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1000 Years Ago-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The once great High Inquisitor sat in the dreaded silence of the Lastation Basillicom’s dungeons which spread far into the deepest bowels of the building’s foundation preventing any real light from the sun from ever reaching his prison cell. His name was Erikson, and he was betrayed by those inside his very government to end up here. He had suspected that his very position was threatened when Lady Noire gave news of her departure to Celestia before sending him on one last mission to quell a group of fanatics that denied his Goddess’s prowess. His eyes, having dilated completely hours ago were still only able to make out shadows as he sat uncomfortably naked on the cold brick floor with shackles asphyxiating his wrists. His ears were the only thing providing him with any sense of vision as a familiar sound approached from afar, footsteps.

It seems he would have a visitor soon hearing how the footsteps only approached his cell and he sat idly while the dim light of a lantern began to saturate the hall in front of his barred cage blinding him more than the darkness of this hell ever managed, by the time his visitor had actually arrived it was as if the lantern she carried was the sun itself and was shining directly into his eyes. The professional appearance and almost boy-like stature was enough for him to guess who it was and promptly looked away from the bright light after gathering that information. It seems his best friend in the finance ministry was the one to betray him; he kept quiet as she shuffled through some papers using what little light she had to read the fine text on the documents before she had actually said anything.

“Mr. Erikson, I cannot tell you how much it pleases me to finally have your coffer draining organization behind bars.” For being as short as she was her voice carried an arrogance that only someone of great battlefield expertise could maintain.

“That’s High Inquisitor to you, Oracle.” These would be the last words to leave Erikson’s mouth for a thousand years until he was able to teach the Oracle of Lastation her place in this government. Kei Jinguji had no idea of what was to come when she was in the place to let his own desires come true.

“Is it? I think the title of slave would be more fitting, but even a slave has the freedom to work at his masters bidding. You are but a naked prisoner.” Kei shuffled through some of the papers she had brought down with her before continuing,

High Inquisitor Erikson,” She emphasized his title mockingly, “For one hundred years your organization has drained this nation’s economy demanding more than our military , research and development, and intelligence agencies combined. For some of that time you were productive in your endeavors, but as more of the people swore their faith to Lady Noire you continued to squander your budget on needless commodities and have been charged of treason to the state. Did you think I would let your organization get so large that it would threaten the very livelihood of this nation? Did you think I wouldn’t catch on to your plan to overthrow Lady Noire and all that she worked for?”

None of this of course was true. Erikson had only used the funds that were offered to him by Kei, they would often talk for long periods of time and she would give him very little in currency that he managed to work with. His wise investments of those funds still allowed for growth in the inquisition, which was necessary to assure that the faith of the people was never lost, a job he took very seriously.

 “It means very little now. All of your former employees have been transferred to low level government jobs such as sanitation and mail, and now the mastermind behind it all sits silently in a cell to rot if not for the Goddess’s blessing.”

The Goddess’s Blessing referred to the gift of immortality which was bestowed upon few members of the state by Lady Noire. It worked by her gifting some of her shares to them and allowing them to live indefinitely until She no longer saw the need to keep them alive. There was no saying when Lady Noire will be back from Celestia, therefore there was no saying to how long Erikson would be trapped in this prison.

“But I know how you work; we’re the same in that regard. You will hunger, you will thirst, and you will suffer inside this cell and all the while I’ll be coming up with a story about how you abandoned Lady Noire for that ever troublesome purple hag ruling over Planeptune.” Kei was trying to get a reaction out of him by putting him down and twisting his faith, but Erikson was having none of it. His last words were final and did nothing more but stare far off into the distance while only pretending to tune out her voice.

Kei was becoming furious by his lack of reaction. Her motives behind locking him up were simple; she wanted to hear him beg. She wanted him to submit to her and admit that she was the dominant force behind this nation while Lady Noire was away. It was nothing more than a power struggle. She was lying about disbanding the Inquisition but would not hold back from doing so if he continued to persist that his pride was more important. She kicked the steel bars that housed him sending a racket echoing down the labyrinthian hallways of the Basillicom dungeon. She caught her breath and clamed herself down before deciding that no matter how long it took she would get him to admit his defeat. Sooner or later the hunger will get to him and he will crack. She grabbed the lantern and the papers she had brought down with her and slowly walked away from the cell hoping that it will intimidate him more. She would be back tomorrow.

