Revenge of the Shepard Clone 13: Prothean Pyramid

BY : maryshepardn7
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The Clone of Shepard layed atop a small mountain on the green outer planet Thoros. He had found the fabled Prothean Pyramid that he sought out for weeks now and landed his stealth shuttle a half mile away from it on top of a small mountain that overlooked an entire valley with the pitch black pyramid at the base. However, he ran into an unforeseen circumstance along the way. Down below him was the black pyramid, but all around it was an excavation team and an Asari Commando unit inhabiting 4 tents. This would provide more of a challenge than the clone initially thought. He zoomed in on his sniper scope. In all there were about 3 excavation team members and 4 Asari commandos.


As he looked at the top of the pyramid steps he saw an Asari commando escorting another Asari that was completely naked for some reason. Her large butt complimented her dark green body and Shepard quickly recognized the Asari as the clone used by the Thorian of Feros, Shiala. She had been spared by the original Shepard and now here she was, causing more problems. The clone wondered if she saw the same vision that he had from Keji's greybox since she and the original Shepard were bonded in their meeting.


She took a deep breathe and jumped into the top of an opening on the pyramid by herself. The tip of the pyramid quickly sealed up behind her. Shepard had to move, but he had not expected this dilemma. The Asari commando walked back down the pyramid steps and Shepard acted on impulse and accidentally pulled his sniper rifle trigger firing a single round straight through the Asari Commando's head causing her to roll down the pyramid steps, alerting the rest of the encampment.


Assorted worried chatter and yelling soon followed-suit. Shepard took cover on top of his mountain. He had to first take out the Asari commando's. Everyone was looking for him and he would have to act immediately. As they searched, Shepard fired another shot hitting another commando in the back of the head, causing her to faceplant the grassy floor. The third commando finally found him and started yelling commands as she ran towards him, pointing at his direction. As she did, Shepard fired his sniper rifle, hitting the Asari in the forehead, causing her to do a black flip and land face down from the collision of inertia between the sniper round and her sprinting. Shepard was unable to locate the last commando and started to slide down the mountain towards the camp. The crew had hidden in their tent, and he was unsure of what to expect. As he approached the camp of four tents, he looked at the commandos he had killed and was quickly ambushed by a thermal grenades which exploded a few inches in his face, destroying his biotic and suit shields.


“FUCK!” he shouted as he fell to the floor, beginning to panic, temporarily blinded by the flash and shrapnel. As he groaned in agony, bleeding on his face and rolling on the ground the last commando came out of cover and stepped on his neck, preventing him from receiving oxygen. As she did, she aimed her rifle directly at his face. Shepard thought this could be the end as he began to worry. Suddenly, one of the excavation crew came out with a pistol and the human male aimed it at Shepard, unbeknownst to the commando. This would be Shepard's opportunity to use his unfocused biotics on a weak individual since any attempts on the commando would fail due to his lack of concentration. Shepard saw his opportunity and used his reaper indoctrination tech to send a wave into the mind of the scientist, forcing him to shakily approach the Asari from behind, placing the barrel of the pistol behind her head and firing it without her ever knowing.


She immediately collapsed and fell on top of Shepard, getting her purple blood on his already bloody face. He threw her off and struggled to get up as the crew member came to his senses, realizing what he had just done. He then shakily raised the pistol at Shepard who then raised his own pistol and shot the scientist in the head.


The clone staggered over to the tent to see the remaining two crew members as they trembled in the corner of their tent. “I need your help to get in the pyramid.” he said grimacing from his new facial wounds. “Do it and you'll live.”


He noticed the two survivors were a Salarian male and a Quarian female. “Okay, we will.” the Salarian said with his hands up.


As the two excavators led the clone up the pyramid steps, they told Shepard about how he had to be fully nude to enter the temple. If not he would be detected by the ancient sensors and killed. Hence why the Asari entered naked and why they lost several scientists previously.


“It wants you to be at your most basic natural form for when it imparts the information.” the Quarian said. “Strange, I know, but when we first read the translation, we thought it meant this figuratively, not literally.


Shepard was now atop the pyramid as the tip opened once again, revealing a dark hole that led into the pyramid. He tossed the latchkey down the hole and undressed as he heard it slide down into the darkness, still breathing heavily from his recent encounter. Before jumping in, he quickly picked up his pistol and aimed it at the two scientists.


“No! Wait! You said-” The salarian said before getting a shot to the chest. The quarian turned and dashed down the steps, only to be shot in the lower back, rolling down the steps and laying next to the asari Shepard first shot, groaning and dying shortly after.


“I can't have anyone know of this....” Shepard said as he dropped his pistol, took a deep breath and jumped into the black abyss as the pyramid tip closed behind him.





Shepard slid down the winding dark path a good 20 feet in pitch darkness until he landed in a large chamber filled with ancient prothean artifacts and architecture, only illuminated by a few faint green and blue lights. Shepard got up and looked around and noticed a door at the end of the room closing, It must have been Shiala. Shepard limped over towards the door rubbing his neck as the pain from the previous fight had injured him more than any other fight previously had. He looked blankly at the facade and tried to make out the ancient scribbled inscriptions on it but could understand none of it. He finally noticed that there was an outline of what looked like a disfigured hand print. Most likely in the shape of a Prothean's hand.


Shepard placed his hand on the door and it abruptly opened rising up into the ceiling and opening into a long dark hallway with a faint blue and green light at the far end of it. Shepard limped cautiously down the dark path. He was completely unable to see anything except the light at the end of the hall as he wearily made his way towards it.


As he approached the light at the end of the tunnel, Shiala's green curvy figured body came into focus as her back was turned to him. Shepard resisted getting hard at the sight of her naked butt and just walked towards her.


