Control Takes Jill

BY : JayDee
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Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil, or Starship Troopers 2 nor the characters/creatures from them. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Control Takes Jill
Description: A short bloody look at the consequences of Umbrella experimenting on one of the Control Bugs from Starship Troopers 2.

Content Codes: 3Plus ChallengeFic COMPLETE Contro MC MF MCD Necro Oneshot Oral, PWP Rape Solo Violence WS Xeno

Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described.  Please read the story codes and stop reading if you can’t stomach that shit. Seriously, you’ll just hate it if you keep reading. Go read something nice about kittens.

Disclaimer and author’s note: I do not own Resident Evil, Starship Troopers 2 or any of the characters or creatures from them. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This story is written in gratitude to ACERXX and based on their requested scene.

Captain Wesker’s voice sounded in the corridor outside the R.C.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. office before he entered. As ever, he expected great things of the officers under his command.  Jill Valentine looked up from reviewing a report to see the Captain enter with Barry Burton. He nodded a greeting to his subordinates before heading over to his own desk. Barry stayed in the doorway for a moment, looking distinctly spaced out. Jill clicked her fingers at him. Someone, Chris Redfield she thought, chuckled. Barry looked over,

“Uh, Jill. Hi. Sorry, could we have a word in private?”


She tidied her documents and dropped the remains of a meaty sandwich into the office garbage. She followed Barry out of the office, admiring the rear view of his muscular body as she did so. She wasn’t alone in enjoying the sight, but while Barry had always been friendly with his fellow officers, he was never more than that. Jill had dropped him knowing looks and flirty lines in the past, but he hadn’t responded at all. His bulky body was almost twice her weight with muscle and four or five inches taller. Jill’s kind of man. She reflected as she often had that it was a damn shame he was so happily married. Jill shook her head wistfully, and then grinned as Barry showed her into the small rest room officers sometimes used for grabbing a quick nap. The cot had been used for more than sleeping before. Jill remembered seeing that cute uniform officer, Branagh, walking a little gingerly after spending time in there with Rebecca.

“Hey family man, people will talk,” she joked as Barry reached back and shut the door, “so what’s-”

Barry pulled her into his arms and kissed her with hungry passion. She felt his tongue inside her mouth and responded eagerly. Fucking a married man wasn’t a moral issue for Jill Valentine. She enjoyed the masculinity of his rough bristles scratching against her jaw. As exciting as the unexpected kiss was for the brunette, Jill quickly felt Barry pressing down a little hard on her mouth. She was about to protest when he pulled away with a confused look.

“Not ready yet,” he mouthed, almost silently.

She was certainly getting wet; but reaching for his pants Jill found Barry’s cock only started to harden as she felt through the crotch of his uniform. There was a good handful there; more than enough to make working around a man’s sudden performance anxiety worth her while. She dropped to her knees so that her boots pressed back against the closed door, and unbuckled Barry’s belt. She murmured appreciatively on the visual confirmation that his cock was a decent size even semi-flaccid and took it into her mouth. The taste was a little sweaty, but not unpleasant. She felt up his hairy thighs, tracing muscles, before reaching around for his butt. Jill Valentine suckled on Barry’s dark purple glans. She could feel Barry’s body heat radiating around her in the small room. He stood almost motionless, open mouthed, as she licked and sucked him to hardness. She noticed redness in his eyes; maybe he’d been overdoing it? Maybe the idea of finally giving himself to his sexy colleague had deprived him of sleep until he had to give in?

Jill Valentine felt a pang of guilt at the possibility she was taking advantage of a too stressed colleague, but the pang faded as she slid two fingers inside herself. He was an increasingly grown man. Jill pumped her sodden pussy as she licked Barry’s shaft form balls to crown, and then swallowed him slowly until her lips pressed into his bush. She frowned slightly; he really was getting feverishly hot. She could feel him in her throat. She looked up into his reddening eyes and pulled her face from his cock with a pop,

“Barry, are you ok?”

“Oh, oh yes. It’s nearly time.”

He picked her up like a toy, all 110+ lbs of S.T.A.R.S. officer, and tossed her onto the thin cot mattress. Jill sat up enough to loosen her boots, and kick them off, and yanked down her pants and panties in one movement. Barry stepped out of his own boots and trousers at the same time. His cock bobbed enticingly, veins visible along the red length. He made no move to remove his upper garments, and Jill hadn’t got her top undone before he was on the cot with her. The smell of sweat and sex was familiar to Jill, but she noticed there something else in the air. Something rotten.

Something was wrong.

