Revenge of the Shepard Clone 7: The Scientist

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WARNING: This story is VERY violent. Do not read if you cannot handle such material


Clone Shepard was on the planet Illium and entered the office of Rana Thanoptis. An Asari scientist that worked for Saren and was spared by Commander Shepard during his assault on Virmire.


"Commander Shepard!" Her receptionist exclaimed as he walked in.


"I need to talk to Rhana, where is she?" Shepard asked. "It's an emergency."


"Right she has some down time right now, so I'm sure she won't mind a visit from you of all people. Head into the office behind me."


"Thanks." Shepard responded, quite surprised he didn't feel the need to act violently. The last time he met a receptionist, he bashed her face into her desk until her she looked like a melted action figure. He stepped into the office to see the Asari dressed in a lab coat by herself, browsing her computer.


"Well well well, Commander Shepard. There's trillions of people in this galaxy and you come to see me." Rana said to the clone. "Legend says you died after the Reaper war, so what really happened out there?"


"That's not important," he responded "what I need is your expertise on indoctrination."


"Commander, I told you all I know on Virmire." Rana said. "It's dangerous and I've stopped researching it altogether."


"It's more of a scientific opinion that I need." Shepard said.


"I'm listening."


Shepard nodded. “First, I have been having visions of Reapers each night......It's as if they are calling me.....Telling me something is out there that I need to find......” Shepard seemed quite confused about it. “It isnt the visions of the Prothean Beacon, where I had Protheans speaking to me......It's as if it's the Reapers that are speaking to me.”


“Very interesting.” Rhana said scratching her chin. “Perhaps you have some remnant indoctrination in you since you defeated them and spent so much time around them.”


“But my will and mind are completely my own.” Shepard responded.


“It is difficult to say....” Rhana said as she thought to herself. “Perhaps you should search for what these visions are showing you.”


“Each vision is different, but they all end with the same image that shows me this item.....this device..... A greybox of a friend I used to know. Her partner stored a lot of important info on it. Maybe that's what I should seek out.”


“Maybe you should. Perhaps it's not even the Reapers signaling you.” Rhana said. “Perhaps its something internal for you......something that you feel must be found. What lies beyond that would be up to you to find.”


“I see.” Shepard said, now knowing what he must do. “Oh! One more thing.”


“Yes?” Rhana said. “Go on.”


"Right, well after I defeated the Reapers, I was greatly damaged and put together by a group of scientists that placed some Reaper tech in my reproductive organs, greatly enhancing them in many, ahem... ways


"Wow, sounds tantalizing." She joked.


"It may sound crazy, but I believe that I have some Reaper DNA from Sovereign inside my penis." Shepard said. "So I wanted to know if I really did have Reaper DNA, and the extent of my ability to influence others through indoctrination when they see my genitalia."


"Very well." Rana said.


She then ran some scans and studied them as Shepard ejaculated into a large test tube about an eighth of a gallon to completely fill it to the brim, completely shocking the Asari scientist.He brought the tube into her office from the bathroom and walked over to her. After performing some visual tests, she came to her conclusion. "Commander, my scans and tests indicate that you do indeed somehow have reaper DNA and the signals that emanate from Reaper tech appear to be faintly present in.....your.....cock.....and..” she slowed her speech staring at his tantalizing semen.


"Thank you doctor, that's all I neede to-"


The Asari appeared to be under indoctrination effect as she quickly took the tube of semen and poured it all straight into her mouth, gulping the fresh cum down like water. "Heh, nice idea." Shepard said, realizing he now had control over her. She held one last mouthful of cum in her mouth and walked out to her purple Asari receptionist.


"Oh Rhana, how was your meeting?" She said right before Rana grabbed her head and kissed her against her will, cumswapping Shepard's semen into her mouth, placing her under the influence of The white substance. They continued to kiss and cumswap, until the Clone Shepard dropped a surgical knife on the desk to do a little experiment on his true capacity to control others.


Rhana picked up the knife and quickly shanked her receptionist in the neck, causing her to fall out of her chair, knocking things over as she flailed while purple blood shot out of her neck. He then made Rhana reenter her office, where she began mixing random test tubes of volatile blue, green and red liquids together, turning into a dark brown bubbling and steaming chemical liquid that looked like a death sentence if consumed....Which is exactly what he ordered.


The Asari scientist then, without hesitation, drank the entire vile and stood still and emotionless, looking blankly ahead. Seconds later she trembled as her stomach roared and she began to vomit out her blood continuously all over the lab. Shepard stayed in the room but out of the splash zone, observing the chaos he just brought forth. Suddenly a loud hiss came from the chemicals that combined together and a small green blast exploded out of the Asari's stomach.


Rhana then fell onto her hands and knees as she continued to puke endlessly. Eventually she fell face first onto a pool of her blood. Shepard believed her to be dead, so he started to walk out of the room., stopping after hearing her groan. At that moment, she regained control of herself.


"You...... son of a bitch....... Shepard!" she said pointing her finger at him. "You son of a-" her face then dropped to the floor as she died, twitching for a few seconds, then passing on.


"Thanks for the info doc....." Shepard said as he walked away, passing the dead receptionist that had her hands on her neck.


Heeding Rhana's advice, Shepard sent out an encrypted message to Kasumi Goto in order to get access to Keji's greybox. Her mantra was to not respond to messages she recieves for two weeks. Shepard knew this, and decided to kill time meeting with others until then.


Next up was Kelly Chambers.


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