Slime time

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Slime time

Chapter 1= Jenna’s slimey problem

“Where are we going Isaac?” asked Jenna. Her boyfriend Isaac was leading her farther from town, not that she minded because this meant that they could spent time together without some fan coming to get Isaac’s autograph. He was famous because everyone knew that he saved the world, even if Jenna helped him along with 6 other people. Felix didn’t care that Isaac got the attention because he didn’t like people since he was anti-social and Jenna knew that he would spy on them sometimes so it was weird for her to kiss Isaac when she knew her brother was watching.

As they walked along Jenna could make out some sort of building covered by the trees ahead. It came clear that this was a house even if it looked like it might fall apart with a simple earthquake.

“Here we are” said Isaac

“What is this place?” she asked him

“This is a place that I build for us” Isaac told her

“For us to live here” Jenna said, no offense to Isaac but the place looked like a dump

“No, It’s a place that we can be alone at and we can have sex in private” he said

“Are you sure we should be doing that?” asked Jenna “I’m only 18 years old”

“We have been dating for a few years and I…we did save the world” he told her

“A few years? You asked me out after Prox! Sure, we were into each other since 13 years old; I gave you so many hints that you never understood. I didn’t even know that you liked me and when I saw Mia…”

“Don’t start with Mia again” said Isaac, he was tired about hearing about her. Every time they got into a fight which was every other day the name Mia would come up. Mostly because Jenna hated the girl and saw her as a slut.

She would always say something like “Why would a girl like her join three guys on an adventure, three guys that get a hard on by only seeing my knees”

Now Mia was a slut and the reason that she joined the guys was because she found Isaac hot. Now Isaac told Jenna time and time again that nothing happened between him and Mia, but of course he was lying. Any sane man would hop in bed with Mia the first chance they got, for Isaac that was in Imil after Mercury lighthouse was lit. He fucked Mia a few more times when Garet and Ivan were sleeping, he would come out of his bed and get under the sheets of the bed she was sleeping in. Isaac would wake Mia up with a couple of soft kisses on her neck and cheeks. Once her eyes would open, he would pull out his cock and they would have a quick fuck. Once he was done using her, he would return to his bed and fall asleep.

After the events on Jupiter lighthouse Mia was jealous of what Isaac had with Jenna but she didn’t mind since Isaac would still screw her ass when he was able to not be seen, once he asked Jenna out, Mia felt like he stomped all over her heart, she stayed far away from him on the boat ride home and left Vale as quickly as they got there.

“She is a slut Isaac” continued Jenna “and I’m sure that you had sex with her, just tell me and I promise that I won’t be mad, we were not dating back then”

“I told you a hundred times that I never slept with her” he said

“Fine, I believe you” and just like that their fight was over, it was very common for their many fights to last only a few minutes. Jenna went over and kissed him and Isaac joined in. “I love you so much” she added

“How much?” asked Isaac

“Like a lot” said Jenna

“Enough to have sex with me, that is the main reason that I made this place. Your brother won’t be waiting right outside of your door when we have sex. Garet won’t walk in on us since he has the key to my house in Vale and the fans won’t throw paper airplanes and bras threw my window” he told her

“I don’t know Isaac, it is my first time and I want it to be special” she said

“It will be. It will be with me” he told her and he kissed her forehead, at that moment she knew how she felt and knew the right course of action.

“Alright” she said in a low voice, it was so low that Isaac only heard a mumble.

“I didn’t hear you baby” he said

“I said that we can have sex in this dump” Jenna told him

“That’s my girl” Isaac said

Needless to say that the house did not look better inside than outside, sure you had shelter from the sun and the wind and rain and snow but how long could it stand? It was only clear that nobody lived here. Right when you came in you had a small table made of wood that was almost rotten, the chairs nearby were no better. Jenna wondered why there was a table and chairs here if the main reason for this place was made for them to have sex, but she threw the idea away. It was most likely just an old table that Isaac took from Vale so that he could eat his lunch and relax while he was building the house.

Jenna found it weird that the house was so big. She spotted the stairs and notice that Isaac was already on them, near the stairs was a door, she was wondering what could be behind the door, but when she tried to open it she noticed that the door was locked.

“It won’t open” she said

“That’s because I have a surprise for you behind that door that is not yet finished” he told her and Jenna smiled.

“I love surprises” she said “Just don’t make me wait too long”

“You don’t need to worry” he said and put his hand out toward her, she took it allowing him to pull her towards him and upstairs. It sort of puzzled her because the bedroom which was on the second floor was huge, there was room for a few people and Jenna hoped that Isaac wasn’t sick enough to plan an orgy or something. In the center of the room was a bed and it also wasn’t as rotten as the other stuff in this house which made her believe what she thought about the old table and chairs. She went over and fell onto the bed.

