Revenge of the Shepard Clone 6: The Reporter

BY : maryshepardn7
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WARNING: This story is VERY Graphic. Do not read if you cannot handle this type of material


Next up on the Shepard clone's naughty list was the greatest scourge the galaxy had ever known. A being that would make even the mightiest of Reaper look like a kitten in terms of heartlessness. The one woman genophage, Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani, the biggest scum bag journalist to ever grace the galaxy. Shepards clone almost felt as if ending her would actually be the one kill that would do the galaxy a great service. Even after the Reaper war, she changed no aspects of her reporting and outlook on life. And besides, he wanted a shot at putting the reporter down a notch or two.


Luring her was easy, like luring flies to a turd. In this case, the scumbag journalist being the fly, and the turd being her doom. Shepard had sent her an extranet message from a source named "Deepthroat" telling her he was someone that would give her the interview of the century if she met him on a remote desert planet. An offer in which he would be asked a few questions. Being one that only cared for her self promotion regardless of the risk, she accepted without a second thought.


She took a mass relay to a sparsely populated desert planet where she went to a lonely abandoned mudhut that was falling apart from the nearby star's incredibly intense rays. She looked out in the distance to see a dark cloaked figure walking towards her. "So you're my Deepthroat, huh. You better be worth it." she said, annoyed she had to come out to the middle of nowhere for his interview. " really know Commander Shepard?"


"You know it." Shepard responded revealing his face, astonishing the reporter. At this point he used his omni tool to deactivate her camera that hovered around them without her knowing; so anything she thought was being filmed became completely useless. The two performed their short interview in front of the shack with not a soul around for miles. She predictably asked her yellow journalism and gotcha questions, which eventually led Shepard to want no more of it.


With an angry face, he looked her directly in the eyes "This interview is over!" He then thrusted his fist into her jaw, completely knocking her out, causing a few teeth to fly out as well. "I should go..." Shepard said awkwardly, looking down at the knocked out reporter.


- - - - - -


She awoke several hours later covered in sand, sitting up in the dirt, disgusted by her situation. "What the fuck did you do?" She said, rubbing sand off of her face and feeling her sore jaw. However, no one was in sight. She sat on her shins and turned around to look behind her. As soon a she turned to look behind her a huge cock rammed into her mouth as the person grabbed her hair to hold her there. It was so long that it actually went deep into her throat, causing tears to come out of her eyes as a reaction to such stimulation. She then realized it was Shepard.


She was held down on her knees by her hair and continually got throat fucked as Shepard rammed his meat deep into her throat. She gargled as her slobber and his precum flowed out of her mouth onto the desert floor. She tried to pull back and away but Shepard just gripped her hair tighter and pulled her mouth back onto his cock. He then activated his Omni-Tool and began filming her getting throatfucked.


“Dont film this!” she said angrily as he thrusted her throat, unable to actually do anything to stop the biotic god.


After a good 15 minutes, Shepard decided to unload a bucket of his hot white cum onto her face. She grimaced in disgust as his thick semen almost completely covered her dark face. He gripped her hair tighter to hold her still. She appeared completely pathetic as she sat there, looking like a complete mess, as if someone just dumped glue on her head, unable to open her eyes or mouth.


Shepard then used his omni-tool to snap a nice picture of the humiliated and disgraced reporter that would spread all over the extranet, rendering her legacy a joke within minutes.


"Don't save that...." She said, struggling not to get the cum in her mouth.


"Oh I am definitely spreading this. It's the end of your career." He then backed up and shot a biotic blast into the ground. "And this is the end of your life."Suddenly, the ground began to shake as a thresher maw had awoken from it's slumber by the tremor . Shepard quickly walked onto a nearby hill as the reporter struggled to get the rest of his jizz off of her face. Instead of one thresher maw appearing, there were two younger ones that popped out next to her. They each rose about 12 feet off the ground and looked down at their next meal.


"Oh fuck...."  Khalisah said barely opening her eyes as she looked up towards her impending doom.


One thresher maw jolted down, grabbing her arms and threw her 30 feet into the air as the other caught her by the legs while she screamed in terror. It's sibling then grabbed her by the arms. Shepard laughed as he saw the two small thresher maws playing tug-of-war with the reporter like two dogs fighting for a steak. After about ten seconds, it all came to a climax when Khalisa made a loud grunt sound as she was ripped in half by the maws. They each threw their end of the reporter into the air and she fell perfectly down their throats, screaming into the deep abyss. They quickly retreated into the ground, satisfied from their nice human meal.

Shepard got into his shuttle and went to the nearest relay. Next up, was a quick visit to an Asari scientist that could provide some information on some unanswered questions he had regarding his rebuilt body and frequent visions of the Reapers calling out to him lately.


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