Revenge of the Shepard Clone 5: James Vega

BY : maryshepardn7
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The clone of Shepard returned to his apartment and took a quick shower and picked up some supplies before returning to the Citadel Strip in order to find James Vega.


He approached a brightly lit apartment complex that his information broker directed him to and looked up to see James Vega on the third floor of his bright open apartment that vaguely resembled Shepard's own home. He had a wine glass in his hand and seemed to be having a conversation with a person in his apartment, as he looked out his huge window with a somewhat concerned look on his face.


Shepard cocked his eye to see who he was talking to from his viewing place across the way. Suddenly, a figure approached James from behind and reassured him by placing its hand on his shoulder, giving it a little rub. Upon closer inspection Shepard realized that figure was none other than the Normandy shuttle pilot: Steve Cortez. The bastard that helped thwart Shepard's hijacking of the Normandy.


It wasn't in the least bit odd that thy would hang out together, seeing as how they were roomed together during the Reaper War. However his seemed different. It was almost as if Cortez was too touchy and getting a little too close. Vega then unexpectedly turned around, stared in Cortez's eyes and kissed the shuttle pilot directly on the lips.


Shepard was shocked but started to laugh maniacally at the irony of it all. Vega was always the super macho "totally straight" beefcake, feigning ignorance when Cortez called him a bear. So seeing him take the hint and behave the way everybody suspected he really was, ended up being quite humorous to Shepard more than anything else.


He also knew through his contact that they were planning on going clubbing soon, so he used the opportunity to rig their shuttle to blow after it starts, Mafia style.


Shepard went into the shuttle garage and synced his omnitool to their vehicle. The hidden charges were ready to go off on his command. He then hid in the hallway outside of their front door in order to listen for when they would leave. He was unsure of the time so he had to listen closely.


The entire time, Shepard laughed to himself as he heard the sound of Cortez plowing Vega from behind. Something he wanted no part in. For the next 30 minutes, he heard he occasional "AY PAPI” or “TOCA MI CULO!” coming from Vega as he waited.


After they finished their loud romp, the Shepard Clone ran to the parking lot and hid behind a shuttle as he waited for the duo. Nearly an hour passed and the only thing keeping him awake was his thirst for revenge and a random Geth that was walking around adapting to organic society by have some small talk with him. The geth were the only species he really felt anything for since they were created just like him and thrust into a world that disowned them.


Soon after, the friendly geth parted ways with him before he saw the men walking hand in hand together towards their shuttle. As they entered the shuttle, Shepard exited the garage to watch the firework show.


The red high class shuttle lifted off and exited the garage into the colorful Sunset Strip sky. As it did and ascended to about 300 feet off the surface, Shepard walked to the outside of the garage as he watched the shuttle shrink into the brightly lit sky. After 20 seconds he activated his bright orange omni-tool and entered his sync program which then activated the trap.


A half second later, the bright sky lit up even further for two seconds as a shuttle off in the distance turned into a bright orange cloud. Immediately after that, the boom from the explosion sent a large shock wave that brushed Shepard slightly. The shell of the smoldering shuttle and its bits and pieces fell at an arc into the crowded city below, giving the clone a gleeful smile. He just killed two heroes with one stone.


Now that this mission was through, Shepard felt like giving a prime time interview to the most hated reporter in the galaxy.

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