Hawke Fade Away

BY : HunterOpera
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Ichor poured from the skies, the wounded Nightmare's blood spilling in front of the portal home. Hawke screamed a warning at Lavellan and she jumped out of the way, rolling and keeping her hands on her daggers, lashing back at the monstrous spider that loomed over them, large as Sundermount had been.

Skittering limbs caused the ground to shudder as the Nightmare placed itself between them and the way out.

“How do we get by?” Alistair shouted, sword and shield gleaming in the eldritch green glow, the pungent mist swirling around him.

 Lavellan paused for a moment, the look in her eye one Hawke had seen too many times, but she nodded.

“Go,” she whispered. “I'll cover you.”

“No,” Alistair said, his joviality shattered. “You were right. The Wardens caused this mess. A Warden must-”

“A Warden must help them rebuild!” Hawke hissed at him, calling upon her magic to keep the Nightmare from crushing them. “That's your job! Corypheus is mine.”

The Fade shuddered, waiting as Lavellan shook, a single whispered word escaping with an exhaled breath.


“Say goodbye to Varric for me,” Hawke said, forcing a grin. “Tell him... he'll know what to do.”

“No!” Alistair shouted, grabbing for her, but Hawke was already sprinting out of the King's reach.

“Kings are meant to rule, your majesty,” Marian yelled back at him, glancing at him over her shoulder as the magic flowed through her body, more powerful in the Fade than it had ever been in Kirkwall. “Champions fight.”

“Champion?” the Nightmare laughed even as Hawke's bladed staff cut into its dangling limbs. “Do you think you matter, Hawke? Do you think anything you ever did mattered? You couldn't protect your city. How could you expect to strike down a god? Anders. Fenris. They're both going to die, just like your pathetic family and everyone you ever cared about. You're a failure, and your family died knowing it.”

“Carver is still alive.”

“And that's is something worth bragging about?”

Hawke kept her mouth shut, refusing to concede the point as she concentrated and brought her magic to bear. The powers of Entropy would be useless against this monster, but her Rock Armor would keep her safe while she called down lightning. The behemoth above her shook, searing bits of flesh spilling down around her and crawling up into smaller spidery things.

“Spiders,” Hawke growled, more lightning slashing through the fade and carving a swath through the swarm as Alistair and Lavellan made their through the portal. “Always the Maker-damned spiders...”

Lavellan paused on the other side of the portal and Hawke met her eye, then nodded. The Inquisitor raised her open hand and closed it, the gateway that connected the old fortress to the Fade slamming shut.

“They abandoned you, little hawk,” the Nightmare chuckled, skittering to where the portal had been, each one of its eyes larger than she was tall and all of them focusing on her. “Left you here... with me.”

“I'm not afraid of you,” Hawke spat, wiping blood over the bridge of her nose. “Everyone dies. Why not go in style?”

“I am every Blight.” The Nightmare's mandibles danced before her, the entire creature glowing with power Hawke would have never dreamed possible. “Everyone is afraid of me. Remember Lothering? When your sister died? You were fleeing me then. Remember your brother in the Deep Roads? You have been fleeing me even then and ever since. But I've found you, little Hawke, and now I'm going to clip your wings...”

Hawke stared up into the gleaming eyes of hostile madness and blinked.

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