Lets make it a threesome

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Let’s make it a threesome

“So I see you’ve been checking out me man”

Piper jumped at the sound of Cait’s voice from her bedroom’s doorway, one of the pros and cons of life in Vault 88 was that now she had solid walls behind her she had real privacy for a change but on the downside, she could no longer tell if someone was coming to talk to her until they were at her door “Jesus Cait! Warn a girl before just walking in on her!” Piper snapped to which Cait just rolled her eyes

“Yeah, yeah whatever” Cait just smirked before advancing on Piper making her flinch and step back against her desk “so you’re not going to defend yerself or anything?”

“F-for what?” Piper stuttered as the Irish woman got closer and closer until eventually the Reporter was sat on her desk with Cait’s face inches from hers, the Irish woman’s hands grasping the desk at either side of her to trap her in place

“I told you, you’ve been laying eyes on what’s mine” Cait asserted making Piper flinched as she suddenly leaned forward again, pressing her forehead against the raven-haired woman’s “so what do you have to say for yerself?”

“Well I…it’ like…me and Blue are just friends!” Piper exclaimed pushing Cait back to which the redhead smirked at her

“Yeah ‘just friends’, just a friend that you want to bend you over and ride you until the sun comes up, am I right?” Cait quipped to which Piper just blushed “that’s what I thought, now this can go one of two ways” she stated causing Piper to swallow thickly from nerves “the first is I could kick seven barrels of shite out of ya to make sure that you never look at my man in such a way again”

“And the second?” Piper gulped unsure whether Cait was just drunk and bluffing or not, either way she wasn’t going to risk asking

“The second way” Cait grinned sliding back up to Piper, grabbing her by the waist to pull her closer making her gasp as their chests made contact “is you giving in and giving me that threesome I keep asking fer” she breathed with a dirty grin as Piper’s face went bright red

Unable to find words to answer immediately Piper stuttered for a few moments as she tried to think of a way to deny her without accidently goading her on, whilst she had always outright refused whenever Cait had mentioned a threesome Piper couldn’t deny that she had thought about it in the past, the reporter finding Cait’s brashness and uncouth demeanour actually quite attractive in some ways and she respected her willingness to always say what was on her mind without bullshitting about it

The Survivor on the other hand was a whole other matter, yes Piper only saw him as a friend and whilst she questioned his mental state when he admitted that he was in love with Cait she had no intention of splitting them up but she couldn’t deny that he was a very handsome man, tall, chiselled and nicely muscled without being too garish with it like Danse whenever he chose to get out of his Armour

What attracted Piper most to Adam though was his personality, despite his overall good heart and eagerness to help and do the right thing there was a roughness to him that clashed with her own ideals in a way that couldn’t help but attract her to him

“So are we doing this or not?” Cait asked cutting Piper off from her thoughts

“You’re really not going to let this go are you?”

“Like fuck I will”

Letting out a sigh Piper realised that Cait had never really given her any choice to begin with “ok fine, if it will shut you up I’ll do it” the reporter sighed making Cait grin dirtily

“Good girl, now come on, I know where me man will be” the redhead smirked before grabbing hold of Piper’s wrist and dragging her out of her bedroom, her grip as strong as iron on her to make sure she didn’t try to squirm free as she led her towards the firing range Adam had set up deeper into the Vault

(Deeper into Vault 88)

The sounds of gunfire echoed through the large room that the Survivor had set up for a firing range, the metal signs and plates that had been hung up for targets spinning and swaying violently as they were pelted with Rifle fire as MacCready and Old Longfellow once again putting their shooting skills to the test to see who was the better of them

Watching from a few feet away Adam kept count of who shot which target, his eyes darting around the room to check who had aimed where and if their target had fallen or not, waiting for several more shots to be fired the Survivor then raised his hand “that’s enough!” he called to tell the pair to stop shooting

Immediately shouldering their Weapons MacCready and Longfellow turned to Adam, both eager to see who had won this time “I’m sorry to say this Longfellow but it seems youth beats experience today” Adam stated “MacCready beat you by three targets”

“Ha! Told you that you were losing it!” MacCready taunted with a cocky smirk

“Yeah, yeah, this old codger could still put a round in your ass at fifty yards so you better keep that mouth shut” Longfellow retorted making Adam smirk and roll his eyes, the Survivor turning to leave the shooting range to let the two have yet another argument over who was the better overall shot

He didn’t get far however as he quickly bumped into Cait and Piper, the smirk on Cait’s lips and the vice like grip she had on Piper’s wrist showing that she was up to no good “what’s going on here?” he questioned raising a suspicious eyebrow at his lover and her ‘captive’

“Piper ‘ere wants to shag ya” Cait stated without a second thought making Piper panic

“No I don’t! Blue she’s lying!”

“Quiet you! Don’t ruin this fer me!” the redhead harshly hushed her making Adam sigh

“Cait I told you this, you can’t hold live beat downs anymore no matter how much Piper pissed you off” the Survivor told her as he rubbed his temples

“I’m not pissed love, I’ve just called Piper out on her little crush on you and I’ve decided instead of punching her teeth in we’re both gonna shag ya” the Irish woman explained to which Adam just gawked at her like she had just claimed that the Deathclaw he had tamed and kept outside as a Guard Dog was dancing the Charleston

“Excuse me?”

