Solo's Lustful Journey

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This is my very first fanfic in this site, and the very first lemon fic even. And boy am I daring, choosing to have NTR-harem fic.

Note that personally, I am against NTR in real life. It’s horrible, as I would never want to cheat on my wife, nor would I want my wife to do the same. Marriage is a very important thing that shouldn’t be trifled with.

But this is fiction, so I don’t have to give a fuck about morality.

And this fic will feature my most favorite character in all the series: Solo from MegaMan Starforce, as he NTR’s his way to sex godhood.

Oh yeah, Solo's appearance looks like this:


If you think he looks too kiddish, imagine an older version then.

“Bye Geo, have a nice day,” the magenta haired woman said as she kissed her husband goodbye, giving him a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll miss you.”

Geo couldn’t help but blush at hearing that. They were already in their 20s and still he would blush like some middle school student. But his wife Sonia was so sweet that he couldn’t help but get slightly embarrassed whenever she would be so affectionate with him.

“I’ll miss you too,” he replied, kissing her back. “Try and get some rest today, okay. You still seem rather tired.”

Looking at her face, she was visibly flushed, even more red than he was being. But it didn’t seem to be from embarrassment. She was like that a lot lately. He hoped that she didn’t catch anything bad.

“Psh, don’t worry about me. Just be sure to give it your all at work today,” Sonia declared with a smile.

Nodding, Geo gave his wife one last kiss before heading off to work. Today was going to be busy as well. He hoped he wouldn’t have to stay in there for so long again.

Closing the door, Sonia let out a huge sigh of relief, collapsing down onto her knees.

“He didn’t notice, did he?” a voice called out, alerting the girl, as she turned to see a white haired man with tanned skin and deep crimson eyes, matching the color of the tattoo on his cheek.

“Wish you wouldn’t sneak up on me so much, Solo…” Sonia said, before shaking her head. “No, he didn’t… he thinks that I’m just a little sick is all.”

“Oh but you are, Sonia,” Solo said, a smirk forming on his face, making Sonia scowl. She hated that arrogance that he had developed over the years. “Show me.”

She could feel herself stiffen when he said that.

“Show. Me.” He repeated, slower this time.

Gritting her teeth, she got up and walked towards him as he knelt down, and she began to pulled down her shorts, revealing her light blue thong that was soaking as a vibrator was humming inside her pussy.

“You did just as I asked you to,” Solo said pleased.

“Yeah, I did…” Sonia wanted to punch his smug look, but she was powerless before him, both realistically and the fact that he basically had control over her body right now, as she was aching for him badly.

“Must have been stressful, since I would keep playing it randomly and you’d have to deal with it. But I bet the real stress was not having the real thing inside you,” the Murian deduced, as he lightly licked the juices from her cunt, making her shiver.

“I-I…” she had no real response to that.

“Come on, let’s get started. Take off those clothes, then take mine off,” he said, but his tone made it sound like an order.

What was it about him that made her so… horny? Like, she should be pissed at him and ashamed of herself. She was here, basically cheating on her husband whom she loved with all her heart, and she couldn’t find the strength to reject him. Instead, she obeyed him commands, as she began to strip off her clothes.

No longer did she have the childish appearance from over a decade ago. Now she was a full fledged woman, with long hair, larger breasts, and firmer ass. Sure, her breasts weren’t the same league as Luna’s, being three cups larger, but Sonia still packed a nice DD cup. Plus, her ass was probably the finest in the world if she could say. It’s why many guys were jealous of Geo for being able to marry and bang the sexiest idol in the world.

Of course, the same could be said for Solo. He was beautiful back then, Sonia begrudgingly admitted, but the years have turned him into a real stud. As she removed his shirt, her fingers were already feeling up his muscular chest, and she could feel herself drooling. She looked lower and was about to work on his pants when his strong hands grabbed her wrists.

“Silly me, how could I forget… where’s my morning kiss?” Solo asked with a teasing grin.

Sonia wanted to look away in anger, but she was already growing even hornier now, as she was drawn into his presence, puckering her lips as she kissed him, and already felt his tongue shoving itself down her throat, as he held her closely.

