Red's Sex-venture

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Pallet Town: Red’s House

Red and his mother were sitting at the dining table in the kitchen, enjoying the last meal they would have together for a long time.

“I am going to miss you.” His mother said, as they finished their plates.

“I am going to miss you too.” Red told her, smiling.

She pulled her chair back to get up. “I hope you saved room for desert.”

“Of course!” Red excitedly shouted.

While her back was turned, Red reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny white bag, almost like one of those sugar bags his mom would put in her coffee. He watched her closely, making sure she did not turn around, while opening the bag and putting the powder in her drink.

Quickly mixing it in with it, before she could see, Red went back to sitting in his chair.

Red’s mother came back with two bowls of ice cream for them. “Here you go.” She said, setting his down.

“Thank you mom.” Red told her, taking his spoon and digging in. As he was eating, he watched as his mother slowly took a slip of her drink. A tiny smirk appeared on Red’s face, ‘It’s finally happening.’ He thought to himself.

When she put her drink down, she noticed Red staring at her. “Hm, is something wrong Red?” She asked.

“Oh!” Red said when he realized he was staring. “No mom. Just lost in thought.”

“Okay.” She shrugged.

As the night went on Red’s mother started to breath heavily. Her face got red, as her body felt hot.

Red saw this, smiling the whole time.

She got up and excused herself from the kitchen. Red quickly followed, watching as she walked up the stairs and entered her bedroom.

Red snuck up to the door, happy it wasn’t shut, allowing him to peek inside.

“Oh my Arceus…” She moaned, as one of her hands grabbed her breast through her clothing, and he other reached under her dress to rub her outer pussy. “What… What’s wrong me?”

She looked at herself in the mirror, seeing her eyes glazing over and her mouth forming an O shape. “Why have I been get… getting so… so horny lately?” She moaned, falling backwards onto her bed.

Red chuckled to himself, as he watched his mother masturbate. That powder was a powerful drug that Red got in Viridian City one day. It was like Viagra on steroids for women. Once ingested, the drug would turn the pleasure centers to overdrive, making the woman extremely horny. He had been spiking her drinks with it for past two weeks, and it was about time to go through with his final plan.

He watched, as she striped down to her bra and panties. He licked his lips, loving how hot and tasty his horny mother was. Slowly undoing his pants, Red pulled out a long, hard, thick cock he called his “Rape Rod”.

He stroked it, getting nice and ready for when he’d sink his teeth into his prey. Watching as she shoved her hand into her panties, he matched his stroking with her fingers.

“Oh Arceus!” She moaned, digging her entire hand into her flooding cunt. “It is not enough…” Turning towards her side, she used her other hand to open her nightstand drew. She reached inside, pulling out a monstrous twelve inch long, six inch think dildo, while pulling her panties off.

Red’s smirked more at the size of his mother’s sex toy. It was nothing compared to his Rape Rod. Red’s Rape Rod was eighteen inches long and nine inches think.

Taking the dildo, she shoved it into her pussy, trying to pleasure herself. She rammed her toy harder and harder, hoping it would be enough, but it wasn’t. “Arceus!” She cried, “I can’t take this! I need a real cock to fuck me!”

That was his que. Red got rid of all his clothes and walked right into his mother’s room.

Hearing the door open, she looked over to see her son standing there proudly with the largest cock she ever seen in her life.

“I’ll fuck you mom.” Red told her, smirking. “If you promise to be my sex slave for life.”

She couldn’t believe her son was making such a demand. She needed to get this release, but become her son’s slave? She stared at his long, hard, think cock pointing straight up at her.

She had to fight it. She had to be strong. She had… had… had to have that cock fuck her like a cheap street corner whore!

Red was shocked when he mother rushed over and tackled him to the floor. His mother kneeled over him, hovering her dripping wet pussy over his cock.

In a moment, she impaled herself on her son’s massive cock, screaming as it filled her with what she needed.

Red watched his mother take his cock, seeing an imprint of it bulging out. As she began wildly riding his cock, he grabbed her by the waist.

“Oh Red…” She moaned, bouncing hard on him. “Mommy needs this… Mommy needs your cock…”

Smirking, Red told her, “Promise to be my sex slave… and I’ll make sure you can get it.”

Without thinking, she shouted, “Yes baby! Mommy will be your loyal sex slave! I’ll do whatever you want for your cock!”

Red smiled, sitting up. He could feel his cock being squeezed by her wet, tight walls. Looking at her, Red watched her breasts, still covered by her bra bouncing.

As they fuck, she couldn’t believe she was fucking her own son, or that he was hung like a beast. Why did she wait so long to experience this wonderful cock he was packing? He would be leaving tomorrow, and she didn’t know how long she’d have to do without his monstrous cock.

“Please don’t leave Red…” She started to plead, hugging her son close. “Please stay with mommy, and fuck her forever with your big, fat cock…”

Red smirked, loving the idea, but he already had other plans. But first, he wanted to free those tits from their prison bra.

Grabbing her bra, Red ripped it off to free the K-cups that once nursed him, and soon would be nurse all the children he would force her to bare.

She felt Red grabbing her tits, moaning out, “That’s it Red… Play with mommy’s breasts… Your hands feel so good on them…”

Red smirked as he played with her tits, feeling how firm, yet soft they were. He could also feel the weight while groping them, imaging they were two huge milk jugs.

That gave him an idea. Squeezing her tits together, Red took them both into his mouth and sucked on them hard.

“Oh my Arceus!” She screamed for dear life, wrapping her arms and legs around the boy fucking her. “That’s it baby…” She whispered in his ear, “Mommy’s tits are all yours… Drink form mommy’s tits like you did as a baby…”

Red enjoyed hearing those words, sucking, licking, and squeezing her melons to get some milk. But no matter what he did, nothing came out. It wasn’t too bad; it just meant he had to knock her up, before she could be milked.

As they continued, Red’s mother started to feel soaking pussy about to cum. “Oh Red…” She moaned, slamming her cervix on top of Red’s cock, trying to get it in her womb. “Mommy’s about to cum… Mommy’s about to cum on your onix cock…”

Red responded by grabbing her ass, and helping bounce her around. He too wanted to shove his cock into in to her womb, so his seed had an easier time getting to her eggs.

“Oh Red!” Her moans got louder. “Yes Red! Yes! I’m about to cum! Mommy’s about to cum! MOMMY! IS! CUMMING!” She screamed, as she orgasmed on her son’s cock.

Using the extra wetness from her orgasm, Red slammed his mommy down with enough force to get his cock into her womb. His cock blasted the entire womb with raging bombardment of white hot cum, filling it up in less than a minute.

Red’s mother held on, as her son’s seed keep being forced in her. She could feel her belly inflating form the ungodly amount. There was no way she was going to get out of this without a bun in her over.

After three full minutes of firing his cum, Red’s Rape Rod finally stopped, leaving his mother with eyes glazed over and rolled into the back of her head, and her tongue hanging out like the well fucked bitch she was.

Red let go of her tits, looking at his mother’s. “Don’t tell me you’re done.” Red asked her.

Slowly, Red’s mother looked down at her son, saying, “No… I need more…”

“Good.” Red smirked, “Cause we’re not going to stop till my balls are completely drained.”

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