The Wasteland (How Not To) Survival Guide

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the "Fallout" game series, nor the characters living in it like Nora, the Sole Survivor. They wholly belong to Bethesda Softworks, and I most certainly don't make any money from the writing of this story.

Nora's face, hidden by the emotionless covering of her power armor paled in absolute terror as she suddenly realized she made a terrible mistake helping that man Preston and his Minutemen. How stupid could she have been agreeing to put on this silly power armor and try to fight away the bandits surrounding this building? She was a lawyer just a few days ago - relatively, of course. In reality it had been over two hundred years since she and her family had managed to run into Vault 111 as the bombs dropped all around them and her world ended.

The Sole Survivor had only a brief moment of the exultation of victory as the minigun she tore off the crashed vertibird mowed down the raiders, but the joy turned to horror in her mouth as the gigantic lizard-like creature rushed out from between two nearby buildings. The beast was nearly twelve feet tall and had curved horns arching from his head, long jagged-sharp claws, and wickedly predatory teeth. 

The first thought on seeing the creature was that it came straight out of those Japanese movies with the big monsters that her husband had always loved. This recollection caused a brief moment of nostalgia to wash over her, making her pause. Her lack of reaction doomed her and the horned monster was on her in seconds, roaring in bestial rage. 

Nora knew, abstractly, that people could go dumb with shock when they got terribly wounded. As a crushing grip curled around her arm and ripped it, metal encasement and all, right off her body. She stared in mute terror the stump of her shoulder as it fountained blood out to stain the ground. Her ears rang numbly as she barely heard the deathclaw toss the arm into his gaping mouth and chew it, tearing and devouring metal armor and soft flesh entirely.

With an almost lackadaisical smack the deathclaw knocked her off her feet and sent her sprawling onto the broken pavement on her back. Only now, far too late, did Nora start reacting. Her screams tore from her throat and, amplified by the speakers on her power armor, boomed throughout the abandoned city. The creature reached towards her chest with its sword-like claws and tore the torso plate off as easily as a can opener would do to a can of Pork n' Beans. 

Unfortunately for the Sole Survivor, his claws came away with more than her armor. They tore through her under clothes and formerly impressive breasts, ripping and shredding them beyond recognition. Her firm and toned stomach, kept that way to please her husband Nate, was cleaved open with a single following swipe of the creature's claws. The length of intestines caught on the deathclaw's wicked killing implements and were viciously pulled, foot after foot, from her body.

By the time the deathclaw began to dig his head into her chest and truly devour her, the screams had died down to wheezy breaths from her blood-splattered mouth. Nora's thoughts drifted to her dead husband as the deathclaw ripped her lower half off and ravenously slurped and gnawed at the canned meal in his hands. She was perversely happy that she would be with him again, but sad at the thought of her son alone in this cruel world.

When the deathclaw dropped the legs of the power armor to the ground and ambled off, the Sole Survivor thought nothing more.

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