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Yennefer is in Lan Exeter to meet Karl Rhyst and to get essential information about her foster-daughter Ciri who's supposed to be seen in Velen. Since Geralt has left Kaer Morhen to meet her at the White Orchard as planned, Yennefer decides to take up this vague but hot trail by herself and to catch up with the White Wolf later. An easy plan, right?

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Lan Exeter was a beautiful city built on water and flanked by luxurious estates of the admiralty and local business magnates. The Grand Canal was leading directly from the port to the royal residence, Ensenad. The city itself had no streets so the only way of local navigation was accomplished via the Great Canal itself. Therefore, the canals served the function of roads and almost every form of transport took place on the water.

As Yennefer of Vengerberg was sitting in the gondola, she admired the beauty of the whole city, which was no doubt a miracle of architecture and modern engineering built by ambitious and decadent men who wanted to prove the might of the capitalistic ideology of Kovir to anybody on the continent. All Northern Realms and even the Nilfgaardian Empire respected and feared the economic power of the Koviri society, famous for its success and privacy in particular.

Yennefer was on her way to meet Karl Rhyst. He was a thirty-nine years old nobleman of Kovir, who gained wealth by mining and trading dimeritium across the world. Ten years ago, Karl inherited the company from his father Jacup Rhyst, restructured it and made it to one of the largest trading companies of the continent. People often characterized him as determined and ruthless, both qualities which Yennefer liked most about him.

Before the Lodge of Sorceresses was destroyed at Loc Muinne, she had to be used to be a good friend of Karl. Like his father, he also helped her in financial aspects and shared his knowledge about the politicians. In return, he got first-hand information about the political intrigues and games of the northern royal families. After Loc Muinne, she never met him again but was in good spirits. After the invasion of Nilfgaard, Kovir declared neutrality and let the mages live there in exile. It became the last real sanctuary in the north and a safe harbor for haunted sorceresses, herbalists, and nonhumans.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this meeting wasn't about the nonhumans or sorceresses, something much more personal this time. Ciri, like a daughter to Yennefer, had been chased by the Wild Hunt. Emperor Emhyr var Emreis gave Yennefer the straight order to find and bring Ciri back home to Nilfgaard again. Under different circumstances, she would never have accepted such an order, but the Wild Hunt had become a bigger threat to Ciri than the nilfgaardian policy.

Her little daughter's life was in real danger this time.

Cirilla was a child bound to Geralt by destiny. After the Nilfgaardian invasion in Cintra, Geralt decided to raise her himself and brought her to Kaer Morhen. Few people actually knew that the idea of sending him to look after Ciri was hers. After Ciri was showing weird and powerful magic abilities, and Geralt couldn't deal with them on his own, he first asked Triss for help, and since she wasn't able to do much about it, he finally turned to Yennefer, asking her to come, to help Ciri.

And she did. She did it for him, despite everything, despite them not being together at the time, despite the fact that he had hurt her, despite the fact that he had asked Triss for help first, the very same Triss who tried to steal him from her.

And that's when Yennefer and Ciri first met.

Yen and Ciri didn't really like each other at first. For Yennefer, Ciri was not only the famous child Geralt was bound to, the one thing he could have and she couldn't, but she was also the person who had kept Geralt busy for most of the last years, the person he loved and took care of while not thinking about her at all. Ciri on the other hand, even if she didn't know exactly what had happened between Geralt and Yennefer, knew that something happened that Yennefer had hurt Geralt at some point.

After all this time, they started to like each other, like a mother and daughter. Ciri became the most important person in her life and Yennefer would do anything necessary to protect her, even letting her go for her own safety like years ago. Since then, she prayed, in her own way, for her safety every day and hoped for her return.

The gondolier pushed the boot slowly to the landing stage nearby, paddling carefully to adjust the right angle, as he jumped off ably and the gondola grazed on the edge.

"Residence of Mister Rhyst, my lady. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful little trip through our city," he nodded respectfully and extended a hand over to her so she could pull her slim body to the jetty. "I wish you a nice little tour, and if you ever wished to see more of our proud city, it would be a great pleasure to show you more."

After giving the gondolier some coins, Yennefer turned slowly around and headed to the main door of the residence. Her eyes widened as she saw the whole entrance with a golden door and massive pillars built fully by marble and tooled with little gems. As she came closer, the massive door suddenly opened and a man with gray hair and brown eyes glanced gladly at her.

"Dear Yennefer of Vengerberg, welcome to Lan Exeter, the diamond of the North and capital of good taste. I hope you had a good journey so far?" Karl Rhyst asked and bowed his head respectfully while standing in the middle of the entrance hall.

Yennefer, smirking slightly, entered the hall directly and headed towards him. From the corner of her lilac eyes, she spotted a lot of expensive pictures hanging on all sides and two stairs with marble banisters leading to the upper floor. The mansion's reassuring light reflected back on her beautiful, raw figure.

