PlayerUnknown’s Soulsborne Waifu Compendium

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Souls or Bloodborne, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

PlayerUnknown’s Soulsborne Waifu Compendium

(A/N): This is the product of me finishing Dark Souls 3, being on no fap, and having a tired and twisted no-inhibition conversation with someone on Skype at one in the morning.

Having played all of Soulsborne (Sans Demon’s Souls sadly) at this point, I’ve accumulated a fairly long list of waifus from all over the spectrum, ranging from shy young women to trap gods to massive beasts. So it was pretty surprising to see the general lack of stuff for these characters, save for the bazillion bits of Ciaran and Priscilla drivel on the net and that one collection of stories with girls shagging monsters.

That’s alright and all, but I feel that the other side deserves a chance. Monster girls exist for a reason, eh? So with that, here’s the first entry in a planned 22 chapter series of comedic lemons across the Soulsborne games starring some of the less popular girls, drawn from bosses, NPCs, and common enemies!

Today’s chapter stars Hollow Knight Galloway, and his hot encounter with Chaos Witch Quelaag and her sickly sibling!

WARNING: Obvious sexual content, spelling errors, bad language, crude jokes, sex with things that some people might find gross, OC protagonists with little personality, OOC behaviour, non-lore friendly events, and my first story in around six months and my first LEMON in probably four years!

Chapter One: Chaos Witch Quelaag and the Fair Lady

He’d always hated bloody spiders.

That was before he’d entered Blighttown. That was before he’d descended the patchwork network of rotted timber and worn stone. That was before he’d forded an endless body of sludge and dung whilst on the run from hungry bugs eager to have a slurp at his precious bodily fluids. That was even before he stumbled to shore and clawed for cover in a cave whilst under assault from rock hurling brutes with nothing better to do than stand around in poison and throw things at innocent passersby.

So you could probably sympathise with his current predicament, having barely caught his breath within the confines of a large, smoothly bored chamber before a new threat made itself known. A fatso would’ve been fine. Why, he wouldn’t have been particularly aggravated if there were two of them. He was a reasonable bloke, hard to surprise.

Instead he got a spider.

A spider with tits.

Now don’t get him wrong; he was a rather modern man and all for creative kinks, but a spider with tits? A spider with tits.

“Welcome, bringer of meat.” it said, trudging towards him. A spider with tits that could also talk, terrific. “The children of chaos are hungry. Give yourself to Quelaag's flame!”

This was all going by pretty quickly, but for the sake of efficiency he ran through what was going on. He was at the very bottom of Lordran facing off against a big red spider, which had the upper body of a woman sticking out of its front, and apparently wanted to eat him. He’d had worse first impressions, but not too many.

His equipment caked in filth yet still in good nick, Hollow Knight Galloway brought his shield to bear and poised his shortsword for action. The heaviness of his arms and legs subsided for the moment, the adrenaline of oncoming battle surging through his veins with a practically audible zap.

The spider, which he assumed was called Quelaag, darted forward in that characteristically erratic way spiders tended to creep you out with. She grew larger and larger as she raced across the dust ridden earth, skittering forward with a warped black blade in her hand and smoke in her wake.

Her human body – the pretty part – was completely nude, her skin a porcelain white and without fault. Nice and sizeable her bust was equally peerless and captivating, not that he was staring or anything. Honest.

 She was the perfect contrast to the domain she ruled over.

The irony brigade must’ve been shitting theirselves.

Her breasts bouncing in motion with her strides, she leapt at him in a terrifying lunge. He didn’t roll to evade it so much as leap forward, clawing himself back to his feet behind her with a relieved whoop. He was right up to her now, and the sense of scale hadn’t really been apparent up to this point.

Momentarily confused by his dive, Galloway took the opportunity to swing at the creature’s many kneecaps. She wouldn’t miss any of those anyway. Alas, its thick exoskeleton held firm against his simple iron blade. He couldn’t so much as leave a dent.

Quelaag didn’t even spare him an irked glance, that’s how little he’d done to faze her just now. Reasonably panicked by this development what with stabbing things being the best skill in his repertoire, the Hollow Knight raised his shield and backpedalled hastily, knowing full well that he couldn’t outrun the arachnababe.

