Daybreak Hunt

BY : Ephemeral_Linen
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It had been a while since Dawn had set foot on Route 201. It was a nostalgic feeling that befell her as she dragged her bike across the plain grass. Nearby, young kids were playing

She remembered it as was it yesterday; the day she left her house and headed towards Professor Rowan’s lab along with Barry and Lucas, to get their first Pokémon. Dawn glanced towards her bag, where her party lay, one of which was her Torterra.

Seven years, it had been.

Back then, he was nothing but a little Turtwig; slow to raise and ungodly stubborn. And Dawn, being everlastingly stubborn had a hard time keeping her patience. But they were stuck with each other and still, they had gone through an obscene amount of experiences; ranging from obligatory tasks like getting her badges and taking on the league to stopping a criminal organization from destroying the world. All done by a 10-year-old girl. It was too incredible to be true, but it was. Even still, Dawn had a hard time believing that she, through sheer curiosity and determination managed to push through and thwart a group of people, at least twice her age with double the level of life experience.

“Dawn! Dear!” a voice called out to her near the entrance of the small town. Looking up, Dawn saw her mother waving at her along with a few of the townspeople and Lucas. They all carried flags and were cheering loudly as Dawn stepped closer. She bit her lip to contain the bright smile that threatened to spread over her face. Unable to hold back any longer, she ran towards them, happier than ever.


Nothing had changed since Dawn had entered her home at first, much to her surprise. She sat down at the dinner table, taking one of four chairs. They never had the use of more chairs as rarely any guests visited, aside from Barry’s mother. For the most part, it was just Dawn and her mother and as Dawn got older, only herself as Johanna got into the contest life again in Hearthome City.

Johanna placed two cups on the table before heading towards the kitchen again.

“So glad to have you home, dear.” She said, her back turned to her daughter while she fixed two cups of coffee.

“It feels good to be home too, mom,” Dawn said, looking out the window, noting how the house across hers had installed shutters. Strange was it, as Dawn remembered the people living in there to open and friendly. But by the looks, it appeared that they suddenly decided to seclude themselves. As a result, the house came off as anything but friendly.

“Uhm…” Dawn began, to her mother’s surprise.

“Something wrong dear?” Johanna placed the two mugs on the table and sat down. She did not need Dawn to word an answer before she realized what the problem was by simply following her daughter’s gaze.

“Oh, the couple there moved to Jubilife City while you were away.”

“But the shutters. They weren’t there before, were they?”

“No, they weren’t. You see, we got a new neighbor now. A single man moved in not long after the house had been set for sale.” Johanna spoke before taking a swig of the mug. She stared thoughtfully at the house, the gears grinding.

“He was the one who installed the shutters.”

“He ruined the house though.” Dawn scoffed. Perhaps, she should tell her mother that she didn’t like black coffee. She stared aimlessly at the mug.

“Perhaps, but he is not a bad man. Despite what the townspeople say about him.”

That did not come off as much of a surprise for Dawn, considering the citizens of Twinleaf valued its social community in the little town and anyone not catering to that was considered an outsider. It had only happened once, however, with Dawn’s father. That said, she did not hold it against the townspeople; he had it coming.

Dawn rose from the table and walked towards the fridge, earning a confused stare from Johanna.

“Do we have any sugar and milk?” She asked, opening the fringed regardless.

“Don’t be like that, dear. You’re an adult now.”

“17 is still legally considered a minor.”

“Speaking of which,” Johanna began, her lips curling into a smile. “Have you found yourself a boyfriend during your travels? Protection? I’m sure the other regions have-“ Dawn knew what question would come up and she would have none of it.

“Mom!” she felt her cheeks flare up. No, she was still single. Romance had been at the very bottom of Dawn’s priority list, despite the many guys showing interest in her, especially after her run as a top Coordinator. But she shut down all of them, none interested her in the slightest and some, to be blunt, repulsed her.

The closest thing to a candidate would have been either Lucas or Barry and even still, she saw them as friends and nothing more.

“Calm down, dear.” Johanna laughed. “I get that you have been busy. Just remember to take your time and do what you feel is right.”

Right, that was the problem. Indeed, Dawn could have let any male flop atop of her but the idea of sex because society deemed it right to do in her age, didn’t appeal to her. She could do just fine without feeling pressured to give her body away.

 During her travels, she wished she could have explained it to her mother during their calls but, it was too intimate. Too personal and too complicated to admit that she wanted sex, hence the discovery and absolute bliss of masturbation, but she lacked the guts to ask somebody out and the self-loathing to let anyone deflower her.

The way that they had laughed at her still haunted her….

