Sora's Lucky Days

BY : CaradocKaine
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CHAPTER 1: A Rewarding Experience (Sora x Selphie)

A/N: And here is chapter one of a new story. Well, story is a bit of a strong word, but I hope y'all will enjoy it. I am in the process of rewriting my other stories, suhc as Team ZERO, but don't hold your breath waiting for them, as I keep hitting writer's block on 'em. Thankfully, with this project, all I need to is write smutty stuff! Easy peasy.

TAGS: Loli, Oral, Bondage

    Sora, feeling pleased himself for being able to defeat Tidus, Wakka and Selphie all at the same time, and confident in his ability to defeat his friend/rival Riku in their next duel, was currently following Selphie up to the tree house on the Destiny Islands Seashore. She had promised him a special prize if he successfully beat all three of them, and while Wakka had already given him a medicinal Potion, Selphie was had quietly insisted she still give him his ‘special’ price.

    Sora was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t really bother to look up while climbing the ladder to the treehouse, earning an unseen pout from brunette leading the way. Still, Selphie grinned at the young swordsman when he reached the top and dashed inside the treehouse wth a giggle. Shrugging at her antics, Sora just smiled and followed her inside, only to be hit in the face with something soft and...yellow?

    Sora pulled the cloth from his face, and quickly came to two realizations: firstly, he was holding Selphie’s dress, and secondly, the owner of said dress was standing before him in nothing but her shoes...and her jump-rope wrapped around her neck like a leash.

    Selphie giggled at the boys dumbstruck and blushing face, and grinned at the quickly growing bulge in his shorts, before dropping to her hands and knees and crawling towards him. “I know you have your heart set on Kairi, BUT”, she emphasized the last word as she kneeled in front of Sora, pushing the wooden handle of her makeshift leash into his hand that wasn’t holding her dress and began to rub her hands against the bulge in front of her face, her emerald eyes looking up at him with lustful desire. “That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, right? Plus, the more experience you have, the happier you’ll be able to make Kairi when you two finally get together!

    Sora still in shock at the whole situation only moaned as the brunette before him undid his belt with one hand and pulled down the zipper of his red jumpsuit, freeing his hard cock which slapped against Selphie’s face much to her joy.

    “Oh wow,” Selphie breathed out, making Sora moan again at the sensation. “I never would have thought you were hiding THIS underneath that jumper!: The brunette eagerly rubbed her hands and face against Sora’s cock, which was at least a half-foot long. “Kairi is such a lucky girl,” Selphie said just before she forcing Sora’s dick down her throat in one go, gagging loudly.

    Sora flinched at the sudden feeling, the now forgotten yellow dress slipping from his fingers, while his other hand jerked, accidently pulling Selphie’s makeshift leash tight and making her choke more. Selphie pulled off the boy’s spit-soaked cock and moaned out, “Yes! Choke me, Sora! Please make me choke on your cock!”

    Hearing her lustful pleas flipped a switch inside Sora’s mind, and he quickly buried a hand in Selphie’s short locks before yanking hard on her leash, forcing his cock back into her throat. The slutty girl let out a muffled moan, her lustful emerald eyes looking up into his sapphire ones with pleading desire. Sora grinned at her and slowly pulled her back until his cockhead remained inside her mouth.

    Taking a moment to appreciate the sight of her lips wrapped around his dick, and the feeling of her hungry tongue eagerly lapping up his pre-cum, Sora winked at the brunette, her only warning before he began to skull fuck her with all his strength, occasionally yanking on her leash.

    Selphie’s eyes rolled up into her head, one of her petite hands mauling her tiny tits and hard nipples while the other dove between her skinny thighs and finger-fucked her hairless slit as she happily choked and gagged on Sora’s cock, the ever-growing need for air only driving her lust higher and higher.

    After several minutes, Sora suddenly threw the barely conscious Selphie off his cock, holding her up with the taunt jump-rope as he took his cock in hand, and after two quick strokes, unleashed a torrent of cum all over the young masochist, covering her in rope after rope of semen from her head to her knees. His orgasm lasted several seconds, his eyes screwed tightly shut and a satisfied groan escaping his lips as he painted Selphie’s flushed skin white with seed.

    When Sora came down from his high, and loosened his grip on the jump-rope leash, allowing Selphie to gulp down air between moans, her own body shivering in orgasmic bliss from the ordeal. The brunette, one hand still lazily stroking her dripping pussy, weakly scooped some of the cum from her face, uncovering one of her emerald eyes, before depositing the thick goop into her mouth.

    “Ohhh,” Selphie moaned as a mini-orgasm rocked her body. “It’s sooo yum--” The masochistic teen was unable to finish her sentence as Sora yanked so hard on her leash her mouth was forced back onto his cock. Once again seizing her hair, Sora resumed skull-fucking his slutty friend, much to her intense pleasure as each thrust caused a chain of min-orgasms to rock her petite body and ravage her lust-clouded (and air-deprived) mind.

    It was almost half an hour later when a tired but happy Sora stumbled out of the tree house and began to head home. Instilled with a newfound confidence, and a newfound lust, Sora was determined to finally share the Paopu Fruit with Kairi, although fruit was the only thing he was hoping to share with her.

    Meanwhile, a barely-conscious Selphie laid on the floor of the treehouse, her body drenched in drying cum from her hair to her toes and a goofy, happy smile plastered on her cum-smeared face. “Kairi is such a lucky bitch,: Selphie muttered sleepily before drifting into unconsciousness.


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