Barry pushed her down roughly. She felt his saliva slick shaft spreading her neat bush and swollen labia, and then he was inside her. Just as good as she’d hoped, her misgivings clouded by a single deep thrust. Jill groaned, and wrapped her legs around his powerful hips. Barry’s hands found her wrists, and pinned them above her head. Though she was an athletic officer trained in combat, she couldn’t out-wrestle a man with near 100lbs on her while being fucked. Jill bucked against Barry, feeling his veiny thrusts into her.

She was able to take him all inside almost immediately through past experience and current arousal. The forbidden nature; fucking at the police station with a married man had her close to orgasm more quickly than she usually managed without fingers or tongue on her clit - despite the discomfort of the semi-clothed fucking . She did her best not to groan or cry out too loudly, although the room was relatively sound proofed. Barry’s balls slapped heavily against her, as hot as the shaft inside. In Jill Valentine’s world, safe sex was something that happened to other people.

“K-kiss me again,” she managed with a ragged cry, “I’m nearly there!”

“Yes. It is time,” Barry replied.

Jill didn’t have time to ask what Barry meant. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came. She shouted a wordless cry that probably echoed down the corridor outside despite the thick door.  She writhed wantonly, sticky with sweat and arousal as her body stiffened and shook beneath Barry’s burly bulk. She locked her feet together behind his hairy ass to keep him inside her. The climaxing woman’s pleasure reached a higher level as Barry’s mouth covered hers. She felt him fuck her harder into the bed and started to kiss him back when something pushed into her mouth.

The taste was vile, like he’d vomited between her lips. Jill’s eyes opened and focused in sudden disgust to see Barry’s eyes had become entirely red with blood. Something moved obscenely, bulging his throat from within, and moved fully from his body into hers. Jill bit down as hard as she could, but couldn’t break through. She felt something like a long-legged oversized beetle in her mouth. Jill Valentine’s jaw came close to dislocating as the bug squeezed inside. The noise was obscenely organic, like a nightmare birth, and grew worse as she felt it start to chew and push. In seconds it pushed up through her palate and into her brain. Jill’s scream of pain and fear was totally muffled by Barry’s mouth. The remaining pleasure pulsing through her body was forgotten as the control bug gestated within Barry bored into her brain.

He hadn’t stopped fucking her, but she was no longer humping back enthusiastically. Jill Valentine’s limbs twitched with uncoordinated spasms as she sought to take back command of her own body. As Barry released his grip on her arms she reached for her mouth only to see her hands slacken and fall down to her sides. Barry stopped fucking for a moment. The red eyed bug host rocked back onto his heels so Jill’s legs slipped apart and kicked at the air around him. Blood stained his bearded jaw and began to leak from around his eyes. The smell of rot intensified as he gripped her hips and resumed fucking. Jill could still see, but she couldn’t move any part of her body without extreme effort, and then only an inch at most. The pain she felt was hyper-real, almost overwhelming. The new bug in her brain channelled the pain it was causing into her consciousness.

She felt  pleasure, too. Jill didn’t get too sensitive after an orgasm, and half of Barry’s hot, hard cock was still stretching her, twitching as he rocked back on his heels. It looked to her as if he was breaking down in front of her, but she was more concerned with her own future. The bug in her head had bored itself into her brain and taken full control. She lost the ability to move an inch. She retained the power of thought, she felt everything, but she could do nothing. The bug used Jill’s hand to reach down and rub around her swollen clit. She felt fresh pleasure alongside the terror of having her brain slowly consumed from within. Her own body heat rose.

“We have been broken,” Barry told her in a dull voice, “this host is breaking down too fast. It should be several cycles of the local star, not far less than one.”

Jill’s voice spoke in reply. She recognised the throaty growl of pleasure in her tones. The bug eating her brain was enjoying itself,

“No. You are wrong. This one will gestate more. This one's memories are rich with further hosts.”

“Fool. You already fail. We are lost.”  

Barry’s breakdown accelerated as he spoke. Jill watched through hazy eyes as he stiffened and came. Fever hot semen and blood spurted into her. The bug in Jill’s brain rubbed her body to another orgasm. She felt herself pissing all over him as she came again, soaking the cot mattress with urine as bloody spunk leaked back out. She fought her hand as it scooped the mixture up and tasted it. The bug kept her conscious, controlling the bodily functions it had eaten through, and preserving memory and thought to use against it’s enemies. Despite the control bug’s attempt to keep it thinking Jill’s mind was slowly being destroyed; she could barely tell pleasure from pain.

