Dragon Quest V: Saving the Heavenly Harem

BY : Magmos
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Disclaimer: I own nothing relating to Dragon Quest, or any of it’s characters or spinoffs. I make no money off of this fic in any way.

Disclaimer: I own nothing relating to Dragon Quest, or any of it’s characters or spinoffs. I make no money off of this fic in any way.

Sad thing is, the only thing I own here is the idea behind the scenario here. Cause let’s be honest, with how often that goddamned horse has been the focus of NTR stories, plots like THIS should really be more common.

Note: My original plan was to make this one big honking fic, but this was taking so long I opted to split it into chapters.


Dragon Quest V: Saving the Heavenly Harem

Atop a great tower, north of the Kingdom of Gotha, there was a great and horrible being known to many as Kon the Knight. A massive beast that resembled a humanoid horse, Kon had only two duties in his life. Well, one duty actually, but he was allowed to indulge in his second. The first duty was assigned to him by Bishop Ladja himself, go forth and steal the children of any human of note, Kings, Dukes, wealthy merchants, what have you. If people knew about them, they would remain childless one way or another. His second duty was to steal the wives of said noteworthy humans

His second duty wasn’t official in any sense of the word, but seeing how Ladja saw no reason to curb his actions, he continued with it whenever possible. There was just something about human women that Kon could not get enough of. From how much the cried and screamed, begging for mercy, how tight they were wrapped around his member, to seeing them broken and begging for more of his cock, he just couldn’t get enough of them. The heartbroken looks on their husband’s faces when he got tired of them and returned them was always a hoot and a half too.

Recently however, he’d hit the jackpot. He’d recently heard of a king that had born six children in one go, but when his forces returned from their attempt at stealing the children, they’d instead brought a Nimzo damned HAREM with them! Each of them a beauty in their own right as well!

There was the Blonde one with a green dress and a long pigtail in her hair and country accent, all that down home charm from a girl clearly used to hard work and with a figure that made Kon drool at first sight.

Then there was the Blue Haired one with her hair in a ponytail dressed in silk finery, seemed to be a combination of the noble lady and the girl next door.

Finally there was the Brunette, her hair like a wild mane, dressed in equally fine silk but in more pink than white, and with a personality of a firecracker, and with proportions that made the blonde look masculine in comparison.

Three of some of the most gorgeous women Kon had ever seen in his life, all standing before him in his bedroom for him to do as he wanted with, it was honestly everything the sick equine could’ve ever hoped for.

There was just one problem.

“KYAHAHA!” The brunette laughed hysterically, holding onto her knees in a desperate attempt to keep standing, showing off a generous amount of cleavage as she did so. “Look…look at that scrawny little thing!” she shouted as she pointed at Kon, his erection at full mast.

“Now now Debora,” spoke the bluenette, trying to hold back her own giggles, “Perhaps that’s the average size for his species. In fact, he might even be quite large for…for…” unable to hold back, she quickly fell into her own laughing fit, though much more dignified and refined than Debora’s.

“Aw, c’mon now Flora.” Spoke the blonde in a pitying voice, “Ya’ll know he can’t help being so scrawny. It’s not like every buck is gonna be as hung as Madason.”

“B-b-but Bianca, just LOOK at this idiot!” Debora managed to say in between laughs, “He came in here acting all big and tough, just to show us THAT! This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Okay. This is new.” Kon thought to himself in confusion, “Normally they’d be pleading and begging for me not to rape them, or at the very least faking it so that I’d go easier on them. I’ve never had them burst out into laughter before.”

Seeing the hysterics were not abating, Kon began to switch from confusion to anger. “NOW SEE HERE!” he shouted above the laughter, drawing the bride’s attention to him, “I WILL NOT BE MADE A FOOL OF BY A TRIO OF WHORES! I AM KNO THE KNIGHT AND erk!”

Kon’s rant was cut off early due to the sharp toes of a pink high heel covering Debora’s foot that was currently lodged in his testes, Debora herself hosting a hateful glare.

“Ex-CUSE me?” the brunette spat as she glared at the horse that was slowly curling up and clutching at his jewels. “I’m sorry, but if you think a limp dick little stain like YOU is going to be allowed to talk to us like that, then I’m afraid you don’t know any of us that well.”

“Indeed.” Spoke Flora in a calm voice, but with a fireball starting to form in each of her hands, “I suppose we’ll have to teach this ruffian how to speak to ladies.”