A rush of what felt like electricity coursed through her body as her mind began to dim out her sense of logic, and she was only moaning into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, and could feel his crotch poking her.

It was always like this. Just a single look at his body, or just a kiss from him, and she would be sent already over the edge and get so wet. Kissing Geo was nice and sweet, but kissing Solo was straight up hot.

It was like a drug.

No, not like a drug.

Solo is a drug.

A drug that would make her feel high as Heaven right down on Earth, and they haven’t even gotten to the serious part yet.

Submitted into the kiss, Sonia just let Solo abuse her mouth with his tongue, as his rough hands caressed her body, soon cupping her ass, and rubbed over several areas to get her even hornier.

Fuck! How does he do it?

It’s like he knows everything about her. He knows her body more than even she did, and could make her putty with just his hands.

Of course, when the kiss was broken, Sonia was left in a daze, a thick rope of saliva still connecting their mouths before it soon broke. But Sonia’s switch was completely flipped now, and she already began to use her tongue elsewhere: his chest.

Tasting his skin, she was overwhelmed by the flavor. She did this so many times already, but every time it tasted so good. She just wanted to keep running her tongue all over him. As she worked her way down his chest, she got to his abs, those amazing six pack abs that she was sure dropped her IQ 10 points for every pack she would see every time.

She circled her tongue around each ab before filling it in. She could feel it, the growing sensation of his own lust. Soon, she would see the beast he kept within.

She continued to work on him until he finally gave the word, “Go.”

Pulling his pants down, she moved back as she then moved the boxers out of the way, narrowly avoiding being smacked by the thing inside the boxers.

He was merely half erect, and already he was bigger than any porn star she saw. And being an idol, she had some knowledge of porn stars and their works. She even watched some with Geo to get him in the mood with her.

Sonia remembered the very first time she saw it, or rather felt it. And by felt it, she meant getting smacked by it. She wanted to get it over with quickly, but the moment she pulled the boxers, her forehead got a faceful of meat on it. She was almost sure she suffered a concussion for a moment that day.

But now she was prepared, but that didn’t stop her from marveling the size of his manhood.

She loved Geo with all her heart. But… his cock was average… well, average for the normal sense, as Solo was actually not the normal sense. In fact, he made Geo, and pretty much every man on Earth, look tiny in comparison.

Saliva already forming in her mouth, she wasted no time in giving his cock a nice, firm lick. Almost immediately her taste buds were dancing happily as she was already beginning to run her tongue over his cock furiously.

Hearing him groan in pleasure, and his cock hardening to the point that she was now licking the huge rod that is responsible for her body’s aches, her eyes had a cloud of lust over them as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. She’s sucked him off many times already, but still her mouth couldn’t help but get sore from how huge he was. She nearly dislocated her jaw the very first time even.

And that did not even compare to how she was was trying to get more of his cock stuffed inside her throat, his cock hit the back of her throat before she even got the halfway mark, and the gag reflexes would kick in soon after.

Even to this day, she never succeeded in deepthroating him. So whatever she couldn’t suck off, she would pump with her hand, though she could barely grip it as it’s girth was also something to behold.

Of course, just like how Solo would know all her weak points, she also got to know how Solo liked his blowjobs. Humming as she slurped his cock, she bobbed her head up and down, the vibrations sending down his cock made him groan even more.

“That’s a good girl. You really know how to get me off,” he praised.

Sonia normally didn’t want his praise, but her lust got the better of her now, so instead she was giddy at hearing that to the point that she was working even harder. She was already tasting the precum she was secreting from the tip when she bobbed her head up and licked the tip.

Of course, like always, it took a while to make Solo to cum. The man was extremely resilient and could hold off for a very long while. The very first time she was forced to blow him, she not only couldn’t go past the head of his cock, but also needed over half an hour before he finally blew his load. Her poor jaw needed a long while to recover from that soreness.

With how things where, he literally reversed the roles of genders here, as with him, the women had to work hard to get him off, while he could make girls cum so very easily.