“So are we going to do this?” she asked.

“Yes, we will” said Isaac, Jenna looked back and saw that Isaac was already taking his clothes off, her heart started to beat faster and faster, she was so nervous that her first time would take place in a few minutes with the man she loved the most in this world.

Jenna just couldn’t move at all, it’s not that she was scared to loss her virginity, but this was a big step for her, she wanted to have sex with Isaac, but there was something that her mother told her when she was a little girl that was in the back of her mind, something important that she should remember at this time.

She was so lost in thought that she didn’t even see Isaac walk pass her and get into bed, he took his underwear off and got settle in. That was weird, Jenna thought that Isaac would be a boxer type of guy, didn’t Dora flash his boxers out of his bedroom window one day to show him that she washed them, that was funny and Jenna gave out a small laugh. Once again her mother flashed in her head, Jenna was trying to remember what her mother told her. Was it to use a condom? No, Jenna wasn’t that stupid even if she knew that both she and Isaac didn’t have one, but at a time like this she didn’t really give a fuck. Then it hit her, her mother told her that the first time that she would have sex would be when she got married, suddenly guilt shot throughout her entire body. She should wait under she and Isaac were married before they used this house for sex.

“Are you going to take your clothes off?” Isaac asked her

All she could do was look at him, he looked so good with no clothes on…well the top half of him did since he was under the sheets, Jenna was sure that the rest of him would be just as sexy, she so much wanted to take her clothes off and join him in bed naked, but she wasn’t a slut like a certain blue haired Mercury adept. Sex would have to wait until another day.

“I…I don’t think I can do this” she was somehow able to say

“But you got me all hard” said Isaac, “it’s not fair”

“Isaac you get hard just by looking at me since I’m the only girl in town that wears a skirt” Jenna told him

Isaac moved across the bed and kissed her chest, the electricity that she felt go through her body was wild, she wanted more. Isaac kissed her neck and this fire inside of her kept on growing. This was true love. The voice of her mother that was inside of her head started to shut up, Jenna once again wanted to share this moment with Isaac right here and now.

Isaac and I have a perfect relationship Jenna said inside of her head We will get married in a year or two, maybe even sooner. It’s alright to have sex with him now so she kissed him.

“Take your clothes off before we start” he told her

“Yeah, that would be a good idea” Jenna noticed.

Jenna unbuttoned her shirt and took it off to reveal a pink bra, which she unhooked and removed from her chest which showed her huge breast to Isaac, his fingers moved slightly and he fought the urge to grab them outright. Jenna pulled down her skirt along with her panties, she sat on the bed, Isaac was right behind her and started to grope her boobs, the fire burned hotter inside of her heart, she was so glad that this was happening right now. She closed her eyes in pleasure and was getting ready to hop in bed until she remembered that she still had her boots on, she kicked them off and fell in bed, she got under the cover and started to kiss Isaac. It became obvious to Jenna that Isaac had never seen boobs before in his life (even if he had sex with Mia before) he grabbed them for a large part of their time together. Finally he was ready to enter Jenna. She braced herself and felt his penis go inside of her pussy, it hurt a bit at first and then it started to feel good. Jenna now understood why Mia was a slut, the feeling was just too good, Jenna wanted this moment to last forever, but she knew that it couldn’t. They would have to come back tomorrow for round two or tonight if Isaac was up for it. The feeling of his cock moving inside of her vagina made her go crazy and the room kept getting hotter, both from the intense sex that they were having and the fact that Jenna is a Mars adept.

Finally the feeling of heat was too much for Isaac and he shot his load into her womb, making Jenna fall asleep after a few minutes after his ejaculation. Isaac took one look at Jenna as she slept there unknown of his evil plan to use her, he knew that she was beautiful and perfect for what he wanted to do, but she could be more beautiful. He brought his green dick to her face and stroked it multiple times and ejaculated a load of sperm onto her face.

“Now you look like a real princess, bitch” he said.

Isaac has a green penis and that was the reason that he took his underwear off under the cover of the sheets so that Jenna would not see this. He left Jenna nude in bed with his cum all over her face; he walked downstairs and unlocked the door at the bottom. The one that Jenna tried to open but couldn’t.

“Wake up sunshine” Isaac said the person who was chained to the wall was…ISAAC?

“Let me go” said the captive Isaac, he was sitting on the floor and his hands were chained to the brick above him.

“Why would I do that?” said the other nude Isaac with the green cock “I like being you, you are famous and the girls love you and you have a sexy girlfriend”

“If you touch Jenna I will kill you” said the captive Isaac

“I just had sex with that bitch” said the evil Isaac.