“Well heck, count me in!” Spoke Bianca in an excited voice as she cracked her knuckles and a vicious smile settled on her face, “I always love breaking horses, though I never thought I’d get to do so literally.”

The next few minutes were nothing short of the most painful moments of Kon’s life. Each of the girls took turns either roasting him, clawing him, stomping him, or otherwise just making him SPECTACULARLY glad he remembered to remove these girl’s weapons. Eventually, the violence stopped and Kon was left in a crumpled heap as the women lounged on his bed, distracted with other things.

“You…” Kon groaned out in agony, “You fucking bitches…do you have any idea just who it is I serve!?”

“No, and I can’t say any of us care.” Debora said with little interest. “It’s only a matter of time till our servant arrives and rescues us.”

“C’mon Deb, yall know he hates being called that.”

Debora gave a knowing smirk towards Bianca, “Only when in public, I can assure you of that.”

Kon just spat on the ground as he stood back up. “Do you have any idea how many bitches I’ve broken with my cock? How many women I’ve turned into desperate whores!?”

“Not many based on what I’ve seen.” Bianca said flatly. “I mean, puttin aside how small you are, I bred horses fer a livin. They don’t exactly have stayin power.”

This left Kon more than a little stunned. So stunned that he failed to notice that the doors to his chambers had burst open. At least until he heard the girls again.



“My Servant!”

The last thing Kon saw before his world turned black was a flash of white and purple and what looked to be a staff falling towards his head.

Ugh…” Kon thought to himself as he slowly came to, “my head. What the hell happened?” Slowly, his eyes opened and began to focus, and what he saw froze his blood solid.

There, atop his bed, was Bianca, her green dress pulled up around her hips and exposing her firm, white panty clad ass, sitting on the lap of a male human with long black spiky hair, a long white shirt, and a purple turban and cape.

And she was currently trying to force her tongue down his throat.

“What the hell!?” Kon shouted in shock at the sight.

“About time you woke up.” Kon heard the smug voice of Debora from his left side.

“You miserable little…” Kon then tried to move his arms only to find himself unable to. He looked up to see that his arms were tied and bound to the ceiling. He then noticed that his feet were dangling off the ground. “What the buck is going on here!?”

(I’d like to take a moment to stress the fact that Kon does indeed use enough horse puns in the game to qualify him as a My Little Pony Character.)

“Well Kon,” spoke Flora from his right, “we were planning to just have you put down and go home, but then we got to thinking. You really don’t have much of an idea of how to treat a woman, so we thought we’d actually educate you instead. Thankfully Darling is more than willing to help us out on that end.”

 Kon opened his mouth to protest, but before he could get so much as a word out Debora buried her fist into his gut, forcing out a pained whiney.

“Shut up and watch!” She growled out as her and Flora’s gazes returned to the couple on the bed.

At some point in their lip lock, Madason had managed to unbuckle the belt around Bianca’s dress, allowing him to push it upwards, exposing her more than generous white bra clad bosom.

“Mmm.” Bianca moaned as she broke the kiss with a string of saliva connecting the two. Madason then started pulling her dress upward more. Bianca lifted up her arms to make it easier for him as he lifted it off her and tossed to the side, leaving her clad only in her rather plain underwear.

“I swear Bianca; we have GOT o get a shopping trip in sometime.” Flora said in a sympathetic voice. “A woman as beautiful as you shouldn’t have to wear something so low key.”

Indeed, there really wasn’t much to say about Bianca’s undergarments. No lace, no frills, no nonsense, with only the bikini-esque cut of her panties and bra keeping it from falling into Granny territory. That said, Bianca’s figure filled it wonderfully, her firm ass and soft, milk laden breasts overflowing from the fabric, all attached to a well toned figure that could only come from years of farm work.

“Eh.” Bianca shrugged non-comittedly. “I always liked keepin thing simple.” She then let out a small coo as her husband buried his face in between her bra covered tits and his hands groped as her ass. “Besides, hubby here don’t seem to mind too much.” She then reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, the cloth falling away from her breasts, exposing her bright pink, and lactating nipples.

Without any warning, Madason quickly latched onto her right nipple, sucking long and hard, filling his mouth with her warm milk and gulping it down rapidly.

“OOH!” Bianca moaned, her eyes shutting as her hands moved to the back of Madason’s head to better steady herself. “E-easy there Hun! Our kids are gonna be might hungry when we get back!”