Thankfully, she has now brought it down to ten minutes now, speaking of which…

“Gonna cum. Take it, bitch,” he commanded, as he finally blew his load… and though she tried to drink up, but failed once more, as she was forced to pull back and watch her vision turning white by the the hot, sticky cum spray all over her face, hair, and tits in a thick amount.

“D-dammit… you still cum so damn much…” she whined slightly, though that didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it. In fact, she was already lapping up the cum that was around her lips and then lifting her own breasts to lap up more until she got every bit of it in her mouth.

His cock was delicious in itself, but his cum? Just heavenly.

Having tasted his cum now, Sonia wanted it.

“Come on, hurry up,” Sonia said, getting up and sitting on the couch, spreading her legs. Now that she was this horny, her guilt for cheating on her husband had grown significantly smaller. “Ram that monster cock inside my cunt and ruin my insides like always.”

God, when did she learn to talk like such a cheap whore? She’s been in this sexual relationship with Solo for many months now, ever since he caught her masturbating when she was lonely and slightly drunk due to Geo having to be away from work for so long. One thing led to another and Solo started fucking her.

Oh, Sonia felt guilty afterwards, definitely. She tried to push Solo away, but his deep voice, his strong arms… he just came onto her so easily, and she was just unable to push him away for long, and submitted herself to the pleasure.

It was supposed to be only temporarily, but the Murian grew bolder and bolder, as he made Sonia do many things, the last of which he was about to say now.

“Not here, let’s do it on the bed.”

There it was.

For any wife, her bedroom was a sacred place for only her and her husband. A place where they would make love under the sheets of their bed, their bodies intertwined, arms holding one another, and resting together in pure happiness.

But a month ago, the purity of the place had been defiled, as the bed was now for her to make sinful sex with another man.

The idol before would be against this, but now she was too overwhelmed by the anticipation of sex in her aroused state to care for her morales at the moment. All she could think was how much her pussy was throbbing to feel him tear into her.

Of course, rather than just running there, she wanted to feel some kind of pleasure, so she jumped on him, as he easily caught her without losing any balance from her weight thrown at him, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and began to furiously make out with him while he carried her to the bedroom.

Once inside, he had her pinned against the bed and rubbed his cock against her pussy, feeling her wet juices coating it. He wasn’t wearing a condom, and for good reason.

He can only go raw. Any and all times she attempted to place a condom, it’d break before it could even get far. And if by some miracle, a condom succeeded in covering his cock, the sheer force of the sex he gave would tear the condom apart. Hence why he never bothers with condoms, and she would always feel him raw. Of course, she was usually always on birth control, prepared and adamant to avoid being pregnant with his child rather than Geo’s.

Of course, despite that, she she was in need of Solo’s cock. “Hurry. Shove it in and fuck me!” Sonia whined, not able to take it anymore.

Solo merely grinned at that. “Alright, if you insist,” he replied, before slamming himself inside her. The moment she felt his cock entering her, the monstrous thing that hung between Solo’s legs, as it stretched her pussy so much, Sonia did the only thing she could do.

Let out an ear splitting scream as she came really hard in an instant.

The scream would resound throughout the entire neighborhood and would surely alert everyone in the vicinity. But Solo was always ready, as he had placed special devices around the house that would immediately place a special EM barrier that would prevent all sound waves from going through. Sonia could and does scream all she wants as Solo fucks her, and no one would be the wiser.

“Fuck, you’re always tight like a virgin no matter how many times my cock’s been inside you,” Solo commented with a smirk as he began to thrust furiously inside her.

Sonia was already having another orgasm hit her in under a minute after he began his pace. “A-ah, oh fuck!” she moaned out loudly, her body quivering as she felt him invade her womb. The first time she had him inside she was sure that she had died, and her body had been split in half by his mammoth cock. Now… no, it was still the same.

Solo began to grope her tits as he fucked her, pinching and twisting her nipples, earning more of her sweet moans, before he leaned forward and began sucking on them one at a time.

His thrusts began to become more precise, as she could feel him hitting the entrance of her womb, before stirring the area, bringing Sonia even closer to cumming. Seeing the look on her face as his cock was being clenched tightly, he began so slam harder inside her, making her scream even more.