What happened next could best be described as a stage show sketch, the pair running around in circles for the best part of three minutes. None of his strikes were met with any apparent sign of damage, and her own blade swipes were getting more and more accurate as she attuned herself to his rhythm. He was forced on the defensive, not that he had ever been on the offensive.

Dodge to the left, backstep, crouch, raise shield – there.

Without even realising it the Hollow Knight had somehow gotten himself cornered in a room that lacked corners, his guard broken and his squishy innards ripe for the picking. Quelaag raised the point of her chaotic blade, its design an orgy of a thousand gothic artists with parental issues.

“W-Well.” Galloway’s voice cracked, strenuous beads of sweat joining a billion other varieties on his brow. “You, uh… Said you wanted meat?”

A mischievous smile that would’ve been alluring in a slightly less volatile scenario spread across her pink lips, her free hand playing with her expertly combed rouge hair. She had plans in store for this foolish undead, that was for sure.

He’ll admit, now he was staring at her tits in all their glory. If he was about to die, he’d at least be looking at something nice. As if noticing his degeneracy she folded her arms across her breasts, pressing them together in a way that almost seemed teasing.

She muttered “Those who trespass Quelaag’s Domain belong to me.” as a maw where her human body ended began to open. The Hollow Knight noticed at this point that a larger mouth and tongue resided where a spider’s head ought to be. He would’ve upchucked his lunch at the sight if he hadn’t done that on the way here.

In moments a cascade of lava or magma or whatever it was gushed out from the spider’s newly revealed gob, searing fury unleashing upon his person. In a futile yet commendable display he brought his shattered shield to bear to try and ward off the onslaught, yet the discharge parted at his presence. Within moments he was surrounded by a moat of steaming molten liquid. The sweltering heat would’ve been unbearable even if he wasn’t in a full set of plate mail.

His legs were the first to go, as he stumbled onto his knees like a festive drunkard. Next his arms began to wibble and wobble like an exquisite jelly before his hands lost their purchase and he fell to the floor. Surprisingly his eyes were the last to give up as heat exhaustion tucked his brain and body to sleep and gave him a nice wet kiss on the forehead.

Galloway had always been a light sleeper, especially when there was a spider in his room as a boy, so he couldn’t have been asleep long. Yet Quelaag was a large and agile thing, and could have easily ferried him from Carim to Courland in about the time it takes for him to trim his beard.

Regardless, his location wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when he began to stir from the void. Actually the first thing that came to mind was that he was in fact not dead, because if he was dead he probably wouldn’t be able to ask himself these sort of questions in the first place. More to the point while his body felt heavy in all the wrong places, he could still feel. He could feel that his back rest upon something rough and covered in short strands of grass or hair, and he could feel something soft and podgy behind his head like a cushioned headrest.

Of greater interest was a rising tingle in his senses. He was having trouble locating it what with the grogginess and all, but it was a constant alternating rhythm. Tingle, tongleTick, tock… And so on so forth. He would’ve probably worked it out if you gave him five more minutes and three guesses, but thankfully his eyes began to cooperate at that point.

A white haired young woman, sharing the beauty of Quelaag straight down to the perfect – albeit somewhat smaller – cleavage, was licking, kissing, and at times sucking on the tip of his cock.

She clearly had little idea what she was doing, but she was putting her all into it. Dainty white hands clutched at his base as she slowly circled her tongue around the exposed head, her heart beating at thrice the pace.

Now that’s a wake-up call if he’d ever seen one.

“Very good, very good.” a loud voice belonging to Quelaag complimented. He wasn’t quite sure where she was speaking from. “Do you want to try it agai-“

The end of the younger woman’s tongue found the spot, pressing against the very tip of Galloway’s length. He gasped in surprise, a lewd bolt of satisfaction zipping down his spine and causing the girl to reel back in surprise. Quelaag snickered in her seemingly characteristic manner, her arms squeezing his waist. He was leaning against her front securely; his head nestled comfortably against her ample bust.  His armour – whatever state it was in - was gone.

