Taken by Surprise

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dungeons and Dragons, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Taken by Surprise
Description: A Drow scout loses her mind under the skilled fingering of a Mind Flayer.

Content Codes: 3Plus AFFO Bigotry ChallengeFic COMPLETE Contro Fingering Hum MC MCD MF MiCD OC Oneshot PWP Rape Solo Tent Violence Voy WS

Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described.  Please read the story codes and stop reading if you can’t stomach that shit. Seriously, you’ll just hate it if you keep reading. Go for a walk in the country instead.

Disclaimer and author’s note: I do not own Dungeons & Dragons or any of the characters or creatures from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This story is written in gratitude to Garethan and based on their requested scene, which was suggested by Lara.

The sudden tremors throughout the rock lasted only seconds at a time, but caused unprecedented damage throughout the cities of the Underdark. Old routes collapsed and new ones tore open. The need for scouts to explore and map them out became extremely pressing for the Drow clans. So it was that the Drow scout Jizzon, barely of the first level in her assigned profession, found herself moving through narrow tunnels miles from home. She didn’t want to, but the rest of the clan didn’t give a shit what she wanted. Other scouts were at least sent in pairs. Her superior had laughingly told her she was expendable, despite his enjoyment of her fine large chest. Her black skin had almost darkened further at that. Since they first developed, Jizzon’s breasts had grown a degree or two too large for her petite frame.

Like most of the rest of her kind, the Drow was too selfish to put herself at risk for others willingly. She was also intelligent enough to know her life would end quickly and in a lot of pain, if she refused. Jizzon had endured a last grope through the thin leather of her top, and then headed off to scout out her assigned new tunnels. Hours later she’d seen far too many similar paths through the Underdark. The only moment of excitement had come in the second hour, when she’d encountered three sisters of her clan raping a captured Dwarf. They’d hissed her away with threats, before turning back to the bruised cock and weary tongue of their prey. The brief look of hope, of possible rescue, died in the pained eyes of their victim.

She’d backed off, palms outward, and walked down the tunnel away from the group. The expression of the Dwarf stayed in her mind’s eye. Jizzon stopped close enough to listen to the moans of Drow and groans of Dwarf. There she untied the laces of her leather pants, enough to get fingers into her bush. She imagined she was the one riding his fat Dwarf cock, raking his chest with her sharp nails until it ran with blood. Jizzon’s black skinned fingers worked inside her pussy, her thumb on her clit. She bit her tongue to stifle her own moans, and listened to the Dwarf’s muffled cries sounding increasingly desperate.

Her fantasy changed. Pointed ears twitching at the squelching and moaning, she imagined crushing his beaded face beneath her crotch. She saw her dark fingers wrapped around the pale skin of his shaft, stroking him to a final climax. Jizzon drew blood from her lip as she bit down, frigging herself to the smothered cries of the dying Dwarf. She came, her own screamed masked by the cries of her three clan sisters. Her whole body shuddered and she nearly fell. Jizzon regained her balance and was lacing her pants up and running on shaking legs while the last pleasure shocked her body. The Drow couldn’t take the risk the three had only killed the Dwarf so quickly because she was there; that they would come for her next, and leave her raped and dead beside the Dwarf.

Dull hours of exploration followed. Jizzon had only just stopped to sketch out the preceding routes on her map when the floor beneath her gave away. She barely suppressed a cry of shock as she tumbled down, fast and hard, thirty or forty feet down a crack in the rock. A momentary image of her body trapped immovably until she starved filled her mind. She might not even be able to masturbate! The fear proved unfounded when she crashed through to land on the worked floor of an older tunnel stretching away into darkness. She patted herself down, finding cuts, bruises, and that the laces holding the front of her top together had burst open. Her breasts were loose in the clammy air. Her nipples hardened before her eyes, responding to the cooler temperature. She examined the frayed ends of the laces and decided she could probably knot them back together. It wasn’t a question of modesty; if she had to run without her breasts laced into leather the bouncing would hurt. Smacking herself in the face would hurt more.

She looked ahead and saw the tunnel was empty. Even without her inherited ability to see in the dark, large patches of phosphorescent moss provided a dull glow down the path through the Underdark. She rose back to her full 5’ and smiled a dark lipped smile just as a Mind Blast hit her from behind. The Drow swayed on her feet, and almost toppled over as her top-heavy cleavage dragged her forward. Her smile dropped as her jaw hung slackly from her face. The only sound for a moment was a gentle trickle as she emptied her bladder in streams down each leg into her boots. Then footsteps sounded behind her until the attacker was at her back.

The stun effect of the Mind Blast meant Jizzon wasn’t even aware of the claw-like fingers of the Mind Flayer as they eased her pack from her back, and tossed it aside. It pulled the daggers from her hip sheaths, and tossed them aside too before moving its hands up and around to cup her exposed breasts. Jizzon’s nipples hardened even more beneath rough fingers. The Drow’s cleavage represented a good meal for some of the creatures down in the Underdark, but the Mind Flayer was more interested in how her body reacted to touch. It telepathically felt her body’s beginnings of arousal even with her mind stunned and unable to form conscious thought.