Karl Rhyst wore a red cotton tunic with white stripes and a black nether hose. The clothing colors were derived by the coat of arms of House Thyssen, the current ruler family of Kovir.

"You know me, Karl," Yennefer countered and gave him a little peck on the cheek. "I hate the ocean, sea air, seafood, sailors, ships, just anything related to the nautic way of movement. Can't imagine how someone can travel this way more than once voluntarily. It's absolutely sickening. [Sighs.] Well... I am just glad to see you at the end of this horrible trip, at least."

"You haven't changed a bit, I see. Always being the gorgeous sorceress who nags and gets annoyed about everything," he chuckled and grinned friendly. "You would fit perfectly into the Koviri society, my love."

"What? Just gorgeous? Really? You got rusty, Karl," Yennefer replied first by placing her hands on her hips and shaking her head, then started to chuckle and sneer lovely back at him.

"Charming and eloquent as ever, but my lady lets continue this pleasurable talking in my working room. For our upcoming topic, we will need more privacy and comfort," Karl stated amused, then turned around and moved to the first room on the left side, which was luxuriously furnished, containing a large wooden desk with two black chairs in the middle of it. Like in other rooms, they were hanging pictures of different Koviri personalities, their piercing eyes leering at the Yennefer's sexy body. While she was following him inside, the 'clock and click' of her heeled boots filled the room.

Her lilac eyes were whirring around in amazement, being totally impressed by the marble facade and fashionable furniture which caught her eyes. Personally, she could get used to a lifestyle like this and her love for luxury was well known by all sorceresses throughout the continent. Geralt never understood her affection for jewelry and fashion, shook his head often in disagreement when he had heard about the tremendous amount of money she had spent on garments, shoes, and trinkets.

But when it came to sex, like always, he never had something to complain about, liked to see her wearing sexy lingerie before he yanked them off and fucked her tiny pussy, like a wolf his needy bitch.

"Please have a seat, Yennefer. So, can I offer you a drink?" Karl asked her gently, already walking to the little table on the left side. "Yesterday, I bought a bottle of wine from Toussaint called Farado, 1210 vintage. I think, there only exist fifty bottles today," he grinned while filling two glasses of wine.

"It would be a pleasure for me to share this exquisite experience with you," he said and handed a wine glass over to her while looking deeply into her violet sparkling eyes. In Kovir, it was tradition to offer the guests something special at the beginning of an important subject matter.

And the more expensive the better.

"As I said before Karl, you know me very well," Yennefer suggested and smiled back, crossed her legs after leaning deeper against the padded chair, sipping at her red delicious wine slowly. Her eyes were closed, as the delicious red wine touched her taste buds and lifted her spirits visibly. "Thank you Karl, you're a gem. This helps me really to forget the last grievous days on that shitty ship," Yennefer said in a satisfied tone.

Both starred at each other for few seconds, said nothing.

Even at her age of ninety-four, Yennefer looked incredibly hot and beautiful. She had locks of curly, raven black hair reaching her shoulders and a fragrant with lilac and gooseberry perfume. Her face was flawless, triangular in shape with lilac-shimmering eyes sparkling in cold ambiance. She always put lipstick on her soft, proud lips and applied makeup in contrast with lilac and black colors.

And like always, Yennefer was dressed in black and white, wearing stockings and frilled panties. In her high-heeled boots, she wasn't tall but looking incredibly sexy with her perfect-shaped bubble butt wiggling from one side to the other at every little step she made. Her skin was as delicate as this of a sixteen-year-old girl, and her b-cup tits were rounded with sweet nipples so pale that they were apparent only by their prominence. On her long and slender neck hanged a diamond-encrusted obsidian star pendant that moved and pulsed with magic energy.

Yennefer of Vengerberg was, beyond any doubt, a bombshell on two slender legs. Men were constantly trying to get at her, but just a few ever got along with her chilly and cynical attitude and had ever a chance to look under her 'hood', and much less could tell other people about it later.

"But why didn't you teleport yourself here, Yennefer?" Karl asked, trying to break the ice of silence. "As far as I know, sorceresses never use the common methods of traveling, like sailing ships or riding horses, never have, to be more precise. You always told me it would be a waste of valuable time, and then laughed at me afterward."

"There is something you don't want to tell me, isn't it?"

The raven-haired sorceress heaved a deep sigh and took another sip before she opened her proud lips and replied, "As you can image, Karl, the safest way today isn't teleporting anymore. Especially for us, the sorceresses from the Northern Kingdoms. King Radovid and his henchmen, the reckless Witch Hunters, are chasing us like animals in the woods, and killing us without batting an eye if you're lucky... If not, well they use your nice dimeritium to subdue and render us helpless before raping and torturing us to death."