“Awake now, are we?” Quelaag gloated, her snowy counterpart shyly continuing to pump away with both hands. There was a wet squelching sound as her saliva lubricated her movements, his tool slippery in her soft palms. “Rightly so.” the girl rubbed her index finger over the spot curiously, coating it in a generous amount of precum. She pressed it between finger and thumb experimentally. “Do you know why you are here?”

It was probably a rhetorical question, but even then he was too busy staring at the lady directly in front of him. The innocence in which she tended to his bulbous need had its own sense of erotica, and it was hypnotic. Her eyes were closed yet her head moved to the direction of Quelaag’s voice – was she blind?

As the younger lady return to her oral duties, loudly slurping on the tip in an apparent effort to stuff more of it between her plump little lips than possible, Quelaag continued. “We want your humanity, Undead. The very essence of souls.” the girl’s pearl white teeth accidently grazed ever so slightly upon the flared ends of his cock, prompting the quietest ‘sorry’ he’d ever heard as she lapped at the afflicted area like kissing a boo boo. “And can it come in any purer form than from your loins?”

Just to make sense of this, these women wanted his contribution and thought it contained the magical power of life itself? Well, in some ways they were right to think that. The white haired woman tried to take the plunge again, slowly willing the first inch of the length into her mouth without issue – it was the next part that would be difficult. Galloway looked on as she adjusted her lips, her tongue crudely yet amiable flicking at the underside of his member in an attempt to pull another moan from him. He had a feeling she enjoyed it when he made those sort of sounds.

“Do you understand, male?” she said the word like you’d say ‘foreigner’ or ‘art student’, an additional layer of condescension joining her typical layer to make something so thick it’d take a battleaxe to slice through it cleanly.

He wasn’t really in a good position to give an answer at the moment, so he settled with a subdued nod that set the breasts he lay upon bouncing like the ebb and flow of the sea. Seemingly content with his answer, Quelaag’s attention turned away from him and returned to the one who mattered.

“Don’t rush it, sister.” she warned, leaning forward and pulling the Hollow Knight even further between her head-sized breasts. She had a peculiar, alien smell to her – fragrant and dizzying. “If it starts to hurt…”

A muffled sound that could’ve meant either yes, no, or ‘yahtzee’ vibrated down the length of his cock as Quelaag’s sister pushed further and further, her brow knit in concentration as she slowly willed it forward. Through the warm caress of her tongue to the beginnings of the boiling grip of her throat, a shudder surged through Galloway’s jaw. He tried to stay perfectly still right down to his pulse – he was as invested in this as the young lady was.

There was a pained gulp as her limit was reached, and the pale woman pulled away like a diver surfacing for air. Loudly she gasped and sputtered, her breasts heaving as a strand of drool hung from her lips to his drenched tool. She clutched onto it firmly, tugging at a slow constant. “Q-Quelaag…” she shuddered, her breathing haggard. “I can’t, t-the taste…It’s too…”

Quelaag literally dropped him on the floor and raced to her sister, pulling the scared young girl into a loving embrace befitting of the closest of siblings. Galloway heaved himself to his knees, watching the pair in this moment of tranquillity. It was a strange thing to watch, what with the nature of Quelaag and Blighttown before her. It seemed even now in the darkest of times the love of sisters held firm.

Them both being massive spiders added to the strangeness, but details, details.

“You’re as talented as you are beautiful, dear sister.” she murmured paternally, a long nailed finger combing through her strands of hair with experienced technique. Did she often brush her sibling’s hair for her? “You can take a break if you’d like, I can-”

“N-No.” the younger of the pair refused, letting her hair be played with. “Not yet, I… Want to hear more.”

Quelaag looked down at the Hollow Knight in her usual looking-down-at manner, the pained tears of her sibling tended to and her quest still ongoing. “I will help you as much as I can.” she whispered affectionately, her wicked smile replaced by genuine love – all for her dear sister of course. “Okay?”

A subtle nod and subdued “Yes” were answer enough, and Quelaag skittered toward him dominantly. “Sit.” she commanded, gesturing at a raised bumped on the rugged chamber surface. It was likely that they were still in the tunnel system of Blighttown, not far from where he collapsed.