500 Years Ago--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“Things are going great without you,” Kei was back in the dungeon and was there every day for five hundred years to come and torment the poor soul that was Erikson, hunger and thirst long ago taking a grasp on him as he struggled to survive this curse of immortality with the constant taunting of Kei. Erikson was feeling a completely different kind of hunger though; a sexual desire that was building up since day one. He was never much a carnal man before being locked up, but the darkness was molding his mind into something different. For five hundred years the only girl he’d seen every day was Kei and each day she seemed more attractive than the last despite her lack of feminine features. Erikson couldn’t masturbate as the shackles wouldn’t let him and he was completely positive his genitals had grown three times their original size in order to block the massive loads that were welling up inside of him. Kei too must have realized the gradual change from visiting each day and he had caught her observe this growth more than once, it obviously disgusted her.

“Lastation is now the proud owner of the largest military in the world, the Basillicom is being remodeled again to fit with the modern times, and its citizens are happy without the watchful eye of the Inquisition monitoring their daily lives. The economy has grown tenfold since the day of your imprisonment and there are rumors that Lady Noire will return any day now. It’s a shame Her return will be the day you die. She’ll forever remember you as the trusted Inquisitor that betrayed her for some purple-haired ass. It doesn’t have to be that way though…” Kei grabbed the bars to his cell and leaned in as closely as she could without getting her head stuck between them.

“If you ask a little forgiveness from me and acknowledge me as your superior I can let you free. I can remind the people of your good deeds over your attempt to overthrow Lady Noire and even reinstate the Inquisition. You can be my loyal advisor in a CPU-less era and we can strive to make Lastation the only real power in all of Gamindusti.” Like every day for five hundred years she awaited his response, but none came.

“Fine! You think I care! You can stay in here and rot! I anticipate the day Lady Noire returns and revokes her blessing from a stubborn ass like you!” Kei stormed away from the cell and back to the drastically changing world.

The blessing of Lady Noire meant her giving some shares to Erikson; this meant he could get a faint grasp of what the people are feeling and how they are changing. It was evident to him that Kei was telling the truth about the state of Lastation and was at least happy that his backstabbing friend was not completely lost and still showed faith in their absent goddess. He said a small prayer to Lady Noire, one that she no doubt heard; concerning the continued success of Lastation and its people and that this Console War in Celestia would be in favor of Lady Noire and Her people.

175 Years Ago--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It had been ten years since Kei’s last visit to Erikson, which initially came off as odd since she hadn’t failed to miss a single day in coming to torment him, he figured that she had grown tired of it, at least that was until the shares he received started to give him worrisome thoughts. Lastation was undergoing a major change and it was not for the better. It was clear to Erikson that whatever it was that was transforming was keeping Kei from coming to visit as she had been. One thing was for sure though, Kei needed help, and if not for his love towards Lady Noire he would’ve happily seen Lastation fall at the hands of Kei after all the years she’s made him starve and drought him of any sexual pleasures. For eight-hundred twenty-five years he had contemplated escape from this prison, but only now was he getting ready to execute his plans so that he could save the only nation he’s ever loved.

Present Day------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kicking and screaming, Kei was dragged by two Basillicom Guards into the depths of the Basillicom dungeons while being followed by the recently admitted General of the Army, a non-blessed sovereign citizen of Lastation by the name of K-Sha. It wasn’t hard for the Guards to drag the distressed Oracle by the arms all the way down to the deepest cell of the dungeons before stopping to unlock the massive steel bars and awaiting orders from K-Sha.

“Kei Jinguji, You are hereby imprisoned for life for starting an uprising against the current Head of State, Lady Noire. You have been charged with several accounts of espionage, treason, and heresy against the goddess’s teachings and goodwill towards her people. Toss her in.” Upon receiving approval the two Basillicom guards launched the tiny Kei into the dark cell and slammed the bars shut thus effectively locking them. K-Sha was holding the only light available and lead the guards back to the Basillicom while Kei struggled to force her way out of the cell.