“Ah! Oh fuck! Yes! Ah! Cumming!” she screamed out, her eyes beginning to roll to the back of her head.

Solo grunted more as he forced his way into her womb, before finally shooting his load inside her.

This was the best part, when Sonia felt like she was on Cloud Nine. Nothing felt even remotely as blissful as this. The feeling of being completely filled to the brim.

Even though she loved Geo, sex with him was just romantic and sweet. It was to make her feel special. But this… this was pure carnal pleasure. The very core form of sex, the form of mating, as the alpha male dominated the female until they were a drooling mess. This was something that Geo would never be able to give her, no matter what.

Panting a lot, Sonia then felt Solo kiss her once more, which she returned, moaning as he changed positions, so she was on her side and he was behind her, lifting one leg up and thrusting inside her again while their tongues continued to dance between each other’s mouths.

He was still so hard. She never recalled a time when his cock wasn’t limp after sex, as she could never bring that monster down.

It’s like Solo had a very, very, very short time interval of his refractory period, like literal nanoseconds, or he was completely lacking in one.

And Sonia was once more moaning like a bitch in heat, as she was repeatedly experiencing multiple orgasms before he would finally cum inside her again, only to keep going in another position. The first time they had sex, she passed out after his first load inside her. However, she’s gotten so much experience that now she can keep up for a long while, holding onto her consciousness despite the repeated times he made her cum.

So after several hours passed by, and Sonia lost count how long they’ve been going at it, having lost count of their rounds after the 11th one. They were back in missionary position as she felt him unload his seed inside her once more.

“Heh, damn, look at you. The face you are making is so slutty,” Solo said with a smirk, as he was seeing Sonia with her eyes clouded with lust and rolling back, while her tongue was hanging out like she was some bitch.

“So… g-good…” Sonia muttered, as she then saw the light hit the object around her finger. “G-Geo…”

The moment she muttered that name, she heard Solo start chuckling.

“Wow, no matter how hard I pound into you, no matter how many times I make you cum, or how much I make you scream, you always, always, go right back to him,” Solo said. Was he angry? She couldn’t tell.

She then felt him lean on her and whisper into her ear. “I like it. You show your bond really well there… so maybe it’s really time that I let you go.”

Just like that, her eyes widened as she could feel her heart practically stop beating.

… Let her go?

As in-

“I think I made you betray Geo long enough. You love him after all. You must hate this and me for forcing you to lust after me. So… I’ll let you choose now. You can still go back… to Geo. And I’ll never show my face to you again. I’ll even make sure that you don’t even remember the sex we had if you want. That way you won’t feel guilty with your husband anymore,” Solo offered.

It was… going to end?

Finally… she was going to be free.

She then heard the sound of ringing, realizing that someone was calling her. Only one person would.

“Your husband is calling you… go ahead. If you pick up the call, I’ll be gone from your life forever, and you’ll be free to live a happy life,” Solo said once more.

She had to choose. Of course. If she picked up the call, and heard her beloved husband’s voice, the power would rush through her and she would be able to fully accept it and release herself from Solo and the lust within her and he would be gone…


“Hmm…” Geo looked at his Hunter in question, wondering why no one picked up. Was Sonia really sick? Maybe she was asleep? Geo was a bit worried now, hoping that she would pick up. Unless she was asleep? If she was sick, she should get her rest.

“Hey Geo, quit dreaming about your hot wife and come help me with this,” Geo’s scientist friend said, making a vein pop out of Geo’s head.

“Would you stop saying that?” Geo asked, as he sighed, getting back to work.

He was sure that Sonia was fine.

Fortunately for Geo, he was right and Sonia was fine.

Unfortunately for him, she was fine for all the wrong reasons.

Having utterly ignored the call, Sonia was on top of Solo, moaning even louder than before, bouncing viciously on his cock. “Oh yes! So deep! More! Fuck me even harder! Solo!” Sonia moaned, finally moaning out the Murian’s name.

She had chosen, and in end, despite how her love for Geo tried it’s hardest to make Sonia choose him, Sonia’s lust proved far superior. And now she was never going to look back to the life she could have had.