Dawn shook those thoughts away, grabbing the milk and headed back to the table. It didn't matter in the long run, now did it?


After dinner, Dawn was standing outside in the cold with a box full of leftovers. There was enough food for at least three people but Johanna had instead that it was to be given to the new neighbor. Dawn sighed, heading towards the house across the street. With each step, she took, she was getting restless. But if her mother trusted this new person, then surely, he was harmless, was he not? Surely, it couldn’t be her father, could it? Taking a deep breath, Dawn made way to the house, tightening her grip on the bin-

Something or someone made impact with her, almost causing her to loose her footing. She stumbled around for a bit, before getting ready to shout and scream at whoever nearly gave her a heart attack.

“Excuse me?!”

“You should watch where you’re walking instead! That’ll result in a fine, you know.”

She recognized that voice everywhere. Letting herself cool down, she stood face to face with Barry, who had grown considerable. He looked more and more like his father, although his personality seemed to remain the same. He stood and looked at her, all with that cocky smile plastered over his face. Yes, he was still the same old Barry.

“Bite me.” Dawn scoffed, rolling her eyes. She did not find it within herself to be fully mad at him at this point. During her travels through Sinnoh, it had been a given that he’d crash into someone, every time they met. In all honesty, it would be strange if he did not bump into someone.

“Nice to see you too. What’cha doing out here?” He asked, fixating his on the bin in Dawn’s hands.

“My mom asked me to bring some leftovers to the new neighbor. Mister…” and it hit her that her mother had neglected to mention his name. She fumbled around with the words in her mind as she wondered what to refer to him as when Barry arrived at her rescue.

“Chiri. Mr. Chiri. Want me to protect you?” he asked, cocky as ever.

“Pffft, no. Besides, my mom likes him and if she trusts him, so do I.”

“Your mom is the only one, who he talks to. Let alone opening the door for.” That did not surprise Dawn as much as she had expected. Her mother was an outgoing and lively type, of course, she’d try and make friends with this guy, whoever he was. That said, Barry’s timid and worrisome mother stood no chance in the social game.  

“And what are you doing here?”

“I heard that you had come home so I wanted to say hi. Champ.” He nudged her, earning a brief glare from Dawn.  

“Really? How nice. But why now?”

“Because I haven’t seen the guy. I wanna meet him in person.”

The pair walked the few meters towards the dark house. The shutters were still drawn over the windows and not a hint of life could be detected. One could almost believe that the house had been deserted, as vacant as it appeared.

Dawn took a deep breath, trying to ignore the weary feeling that had snuck up on her in this very moment. She remembered to stay strong and knocked on the door loudly. The anticipation was killing her. Barry lurked in the background watching the scene unfold. It seemed that his request to be her bodyguard was not meant to be a joke.

But after ten minutes, Dawn grew restless. She knocked on the door once more, this time a little harder. She could just have left the bin at the doorstep and go home, but she was determined; determined to see what kind of man, this “Chiri” was.

Leaving was a prominent guest in Dawn’s mind and she would almost have done it when small noises from the other side of the door caught her attention. Keys turning and locks opening soon followed. Contrary to its appearance, there was still life behind these shutters. Dawn grew alerted and straightened her back more than humanly normal. Every muscle in her body tensed as the door opened.

“Hi! Uh, I’m Dawn, Johanna’s daughter. I-she wanted to give this to you and-“ But she cut herself off automatically when she looked up, feeling all blood drain from her face.

“Thank you.” That familiar voice spoke, as callously as she remembered it to be. Dawn failed to respond, standing motionlessly as the bin was removed from her hands.

No, it could not be. But it was.

“Is there a problem?” Yes, yes there was Cyrus, of all people stood before her, completely oblivious to the fact that he stood in front of the girl, who thwarted his plans of world destruction. Or perhaps he had lost oven more emotions during the last seven years.

“Y-you.” Was the only word that moved past Dawn’s lips, before her sheer surprise turned into unhinged contempt.

“…Say hi to Johanna from me.”

“Fuck you…” Dawn mumbled underneath her breath, just before the door was shut in her face. She was absolutely sure that he’d heard her. She could have kicked the door in, no matter how many locks he had installed. He was planning something; that was for sure. And Dawn would rather be dead than to let him destroy the world once more. But then it hit her; her mother!

Had he come to Twinleaf to get revenge on Dawn by harming her mother?

“Huh, he seemed like a strange fella.” Barry’s voice called her back to reality, oblivious to Dawn’s foul mood. Right, Barry had been battling Team Galactic alongside her in the Spear Pillar so he was well aware of their antics and who Cyrus was, so how come he not recognize him? Did Dawn really have to remind him? But then again, he’d rush ahead and make things even worse. No, she needed to think and for now, act alone. 