“Ya heard me love, isn’t that right Piper?” Cait continued looking back at Piper with a silent order to agree with her

“I don’t think either of us have a choice here Blue” Piper replied sheepishly “though I’ll have to admit I’m not completely against the idea myself”

Staring in bewilderment at both women Adam tried to process the information he had been given, yes Cait had constantly joked about wanting a threesome with Piper but that’s what he had always taken it as, a joke, especially since Cait had a possessive streak when it came to him and had started more than one or two fights whilst drunk when she had caught someone eyeing him “this is no joke?”

“Of course it isn’t, now are you gonna be a man or what?” Cait smirked “not every guy gets this kind of thing daily, well unless he’s a Raider and the word ‘no’ isn’t a factor”

Grimacing at Cait’s dark humour Adam quickly came to the conclusion that Cait was not going to let this go and neither he or Piper had the option of backing out “are you sure you’re ok with this Piper? I could just hold Cait down whilst you run for it”

“Yeah but she’ll just do it again another time, it’s probably best we just get this over with Blue” Piper replied rubbing the back of her neck “despite the circumstances I’m not entirely against this” she then admitted again to which Adam agreed

“Right then, if you two are done playing baby’s first crush shall we get on with it?” Cait interjected with a broad smirk “I’ve been waiting for this for far too long so let’s either take this in the bedroom or I’m gonna shag both of you here and now, your choice”

Knowing that Cait was being completely serious on her threat Adam and Piper agreed to head to the Survivor’s and Cait’s room, their living quarters having been built deep into the cave system and with enough walls between it and the other main living areas for it to be deemed soundproof making it perfect for if Cait was feeling wild and loud

It was a good thing too as Cait seemed to be just as frisky at that moment as she openly groped Piper’s ass as she led her and her lover to the bedroom, making the raven haired woman blush and bite her lip as the redhead even sneaked a kiss on her neck before they reached the bedroom

Having actually never been in Adam’s new bedroom Piper was slightly shocked at how ‘old school’ it seemed, every story she had heard about the pre-war world seeming to be manifested in the retro fifties styled bedroom, the room glowing with a faint red from the red lights adorning the ceiling and walls, the bed circular instead of square like most beds she had seen and had the fortune to sleep on and the walls were covered in trophies, Weapons Adam had crafted or collected along with stuffed heads of several beasts he had killed

Before she could admire the room further however Piper was grabbed and thrown forward onto the bed yelping as she bounced on the old rusty mattress “hey! What’s the big deal?” she exclaimed turning over to find Cait shutting the door and locking it

“You wanted to fuck my man so you’re going to fuck my man” Cait stated standing with her back to the door to further cut off Piper’s only exit point “I want you to prove that I haven’t been wasting time barking up the wrong tree here, get your clothes off and give me a show”

Scowling at the redhead Piper huffed at her before complying, her cheeks turning the shame shade of red as her jacket as she shed it off, her eyes flicking over to the Survivor who stood in front of the bed immediately feeling a tightening in her abdomen when she found his gaze had gone from apprehensive to hungry “looks like I picked the right lass didn’t I love?” Cait smirked admiring Piper’s physique as she quickly stripped naked “damn, this is much better than what I had imagined was under that dusty old jacket of yours” she praised making Piper blush again “well what’re you waiting for love? She wants ya, go give it to her”

Nodding at the command Adam proceeded to strip down himself, shedding off the simple button up shirt he had found during a bandit raid letting it fall to the floor allowing Piper to admire his defined pectoral muscles, her eyes running down them until she found herself staring at his groin as he kicked off his shoes and did away with his pants revealing that he had been going commando which was understandable, once you lost your underwear it was incredibly hard to find a reasonable new pair

When Adam’s cock sprang free Piper felt her heart jump up into her throat, she was by no means a virgin, she had had flings in the past and drunken mistakes which led her to swear to herself to never drink so much again “well don’t just stare at it, I’m sure you’ve fantasized about sucking my man’s cock before so get to it” Cait commanded biting her lip at the sight of her lover’s manhood slowly beginning to shed off her clothing to join them in their nudity

“Are you sure you’re ok with this?” Adam asked as Piper made her way over to him, her eyes never leaving his cock as they turned as dark as her cheeks were red, just nodding in response Piper leaned in to take his erection into her mouth immediately soliciting a low groan from the Survivor as she struggled to take more than half of him into her mouth, her gag reflex still strong from lack of practice

Now completely naked and resting against the door Cait bit her lip as she watched Piper slowly bob her head along Adam’s cock fondling her breasts and rubbing her cunt as she watched, despite being an obvious oral virgin it was still hot to watch the Reporter work her lover’s manhood

