An archer's reward.

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Rolf walked into the room provided for him after the Greil Mercenaries had arrived, and saved Lady Lucia from her attempted hanging by Count, well he'd suppose that's former count by now, Ludveck. He had never been happier that he made a shot than we he severed the rope with a perfectly placed arrow. When Queen Elincia was told that he made the shot, by a proud, and failing horribly at hiding it Shinon, at the little feast that was held in celebration, she had thanked him, tears in her eyes as she almost crushed the poor archer with her hug. 



He still didn't know what she meant with her whisper in his ear that she has a reward for him, and she'd be by his room that night in private to deliver it. Whatever she meant, it had him flushing in embarrassment, Boyd teasing him once he sat down, stupid Boyd. As he stripped of his boots and armor, gloves following as he put his bow up in a storage chest by the foot of his bed for the night, he heard a gentle knock at his door.



"Come on in, I haven't laid down for the night yet." He might do so soon though. He's already feeling the chill from within the walls, and he wonders how it can be as cold as it is, given it's the middle of summer and they're in a desert. Then again, Soren did mention something about deserts being cold at night. 'Those poor guards up on the walls. They have to stay out at night in this cold.'


The door swung open, just enough to let his visitor through, and it was the Queen, wearing a thick cloak over her body, carrying a small tray with two drinks on it. "Rolf! I'm glad I caught you before you retired for the night. I'm here to give you my thanks for saving Lucia." She walked across the relatively small room, and sat down on his bed beside him, clutching her cloak against herself with her empty hand.



"I-I'm humbled your Highness, but all I did was cut the rope. Ike was the one who caught her and got her to safety. Just knowing she's safe is thanks enough for me." Rolf was somewhat confused. Why has the Queen come to the room of an archer in private, just to give her thanks? Surely she could do so before they left. And he got the feeling she was keeping her being in his room a secret.



"And without the cutting of the rope, Sir Ike would never have made it to her Rolf. Lucia is practically my sister. Her safety may be enough thanks for you, but not for me. Now, if you would kindly turn around and close your eyes, I have something for you. And Rolf?," she said, rising from the bed as he complied with her request, "You don't have to be so formal with me, Elincia is fine if it's just the two of us."



As he faced the wall and closed his eyes, he heard the shuffling of fabric, and sound of a cloak falling to the ground. "Rolf? You can look now." He turned to look, and he swore his gasp could be heard in Begnion. Elincia's body was bared to him, naked save for a pair of white stockings that clung snugly to her shapely legs. He could not be called experienced with women in any fashion, but Elincia was the most beautiful woman he's seen in his life.



His eyes racing over her form, committing it to memory even though he knew he'd never forget the sight. From her gorgeous face, eyes a deep shade of red that found amusement in his embarrassment, her full, pink lips stretched into a, dare he say hungry grin. Her hair was beautiful, a deep shade of green that complimented her eyes wonderfully, and it was loose, falling to her thighs behind her.


He never thought a woman's neck could be called attractive, but her's was, smooth and free of blemishes of any kind. Her breasts, Goddess help him, her breasts were perfect. Far larger than they appeared to be in her armor, they were perfectly round and full, no hint of sagging to be found, and capped with nipples the color of cherries. His first conscious thought was wondering how it would feel, to have her nipple in his mouth, tongue lapping at it as he suckled like a babe.


Her waist was smooth and flat, not a hint of anything but toned muscle from exercise, leading to wide, perfectly flared hips, and the crown jewel between her legs. No hair to be seen anywhere on it. Before he could begin to memorize that, he found the strength to tear his eyes away from her center, and back to her face. "Q-Q-Queen Elincia! What, what're you, what're you doing!?" He averted his gaze, reluctant as he was to do so, as his cheeks burned, and he felt a throbbing from his penis, a rather visible bulge forming in his trousers.


"Rolf I told you to call me Elincia, and isn't it obvious? I'm giving you my thanks," she said, sitting down beside him, her hand reaching out to cup his jaw, and she brought his gaze back to her body. "Am I not pleasing to you? Or is it that I'm not attractive in your eyes?? She gave a small pout as she said this, which was not helping him in the slightest. Doing the opposite actually, and he felt his resolve to do anything about this situation crumble at the sight of it. Stubbornly, he tried anyway, knowing he was doomed.



