maybe he knows what’s going on…” It was a flimsy excuse, and she knew it. “Let’s go, Shiho.”

It was late, most students had already left and very few staff remained on campus. As Ann approached the door to Kamoshida’s office she noticed Shiho’s weird temperament, the girl was looking down and seemed on the verge of tears, almost as if silently telling Ann what was happening. Takamaki was nowhere near as dumb as people thought, it was obvious.

“This is a trap.” Ann thought. Ignoring all of her survival instincts, she opened the door.

And everything went black.


Ann’s head felt like it had just been hit by a knockout punch. Her vision came back slowly, slower than her hearing.

“Looks like she’s waking up, sooner than expected too.” The room was too dark to see in Ann’s current state, but that voice was definitely Kamoshida. Alongside his gruff voice was another sound, the distinct rhythmic slapping of meat on meat, and the moans of her best friend.

“Oh my god… Shiho!” Ann exclaimed incredulously. Shiho was merely inches away from her face, tongue out and eyes rolled up, Kamoshida had been holding both of her arms behind her back and was pounding her pussy relentlessly.

“Right on time! I was just about done with this one!” The coach shouted, almost cheerfully, so Ann could hear him clearly. “Just. A little. More!” His pauses were accentuated with strong thrusts between Shiho’s legs. “Hope. You took. Those fucking pills. Slut! Argh!” Kamoshida shouted like an animal and released his load into the cute novice’s womb, his cum starting to drip out of her orifice. Ann was naked and her hands were tied behind her back, there was nothing she could do but look on at her best friend and her teacher, or rather what was left of them, the expression on their faces implied they were no longer human, but horny beasts. The young blonde couldn’t explain why she didn’t look away, but this would prove to be one of the nails in the girl’s coffin.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Takamaki!” The monster behind her friend exclaimed gleefully. Before Ann could muster the courage to say something, he removed his dick from inside the student and simply… pushed her aside, thrown like yesterday’s garbage.

“What the fuck is this?!” Finally, Ann managed to make a complete statement. “He just… He just raped Shiho and threw her away and she’s fucking loving it.” Ann was far too distressed to notice the invading thought in her head this time.

“This? Oh, that’s just some special endurance training!” Kamoshida declared, giving a boisterous laugh like the one he did on the car. This is the moment Ann noticed Kamoshida’s naked body, she always knew the olympic medalist was athletic, but this was something else. Kamoshida had the physique of a bodybuilder, his full chest protruded outwards and rested above a magnificent 6-pack, the teacher's biceps were as big as Ann’s head his legs were almost too toned for a regular man.

“He’s not a man,” Ann shook her head, consciously stopping her admiration of his body. “He’s a fucking rapist, he’s a monster, he’s fucking hung like a horse.

“Impressed, Takamaki?” Kamoshida gave a coy smile. “Why don’t you get a little closer?” She knew she should have gotten up, should have tried to find a way, any way of escaping, but she remained there on the cold ground, staring at the member before her. “Come on now, we haven’t got all night.” Only now did Ann notice the faint glow of the moonlight seeping through the closed curtains of Kamoshida’s office, how long was she out? How long were they fucking? It was at this point that the coach got tired of waiting and walked towards Ann himself, his dick now inches away from her face. “What do ya think?” He asked.

“It… It smells like rotten garbage!” Ann exclaimed, gathering all of her rebellious spirit she could, despite the wettening in between her legs. “It smells like shit, but it’s fucking massive.” Thought Ann, or maybe that was the parasitic voice in her head instead, it became difficult to tell.

“Well I’ve heard you give some amazing head. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is!” Ann opened her mouth to protest but found herself getting a mouthful of Kamoshida’s shaft, the man thrusted down to her throat with no regard for her well being, like a king conquering his prize. Kamoshida kept jabbing at the helpless girl for what seemed like minutes, Ann’s throat created otherworldly noises during the intense facefuck. “Come on, is this really the famous school slut?” Kamoshida only relented when the girl’s face started turning purple, finally, mercifully, the coach finished off Ann’s mouthrape with one big thrust, spraying his thick cum down the girl’s esophagus.

“You can’t get pregnant from there Ann, don’t worry.” Kamoshida said mockingly as he pulled out his dick from her throat, slathering Ann’s face and tits with the rest of his cum. “Everyone knows about how much of a stupid bitch you are, anyway.”

Takamaki’s immediate response was the cough up all of his cum, but almost nothing came out. “How deep was he?” She thought. “Gods, that monster would just destroy my womb, I would get pregnant for sure.” It was happening again, her legs were dripping with excitement, betraying all of her thoughts. Her teacher was raping her, for god’s sake.

Is this what Shiho felt? Was that the reason for that ecstatic face she saw earlier?