Under the awkward scrutiny of the red-headed sister he clambered the rise, conveniently positioning him for easy access for the younger sibling. It was the perfect height, down to a centimetre. This was the sort of contrived coincidence only he ever seemed to encounter, and it was beginning to legitimately bother him.

Quelaag’s sister reached forward with the guidance of her sibling, blindly feeling for Galloway’s still boiling member. While the pause in the action and being dropped head first onto the dirt so suddenly had let it go ever so flaccid, all it took was her timid touch and the innocence of her smile to put him back into gear.

“Are you ready?” Quelaag asked, leaning closely to her sister’s ear. The Hollow Knight was about to answer but she quickly snapped. “I’m not talking to you, male.”

Answering her with action the snow-haired lady started her ritual from the very beginning, as if psyching herself up through procrastination. She started ever so gently, slowly running her tongue from the base of his testicles all the way to the tip, her tongue flicking off the end and leaving his cock bouncing. Both of her grey hands gripped onto it to keep it still, kneading it like dough as her lips wrapped around his helmet.

“Very good.” Quelaag commended, reaching her arms around her sibling’s chest and grasping onto her pert little breasts. She squeaked in surprise, pulling away for the moment and letting the undead’s precum dribble from her lips.

“Q-Quelaag…!” her raised voice was barely any louder than her normal, hushed tone. Quelaag laughed ever so quietly, egging her sister on through arousal. She carefully squeezed her sister’s tits in her palms, making sure to release them from her cruel grip just before it could hurt her. The red-head exhaled hotly, pressing against her younger’s back encouragingly. She knew exactly how good she felt.

“Try licking those.” Quelaag instructed, the nails of her index fingers prodding at her sibling’s nipples and running circles around them “I bet that’ll make him squirm. Galloway could feel every tremble and whimper the younger sister was experiencing, the person she loved the most fondling and exploring her virgin body. Deep down she probably dreamed of this day, and his cock ached for more.

With a reserved pop she pulled his rock hard length from her mouth, slowly lowering her head. “Like this…?” she questioned, awkwardly flicking her tongue against his balls with long, rapid licks. Before Quelaag could even add to her advice the girl took to suckling, willing one into her mouth at a time and squeezing them gently between her lips, savouring them like sweet candies and coating them in saliva. For all the timidness she displayed, she had a talent alright.

Galloway could feel the moan starting from his chest and travelling up his throat, and he let it out as the girls’ reward. His back arched slightly to cope with the sensation, the younger woman rising from where she was with the sort of smile on her lips that could launch a thousand and one ships. To be honest the Hollow Knight was surprised that sight alone wasn’t enough to put him over the edge.

“I always knew you were a pervert deep down, sister.” Quelaag snickered mischeviously, continuing to knead her sibling’s breasts as she wrapped them around the trembling cock of the undead. The touch was velvet. “How about this?”

“Between my b-breasts?” she questioned in confusion, her own hands resting awkwardly to her sides as she let her wise sister do the work for her, completely at her mercy. Soft flesh danced and glided expertly around Galloway’s cock, both he and the snow-haired beauty being brought to ecstasy from this skilful massage. “D-Don’t stop…”

Galloway unconsciously began to thrust into the movement, then after a moment started doing it consciously. Soon enough the sound of flesh and flesh began to slap and smack with force and speed and damp, smack, smack, smack. He howled again, earning a whimper as reserved and adorable as she from Quelaag’s sister.

 To think that not too long ago Quelaag was trying to murder him to death, and before that he was fighting inbred creatures in a giant bog. Now he was in heaven, two beautiful women eager to please. “You’ve got such lovely breasts.” Quelaag cooed almost jealously, nuzzling her helpless sister’s cheek affectionately. She alternated the movements, pumping up the volume of her sister and the knight’s cries. “You deserve better than this ape.”