As hot as it was however Piper’s constant coughing, choking and struggling to take more than half of Adam’s cock into her mouth soon ground on Cait’s nerves making her growl in annoyance and promptly join Piper on the bed “Jesus have you never sucked a cock before? Give it here and I’ll show you how it’s done” she ordered pushing Piper away before swallowing Adam’s cock down to the base effortlessly

Gasping and coughing after being forced away Piper turned to snap at Cait only to find herself staring in awe as Cait worked Adam’s cock like an expert, her hot dirty mouth pumping hard and fast along his length before he took hold of her head turning the blowjob into a face fuck “oh my god” she gasped watching how Cait’s throat bulged out every time Adam thrust into her mouth

Casting a glance over as Adam fucked her mouth Cait smirked as she found Piper staring with her jaw slack, placing a hand on her lovers waist to coax him into stopping so that she could pull away “c’mere” she purred cupping the back of Piper’s head using her grip to pull the Reporter into a deep hungry kiss letting her taste Adam’s cock on her tongue

Moaning into the kiss Piper put up no resistance as Cait deepened it, the older woman wrapping an arm around her to hold her steady whilst her free hand moved to the Reporters cunt, pushing two fingers inside of her making her gasp as Cait moved her mouth to her throat “damn she’s fucking wet” the Irish woman purred looking back to Adam “I’d say she’s nice and ready for you” she grinned dirtily as she moved Piper back to lay down on the bed

As she was laid back Piper just stared in lustful awe as Adam then mounted the bed, the old mattress creaking and rocking under his weight as he made his way over to her and between her legs, his eyes dark with lust but not in an animalistic sense, always giving her the chance and option to back out if so silently

Piper coaxed him to continue just as silently however spreading her legs wide to reveal her needy dripping slit, her breathing getting heavier as Adam slid in between her legs before letting out a loud cry of pleasure as he eased himself inside of her “oh fuck Blue!” she exclaimed arching her back as he filled her perfectly

“That’s it Darlin’, give it to her good” Cait encouraged watching as Piper eagerly wrapped her legs around Adam’s waist to hold him close as he started to take slow but powerful thrusts into her, making her breasts bounce with every movement

“She’s tight” Adam panted as it felt like his dick was trapped in a hot wet vice

“Of course she’s fucking tight, she’s been needing a good hard shag for god knows how long” Cait smirked as she leaned in to admire the look of ecstasy on Piper’s face “Christ she’s already losing it, she must have really needed a dick in her” she added as then Piper began to shake and quiver and with another few thrusts from the Survivor she came “REALLY needed a dick in her”

Collapsing back on the bed as her orgasm drained her completely Piper then whimpered as Adam then pulled out of her “what…?” she mumbled trying to lift her head only for Cait to hush her

“Easy there lass, don’t want to break you now, y’were rustier than I thought, ya can get him proper next time” the redhead hushed her, her tone much more soothing this time having realized that Piper wasn’t as experienced as she had thought, both her tone and the thought of sex with Adam again seeming to quiet Piper as the Reporter proceeded to lay back and watch as Cait went on to finish Adam off

Coaxing Adam to lie down next to Piper to give her the best view Cait then mounted his lap eagerly taking his cock into her aching cunt “ah fuck yeah, god damn I needed this” she cursed feeling herself on the brink of orgasm herself having worked herself most of the way whilst watching her lover fucking Piper

A low groan of pleasure and the throbbing of his cock inside of her showed that Adam was close as well, Cait only needing to ride him for just over a minute before they both hit their limit in near unison, the redhead cursing bloody murder as her body shook in the throes of her orgasm adoring the feeling of her lover’s cum filling her pussy

Collapsing forward onto Adam as she got her breath back Cait then proceeded to roll off of him to fill in the space on the bed between him and Piper “now, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she smirked clasping Piper’s hand

“I’ll admit I’ve had worse” Piper chuckled back “what was that you said earlier though? I’ll get him proper next time?”

“Yahonestly thought I’d let you off with just one shag?” Cait smirked “Adam and I don’t spend all of our time together, hell sometimes my man pisses off to go help whoever for a month at a time and we all have needs so as long as I know the girl she can fuck him, hell I even have my own piece on the side here when I get needy”

“What? Seriously?” Piper gasped sitting up and looking over to the Survivor to which he just give her a half-hearted shrug and a coy smile to show that Cait wasn’t lying “who?”

“Remember how MacCready said he’d do anything for me?” Cait replied “ya should give him a try, for a younger man he’s got some skill behind him”

“So what you’re telling me is that if I ever wanted to have sex with Blue I’m free to?”

“Well yeah, as long as ya remember who he belongs to though, ya can shag him but he’s my man, no trying anything lovey dove-y with him or I might have to kick the shite out of ya like I promised” she mocked threatened before turning to Adam “I’m sure you’re ok with that”

“I was ok with Magnolia so I don’t see any reason to not be ok with this” Adam smirked back making Cait grin and Piper blush a little “that reminds me Piper, didn’t you need to try to sneak into the Brotherhood base and get some info to tell people about? Should take us a couple days at least, a week tops if you really want to scope the place out” he added making the Reporter realize what he meant, an entire week alone with him

She should have accepted Cait’s threesome offer sooner

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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