“Wait!” Kei was desperately trying to get through to them, “You guys have it all wrong! She’s not Lady Noire! She’s a fake! An imposter! Diverting your faith from the one true goddess!”

For another half hour she pulled, yelled, and kicked at the bars preventing her from freedom before realizing just where she was. It was dark and she couldn’t see anything or anyone, but despite almost two hundred years of absence she was sure there was still another soul in this cell. She dusted off her prestigious clothes as best she could in the darkness and began to speak into the silence before her curious as to why she had yet to determine a presence.

“…Erikson? …You’re there, aren’t you?” She felt her way deeper into the pitch black until she ran into a wall and felt around only to find empty shackles. “How?”

She spun around fiercely, trying to discern some sort of shadow reminiscent of the friend she once locked in here for reasons she could no longer remember.

“…Erikson? No hard feelings…right?” She stumbled her way around the cell some more trying to find the man in what is a very limited amount of space and was freaking out that she had yet to find him.

“E-Erikson…?” Her body and voice were shaking and she was beginning to wonder if she was somehow mistaken. Realizing that she may just be locked up alone a new fear of the darkness around her began to work its way up her spine.

“P-please…don’t abandon me. We need each other now more than ever…” She felt up along the walls until she felt another empty shackle far above her head. She though little of it until a hand grabbed her wrist and locked her to it. Swiftly the invisible hand grabbed her other wrist and locked it to another shackle at the same height. Kei was on her toes and the shackles held up most of her body’s weight. She screamed to no avail from the sightless perpetrator of her condition.

“There are plenty of hard feelings!” Erikson grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so she could look up at the shadow of his head, despite Kei being on her toes Erikson still stood a whole foot taller than her. It was too dark for Kei to see clearly still but she could feel his breath on her face as he painfully yanked at her short silver hair.

“And as the High Inquisitor I’ve decided to be merciful to a pathetic bitch like you!” Erikson grabbed the back of Kei’s collar with his other hand and pulled, ripping off the top half of her clothes revealing a braless and pale back. Kei began to struggle not sure what punishment Erikson had in store for her that he dubbed merciful. The Black Inquisition that Erikson ran was easily the most brutal in history even a millennium later.

“You stab me in the back,” This time Erikson grabbed the shorts and panties that Kei wore from behind and pulled repeating the process of tearing off her garments except this time revealing a Kei with only her socks and shoes on. “And I get to stab you from the back!”

Erikson’s penis had grown considerably over the last thousand years, and the head of his enormous erect cock was poking its way into the asshole of the petite Oracle as she began to scream and begged him to stop in a similar fashion that she always dreamed to get out of him.

“No! No! Erikson, please! I’m sorry! It was just a joke! I was only joking!” Her words meant very little to him now as he had no sexual relief for his entire duration in prison and finally the only girl he’s seen for that millennium was served before him on a silver platter. The head of his cock pierced her clenching behind causing her to involuntary jump as high as her toes will let her and wriggled to try and escape the forced penetration with tears in her eyes. The pain of her hair being continuously pulled was no longer relevant as the length of Erikson’s deprived member slowly worked its way into her bowels and when the full length was in a bulge from his massive rod poked at the skin of her belly.

As Erikson sat there idle with the entirety of him sheathed in Kei’s ass, Kei struggled to grasp a gasp of air against the new mass inside her preventing her diaphragm from working properly before Erikson finally let his desires loose. Erikson was turning the young looking girl’s tight ass inside out with every thrust he forced, and each time his member struggled to poke further only to create a massive and visible bulge from Kei’s stomach. It was Kei’s first time being used from the ass and she couldn’t help as her body involuntarily came and juices from her vaginal regions began to pour out like pee down her legs as she convulsed in the restraints of the shackles while being torn apart by Erikson’s pent up sexual desire.

“A-aagh…” It was a quiet cry for help from Kei as her senses struggled to reason with the sensation  of her mixed pain and pleasure while still trying to get short breaths in between the insertions of Erikson’s dick far into the nether regions of Kei’s bowels.