“Gotta admit Takamaki, I’m disappointed.” Her rapist proclaimed. “I thought the famed school slut would have a looser throat for sure!” He continued. The rumors around Ann were greatly exaggerated to be sure, but she wasn’t a virgin by any stretch. Ann had numerous boyfriends and other one time flings, whose angry exes are probably the catalyst of the labels that surrounded her. Kamoshida was different, however, he wasn’t some virgin Ann decided to mess around with for fun, nor was he a loving boyfriend, he was someone who knew what he wanted and didn’t care who he had to destroy to get it, Suguru Kamoshida was a man like no other she had ever met. She was leaking again, Ann could feel the rush she felt back at class. His treatment of her, the words he threw at her, flared up something within Ann that she couldn’t explain, and although she wanted to deny it, deep down she wanted more, she needed more.

A flash woke her up from her stupor. “No, NO!” Ann despairingly shouted, Kamoshida was taking pictures of Ann’s cum coated body with her own cellphone.

“No funny business or these photos will be all over the net, understood?” He asserted with a devious smile, one hand holding up her phone and the other on his hips.

“No! My life would be over!” Ann imagined her friends and family watching her in that state, how filthy, how degraded she would feel. Those thoughts didn’t help quench the waterfall in her crotch.

“Then we’ll move on to the main attraction and you’ll obey like a good little whore.” Kamoshida flashed a toothy smile and made his way behind Ann. “Shiho told me you noticed our little plan?” Kamoshida started outright cackling at this point. “And you still came? I guess the rumors are true, you really are a retarded bitch.” His words once again made Ann’s body jolt in pleasure, such cruel words to throw at a defenseless woman, said in such a casual way.

And they perfectly described how she felt.

The push into her pussy came suddenly and without warning and was followed by a scream, no time for her to prepare physically or mentally. “He just came and it’s already this fucking big?” Ann thought. “It’s not possible, he’s not a man, he’s a monster, he’s a god”. The voice in her head interjected. Kamoshida’s endurance was truly at an olympic level, the speed of his thrusts matched only by their force.

“I’ve had my eyes on you for the longest time, Ann Takamaki.” Kamoshida’s voice contradicted his demolishment of Ann’s shaft, it was perfectly calm and filled with his cocky attitude. “Walking around with your uniform like that? This is all your fault y’know.” Ann had no response, her plentiful  breasts swayed back and forth with every monstrous thrust. “I’m just doing what every man on this school has wanted to for forever, Ann. I overhear my students talking about your tight little ass all the time, how they would love to just catch you alone in a bathroom and rape your cunt, especially that boy… Ryuji, was it?”

Ryuji had said those things about her? The only guy she could possibly consider a friend? The little boy from middle school? That Ryuji?

“I pity them, really. Being forced to masturbate to those little photoshoots of yours instead of getting the privilege to fuck the real thing.” Kamoshida’s thrusts were getting faster now. “But they are weak, none of them had the balls to come up to you and show what a real man’s like, did they?” It’s true, not once did anyone approach her, choosing instead to gaze at her from afar with their dirty looks. “You decided to be a little cocktease on the way over but you’re not fooling me, you love the attention you whore!”

“N-No…” Was the only defense Ann could muster to his onslaught.

“Bullshit! You knew exactly what was gonna happen when you opened that door, your friend is just as fucking incompetent as you and yet you still came! Hoping that a real man would pick you up and give you that “attention” you crave!” His pace was at breakneck speed at this point, the sound of meat on meat echoed through the entire school.

“I… I’m gonna... I’m cumming… I’m cumming!” Ann couldn’t resist it anymore, Kamoshida’s physical and verbal assault were too much for the young girl, she wailed and wailed and…


He stopped.

Why did he stop?

“I’m not giving you what you want until you give me what I want.” The cocky motherfucker’s voice was still immaculate even after that intense fuck.

“W-What?” Ann couldn’t comprehend, she was so close, this was almost over. “P-Please… I need to cum…” The girl pathetically sobbed.

“You’re gonna answer a couple of questions for me.” Kamoshida said with a playing tone, and Ann knew perfectly well where he was going with this.

“Please…” The girl’s sobs turned into crying.

“Who are you?”


“Who are you, you stupid slut?!” Kamoshida’s aggressiveness was a complete turnaround from his previous attitude, his insult only added fire to Ann’s misery.

“Ann! Ann Takamaki!”

“Not good enough!”

“Ack! What… What do you want… What do you want from me?!” She was playing dumb, she knew exactly the word Kamoshida wanted but some little spec of self-worth and morality still remained.

“What kind of person are you, cunt?!” The word hit her like an arrow, breaking through whatever defenses she had left.

“I’m Ann… I’m Ann Takamaki and I’m… I’m…”

“Fucking say it!”

“I’m Ann Takamaki and I’m a slut!” Whatever pride Ann had shattered with her admission.

“There we fucking go!” Kamoshida unlaced Ann’s hands and restarted his assault even faster than before, fucking Ann in the same position he had done with Shiho moments ago. “Keep going!”

“I’m a teasing bitch! I’m a vapid whore who lives for attention! I know everyone fantasizes about raping me and I don’t care because I fucking love it!” The outburst was cathartic for Ann. Those were her true feelings, her rebel soul that resided deep within her, and it was coming out in full force.

“And the rumors?” Kamoshida took out Ann’s cellphone and started recording from his point of view.