The very next day, there was a major Pokémon Contest being held in Hearthome City, giving Dawn enough space to hatch out a plan. The townspeople, including her mother, would go, of course. Honestly, Dawn did not come back home to fight crime once more so it vexed her to oversleep or rather pretend to oversleep so that her mother and everyone else would leave without struggling to get Dawn with them. In actuality, she had been awoken the entire morning, listening to every sound in the little house. Despite the seven-year time gap, it was easy to conclude that her mother’s morning routines had not changed one bit. When she was sure that Johanna was out of the house, she rose from the bed and got dressed as quickly as she could. Forcing herself to lay in bed all morning, constantly made her body remind her how hungry she was and it was an injustice to neglect that hunger.

Thankfully, her mother had left some breakfast for her, which was still faintly warm. Preparing a cup of milky coffee, she sat down ready to eat. She needed to think about the situation of hand. Cyrus, the former leader of Team Galactic who tried to destroy the world just because his parents never loved him enough, was now her new neighbor. If he was capable of controlling an entire group of people to follow his nihilistic world view, who knew what he was able to do now especially when the bane of his existence spent every waking hour right next to him. It would only be strange if he did not hold anything against her. He was a callous man and by no means dumb.

And no matter how much, she thought for, she was unable to come up with a proper plan that would quickly make this situation blow over and send Cyrus packing. But the town was somewhat empty so if she could battle him into submission, at least she would have accomplished something.

There was no other option.

Dawn finished her breakfast and did her best to appear as calm as possible when she made way to the house across the street. The shutters still covered the windows and Dawn wondered for a brief second about how the inside of the house looked like. Not to mention the smell if he never opened the window. She marched straight towards the door, hammering on it as hard as she could. Her hand throbbed terribly afterward but she tried to ignore the pain, considering that she would have to get ready to punch him if needed. Unlike yesterday, the locks opened way faster

“I challenge you to a battle!”

“…I’ve no interest in battling you.”

“Because you know you’ll lose?” Dawn scoffed, not waiting around for an answer.

Cyrus stared unfazed at her. His cold gaze made shivers run down Dawn’s spine. It unnerved her to no end but she could not afford to show any weakness now.

“Because I have no Pokémon able to battle.”

“Then spill the beans, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to live my life in peace.”

“Are you kidding me?” Knowing him, it was impossible to tell if that’s was the case. Cyrus stepped aside a bit, opening the door some more. The light was on, so he did not live in total darkness and unlike what Dawn had imagined, there was no foul odor coming from the inside. But that did not relax her the slightest.  She quickly jabbed her hand in her bag, ready to bring out Torterra something should try to jump her.

But instead came an Eevee. A Shiny Eevee. It yawned and rested against Cyrus’ leg. It was completely oblivious to Dawn’s presence. It looked no older than a mere baby. But he had other Pokémon beforehand, didn’t he? No matter how much, she wanted to question the legitimacy of that, there were more pressing issues at hand.

“What do you want from my mom?”

“Johanna…”  He said, deep in thought. “She’s a kind woman but she was the one, who came to me.” His manner of tone was simple and deadpanned, almost as if he was stating a matter of fact.

“And you took advantage of it.” Dawn had to internally restrain herself from outright shouting in his face. Sure, they were seemingly alone in town but still, she wanted to remain discrete.                

“Because she refused to leave me be.”

“Then why are you here? Why don’t you leave?”

“It’s a good town to be forgotten in.”

Dawn could have thrown some more questions at him but there was something about those words, that made her hesitate. She paused for a second, wondering what it was. What was she to do now? He had given her answers and yet, Dawn had no clarification of whether or not any of it was true.

“Are you finished?”

“Not yet!” for now, yes. “I’ll be keeping my eye on you!” She stepped back from the door, just now noticing that the Eevee now focused its gaze on her. It crept behind Cyrus’ leg, seeming wary of her. It should be wary of its owner instead. Her warning fell on deaf ears as Cyrus simply shut the door in her face, once more.

He did not even bother to return the bins from yesterday and-who cared about those stupid bins anyway?


Laying in bed, Dawn felt like she was at square one. She felt just as lost as yesterday and calling this “meeting” progress would be a far cry from what it actually was. A waste of time.

And then she remembered! Looker! He was after these bastards too, wasn’t he?

Perhaps she should call him. But then again, the idea of an International Police officer coming to such a peaceful city such as Twinleaf would send mass hysteria across the entire area and the neighboring towns.

