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BY : DarkAngel
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*Chapter 1*

**Max's POV**
We stood as we watched the tornado tare through the town building after building. Chloe had wrap her arm around my waist after I had tore the photo. In that moment I knew I no longer had the power to rewind time. Why I have no idea nor how I came to have such a power but I knew it was gone. After a moment or two I turned and started to cry into Chloe's chest her arm wrapping around me in comfort as the weight of what I did just fell on me.

**Chloe's POV**
I held Max her tears just added to the water soaking us from the hard rain. I know I can't look away from the disaster unfolding in front of my eyes. Finally I just pick Max up bridal style her face still pressed against my chest. I walked into the restroom up near the lighthouse to get out from the weather. I set Max on the counter and made her look at me. "Hey calm down this isn't your fault. Once this is all over we'll go searching for survivors alright now calm down." I tried being the voice of reason definitely not my strong point. She sniffles and looks at me.
"I....I couldn't lose you again b...but to do this instead make you lose everything you ever known..."
"Hey no stop it no self doubt no self pity or that crap you choose me. Maybe not the best choice of the day but it was yours to make and you made it what happens now we'll do together that's all that matters alright." She only nods and wipes her eyes.
"Chloe.... I love you."
My mind races hearing those words what am I supposed to say. Well I know what I should say but woah. "I... Max... I love you too but wow... that's hella hardcore"
She kinda giggles which makes me smile happy I could make her happy. "Yeah well Chloe I just risked everything for you so I would hope I'd have a reason to do that. My reason is a selfish and fucked up one but I just couldn't live in the bay without you after this hella screwed up week I need you Chloe and I love you."
"I don't care that it's selfish now we're in whatever is next together." I set my hands on her sides looking at her beautiful tear streaked face when she surprised me. She kissed me, not the scared peck like on Wednesday but a true honest to God kiss. I closed my eyes and kiss her back feeling her lips mold to mine in such an intimate way. After a moment she pulls away setting her hand on her mouth.
"I... wow that was..."
"Amazeballs." I supply for her.
She giggles and nods "Yeah." She sighs and listens to the storm still raging outside. I pull her into my arms in a tight hug.
We were like that for what felt like hours till the storm let up. She pulled away from me and took my hand. "Guess we should get moving"
I nod "Yeah let's go searching for survivors."
We head out the sun out now as we walked down the hill slipping and sliding all the way down to my truck which had little to no damage other than what I left. We got in and drove first to the barn where the *dark room* is at to see if David was still there. Thankfully he was him and the cops who got Jefferson used the bunker for shelter. Jefferson was handcuffed to the desk so he couldn't get away.
"Oh thank God David you're alright" Max says as we walk in before looking at Jefferson and immediately backs into me.
I set my hands on her shoulders and lean down to whisper "it's ok he can't hurt you ever again I got you." David noticed the reaction and came up to us setting his hand on her arm.
"Max you both alright?" He looks up at me a little confused at the exchange.
I merely shake my head and mouth "I'll explain later"
"We're fine David we we're just looking for survivors we came here first since we knew you guys were coming here for... him." She tilts her head to Jefferson but don't look at him.
"Yeah the other guys will take him to the next city over to lock him up I'll help you two here with the search." He leads us back up to the cars. We let him lead in his car to town which was in shambles but some buildings were still somewhat intact so we start from one end of town and work our way through.
We we're able to find Jo... I mean mom Frank and Warren since the diner didn't get completely crushed though we did have to dig them out. Pompidou was alive curled up with Frank. We also found a few of Max's friends Alyssa, Kate, and Brooke. Kate said she left the hospital as soon as the storm stop as the hospital was at the very far end of town it wasn't hit badly only a little debri in the parking lot ,so it's now being used as a refugee camp. A few more people from Blackwell was already there and a good portion of survivors. There were still a decent death toll and I could see it was killing Max seeing the bodies. Finally we got to the hospital but Max didn't get out of the truck. I walked over to her door and open it looking at her.
"Hey are... are you good. I know it hurts seeing some of that but at least we found survivors I mean you have some of your friends, my family is alive it's not all shit."
"I'll be ok... it's just so fucked up seeing it and everything."
I set my hand on her thigh for some support. "I know let's just take this hell one step at a time. Let's start with you calling your parents I heard your phone going off earlier I'm sure they're worried sick when they heard about the tornado."
She nods "alright. Thank you Chloe you're amazing."
"Well of course I am hipster what else did you expect from your punk best friend. Well I'll be inside I've got to go make sure my mom is ok she did have a broken leg so..."
"Yeah go help David get her in the hospital I'll be in after I get off the phone."

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