"N-no it's not that! You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, it's, it's just,  why? Why do this? I'm just an archer, why go this far to tha-" He never finished that sentence, as she interrupted his feeble, even to himself, protests by placing a finger on his mouth.


"Rolf. Tell me the truth, and if you say no, I will respect that. Do you want me? Do you want this," she gestured to herself, and to his diamond hard manhood, straining at his pants, "to happen? Because I would like it to happen, but I will accept your denial if you don't want it." What little will he had to deny her was soon gone, vanishing into the void whence it came. It's not like he didn't know what sex was. He was in a mercenary company with Gatrie for crying out loud. Titania gave him the rundown of what it entailed at Oscar's request, the both of them finding it too awkward to have that discussion between themselves.


"I-I do. But, I, I've never, never even so much as kissed a woman before. What if I'm not good enou-" She silenced him once more, her lips softly meeting his, and Rolf found her mouth far more pleasing than her finger. Her hand grasped the back of his head, and pulled him deeper into the kiss, her tongue soon poking at his mouth, and Rolf nervously allowed it in, meeting hers slowly, a little dance between the two that Elincia led, slowly teaching him along the way. She removed hers from his mouth, inviting him in, and he followed her lead, much more awkwardly, but earnestly. He explored her mouth as she did his, tasting her, detecting the slightest hint of mint.


Elincia deepened the kiss, and his began to swim, beginning to lose himself in how good this felt, and when she broke the kiss for air, he found himself diving back in, stopped before he could by her hand, as she giggled at his impatience. "Not yet Rolf, I have something for you," she said, as she guided his mouth down to her breast, "here, practice on this." She let out a low moan as he went to work at her tit, mouth enclosed around her nipple, and she brought his hand to her unattended breast, giving it a squeeze to encourage him.


She soon found he needed no such assistance, his mouth hungrily sucking at her teat, determined to milk her, not knowing that he soon would be. 'I'll have to thank our herbologist for delivering the Maiden's Flower. I may not be with child, but I'll give milk as if I was.' Her thoughts were interrupted as he gave her nipple a pinch, drawing a low, throaty groan from her mouth, which soon became a cry of pleasure as he bit down softly at the one in his mouth . "Goddess Rolf, don't stop!"


He released her tit with a wet pop, and soon switched to her other breast, his hand resuming his work at the one his mouth had just vacated, and he suckled with more intensity, Elincia's breath soon coming in short gasps, and he was finally rewarded for his efforts as he felt liquid flow into his mouth. 'Milk? But the Queen's not with child, is she?' At his questioning gaze, she explained. "No, Rolf I'm not pregnant. It's an herb, the Maiden's Flower. If mixed into a drink, even women with no children can nurse babes. Very convenient for-" This time she was interrupted, as Rolf doubled his efforts at her breast, milk pouring into his mouth from her tit. "Oh Ashera, Rolf! Please, harder, I'm close!" Her breasts had always been very sensitive, useful for when she had naught but her own hands to sate her needs. But now? When she had a young man at her bosom, hungry mouth at her teat and hand groping her other breast, she almost lamented how quickly they would send her to climax.


As she neared her climax, she reached for the sheet on the bed, biting down on it to stifle her cries as Rolf quickly brought her to the edge, and over, as he pinched her nipple hard, and lightly bit down on her other. The contrast between the slight pain and the gentle feel of his teeth on her teat was enough, and she came with a cry, hips bucking against air, her hands pulling Rolf's head deeper into her breast as she convulsed against him, wishing she had brought his other hand to her core, and almost jumping with surprise when his hand went there of his own accord, her orgasm intensifying once she had something to grind her pussy against.