He’d been called much worse than that, not that he cared at this point. His toes curled back and forth, his control beginning to crumble as he saw the point of no return racing towards him at full pelt. He growled gutturally, gritting his teeth as the sister’s breaths grew more and more hurried and shallow – no doubt on the road to her own orgasm. More of that contrived coincidence; he must’ve been made of the stuff. The snow-haired girl reached for Quelaag’s hands and tried to eke out just a bit more pleasure, her body desperate for that last push before the fall.

But Quelaag stopped at the precipice.

“S-Sister…?” the younger stuttered as Quelaag released her breasts, after a few moments of heavy breathing. Galloway’s cock twitched and trembled in silent rage, rubbing expectantly between her slack and soaking tits.

The fiery red-head – pun intended – licked her lips. “Not like that.” she declared, skittering away and moving to her sister’s side. She pressed her nose against Galloway’s member, holding it by its base and shaking it testingly. It was still as stiff as her resolve, and she breathed lustfully. “I have my needs too.”

Now Galloway hadn’t expected Quelaag to join in for sure, but he definitely didn’t expect her to do what she did next. Although to be fair on reflection it was pretty obvious, as she positioned his cock and took it all the way into her throat. The noise he made was less of a howl or a moan and more of a squeal, the older of the sisters reaching his base with ease. With a loud sucking sound she pulled back to his tip and plunged in again, and again, and again at rapid speeds. Her hands pumped in perfect sync, her technique flawless and without peer.

Listening in fascination, the younger sister – no doubt feeling left out in all this – mimicked her elder and reached around her chest, her small hands feeling and pinching at Quelaag’s large breasts. Quelaag pulled away from the Hollow Knight with a smirk, pumping roughly as she sunk against her sibling’s hot and sweaty bosom.

“Dear sister, you never cease to surprise me.” she giggled, her inexperienced sibling struggling to hold so much cleavage at once. While she was clumsy in what she did, the older sister appreciated her efforts and was eager to encourage her. “Mmmm, I love it when you squeeze my tits” she moaned in an approving, albeit cringe worthy manner – it did the job regardless. Quelaag casually continued her torture of Galloway as she spoke to her kin, rapidly pumping away with one clenched fist yet seemingly not paying the slightest bit of attention. He wanted to cum so much. She could tell. “I think this disgusting dog is nearly there.”

No points for the choice of animal, ten for the alliteration.

“I-I can do it.” the snow-white girl promised, hesitantly releasing he elder’s bosom from her clutches. “Just like you did, right?”

Quelaag turned to embrace her, nestling her head atop her breast maternally. “I’ll be right here.”

With the plan settled in less than fifteen words, the fragile lady positioned herself for the main event, her loving sibling returning to brushing and combing her hair between her fingers. While it always made her feel more comfortable, she knew that it was equally calming for her concerned sibling. She breathed deeply, caressing the burning cock before her with her hot breaths. She kissed the tip once, then twice, and again – three pecks to psyche herself up. And then opening her mouth with the wet sound of tongue and spit, she began to push. By her back Quelaag joined the effort, gently pushing her head forward. Galloway held his breath.

She was half way there in no time. “Good, such a beautiful girl.” Quelaag whispered, reaching for the undead’s balls and squeezing them gently. “You’ve fit so much.” she purred in arousal, mostly for her sibling’s benefit but in some ways to push the horny male before them over the edge. She moaned hotly, tickling his testicles with the points of her nails as at last he went over the edge.

Cum for us.”

His muscles spasmed and tightened and his orgasm took control, ropes of cum shooting down the fair lady’s throat amidst muffled moans. He didn’t fight the contractions as they took over his body, nor did she fight back as she was filled with his essence.  When he was finally finished – however long that took – the younger sister continued her suckles and slurps hungrily as she reluctantly pulled away from his sticky length. When at last she broke free she was gasping for air amidst the occasional sputter, until at last after a brief pause she swallowed it down.


She rested her grey cheek against the Hollow Knight’s drenched and spent member, her lovely hair spilling across his hips as she let her exhausted and orgasm-wrecked body whisk her to a fulfilling sleep.