Barry reached up for his head. He placed one hand on the back and pressed two fingers into his blood filled eyes with the other. They burst wetly beneath his grip, and ran like tears down his shiny cheeks as he pulled upwards with inhuman strength. A wet crack sounded in the room as Barry opened his own skull like a trash can lid. Jill felt the bug inside her recognise it’s own creator as it unfolded on beetle-like legs from within Barry’s skull. She was dimly aware of his corpse voiding his bladder inside her when his urine washed against her cum-sodden cervix.

The bug in Jill’s head’s thoughts were utterly alien, yet the control it established as it relished the meal of her brain allowed her to see them clearly. It had identified her own body breaking down even faster than Barry’s. Capable of checking it’s own genetic make up, it recognised modifications intended to make it serve an agency of this world, rather than the Brain Bugs back home. Barry’s bug had barely been able to gestate a new control bug before realising that it was going to die. It grew too fast and needed too much food to survive. It had expanded to the size of an insectoid house cat, squeezed within his too-tight cranium.

“No!” Jill’s bug cried with her lips as the first bug leaped from Barry’s broken skull.

Barry’s corpse collapsed backwards, and pulled his bloody cock from inside her. The body continued to liquefy under the after effects of the bug’s feeding, like a fly broken down by a spider. Insane with its own need to feed, Barry's bug landed between her shaking thighs and bit hungrily into her pussy. The excruciating torment fed through into Jill Valentine’s brain as pleasure and pain while Barry’s bug shredded her vulva. It tore away and swallowed sensitive flesh with a feverish hunger. The bug in her own brain reacted with rage. Jill’s hands pulled the chewing critter loose so hard that it managed to rip her clit away rather than bite it off. The bug needed to seduce the host’s colleagues to breed, and it needed the host’s body to be whole too do so. Jill’s hand crushed the flailing bug against the wall. She screamed helplessly within her brain, half-drowned in the shrinking pool of thought that remained to her.

“The experiment is a failure. Each generation fails faster than the last.”

The control bug whipped Jill’s head round at Wesker’s voice. Neither had noticed him enter the room or close the door behind. Aware of the low chance of success but seeing no other choice, it spread Jill’s legs and offered her ruined bloody snatch to the Captain with a wiggle of her hips. Blood splashed wetly towards him. Deep inside her failing brain Jill was barely aware, but she felt it acknowledge that her body was breaking down even faster than Barry’s had. She could no longer see through her blood red eyes, but had the sensation of movement as the control bug pushed her body into standing up. Her body made it one step, then two, breaking down messily. Jill’s once fine and firm breasts slid down beneath the skin until flaps of skin with bleeding nipples lay fat on her belly. Her guts and lungs, uterus and muscles liquefied far faster than Barry’s still were.  They splashed from her destroyed crotch in a haemoraged torrent that stunk of spoiled meat.

Jill Valentine’s body dropped to its knees before Wesker, a sick parody of her recent happy pleasuring of Barry. Wesker improved the parody by pushing his gun at her face like a big metal cock. The barrel kissed her forehead. Her eyes washed down her face in wet gobs for a moment before her body collapsed backwards into a spreading pool of liquid gore. The failing legs of the dying brain bug burst from her eye sockets. Unable to break her skull, or get back out, it crushed itself against the bone. It’s insectoid tail writhed in the back of her mouth and then pushed between her teeth. There was a final shudder, and then both Jill and her bug were dead. Wesker holstered his gun.  

The Captain was aroused by the stench of death around him. He pulled out his cell phone and made a report. A specialist clean up team was already waiting below on his authority and would be up in ten minutes. The S.T.A.R.S. officers would be told that Jill and Barry were on a special assignment and something his employers had planned shortly would stop further questions anyway. He stepped around the pool, confident that the tiled floor would keep it from the room below, and disconnected the three hidden cameras. The footage would be reviewed for scientific benefit later. Jill Valentine’s body had broken down too far to fuck, but he could enjoy the mental image of her suffering while she had been eaten from within. She’d volunteered herself, after all – who knew who Barry might have chosen if she hadn’t got his attention?

The corrupt captain slid his phone away and unbuttoned his fly. His cock came out hard as he stood over Jill’s skull. The woman's skin had liquefied too as he dealt with the camera, and her skeleton showed through. It was a while since he’d masturbated; 18 year old Rebecca Chambers hadn’t been recruited to S.T.A.R.S. for her total lack of combat experience and barely greater medical experience. He imagined it was her fingers around his shaft as he stroked himself over Jill Valentine’s remains, and soon fired hot blasts of semen across Jill’s bug-leg filled eye sockets. He strolled around and flicked the last drops down over her exposed pelvic bone with a smile on his lips.


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