To any onlookers, one would have expected to see a grin of victory on Solo’s face, a malicious look to show that he had won in the end.

But no, that wasn’t the case.

Solo had a look of pure disappointment.

He hated the concept of bonds, as he always thought that it made a person weak. But Geo… he defeated Solo time and time again, always preaching the strength of bonds. Solo disliked Geo for it, but… it grew on him a little. But he was still a man that tried to prove otherwise. Sonia wasn’t the only woman connected to Geo that he fucked. There were others, and he’s been doing it for years now.

But he thought, that maybe, just maybe, if Sonia, the girl that withstood so much hardships alongside Geo, were to prove her love for Geo was stronger than her lust for Solo, a part of Solo felt that he could truly accept it and start over with himself as a better person.

… Now that chance was lost in the air with Sonia’s moans.

Yes, it was pointless. In the end, bonds were weak. All that mattered now was that this whore lusted for him and his cock.

As he released his seed inside her, he moved Sonia and pinned her against the window, her breasts pressing against the cold glass as anyone outside that would happen to look would see what was happening.

“You chose my cock over your own husband. You are now just a bitch that can’t live without my cock,” Solo declared, a grin now forming, accepting his role.

“Yes, I can’t. Your cock is all I want. Fuck me, show the world how much of a whore I really am,” Sonia begged.

“With pleasure,” he said as he slammed inside her once more.

It was almost night time and Geo tried calling Sonia once more. It rang for a bit, but then he finally saw the screen open up, showing Sonia’s beautiful face. Her shoulders were exposed. She must be wearing a strapless dress probably.

“Geo, sorry I didn’t pick up earlier. I was asleep,” Sonia apologized with an apologetic look.

He merely shook his head in response. “No, it’s okay. I figured you just wanted to get your rest. You look a lot better now actually,” he noted. Actually, she looked positively radiant for some reason, which made him upset for what he was about to say. “Um… Sonia… I might not be able to make it home tonight. Some last minute issue came up at the lab and I have to work for a while. I might be home tomorrow evening, though…”

“Oh…” Sonia said, looking rather sad, but then gave a cheerful smile. “That’s okay. I’ll miss you, but I know that your work is very important. But you better be home tomorrow or I’m never cooking for you again.”

Geo laughed at that, and nodded. “Right, and I hope I keep it this time. I wanna taste more of your cooking after all.”

“They stared at each other for a few moments before finally Geo spoke once more. “I have to go now. I love you.”

“I love you too,” she replied, before they hung up.

She hadn’t been wearing a strapless dress as Geo guessed, because she was actually wearing nothing, and she was actually on Solo’s cock, with Solo rising up and pressing against her back, as she was in the reverse cowgirl position. They’ve been going at it the entire time, and now they were not going to stop at all.

“Well, looks like he’s out of the way for a long while,” Sonia said, as a grin formed on her at how she had so much free time with Solo.

“Yup. I’ll be fucking the entire time, even after you pass out,” Solo declared, kissing her as he fondled her tits, making her moan.

As the pair began to fuck like rabbits, on the desk beside them was a picture of Sonia and Geo on their wedding that had been placed facedown, and next to the frame was Sonia’s wedding ring.

So how was it? What did you think? Hopefully the sex scenes were hot enough for you. X3

Sonia's appearance used to be this:

But now it's similar to this:

Sorry about that, but Sonia doesn't have adult pictures of her.

Anyways, if this hadn’t been an NTR-fic, Sonia would have chosen Geo and kicked Solo out. But since this is, lust wins.

The first several chapters will be all about the Starforce girls. But then Solo will be moving onto the other series. Let me know any sexy series that could have Solo go in and break sluts in, and if possible, who he takes the girls from.

Fun fact: Refractory period is a state where one unable to be aroused any further after stimulation (ie. orgasm). Males are easily the biggest target since many guys do one shot and go limp afterwards, while others can get back up quickly or not go limp at all. Girls can also have this, but they can experience multiple orgasms already.

Also, remember that Solo is not even a human, but a Murian. For all we know, his cock and skills in bed is average for Murias, but godly for humans. ;3

Anyways, leave a review to let me know what you thought of this.

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