HZD: Aloy the Naked Nora

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy the Naked Nora

Spoilers for the HZD plot and characters.
This chapter: Exhib, voy, nudism, sexual references.
Later chapters: MF, romance, sex, SH, attempted rape, violent things happening to rapists. Hey, clothed or not, it's Aloy!

Chapter 1 - Can I take my clothes off yet?

This was the year, Rost decided. Aloy was old enough and strong enough to take part in the Proving. At last she would be able to cast off the shameful clothing that they both wore to mark them as outcasts. Only true Nora were allowed to remove their clothes for good once they had reached puberty, and show themselves to the All-Mother who made them. Those who had offended against tribal law and been cast out were required to hide themselves from Her gaze.

Aloy longed to know why she was an outcast from birth and who her mother was. But most of all, she longed to run through the forest naked as Nora braves could do. She was sure the rustling of her clothes and their colouring made it harder to sneak up on the machine animals and smash them in a surprise attack. She was good at it nonetheless, but she thought "Just wait until I can leap from the tall red grass nude and take them down in a single strike. I'll kill twice as many!"

Rost had caught her practicing with the dummy machines naked a few months ago. Although he had bathed her when she was a baby, as soon as she had learned to wash and dress herself he had told her she that as an outcast she must always be fully clothed. He turned his back to the nude young woman as her spear struck the targets and shouted at her angrily to put her clothes on. Rost never tolerated any breach of Nora tribal law. Aloy was furious. Why couldn't she fight the way braves do?

When Rost told her she could go to the Proving the next day, Aloy asked "Will I be able to take my clothes off to run the Proving, like everyone else?"

"No," said Rost. "You must earn the status of a brave before you're allowed to show yourself to All-Mother". Rost was the ultimate conservative, followed tradition to the letter, and had never even gotten around to telling Aloy the 'facts of life', how babies were made and so on. "One of the matriarchs will teach her when she becomes a brave" was his excuse.

Aloy was miffed. Surely doing the Proving dressed would put her at a disadvantage against the others. Perhaps that was the intention - to bias the Proving against outcasts by making them run and hunt and climb hampered by their hated clothing.

To get hold of a tripcaster before taking part, she made her way to the village of Mother's Cradle. Many Nora lived there, carefully ignoring her while going about their business. Only Aloy and the children were clothed. It was humiliating to be treated as a child at her age. She moved quickly towards Karst, the merchant who would secretly speak to her. The naked man traded with her, glancing towards her chest as he always did. "Why does he have to keep staring at my clothes?" she thought. "There's no need to rub it in. Okay, I'm an outcast whose body isn't fit to be seen. Nothing else to see here, move along!"

When the time came, Rost met her at the bridge to Mother's Heart. He seemed to be saying goodbye to her forever. "But Rost, won't you be there to see me as a naked brave at last, after the Proving?"

"No, Aloy" he replied gravely. "I will still be a clothed outcast. You must stay away from me. Even though I was your foster-father I must never see you nude. It's not appropriate."

Saddened beyond belief, Aloy moved into the village, which was crowded with more naked bodies than she had ever seen at one time. Only one young man greeted her warmly. Teb called out to her and offered her a brave's pendant to replace her old one she had made in the wilds. "Of course, nobody will notice it while you're wearing that, err, clothing. But I'm sure you'll be able to take it all off after tomorrow. I look forward to seeing it between your buds after the Proving."

Teb had provided Aloy's first up-close view of male anatomy when she was a little girl. She had used her focus (a mysterious device from the old machine world) to guide him past hostile machines. The bare-skinned young man had been shouted at by his father for speaking to her. Aloy liked him. "Thank you, Teb. I hope you get to see me wearing only your pendant very soon."

Aloy moved past a matriarch teaching children about the past. "And the Old Ones from the machine age were so evil that they refused to show themselves to All-Mother when they grew up. They stayed covered like children and outcasts all their lives, because they were afraid of All-Mother's gaze."

Higher up the slope, there was consternation. A group of visitors from the Oseram tribe were standing near matriarch Teersa. Aloy was shocked to see that they were clothed. It seemed that other tribes didn't have the same customs. A crowd of naked Nora jeered at them - foreigners were clearly the same as outcasts. What were they doing here with their offensive coverings? A speech by the Oseram leader, Erend, calmed them down. "It was the old king of Meridian who captured your people and forced them to wear ceremonial robes before sacrificing them. I speak for the new king who has abandoned such perversions. Although the Carja and the Oseram wear clothing, are we not human beings underneath them?" He parted his robes briefly, revealing his body for a quick flash at the crowd. This made them settle down, and there were a few grunts of approval.

Erend spoke to Aloy briefly after his speech, intrigued by her outcast costume which was new to him. He invited her to Meridian, the Carja capital. "If you're a Nora brave by then, I'm sure any Carja warrior will be glad to see you." Aloy thought it was so nice of him to say that.

Aloy's focus detected a signal coming from another, stouter Oseram. He had a focus too. When she spoke to him about this he was cordial at first, introducing himself as Olin. His focus scanned her and showed what nobody had ever seen except (briefly) Rast - the contours of her womanly body, outlined in blue. This was a trick Olin used with women back home, though obviously he had no need to do so among the Nora. But then he was startled by frantic instructions relayed to him through his focus. He became terse and moved away from her as quickly as possible.

"Well!" thought Aloy. "I'm used to Nora men recoiling in disgust from my clothing, but what right does he have to do it when he's dressed too?"

At the cabin where aspirants for the proving were to spend the night, Aloy got into an argument with a boy named Bast, who sneered at her coverings and said outcasts shouldn't be there, and that she had no hope of winning. Aloy gave back as good as she got, but the oddest thing was that Bast's 'petow' grew noticeably bigger and straighter as the argument went on. She asked another girl about this afterwards.

"I'm Vala" said the athletic young woman, whose dark skin was proudly displayed to the fullest. "My mother, Sona, told me that's a normal thing that happens to boys from time to time. Especially when he's talking to a girl, of course. You know!" She giggled and Aloy giggled back, pretending to know what Vala was talking about.

Bast didn't know why it had happened either. The phrase 'the attraction of hidden delights' was unknown to the Nora, and Bast really hated outcasts. He didn't know why sassy and defiant words from this covered young woman made his body stir. It annoyed him, and he became more determined to beat her in the Proving. Tomorrow...


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