Calem's XXX Adventure

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It was a beautiful morning in Vaniville Town of the Kalos region, with the sun shining bright. The fletchings were singing, the bunneldies were hopping about, and inside Calem X’s bedroom, he was sleeping soundly. But the sounds of squeezing and a warm wet feeling around his cock; cause him to wake up.

Opening his eye, Calem saw his mother, Grace, naked and riding his cock. He smiled amd checked out her hot MILF body. Her large F-cup tits bounced wildly as she rode him. Tracing down her body, Calem checked out the beautiful, wide hips that birthed him 10 years ago. Reaching out, Calem grabbing her hips, and began trusting up into her.

“Oh Calem…” Grace moaned, looking down at her little man. “You’re finally awake?”

“How am I supposed to get any sleep, with you riding my cock every Arceus damn morning?” He smirked and smacked her ass for good measure

“Oh…” She moaned, loving how her son smacked her ass. “I’m so sorry sweetie… I wanted to wake you put normally…but I saw your big, fat, think, raging cock, and just had to have it in my empty pussy.”

Calem just smiled and fucked her slut-mother harder. His cock basted away at her cervix, trying to force its way into her womb.

Unable to keep up, Grace fell forward, pressing her tits into Calem’s face. “That’s it baby… Mm… harder… Harder… Fuck me like the slut I am!”

Calem loved hearing her say that. Using this opportunity, he turned them over, so he was now on top. He pulled back to get on his knees, and continue fucking Grace like his personal bitch.

“Oh Calem baby…” Grace moaned, “Mommy’s going to miss having your cock inside her.”

“Do not worry,” he told her, “I will visit you, so we can fuck. And besides,” he leaned down to tell her face to face, “I’m going to leave something special to remember me by.”

“Oh thank you my sweet, wonderful, hung son…” Grace declared, as they started making out more like horny teenagers than mother and son.

Calem hammer away at her steaming hot, soaking wet pussy with his cock, while his hands squeezed, groped, pinched, twisted, and pulled on the tits that nursed him, and all the incest babies he was going to put in her.

As they continued, Grace could feel her orgasm building. “Oh Calem…” She cried out, “Mommy’s about to cum! Fuck mommy’s pussy till she explodes!” Calm smirked, slowly down to torture her. “No Calem…” She shouted, “Faster, harder, make mommy cum like the slut she is!”

“Then beg slut.” Calem told her, right in her face, and barely moving his cock. “Sluts beg for their men’s cock. Beg for your son’s long, fat cock. Beg for your son to knock you up with your own grandchildren.”

Despite to cum, Grace shouted to the heavens, “Please Calem! My onix-cock son! Fuck mommy like the cock-worshiping whore she is! Please Son! Fill my starving pussy with your incestuous seed! I need your cock more than air! More than life itself! Please fuck till I explode!”

Calem smirked, fucking harder and faster as she continued begging. He was jackhammering away at her cervix, trying to force its way into her womb.

Grace screamed and moaned, wrapping her arms and legs around her son to hold on for dear life. “Yes Calem! Please let mommy cum! Mommy needs your cock to cum! Nothing makes mommy cum like your large, think cock!”

Calem just chuckled, feeling the tight, wet, hot walls of Grace’s pussy wrapping around his cock. He was going to enjoy making her cum, and cumming inside her.

“Calem!” She shouted, about there. “Calem! CALEM!” She came right then and there, spraying her pussy juice all on her son’s cock and pelvis, and even staining the bed.

Calem quickly followed up, ramming his entire cock up to Grace’s womb, and injected it with one million little Calem sperm to go right after his mother’s waiting eggs.

Calem fell on top of Grace, both having to catch their breath. They looked into each other’s eyes, going right into a hot, passionate, incestuous kiss.

Once they broke, Grace told her son, “I’m going to enjoy being barefoot and pregnant.”

Calem just smiled, before separating. He didn’t bother putting any underwear on, considering all the sex and fucking he was going to be doing soon. Grace did the same, leaving her bra and panties on his bedroom floor.

“Well, that was fun.” Calem said.

“That’s just a sneak peek.” Grace told him, smiling. “The main event is down stairs.”

“Well then,” He said, smirking and smacked her on the ass. “Let’s get moving.”

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