With a muffled “Fine,” Madason lessened his nursing somewhat, still latched onto her right tit but no longer draining I as quickly as he had been. Meanwhile, his hands had slid into her panties to get a better grip on her muscled ass, his fingers gripping into her flesh.

“That’s it sweetie.” She moaned out as she began grinding her panty clad crotch into his slowly expanding erection. “Don’t forget the other one know. Don’t need me getting lopsided now.” With nary a word, Madason moved off of the right nipple and slowly started moving his head, licking and suckling at her titflesh as he went, making Bianca shudder in pleasure as he went, until his lips could latch onto her left nipple and start draining that breast of its sustenance.

“Mmmm. You really love tits don’t ya Madason?” Bianca groaned out. “I remember when we were kids; you couldn’t tear away your eyes from my ma’s breasts.” Madason actually stopped suckling at Bianca’s breast with an ashamed look on his face before Bianca forced him back into it. “None of that now! I ain’t mad sweetie! I always thought it was funny. You’d walk right into walls and tables you were so focused!” As she said this, Bianca’s hands had been fidgeting with the belt around his own waist. “Now, since you’ve had my milk, I’d say it’s time to turn the favor, wouldn’t you say?”

Kon’s face was one of confused annoyance at this point. As he watched the blonde mother shimmying down her husband, he voiced a thought he couldn’t keep to himself any longer.

“So the hay tosser has good lungs. What makes him so much better than me?”

Debora just rolled her eyes and punched Kon in the gut, making the equine monster double over and miss the sight of Bianca starting to lift Madason’s shirt. “If you’d actually pay attention you might actually learn something you dip.” The wild haired Brunette spat at the bound creature.

Kon let out a snarl as he slowly began raising his head, “Well perhaps if you weren’t giving me such horse shit to watch I’d…actually…learn…WHAT THE HELL!?”

The sight before Kon had left him shocked. Without his clothes, Madason showed a very well sculpted figure, muscles coated with scars covering his body that could only come from a life of hardship and struggle. What drew Kon’s shock however was his erection. This insignificant human, this worthless wretch who should count himself fortunate to be a part of Bishop Ladja’s grand plans, had a dick that made his own seem downright stubby.

Bianca, now sitting between Madason’s knees, then slowly ran her tongue across the underside of Madason’s erect mast, pre-cum dribbling down from the tip and collecting on her tongue as she went until she finally reached the top and pressed her lips to the tip in a long kiss.

*Mmmmwah!* “Y’know sweetie,” she said with lust dripping from every word, her hands slowly stroking Madason’s length, “ah never get tired of this thing. The feel, the smell, the taste, it’s just too bad ah can’t give it the shining it really deserves.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it Bianca.” Debora said as she looked slyly at Flora who looked away blushing. “You know that thing isn’t neglected in any way.”

Bianca just smiled as she rose up, placing Madason’s shaft in between her breasts as she went. “Plus, ah happen to have mah own ways of getting things done.” She then pressed her breasts around his member and started moving them up and down, her husband groaning in pleasure all the while.

“Yeah, you like that don’t ya?” Bianca asked huskily as she rubbed her tits around his shaft, licking and kissing at the head any time it got close. “You know Flora can’t do that, and Debora would never lower herself like this.” She then started moving her torso up and down, her tits massaging areas that had been going neglected as her breasts started leaking milk from the pressure she was putting on them.

Madason leaned back, his eyes closed in bliss as Bianca stroked his mass with her breasts, his hands clenching the sheets. “Ya getting close sweetie?” Bianca moaned out, “Don’t hold back now, I want it all! Give it to me!” She then moved herself up to the tip of Madason’s cock and latched her lips around the head, slurping and sucking at it, while she started moving her breasts more rapidly, desperately trying to get him to cum quicker.

Her efforts were soon rewarded as Madason’s hips jerked up, and with a grunt his seed started shooting into Bianca’s mouth in long bursts, flooding the young blonde’s mouth with every shot and a trail of seed to trail from her mouth despite desperately trying to gulp it down.

As Madason’s flow ended, Bianca released her lip and breast lock on his dick with a gasp of air. “Good lord!” she panted, her chest heaving with every gulp of air. “I’ll never know where you get all that Hun.” She panted as her hands slowly jerked her husband off, keeping him at full mast.