No, she had to do it herself.

“Dawn? Dear, are you home?” her mother’s voice suddenly called through the house. That Contest must have been a quick one, or did she really spend hours thinking about how to stop Cyrus once more?

She rose out of bed, feeling under the weather. A lot. But she could not afford her mother to see her like this. Dawn had never been good at masking her emotions, let alone lying. Honesty was the way to go in life but what could she do when she lived right next to a dangerous criminal and her mother treated him like a friend?

“Hi, mom. How was the Contest?” Dawn fixed a cup of hot milk for herself after having waved to her mother. She used to drink this all the time when she was very young. Dawn doubted, she could make it as delicious as her mother but it was worth a try.

“It was great. It almost made me start wanting to start again.” Johanna spoke with the kind of joy that could only come from the bottom of one’s heart. It brightened Dawn’s mood to hear her mother this happy. She poured the milk into a cup and applied a teaspoon of honey to add that extra sweetness.

“That’s good to hear…”

“Oh, I forgot to mention this; Mr. Chiri is coming over for dinner,” Johanna said with even more joy. However, Dawn almost choked on her milk. She bent over the sink, coughing and wheezing.

“Sweet Arceus, are you all right?”

“I’m-I’m fine.” No, she was absolutely not. She was anything but fine. Finally catching her breath, she stopped herself from turning around as her face descended to a dark frown.

“You should take some water, sweetie,” Johanna said as she walked closer to her daughter. “I’ll be shopping for tonight. If Mr. Chiri comes over, please fix him something nice, will you?”

“Fine.” That was not intended to come off as bitter as it did but was what a girl to do? Her mother asked her to provide service for a criminal, who tried to destroy the world. Of course, it was not her mother’s fault that it ended up like this. But still…

Her mother seemed to be completely oblivious to Dawn’s dismay as she let out a cheerful “Take care!” before she grabbed her bag and headed out the door. As Dawn was now all alone in the house, she chugged down a glass of water before she dragged herself to the dinner table. But as crazy as it may seem at first, it soon began to give Dawn ideas. Perhaps, this would not be such a bad thing. Perhaps, she could get some answers from Cyrus and get him to leave her mother in peace.

A mere few moments passed before there was a sudden knock on the door. The front door was located in such a place where it was impossible to get a sneak peek at the guests from any viewable angle, that would not leave one right out in the open.

Frowning, even more, Dawn walked to the door, not sure of what she expected. She could always need a tiny chat with Barry or Lucas to brighten her mood. Or perhaps, it was Professor Rowan who had come to congratulate her.

Anything but the person, she was looking at now.

Cyrus, or Mr. Chiri, was not particularly happy to see her either or perhaps it was due to the fact that he had forgotten how to smile. Under his arm, was the Eevee from yesterday, sleeping peacefully. Why in the world did he carry around that poor thing like a sack of potatoes?

Dawn could not step aside immediately as she would much rather smack the door in his face and tell him to “piss off”. However, her initial plan was to get information out of him, not start a war no matter how much she wanted to.

From the corner of her eye, she saw unsuspecting townspeople minding their business and it became clear that she could not afford to make a scene. Against her deepest wish to start a fight, she stepped aside, glaring at him. If eyes could kill, Cyrus would be dead five times.

He ignored the cold stare and walked inside, not bothering to look at Dawn When she turned to him, he was standing in the middle of the kitchen, looking either bored or heavily sedated. It baffled Dawn as to how this man could become “friends” with her mother. Her mom, the sweetest, most lovely and fun person in the world, enjoyed the company of this brooding, nihilistic bore.

“Why are you here?”

“Because your mother invited me.”

Of course. Given their previous interactions, it was impossible for Dawn to be remotely nice. And faking kindness would just come off as phony. She scoffed and stormed right past him to the kitchen counter. Her mother asked him to provide service for this bastard and that is what she had to do, even if it was a crack in her pride. She could feel Cyrus’ eyes burning a hole in her back as she turned on the coffee machine. She could not quite put her finger on it but his prying eyes and that icy mask that he always wore, unnerved her. His presence alone was enough for her to feel just as shaken now as her time in the Old Mansion. Or when she had to venture into the Distortion World. But it made her wonder; after their battle, where did he venture off to?

Without any words of courtesy, Dawn handed him the cup. Staring at his chest rather than his eyes. Despite being seventeen, she had not grown much, aside from her breasts and her hips. By all accounts, Dawn was still petite. And if he wanted to, Cyrus could probably lay her down easily. Action spoke louder than words as they said. Even if that was true, Dawn had no chance of battling him, let alone taking him on physically.