As she slowly came down from her peak, Rolf gently sucking at her breast, she panted for breath, and stared at the young archer. "That was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, where did you learn this Rolf? I thought you said you'd never been with a woman."  As his mouth left her breast, milk running down his chin as he attempted to defend himself, she couldn't keep her face straight anymore at the sight, and her laughter ruined her ruse. "I'm teasing you Rolf, I know you wouldn't lie about that. Now that you've seen to me, let me return the favor." And she leaned in and kissed him, tongue finding some milk still in his mouth and tasting herself greedily. Her hands traveled down to his pants, and did away with his belt., 



Undoing the buttons, before pulling away and stroking his length through his trousers, wanting to see if she could make him climax before she ever touched his manhood with her bare hands, and she was given what she wanted quickly, as he groaned into her mouth, hips buckling as they thrust against air, several large dark spots soon appearing over the large tent his cock had made. After she was sure he had finished, she pulled away, and his pants were soon stripped away. His cock was still hard, albeit softening, and impressively large.



"How old are you Rolf? You're quite endowed for your age." 


"I'll be 15 in two months Elincia." She had leaned over the bed, reaching for her cloak and giving Rolf an amazing view of her rear, her back almost as appealing as her front, and he couldn't help but reach his hands out and begin to knead the flesh of her ass, and she hummed in approval.


'Mmmmm. Impatient aren't we?" She had a ruler in her hand, the curiosity of how big he was burning at her mind since she told him about her reward earlier, and put it down beside them as she reached for the drinks she brought with her. "Here, drink this. It's a mixture to keep you hard and your semen flowing. It's safe I promise." 


"What's the other one then? Is that for me too or for you?" He raised the glass to his lips, finding the taste somewhat bitter, but began to drink it anyway.


"For me, it would be bad if I got pregnant from this now wouldn't it? Although, the thought is exciting." As Rolf drank from his glass, she lowered her head to his cock, semen from his orgasm minutes ago still clinging to it, and she began to clean it, tongue running up and down his rapidly hardening length, making it shine with her saliva as she brought her mouth to his foreskin, kissing at it, running her tongue along it, before slowly taking his head into her mouth. As she went down his cock, Rolf's hand at the back of her head, playing with her hair, she couldn't chase that thought from her mind. It would be a disaster if she was to carry his child. Ignoring for the moment his age, the fact that the good Queen Elincia had taken a common mercenary to her bed and began to carry his child would spark outrage.


Even though it promised nothing but chaos for her beloved Crimea, the forbidden aspect of the notion was making her more wet than she's ever been. Pulling her mouth off his cock, much to his disappointment, she grabbed the ruler and measured him, answering the question she's had for a few hours now. '7 and a half. I know grown men across Tellius would be envious. I wonder how the court would take me having him around to sate my needs. It's going to be a shame letting him go to another woman.' 


"W-well? Too small right?" he said, nervously awaiting her answer. He was curious as to why she brought it out at first, but she hadn't let him see where on the ruler he ended up at.


"Quite the opposite in fact. 7 and a half, and you're not done growing." She put it down at the table beside her cup, and looked back at him, and a blind man could see how nervous he was. "Rolf," she began softly, tilting his head up, "you're perfectly fine. Better than fine even. Any woman should consider herself lucky to be with you. I do, if that helps. Now," she laid down on her back, and reached for her stockings to pull them down, stopping at a noise of protest. "You'd rather they stay on?"


"Y-yeah,they look really good on your legs Elincia. I guess this is it then?" He moved over her, and Elincia saw one problem. His shirt was still on. She leaned up, giving Rolf a fantastic view of her breasts, and had the offending piece of clothing removed in seconds.



"There, better. Yes Rolf, this is "it", so to speak, Come here." As he hovered above her, not knowing what to do, she reached for his cock, and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. "All you have to do is push it in now. Go slow at first ok?" He nodded, put his hands on her hips, and slowly eased his way inside her, a gasp escaping him at how good she felt. 


'If this is sex, I see why Gatrie's always chasing women.' Somehow overcoming the urge to start thrusting madly, he pushed the last bit of himself inside her, and just sat there for a moment, overwhelmed by the feel of her walls around his cock. And unknowingly giving his lover for the night time to adjust to his size.


'Ashera, I feel so full. The court can say what it wants, I'm keeping him around. I'll make the position of Archer general if I have to.' "Rolf, you can move now. And when you cum, don't you dare pull out. Ok?" Th way she said it felt more like an order, not a question.