“Did you just cum you little slut!?” Erikson doubled his efforts and fucked her ass for over an hour while spanking and slapping her bare body making her convulse from her own orgasms all the while. By this point only whimpers escaped her mouth while she shook from the intense feelings overwhelming her petite body and was no longer able to stand on her toes dedicating her full but miniscule weight to the shackles holding her up. Even her head would hang limp if not for the constant pulling of her hair which only led to more confusion among her nerves.

Erikson started to masturbate his dick through the skin of Kei’s belly as he felt the dam that blocked his semen for a whole millennium about to burst and knew that this would be the biggest load he ever produced.

“It’s coming! Are you ready for it?!” The only response from Kei was puppy-like whimper with each thrust of Erikson’s cock as he continuously masturbated through her skin only making it more evident to Kei that there was an invader inside her body that was giving her some of the most intense feelings of her immortal life.

“It’s coming!”                                              

A final wave of orgasmic bliss washed over Kei as warm fluid began to fill its way all the up to her stomach and filled every inch of her plumbing making her intestines and stomach swell and she shook from the chills of the fever consuming her lower half and for the first time in a while she screamed as a waterfall of vaginal juices flowed like water from her contracting muscles. There was only one problem though, Erikson was still cumming and every part of her was filled to the brim with his cum and there was only on place left for it to go. Kei gagged once and managed to swallow the first temptation back down, but when she gagged a second time a torrent of white fluid ejaculated from her mouth and nose as she vomited what her body couldn’t hold. Erikson was groaning and enjoying the longest ejaculation of his immortal life as Kei struggled to remain alive and likely would’ve died if not for the Goddess’s blessing from all the cum that saturated her body and robbed her of breath. She shot her head back to try and force some air into her lungs but like lava the white fluid continued to spew out and fall down the sides of her body and onto the floor. When Erikson was finally done with his load he pulled out and let his semen pour out from her ass as well finally granting the spasming Oracle a breath after she vomited one last time from her mouth and nose. After letting his seed drain from her he continued his onslaught for another twenty four hours nonstop.



When Erikson was done he undid her wrists from the shackles holding Kei up and she fell lifelessly to the floor all the while muttering ‘I’m sorry’ over and over again in a barely audible fashion. Deciding to give her time to rest in the puddle of his cold cum he meditated for an hour about how Lastation had suddenly turned to shit from the limited number of shares he was bestowed by Lady Noire all those years ago. Something was very wrong and he intended to find out what. He got up from his sitting position and walked over to the soulless looking Kei who was still muttering an apology.

“From now on you are for my personal use only and will do whatever I say, understand?” Erikson got up really close to the cum soaked Kei’s face and calmly laid down his ultimatum while awaiting an affirmative signal from her. She simply nodded her head.

“And from now on you are to refer to me as master and acknowledge me as your superior, understand?” Kei was wondering just how she ended up in the very position that she wanted him in when all of this started. She was afraid of Erikson and would do anything he asked so long as it didn’t go against the wishes of her beloved CPU, Lady Noire. So Kei nodded again, still lying on her side in Erikson’s puddle of cum.

“I-I’m sorry…master Erikson.” She whispered, but it was enough to be heard down the hall in the silent Basillicom Dungeon.

“And I may just forgive if you have the information I need.” Erikson squatted down in front of the head of Kei with his big dick hanging right in front of her and it was that that grabbed all her attention while he spoke. “Why are you locked up? And who was that girl that did it?”

“…” Kei forced her eyes off his dick and into his dark irises as she responded, “Her name was K-sha, she’s the new General of the Army and under orders from an imposter sitting in the Lady Noire’s throne. I got locked up because the people believe her to be the real Lady Noire and I tried to usurp her.”

“You let an imposter sit on our Goddess’ throne!”  Erikson picked up the small girl from her hair and held her a good foot above the ground as she struggled to hold most of her weight up by putting her hands around his.

“No! That wasn’t my intention, Master Erikson! But she could perform the same miracles as Lady Noire and looks just like her but with smaller boobs and shorter! I couldn’t convince the people at first that she was fake! That’s why I plotted against her! Please, Master! You have to believe me; I would never betray our Goddess like that!” She gradually began to sob form start to finish of her plea, and despite Erikson’s still persistent hunger and thirst that he’s suffered from all these years he couldn’t help but pity his old friend. He decided to forgive her…but still make her call him master. That had a bigger effect than he thought it would.