Madason then reached down and grabbed the sides of Bianca’s panties and pulled upward, yanking her up onto the bed with the young woman letting out an excited squeal as her front side landed on the mattress. He then pressed his face into the crotch of her panties and started licking her lower lips through the thin cloth, Bianca moaning and giggling all the while.

Meanwhile, Flora and Debora were staring at the two, blushes on their faces as Flora squirmed in a desperate attempt to hide her arousal while Debora slowly circled one of her nipples with one hand while her other gently, and brazenly, stroked herself off. Kon meanwhile, was falling deeper into despair.

I…I don’t get it.” He thought to himself, “No human should be like this! For buck’s sake, even I have a refractory period but he’s already eager to go again! How could…oh no.” Kon’s blood froze solid as Ladja’s words echoed through his head.

“Now to be listening to me Kon, I may be looking the other ways when it comes to your indiscressions, but if you are not being careful they will return on you. The father of the legendary hero is destended to be a being of unparalleled might in terms of pure masculeness, the liking of which we cannot mimic. Should you attempting this with any woman he has taken, you’ll never measure upwards to him.”

(I’d like to take another moment to stress that this is more or less how Ladja speaks in the ds version of DQV. )

This human, who was currently yanking down his blonde wife’s panties, had to be that father. There was no other explanation for it!

Bianca just giggled as her panties were yanked down. “Ready for round two already?” she said as Madason began rubbing his mast against her tight entrance. “I guess you are.” She moaned as she spread her legs, her sexual fluids dripping onto the mattress. With nothing else stopping him, Madason placed the head of his dick against her entrance, grabbed hold of Bianca’s hips, and thrust forward, smoothly sliding into her with one thrust.

“OH YES!” The blonde woman shouted as her head flew back, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her tongue started dangling out, her body quivering as her juices flooded out.

“Did…” Kon began in shock. “Did she just…cum? Just from him sticking it in?!”

“It’s more likely than you’d think.” Debora stated, her focus not leaving the two on the mattress.

Bianca’s orgasm soon passed, which Madason took as his signal to continue on. He started slowly thrusting his hips back and forth as his hands firmly held Bianca in place. Her ass jiggling slightly as his hips clapped against it with every thrust, the couple moaning all the while.

“That’s it sweetie,” Bianca groaned out as her eyes shut in bliss. “Don’t be afraid to let loose a little now. I’m not exactly a delicate flower.” Madason then began thrusting harder, causing Bianca’s body to jerk forward slightly, her breasts jiggling as he rocked his hips back and forth.

Madason then leaned over Bianca, his chest pressing against her back as his hips slapped into her ass with loud claps echoing through the room and his head resting on her shoulder, his breath heating up her ear. Without a word from Bianca, he moved his hands from her hips, slowly sliding them across the sides of her stomach until they reached her chest, and then moved them to her front where he then firmly grasped her shaking tits, drawing a sharp gasp from the young woman beneath him.

“Oooh!” She moaned, her head turning towards her husband, one of her hands reaching around to the back of his head. “That’s it! Take me! *Ah!* Make sure that horse knows *OH!* knows who I belong to!”

Madason then pressed his lips to Bianca’s, his tongue meeting hers as his hips increased the intensity of their thrusting, muffling Bianca’s screams as her pussy tightened around his throbbing member in orgasm, her juices again staining the bed, with Madason following soon after, his cock spurting seed into her over and ver, filling her to the brink and pouring out and mixing with her juices.

As the lovers finally came off their peak, they collapsed into the bed panting heavily as Bianca snuggled into Madason’s chest with a smile plastered on both of their faces.

“Alright that’s enough.” Debora spoke up in irritation.

“Yeah!” Flora said with a surprising amount of aggression. “Some of us want our turn!”

“Mmm.” Bianca moaned blissfully as she enjoyed the afterglow. “Tell ya’ll what. As soon as you two can decide whose next, ah’ll move.”

With that, the adopted sisters looked at each other, determined looks in their eyes.

“The traditional way then?” Flora spoke with determination.

“Very well.” Debora matcher her in kind.

With that, they took up opposite ends across from one another before slamming their fists into their palms.

“Rock! Paper! Scissors!” they both shouted at the same time, raising their fists one final time before slamming them back down. “SHOOT!”

To be continued.

Sorry for the wait on this one folks. Hopefully chapter 2 will be done quicker!

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