"E-Elincia! You'll get pregnant! The nobles-" She cut him off with a searing kiss, their tongues dancing again, and Rolf found himself keeping up this time. As he pulled out, and thrust back in, he almost came then and there, only sheer willpower prevented it, and he started slow, trying to adjust to her pussy so he could last longer. With every thrust, her breasts bounced hypnotically, his eyes glued to the motion, and before long he found himself not caring about what the nobles would say.


"Faster Rolf. Move faster please." Never one to turn down a request, he did so, her moans soon increasing in pitch and frequency, and he found that the little breathy noises were addictive, and he wanted to hear more. He intensified the force and speed behind his thrusts, and Elincia was soon moaning his name, as the sound of their hips smacking filled the room.


Much to his dismay however, Rolf felt his orgasm fast approaching, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. "Elincia, I'm close. I'm gonna cum soon, do you really want me to stay inside?" She answered by wrapping her long legs around his waist, pushing him further into her depths, and Rolf came shortly after with a groan, making short, deep strokes as ropes of thick cum painted Elincia's womb white, and she followed his climax with her own, walls clamping down on his still cumming cock. This only served to intensify his orgasm, and he kept thrusting, soon panting for breath like the woman below him. As his climax subsided, he collapsed onto the bed beside her, cum leaking from her pussy, and stared at the roof.


"Oh Goddess, Rolf. That was amazing. Just, give me a minute and I'll be ready to go again." Again? He got to do this with her again? He didn't know if he would be happy or cursing his luck at the end of this. Elincia rolled over on top of him, reaching for his cock and inserting it, slowly sliding down his length. She places her hands on his lean but toned chest, and began to ride him, and she swore he was reaching deeper like this. "After this one Rolf, you get to choose what we do."


Choose what to do? He started to rack his brain for idea's, and soon lost that train of thought at the sight of her bouncing breasts. Quickly reaching his hands up, he began to knead her bosom, milk running down her waist from her nipples and beginning to pool at his stomach. He sat up, and soon was drinking her milk again, only adding to Elincia's pleasure.


"Ah! Yes Rolf! Milk me harder!" Her wish was his command, and his mouth was never empty, as Elincia's bouncing on his dick only served to increase the speed at which it flowed. Gathering a mouthful, he released her nipple and kissed her, letting her taste herself once more. 'I can see why he loves it so much, if only I could, well maybe I can.' 


Breaking the kiss, Elincia brought a breast to her mouth, silently thanking Lucia for insisting that physical flexibility be part of her training. Seeing the Queen nurse from her own breast, Rolf began to thrust up into her, soon matching her rhythm, his hands grabbing her ass, and using his grip to increase the force behind his thrusts. 


The sound of their quiet moans and hips slapping together filled the room again for several minutes, until Rolf could hold it back no longer. "Elincia! I'm gonna cum again soon!" She only rode him faster in response, her own orgasm swift approaching, racing each other to that finsih. Elincia crossed it first this time, muffling her cries with Rolf's mouth, and he followed suit, groaning as his cock pumped his cum deep into her womb, soon overfilling it and spilling some where their hips met. If she wasn't pregnant before, she was now. And she was willing to face that future at that moment.


She laid against him, trying to get her breath back, lazily drawing circles on his chest, as he ran his hands through her hair. "How do you deal with all this? It looks lik it's a pain to manage."


"It is, somewhat anyway. I have help though, and if I even hinted at getting it cut, I think my maids would revolt." She said with a small smile. "You know what you want to do next?" 


"I have an idea, but it's going to sound a little weird." Elincia had a guess in mind, and if she was right, she had prepared for this before she began the trek to his room.


"My ass right?" She couldn't help but laugh at his expression from having his idea guessed so quickly.


"Actually, I had wanted to use your breasts, but would it even fit back there?" Drat. Not what she was expecting, but she'd have to do that first before they did her idea.