“A-All true! All of them!” Ann confessed. “I blew my teacher for grades a-at first but we kept seeing each other! I didn’t need to call him “daddy” but I did it anyway! I miss him so much!”

“More! More!” Ann’s confession was not even part of the plan, but the girl’s willingness was starting to push the teacher over the edge.

“I was horny one day, so I went to the locker room of the boys’ track team and l-let them use my body!” Ann continued her self-destruction. “They raped all of my holes all day called me all kind of.. awful names!”

“What did they say? No, let me guess, slut! Bitch! Whore! Cunt! Teacher’s Fuckpet! Worthless Cumdump!” Kamoshida accentuated his words with powerful thrusts into the girl’s snatch.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” The girl who was just minding her own business from before was dead and buried, replaced instead by an animal, she had become what Shiho had become. Kamoshida stopped recording and focused his complete attention on destroying Ann’s cunt. He grabbed a hold of Ann’s legs and lifted her with his olympian strength, forcing Ann into a standing reverse cowgirl position.

“Final questions! Who is your king and what do you live for?” Kamoshida got ready to deliver the finishing blow.

“You! You’re m-my king, I live to serve you!” Ann cried out in the midst of her tears, not tears of sadness or humiliation, but tears of joy, she finally had found a place to belong. “I exist to be fucked by your f-fucking huge dick!”

“Cum for me, slave! Cum for your king and be mine!” It was over.

Ann yelled out a soul-piercing scream, the scream that you would hear when a body is found, not from a mind shattering orgasm, it’s probably more appropriate this way, as the future of a charming young woman had died in this room, being replaced by a drooling fuck puppet of a perverted high-school coach. What seemed like gallons of semen dripped into the cold floor of the office. “This is all I ever wanted.” The parasite in her mind said, Ann acknowledged that wasn’t her own thoughts but…

Who gave a fuck anymore.

Ann Takamaki wanted to stay joined with her King forever, but she was eventually let down onto the marble floor, left to wallow and bathe in their cum. Kamoshida cleaned himself up a bit before putting his clothes back on with a satisfied grin on his face, as he turned around to see his handiwork, however, he took a faceful of a wooden baseball bat.

“Ann! Ann! I’m so sorry!” Shiho had finally woken up from her little break. “I-I’m so sorry! He threatened me, I had no choice! B-But I couldn’t just let him do that to you!”

“What a useless, stupid cunt.” Ann thought, she had a look of disgust towards her best friend. She didn’t lift a goddamn finger before and now she wanted to “help”? At this moment Ann noticed a little pink cellphone on the ground, which she picked up.

“O-Oh! The cellphone, quick, the pictures!” Shiho’s words were background noise to Ann at this point. All she cared about were the contents of the Camera folder. Like she thought, there were all of the pictures and the video Kamoshida had taken of her, alongside some “bonus” pictures of Shiho leaning on a wall with cum covering almost every part of her body, a dejection filled her eyes.

“Right, the pictures.” Ann said, in a scary, almost uncaring voice.


“I know I messed up, but once we get rid of these pictures and report Kamoshida it’ll all be over!” Shiho’s eyes were determined, the complete opposite of the pictures of her.

Ann liked the one in the pictures better.


“Ann? Ann?! What are you doing?” The traitorous cunt asked.


“Ann no! What have you do-” She was cut off by two strong arms enveloping her throat from behind, all the hope that the cute, young girl had at this point was demolished into little pieces and

Ann loved it.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

“Principal Kobayakawa has issued a statement, in which he said he will collaborate fully with the authorities to find out what is behind the disappearance of Ann Takamaki and the suicide of Shiho Suzui, photos and what is presumed to a sex tape of the victims surfaced on certain internet sites around the moment of their disappearance. Suzui’s body was found in a remote area in the back of the school, she presumably jumped from the roof of the building but an investigation is still underway. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Ann Takamaki, please contact…”

“Hahahaha! I mean, I told her to do it but I can’t believe she went through with it.” The vile words that uncharacteristically came out of Ann Takamaki’s mouth were becoming all too common in her new home of the Kamoshida household, or rather, Kamoshida’s room. Ann kneeled down before her king, following their morning ritual of getting her face absolutely wrecked.

“Very cruel, babe.” Her King said. “Bitch had it coming though, can you believe the nerve of her? Trying to challenge me?!” He said, shocked that the little Shiho who he had broken ages ago had some last willpower in her to fight. “Too bad for her you’re actually a bigger whore than I imagined, otherwise it may have actually worked!”

Ann took her King’s monologue as a chance to take a look at her cellphone.

“LOL what a whore”


“I knew it, Takamaki’s such a slut she dragged Shiho down to her level.”


“They didn’t find her but she may as well be dead right?”

God, she lived for this.  For this and for her King, of course.

“No wonder she killed herself, that revenge fuck was fearsome, King. I thought you were gonna rape her to death.” Ann shivered with her own last few words.

“She probably couldn’t get pregnant if she tried.” King said, “Speaking of which…” Kamoshida dragged and rammed Ann against the wall with full force.

“Let’s see about putting that baby in you.”

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