Quelaag continued to brush as she surrendered to the allure of slumber. “Good girl. Good girl.” she whispered proudly. For the slightest of moments she glanced at the still conscious – albeit shaken – Galloway, her expression beaming with an almost gratefully joy. Her eyes alone conveyed a silent thanks for his contribution. Exhaling in satisfaction she rest her chin upon her tired sister’s head, squeezing her tightly and listening.


The red-head muttered “… Nothing’s happened.”

Was something supposed to happen? Did she expect some magic to come out of thin air? Maybe for the Firstborn to suddenly appear and reveal all the secrets of Oolacile in a comedic song and dance routine? Galloway – eventually - regained his breath, trying to ignore the sleeping pretty girl still attached to his cock. “Nothing’s happened” he agreed.

“Where is the humanity? T-The essence of… I thought…?” Quelaag sputtered in utter confusion, a state of mind her husky voice was not suited for.

Now that the sheer lust of the scenario had settled, the Hollow Knight ran his situation through his thick skull for what must’ve been the fifth time today. He’d just had lewd, kinky, taboo, non-penetrative sex with two spider sisters with a bit of incestuous lesbian subtext going on, in the bowels of a forsaken swamp, all in a mission to try and harvest his sperm in order to gain the very essence of life itself for some great purpose.

At what point was this supposed to make sense?

At what point was any of this supposed to make sense?

He glanced at the snow-haired sister on his lap. While she did look peaceful, with a strand of her drool still stretching from her lips to his knob, she too had a massive freakin’ spider for legs. He’d just been deepthroated by spiders, his one true nemesis. It was typical really, first they took the jobs and then the womenfolk. What would an undead and half spider half human hybrid even look like anyway?

You.” Quelaag hissed, having nothing else to vent her anger on and lashing out on the closest thing she could find. She lifted her snoozing sister away from the Hollow Knight and held her to her bosom protectively, sparing her from her temper. “Get out of my domain. Leave!”

“W-What about my trousers?”  Galloway stammered, cupping his joy department between his hands with sudden embarrassment. He wasn’t about to feed the spuds to the lions, even if he’d literally just had them in the mouths of said lions. “And that whole humanity th-”

Molten gloop burst out of the spider’s maw, ready to melt some faces.


He couldn’t remember what he specifically did during his blind panic, but the end result was him sprinting out of the cave system wearing nothing but his helmet and his boots with all the equipment he could carry in his arms in tow – ironically, everything apart from his trousers. Looking back through the tunnel he spotted the enraged spider woman with blade in hand screeching for blood, and in panic slipped and tumbled down the web coated incline. The arachnababe, placated for the moment, slunk back to her domain to brood.

Hollow Knight Galloway sat up at the foot of the slope, fishing his drenched armour from the sludge of the swamp and getting to work pulling it all back on. If there was one thing for certain, he didn’t want to die completely naked – he’d settle for less in the pants department.

“Well, that was an adventure.” he said to no one in particular, readjusting his greaves and pouring green muck out of his gauntlets. “Spiders, check. Pretty women, double check.  Lesbians, double double check. Foreplay, oh that’s a quadruple check.” he pulled on his brigandine. “Probably all a stinking dream, maybe I’m just conked out in a gutter somewhere. Still, I’ve had worse experiences.”

There was a thunderous crash as a malformed boulder exploded to his right, throwing a smokescreen of stone and dirt into the air that went straight for the lungs. He covered the mouth of his helmet, futilely swatting at the air. Once the smoke cleared he pulled open his visor to scan his surroundings, spotting a deformed behemoth of a man with enough fat in his body to feed a banquet.

It raised another boulder, the other having been a warning shot.

Galloway rose to his feet, sans pants, as the boulder was launched towards him.

Bloody spiders.”


(A/N): There we have it, my first attempt at a lemon in four years! I think it may’ve been a bit awkward starting in a hard place with a threesome scene involving two massive half spider ladies, but eh… Also feel like I focused a bit too much on the scene and less on the main stuff – that is, the smexy tiems – than I should. Regardless, this is more of a test than anything, and if things go to plan we’ve got plenty of different awkward scenarios to come

Join Galloway again in the next chapter as he encounters a different kind of “fair” lady at the bottom of Blighttown’s swamp!

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