But the fact that his presence was so overwhelmingly effective on her irked her to no end and she prayed to Arceus that her mother would return in this very moment. Dawn would likely go mad if that was not to happen soon. Yet, she was not completely frenzied as a quick movement from Cyrus suddenly flickered before her eyes, and her instincts kicked in. She had no idea how or where Cyrus attacked her from as she lashed out, defending herself. However, before she could properly assert herself, her wrist was caught with such a force that it felt like shockwaves pulsated through her very being. Coming to her senses, she found herself looking at the floor with the Shiny Eevee wandering around the house without a care in the world.

“What are you doing?” Cyrus’ monotoned voice caught her attention.

“I should ask you the same.” Dawn hissed, the venom in her voice growing stronger once she realized that she could not get free right away. Despite holding a cup of coffee in one hand, his grip on Dawn was tight like a rope. No matter how much she tried to yank her wrist free, he stood there like a statue, not budging even once.

“Let go of me!” Dawn now used her other hand to get a hold on Cyrus as she tried in vain to break loose.

“You tried to punch me.” He answered nonchalantly.

“Because you tried to attack me!”

This shut him up for a bit and Dawn almost thought that she had won until he suddenly chugged down the entire cup of coffee before letting go of the mug. It fell to the floor but remained intact upon impact. Plastic did not break too easily but it didn’t change the fact that what he had just done was absolutely rude. However, before Dawn could properly call him out, her free hand was caught and she now found herself struggling even more.

He had complete control over her.

“You are nothing like your mother. You are abrasive, annoying and as it turns out; violent. The only trait, you inherited was that stubbornness.” He began to berate her. “I suppose the father is to blame.”

“…Fuck you!” Dawn sneered. Her sense of morality slipped away and an uncontrollable rage emerged within her. Like a flame involving into an inferno, it grew considerably

 She gritted her teeth and pulled with all the power that her arms could muster. Whether it was effective, remained to be seen. But her stubbornness and anger compelled her to try again. With all of her might, she tried jerking her wrists from his grip before feeling her entire body pulled the other direction. With a thud, she stood pressed against Cyrus, making it impossible to not look at him. A dark shadow loomed over his ever-so emotionless face.

Dawn hated it. She hated standing here, alone with this man. She hated that her knees buckled underneath her as she had her entire body pressed against him. She felt so weak and dizzy from the hot mixture of her anger and something else, something that made her stomach swirl. It felt so awful and yet so horrible.  She could have punched him in the face but at the same time, she could also…

“I don’t know what you’re after but I intend to live my life in peace.” Once more, Cyrus brought her thoughts back on track. It occurred to Dawn that she ought to thank him for distracting her from those thoughts. And finally, he let go of her.  Dawn rubbed her wrist, almost jumping backward. They were surprisingly not sore after, what felt like an eternity in handcuffs. Still, her fingers were a tint of blue and red marks left by him served as a thorn in her eye.

She took a quick glance of Cyrus, who had picked up the cup. It looked like his usual frown had softened up a bit as he looked at the bluenette. Dawn had no doubts that the former Galactic Boss was always plotting something and it would not surprise her if he was thinking hard and long about how to handle Dawn.

Or maybe he saw the cracks in her façade. Maybe he saw it burning in her eyes. That twisted sense of lust, which had decided to pay a visit just now. Dawn shrugged by the thought of her secrets slipping out; if that was the case and who said that he would use it against her…

There was no way that he saw it, right?

“Oh Eevee!” Johanna’s voice called out in joy. Dawn turned around to see her mother with both hands full. The little Pokémon let out a chipper roar before running to a corner of the house and preparing for another nap.

“Hello, you two!” Johanna greeted the pair. She wanted to wave but forgot that she was occupied.

“Let me help you.” His voice was somewhat humane now and Dawn wanted to throw up at the insincerity. Even dolls had more life than this. She saw him walk towards her mother and take the grocery bags.

“Did my girl take good care of you?”

“Yes, she did.” There was not an ounce of dishonesty in Cyrus’ voice but they both knew that he was lying through his teeth. Dawn remained quiet, more than usual. Her mood had hit rock bottom and this man would stay in her house and pretend as if nothing had happened. Or maybe, it was her frustrations over her weakness from earlier doing the talking. Regardless, she’d rather be locked up in her room or anyplace in Sinnoh. Anywhere but here.

Now she needed to hatch a new plan but that was easier said than done. Dawn needed something to distract her mind for a bit as her head was cloudy. 

“I’m going to the bathroom,”

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