"It would be some work, but it would fit yes. But since you wanted my breasts, we'll do that first." And she dismounted him, lowering her head down to his cock, and taking it in her mouth, going deeper than she had earlier. Rolf released a groan, her mouth was fantastic, not as good as what he was just inside, but still great. Her throat, on the other hand, was amazing, and he looked down in surprise to see Elincia's mouth kiss the base of his groin, before slowly drawing herself back up, his dick popping out of her mouth as she grabbed her breasts, and wrapped them aroud his length, and began pumping, with how slick he was it was easy.


Rolf laid his head back against the pillow, enjoying the softness encasing his rock hard cock. He slowly began thrusting up into her cleavage, the head of his length popping out from between her breasts, and pre-cum oozing out from the tip, only increasing the slickness. "Well? How do you like it so far? My tits around your hard cock, I bet it feels great." 


"They feel fantastic Elincia. Could you roll on your back though? I had wanted to, to" Despite what they'd done so far, Rolf still found himself hesitant to talk in that manner. Elincia would not have that.


"To what Rolf," she breathed out, pumping his length slowly now, teasing him, "what was it you wanted to do?" She bent her head down, taking the tip inside her mouth, flicking her tongue along his slit.


"I want to fuck your tits Elincia, to have you on your back as I fucked them!" he exclaimed, face going red in a way she found irresistible


She smiled at him, and laid down on her back, Rolf soon moving up to straddle her waist, placing his cock between her breasts, and thrusting away as she held them tight around his member. The feel of his slick length along her chest and between her tits was incredible, and she began to wonder how she was going to deal with her lust without him.



He picked up speed, fucking her tits with almost reckless abandon, and she could tell he'd cum soon. He reached for her nipples, tweaking and pinching them hard, Elincia moaning in approval, and he came as his cock was pointed straight at her face. Thick ropes of semen erupted from his member as he brought one of his hands to his dick and pumped it, soon coating her face with white. Panting hard, he observed the Queen's face, covered in his cum, and it was the most arousing sight yet.


Elincia brought her hands up to her eyes, wiping away the results of his discharge, before bringing them to her mouth sucking them clean. Grabbing his cock, she went about gathering the cum on her face with it, licking it clean as she did. "A little warning would have been appreciated.", a playful smile on her face as she slowly pumped his length.


"Sorry, I didn't have time to think about it." Answering wih a grin of his own. She sat up, and soon was on all fours in front of him, her ass on full display. He took a moment to marvel at her rear, how plump and tight it was, fruits of her rigerous exercise. He lined his cock up with her pussy, before she stopped him, and corrected his aim.


"My ass Rolf, you'll have to go slow going in." Given as how listening to her had been nothing but amazing so far, he obeyed, pressing his cockhead against her asshole, the tight ring of flesh slowly, reluctantly giving way, and his tip was in, the night's fluids serving as lubrication. Goddess, this was going to be a chore. He made small, weak thrusts, slowly fucking his way inside, Elincia groaning as he went, and soon, he had over half of himself inside her. It was tight, and hotter than her pussy, and Rolf knew he wasn't going to last long.



"I'm going to start moving now, ok?" He started off easy, giving her time to adjust to the new sensation, and partly to loosen her ass enough for him to fit the rest of his cock inside. Picking up speed, he was soon moving almost as quickly as earlier, Elincia letting out small moans, as a hand worked at her clit, determined to reach one last climax.


As he felt his end near, Rolf threw away any care he had for being gentle, fucking her with reckless abandon, Elincia burying her face in the mattress to deafen her cries. With a few short final thrusts, Rolf groaned, and came one last time, seed spilling into her ass, as it clenched around him almost painfully as her own climax hit, her scream being silenced by the bed.


After a moment, the grip around his cock loosened, and he slowly pulled it free, cum leaking from her anus. Spent, he collapsed beside the panting Queen, and when she recovered enough to move, he was already asleep. Smiling at her exhausted lover, Elincia slowly sat up, and moved to open the window, airing out the room as she went about dressing him, gathering up her cloak, before remembering to retrieve her own glass and finally drink it. Much as the thought had setteled in her mind, it would be a disaster if she were to bear his child. "Goodnight Rolf." And she left the room, heading to her chambers to bathe before finally letting sleep take her as well.





















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