The captive Isaac got mad but that did nothing, then a voice came from the captive Isaac’s pants. “Is that you honey?” the voice said, out of his pants came a slime beast (they are red) “I was getting bore of fucking this guy” she said

“Come over here baby” said the evil Isaac. The slime beast went up his leg and to his face and they kissed.

“That was inside of my pants” said the captive Isaac in shock. “I had sex with a slime, but I’m not into monsters and so are Jenna and Mia so leave them alone”

“It’s too late for Jenna, I already shot my semen into her womb, in a month or so she will give birth to my child” said the evil Isaac

“You bastard” said the real chained Isaac, saying this got him a slap across the face.

“That is just the first part of our plan, my brother is going to do the same thing to Mia, I don’t know which guy he will show up as when he finds her, but she won’t stand a chance to his charm” said the evil Isaac.

“What are you?” he asked

“It’s obvious” said the slime beast

“I am a slime” said the evil Isaac (they are weak and green in the game)

“What is going on?” asked the real Isaac

“Me, my brother and my wife here attacked you while you were building your future house for when you were going to ask Jenna to marry you. I drank your blood and was able to become you, only my dick remains green. I have most of your memories, like Jenna and Mia, but not everything like the sex you had with Mia, I know it happened but I don’t know what happened during those times, which is why I went so crazy when I saw your bitch’s breast. Jenna and Mia will be used as breeding stock, but first we have to brainwash them in a way, Mia is already a slut as I can tell from your memories, but Jenna is a sweet girl, that will have to change” he told him

“You’re OK with this slime beast?” asked the real Isaac

“I am ready to die” she said

“What do you mean?” asked the real Isaac

“Only male slimes can drink human blood and turn into that person, but we female slimes have a different power, with Jenna unconscious I can go inside of her by going into her vagina and take control of her body for a while. She will still be around, she will see everything and feel everything, but she can’t speak or control her actions that will belong to me. Once my time inside of her runs out I will die, but Jenna will have fucked all of Vale and we will turn her into a dirty little slut” said the slime beast

“I will kill you all if you do this to them” said the real Isaac

“I don’t care” said the evil Isaac; he moved forward with his green cock dripping with his semen that he shot inside of Jenna and onto her face. “Now clean my cock with your tongue boy”

He didn’t really give Isaac a choice and he moved his cock into his mouth one second later. Isaac choked on the green stick and couldn’t stand the taste, his tongue touching the semen and he was forced to swallow it all down his throat. The evil Isaac also known as the slime moved his cock quickly to give Isaac a hard time.

“You are our slave human” he told him, Isaac knew that he was right, he was powerless.

Afterwards the slime came inside of Isaac’s mouth, sperm flying through every corner of his mouth, Isaac being used as a sex toy while his girlfriend was upstairs having lost her virginity to a monster and on the verge of becoming a slut by force not by choice.

“What do we do with him?” asked slime beast

“We can kill him” said the evil Isaac, he put his hand across the real Isaac’s throat, he pressed harder and Isaac was in real trouble. A few minutes later Isaac was dead. The evil Isaac, now the only Isaac buried the real Isaac now the dead Isaac outside in the swamp so that nobody could ever find his body

When he returned to the house and got upstairs Jenna was just waking from her slumber. She looked at him with wide eyes.

“Your green cock is so sexy” she told him

“Is that you slime beast?” he asked

“Of course it’s me” said Jenna “Which human girl would tell you that a green dick is sexy, she was so easy to enter” she then locked lips with her “husband”

“So now I wait here and you screw the town” he said

“You can come with me Isaac, we are boyfriend and girlfriend in these bodies, but soon I will die but it will be worth it for you to have this girl who is so powerful as breeding stock, we slimes will rule the earth” said Jenna

Slowly inside of her own body Jenna woke up, she saw Isaac with a green cock, she heard him as well as herself talking about slimes, but they were not the words that she was speaking, it soon became clear to her what took place, that was not the real Isaac, she soon learned that he was dead, so the Isaac that she had sex with was in truth a slime, a horrible monster that used her for fun and at that moment when she was making love to that thing she was in love with him, it was also clear that she was not in control of her words and of her actions and she heard herself say

“I won’t have a problem having sex with Vale, I have a human body and everyone wants a piece of this ass” Jenna said

Inside of her own body the real Jenna felt like crying, she did and somehow the tears appeared on her outer body.

“What is going on?” asked Isaac

“This girl is strong” Jenna said “Inside she is crying and because of her power it is happening to me, I have to make her weak and fast and the best way to do that is to turn her into a slut” while the tears of the real spirit of Jenna fell down her cheeks.

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