Dropping one hand, the Mind Flayer’s fingers tore the laces of her leather pants apart, and exposed her thick silver-white bush to the damp Underdark air. The slight glow of the phosphorescent moss made the glistening hair sparkle. As her mind slowly began to clear, Jizzon’s first sensation was the strong scent of her own urine mixed with the stale musk of her earlier climax. The Mind Flayer flared its mouth tentacles out, and moved them around her skull. It carefully moved her silver-white hair back from her pointed ears to expose two of the routes into her brain. The other two tentacles moved slimily around her darkly flushed cheeks, over her open, slack, mouth and towards her nose.

Jizzon couldn’t even blink her own eyes. Drool dribbled down her chin. She felt the Mind Flayer’s body pressed into her back, hairless and muscular, and had a sense that it was taller but hunched down over her petite form. She felt its fingers probing her bush, massaging her pussy with experienced touch. She wasn’t its first girl. She heard its intention clearly; it wanted her to know. The Mind Flayer liked to experiment with brains awash in different chemical states. Fear, pain, happiness, pleasure... It was going to make her come, and then eat her brain. Unlike some of its previous meals, her mindless body wouldn’t even become a slave; instead, it intended to feed the remains to its thralls. Tentacles slid ever so slightly further inside her ears, up her nose, as fingers slid up into her moistening pussy.

The pulsing of blood sounded like a loud thump with her ears filled. Jizzon breathed through her slack mouth, panting quicker as her fear and arousal grew. She had heard some Mind Flayers had cocks or pussies, inherited from the hosts whose body they had stolen and not absorbed into their cloacae.  She couldn’t feel either pressed into her back, just the rhythmic penetration of fingers violating her pussy, questing tentacles obscenely deep inside her skull, not quite ready to break through into her brain. The cruelty of the death it had planned for her aroused her, though only as she imagined it happening to some of her clan sisters.

She hated being so helpless before a Mind Flayer. Drow didn’t take shit from anyone except other Drow. The Mind Flayer was amused at her anger. It saw itself as superior to any pointy eared bitch from above or below, and to all the other Mind Flayers too. It fingered her more roughly as she juiced up, letting its thumb begin to catch her hardening little clit. It shared with her memories of its previous victims, hurting, screaming, dying or enslaved, broken beneath its will. A red haired human man who’d managed to regain control enough to rip out his own throat for a quicker death. Her pussy was sopping wet; there was nothing like cruelty to arouse a Drow. It lifted Jizzon’s body like she weighed nothing, supported by the tentacles wrapped around her skull, the arm across her breasts, and the hand playing with her pussy.

Her feet dangled limply, inches above the worked stone floor. Jizzon’s fingers twitched, and flexed just at the tips. She was getting control back. She managed to moan, not in fear, but arousal. It was too good. The damn Mind Flayer’s fingers were working perfectly against her clit. It was just the right side of rough with her right breast. She managed to struggle weakly, and just found she worked its fingers inside her further. Oh, damn, too close. Her body was afire, with heat in her breasts, her belly, her sopping pussy. So close. She felt further burrowing inside her skull turning into a sudden sharp pain, and then she was over the edge.

Jizzon’s scream echoed down the tunnels as she came; the greatest and last pleasure of her life, overwhelming everything else. She writhed uncontrollably as the Mind Flayer started pulling her brain out through her ears and nose. Her mind broke down in pleasure, pain. She tried to recall her own name... Jizz... Jizzon... Jizzon M’Tytz! Her last complete thought before the Mind Flayer completed its meal of her mind. Her orgasm made it a particularly piquant delicacy, better than fear alone, or even pain and confusion.  

It dropped the hollow-skulled Drow down to the floor. Already, its thralls were coming, drawn to the scream. It raised its fingers to its lamprey-like mouth, and tasted the Drow’s pussy. Her heavy breasts rose and fell in quick, shallow, breaths as the last scraps of her brainstem died within. She shuddered one final time, blood running from her ears and nose, and then she was still.

The thralls ate her raw. Some of them had once been clan sisters or brothers. The Mind Flayer didn’t allow them to waste anything. They ate eyes and tongue, skin and tendons, her fatty breasts and muscular ass, the contents of her stomach and the guts below. An enthralled human cleric, formerly a woman of peace and love, ate her pussy in the most literal way possible. Finally there was nothing left of the Drow scout but broken bones, snapped open for the rich marrow within.


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Other names I had for the Drow were “Zee” and “Ningpool”. I’ve never played tabletop D&D, so everything I know comes from video games, the Wiki entry, asking on the AFF forum, Garethan and Dark Dungeons. Oh, and the old cartoon. It's been so long I don't remember if it had any Drows or Mind Flayers though. Not given in the text, the Mind Flayer’s name sounds like Bob in our tongue.

Citation: The title is from a quote attributed to Baden-Powell, “"A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens."

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