Yennefer was lost in thought, looking to the red wine in her glass while thinking about her former friends of the Lodge. She hadn't heard anything about them yet, didn't know what happened to them after Loc Muinne, except for Triss Merigold. According to the Nilfgaardian Intelligence, her best friend was living in Novigrad and helping haunted sorceresses and mages getting out of there.

Actually, the real reason for not using teleportation was the Wild Hunt, who was coming closer to her on every teleportation and use of severe magic she made. Yennefer knew she had to be very careful but for Ciri, any risk was adequate and even necessary.

"I understand… I am sorry Yennefer, didn't want to question your judgment or sadden you," Karl said and took another sip of wine. "In Kovir, we have a saying: 'Tyranny and anarchy are never far apart'. I am sure, the sorceresses will find their real vocation and take revenge on these bastards someday."

Yennefer's lips were pursed firmly.

"Speaking of tyranny, Karl, how is your business going actually? Still a capitalistic slave driver aren't you?" Yennefer countered appreciatively, trying to change the topic.

"Not more than usual," Karl snorted with laughter, and added, "We both know Yennefer, big goals require sacrifices. And I am ready to throw every unnecessary man to the wolves to get what I need."

Yennefer's lilac eyes were shimmering approvingly. In her former days as a member of the Lodge and former royal advisor of King Demavend of Aedir, she always loved to play the big game of politics and intrigues. But after King Foltest's and Demavend's death, both executed by a witcher from the south, the Nilfgaardian invasion started and all members of the Lodge had become outlaws. The big goal, protecting and preserving magic in the world above all else, even before their respective nations, died with the Lodge on that day.

And she didn't want to think about the people who were killed cause of their selfish ambitions.

However, Karl had always been very loyal to her, and Yennefer never doubted him. Nevertheless, the Wild Hunt and Ciri had to remain a secret, even from Karl. A lot of people died already and Yennefer didn't want to cause more new problems because of this history.

"But you don't just invite me here for this excellent red wine and good manners," Yennefer said chilly, looking over to Karl. It was very important to get the promised information about Ciri and to move on as fast as possible. She was in the habit of going missing and never appearing again.

Karl pulled out a brown envelope of his desk and handed it over to Yennefer. "My spies have been looking for sorcerer and sorceresses to give them a helping hand so they can flee to Povis. Last week, my spies heard a rumor in Velen about a young woman with ashen blond hair, deep green eyes, big scar on her left cheek and under her eye. She would have helped out few peasants with their problems. Does any of this sound familiar to you?"

Karl was scrutinizing Yennefer's face exactly, hoping to make out more useful information of it. "One of my spies lives in Heatherton and awaits you there... You never told me who she really is Yennefer and the reason you've been looking after her."

"No, I didn't. You just have to know that she is an old friendly sorceress of mine who needs my help. I'll introduce her to you after I found her. All right?" A warm happiness filled her limbs. In her mind, the real possibility to meet and hug her girl again made her leap for joy like a little girl.

"But Karl what do you want in return?" Yennefer looked curious, knowing that she couldn't offer any compensation right now.

"Now, nothing Yennefer. You are my friend," Karl chuckled friendly. "On our next meeting, I will tell you what you have to do in return. Until then, just promise me to introduce herself to me. I'm very curious to meet that friend of yours. She must be really important that you take all this adversity to find her."

The raven-haired sorceress just nodded affirmatively, totally lost in thought. In years past, she had done a lot of guarding and spy missions for him. For a sorceress, there were a lot of different ways to apply their magical capabilities. Her connections to Nilfgaardian Emperor and higher society would surely help him in a huge way.

"You have my word!"

Both raised up simultaneously and walked over to the main door, as Karl picked up something out his pocket and handed it over to her.

"One of my trading ships is going to leave the harbor in twenty minutes to Oxenfurt. Your personal luggage has been already transferred to the ship and this document will help you to go aboard the ship and contains the information of my spy there too. You should know that there will be, along with the crew of course, also a bunch of traders on the ship, but I'm sure you'll find a way to avoid them to the greatest extent..."

"... and anything else? Ah yes. Captain Vilgord will give you further information and status updates about Velen, and is already informed about your 'objective'. You can trust him Yennefer, and be very, very careful. Velen is a brutal war zone, the local populace is desperate and would not hesitate to kill you for a bit of rye," he said in a hushed tone and gave her a short kiss on the upper side of her hand.

"I hope you'll find your dear friend and get her out of there as fast as possible."

"[Sighs.] Have to set a foot on a ship again. Great. But Karl, thank you. I run out options and without your help, I would have been still looking after her," Yennefer admitted before leaving the doorstep behind and heading to the harbor.

Karl's eyes were locked on the sexy sorceress' butt, shaking its way back to the gondola as he licked his lips and spoke to himself, "Next time, I'm gonna push my cock deep into that little ass of yours, Yennefer. You can count on that my beautiful raven-haired bitch."

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