“Alright,” Erikson placed her down gently and she knelt down in front of him and he squatted down to her level again, “Don’t worry, we’re going to make this right again, Oracle.”

Kei was a little shocked at first that he showed her the respect of calling her by her title despite making her refer to him as master. Technically an Oracle was above a High Inquisitor, and he was treating her as such even though the circumstances had obviously changed no matter how you looked at it.

“Luckily for the both of us, I devised a way out of here.” Erikson stood up and began to move towards a corner of the cell, “Follow me.”

With shaking limbs like a newborn calf, Kei rose from the once warm puddle of white fluid and stood following her new master with an urge to please him so that she may never witness his wrath again. She went to grab her torn and wet clothes but realized it was mute and dove into the darkness with hopes to find the light with Erikson and the rest of Lastation.

10 Days Later----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kei wore a new set of clothes (AN: See Anime outfit.) and stood beside her new Master as he gave a speech to collected group of individuals that remained faithful to true Lady Noire. After grabbing some clothes, Erikson wore a black suit with accentuating white pinstripes, which was very similar to the uniform of the old inquisition; he used his knowledge to gather up those that realized the current head of state was a fake without grabbing the eye of the Lastation Army. They later found quarter with a woman named Chian, who had information that the rise of this fake Goddess was the doing of a company name Avenir which was trying to monopolize all of Lastation with its shady and covert practices. It wasn’t until after the meeting that the tired Erikson went out on the roof of Chian’s manufacturing company to watch the sunset.

“It was a fin speech, Master Erikson.” Kei stood behind Erikson looking a tablet to review some of the allocations of their funding to regain control of the government, “But there is still the matter of funds to discuss. Did you decide where to put them?”

“I’ll tell you in the morning after I’ve thought more about it.”

“Of course, I didn’t mean to rush you, Master.” Kei stood awkwardly behind the sunset gazing Erikson until a strange feeling washed over her, a feeling that only her as Oracle could understand and know what it meant. It was then that four stars began to fall slowly from the heavens and onto Gamindustri, each one bearing an unique color. White, green, purple…and black.

“What is that?” Erikson had felt the same feeling as Kei but was not alive long enough to know what it meant.

“It’s her, Master Erikson. Our Goddess has returned.”



Back at the Basillicom a party made up of K-Sha, ‘Lady Noire,’ and a prestigious looking young man with glasses walked deep into the labyrinth of the dungeons to find Kei, but upon arriving at her last known location they found only a while gelatin on the floor that stunk of rotting flesh and an empty cell. All of them seem very displeased since they needed the Oracle to tell them what this sign from Celestia had meant. Four stars were falling from the Heavens and not a single person in the Basillicom knew its meaning after scouring the oldest records they had.

“What is the meaning of this!?” The imposter was directing her anger toward K-Sha, who had seemingly failed to keep a petite girl locked up for a little less than two weeks.

“My apologies, Lady Noire. She will be found immediately.”

“She better! Don’t fail me again,” The fake Noire stormed off back to the upper levels of the Basillicom while K-Sha smashed her fist on the walls of the dungeon startling the two Basillicom Guards that stayed behind with her.

“Start looking!” K-Sha didn’t yell, her voice was just dark and the Guards new her patience was running thin despite only knowing their prisoner escaped for a few short seconds.



As Noire flew over Gamindustri with what little strength she had left she saw it was broken. The world was falling apart and her shares were low. How long was I gone? She had no idea, but the entire landscape of everything she once knew was transfigured and she wasn’t going to hesitate to find out why. She used her divine senses to locate her Oracle and High Inquisitor.

To be continued.

Author’s Note: Obviously this is a more serious twist on the HDN series, but I do plan to maybe possibly make a continuation to this story in due time. I won’t be trying to recreate the personalities of characters that closely since this is an AU twist, but I will definitely work at including a fair amount of the original characters when I do continue. And as always, thanks for reading. And also as always I didn’t proofread.


PS: Also I have no idea where I’m going with this.

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