“I knew you would come.” Shiala said, still facing a large angular black chest that was up to her waist in front of her. “I know who you really are and why you're here....” She slowly turned to face him. “I was melded with the original Shepard, and as his thoughts and memories passed onto you. The Cipher that connected me and him now connects us, giving me full access to view your actions these past weeks.”


“So you've been spying on me....” the clone said.


“Of course, but don't worry.....I told no one......You see, you and I both share the same goals and none can know of them, unless we want to risk the galaxy stopping us.”


“What about those archaeologists and commandos you had escort you?” Shepard said rubbing his eyes, trying to get rid of the debris that still covered him.


“They were told it was an excavation and nothing more.” Shiala said taking a quick glance at Shepard's naked hanging penis as he rubbed his eyes. “I guess my commando got to you.”


“No shit.” he replied angrily “Well now I'm here, and you didn't plan on it, so now what?”


“The chest containing whatever is inside is completely locked.....I'm not sure what to do.” Shiala said as Shepard held the key in his fist, desperately trying to prevent her from seeing it. “You don't have to hide it... Remember, I saw everything.....I know you have the key.” The naked green asari said as she approached him in a friendly manner.


He tightened his grip on the key. He tried to activate his biotics, but his extreme headache from the grenade blast prevented him from being able to concentrate. She then grabbed his arm and penis in the other hand and started to tug at it to calm him down, which it did quite well. He closed his eyes and let his guard down. She then put both hands on his shoulders.


“Embrace eternity!” she said as her eyes went black and entered the clone's mind.


His vision went completely black and he awoke on a light circle that was surrounded by swirling grey clouds as the voice of Shiala muttered in his head. He was in his own mind as Shiala walked towards him from the dark. He became frozen as the asari grabbed the back of his head and locked lips with him, slowly draining his energy. He struggled to fight back, and yet he couldn't. She then let go and gave him a quick smile and slowly dropped to her knees and began to suck his dick and life force as well.


“You fucker!” Shepard struggled to say losing energy, unable to move as she continued “pleasuring” him, weakening him further. The clone struggled to concentrate as the Asari continued sucking the life out from within him. As he did, Shiala disappeared and he was standing alone in the storm of clouds.


“You can't stop me. You're just a pathetic angry clone, and I will be the one to control the reapers.” her voice swirled around him in the clouds, confusing him further. He was unable to see through the clouds but could still hear her taunting him.


His fever dream went white and phased in to the view he had from inside of the stasis chamber he was born and raised in. However, instead of his love Maya Brooks comforting him on the other side of the pod window, Shiala walked in his direction with an evil smile on her face as she pressed the activation switch to filter poison gas into his chamber, causing the clone to panic and feel helpless, further feeling a drain on his life force.


His vision went white again and teleported him to Maya Brook's bed in her apartment on the night they first had sex. In this instance, instead of Maya, riding atop him it was Shiala. She pressed her hand down on his chest causing him to gasp in agony.


His vision went white again, but this time he had to stop the madness. He regained focus and took a deep breathe as he regained focus and remembered his past, present and thought of the future, effectively blocking the Asari from further warping his mind into a vegetative state.


The two fought back and forth within their minds. Only the most powerful would survive. Shiala was powerful with her Thorian DNA, but Shepard had reaper tech that he could control, forcing her back. His vision once again returned to the time he was having sex with Maya Brooks in her dimly lit apartment. The Asari was bent over taking Shepard's long white cock in her dark green butt cheeks. His vision went black and he felt an explosive burst of energy within his mind, completely expelling the Asari.



Shepard's eyes shot open and he realized he was back in the real world in the same position he left his last vision. Shiala was in the same position as well, completely drained of her powers, and bent over with Shepard's cock still in her green butt, ready to burst. He had retained his focus and was able to use his biotic neutralizer once again, completely sapping Shiala's abailities and energy. She was now barely able to move after the shock from him fighting back. Shepard then pulled out and began to shoot his huge hot cum load onto her dark green back as she could do nothing else but barely stand up and pant after the battle. Shepard slapped his cock on her lower back while she was still bent over and covered in glistening pearly white cum, further taunting her. He then grabbed the defeated Asari by the tenticles on the back of her head and yanked her in the bent over position over to the locked chest. He kept hold of her and put the sacred item in her hand, slamming her facefirst onto the chest.


“N-no....please.” she struggled to say as he forced her to insert the key. Shepard learned through their melding that the chest was booby trapped even though she neglected to tell him. He grabbed her hand and turned the key, quickly jumping back as a blue light burst out, ensnaring her and levitating Shiala in place 2 feet off the floor. The clone recognized it as the same type of device used on Liara's dig site.


Soon afterwards, a black orb the size of a tennis ball floated out of the box. It was almost see through despite being pitch black with dispersed barely visible clouds of dark green green floating around inside of it. Shepard walked over to it and the orb gently floated into his hand. He was unsure as to what to make of it, so he lightly grasped it and turned back to leave the chamber.


“Shepard! Wait!” Shiala said as he turned around to face her. “Don't leave me here! Kill me if you have to! Just don't leave me here! Please!”


Shepard looked at her for a moment, then the orb and turned back around, walked through the door and closed it as the lights went out, leaving Shiala to a fate worse than death. While Shepard thought she would die in a few days, he was completely wrong. The asari could go months without eating, and her thorian fused DNA multiplied that. In the end she would live in the darkness, losing her mind for a year before slowly dying.


The chamber would not be opened for another 3,000 years, where the ancient Asari's bones would be found and studied. As for Shepard, he left the temple, saving then destroying all computer evidence and data at the campsite and returned to his shuttle. After a few days rest he would now need answers to this next riddle. An answer to the mystery behind the Prothean orb. Grissom Academy would be a perfect place to gain some useful knowledge. It was also high time that he paid the wild Jak a visit.

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