Power Play

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 Grass? Beds aren't made out of grass, were they? Confused Jeremy opened his eyes. What he saw was more than confusing and a little bit scary. Mind you, there was nothing scary about this place. While there was almost nothing there it was rather peaceful. The thing that made this place scary was because of what it wasn't. This certainly wasn't Jeremy's bedroom. Slowly he stood up to take in the scenery. And by the looks of it, he was nowhere near his home. 


The young man started to panic as he clutched his chest. But when he did he noticed the extra weight on his left wrist. His eyes widened in amazement as he stared at the culprit. It was a pip-boy. His panic turned into happiness as he started to mess around with the pip-boy. This was all just a dream, right? A lucid dream to be more precise. The kind of dream where you're in control. That would certainly explain the pip-boy.

Suddenly Jeremy noticed that there was an extra control dial. At first he didn't notice because it was a simple ~ instead of an abbreviation. When he selected it it took him a second until he understood what it was, as all it showed was a keyboard and he was fairly sure that the pip-boy didn't have a touchscreen. But when no button could make him select any letters he figured he should at least try. When it worked he knew exactly what it was. It was the console. In other words what you used if you felt like cheating.

Jeremy tested it out by spawning a bunch of caps. When he picked them up he was surprised to see it disappear after staring at it for a couple of seconds but when he looked at his inventory he understood why. Of course, they would go to his inventory. This was a dream after all. A dream based on a video game. And even though it was a dream Jeremy decided to put on god mode. Because even though it was a dream he couldn't help but feel uneasy. The Fallout universe wasn't a fair one, especially if you didn't have a way to protect yourself.

He got pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a dog behind him. And when he turned around he could feel his heart stop. Nuka World. How he managed to not notice it until now was beyond him, but that didn't matter. Especially when the barking didn't stop. Jeremy took some careful steps forward until he saw the dog, that's when he started to run full force.

Once there he could feel his heart stop for the second time. Jeremy didn't have a doubt that the dying dog in front of him was Dogmeat. Carefully he let himself fall to his knees as he comforted the dying dog. ''It's going to be alright, buddy.'' He whispered as he pets the dog. Quickly he tried to spawn a stimpak. Only to freeze up when he realized that he didn't know the code. With a defeated sigh he continued to comfort the dying dog. That's when he noticed the code that appeared on his pip-boy. It was Dogmeat's ID. Quickly Jeremy typed in the words ResetHealth before pressing enter. For a second he heard nothing before he suddenly felt the weight of a dog against him.

It was Dogmeat. But not just Dogmeat, a healthy Dogmeat. The dog showed his appreciation by licking his cheek. ''I told you you we're going to be alright, didn't I?'' Jeremy asked the dog with a smile. With newfound confidence, Jeremy stood up. ''Want to join me to Nuka World?'' He asked the dog as he looked at Nuka world. The dog barked happily in response which widened Jeremy's smile. ''I'll take that as a yes.'' And with that, the duo left for Nuka World.

On the way to Nuka World, he noticed that he was the only one there. He hasn't met anyone since Dogmeat and that started to concern him. The thought felt strange as he already activated god mode. But that's when he realized that Dogmeat was still as vulnerable as any other normal dog. To ease his nerves he used his pip-boy to mark Dogmeat as essential. While that didn't stop the dog from feeling pain, it did stop him from dying.

The rest of the walk was spent in silence as dogs aren't known for being talkers and because Jeremy still hasn't met anyone else. But when he came closer to the gates of Nuka World he knew that loneliness was going to be the last of his worries. Because the second he walked through those gates he could feel and see, everyone's eyes on him. It's then that he realized how much he stood out. Compared to everyone else he wore strange clothing and to top that off he was wearing a pip-boy.

While trying to not look at anyone he made his way to the market. Once there he let out a sigh of relieve. While there were still some raiders there, it wasn't as bad as outside of it. But even there people didn't stop staring. That's when he noticed something else that made him stand out. The fact that he was clean. Not a speck of dirt on his clothes or on his skin. It's like he stepped out of one of those pre-war photographs. And seeing as most of the others here were slaves this only stood out more.

Jeremy tried his best to ignore everyone's stares as he walked around the market. There wasn't anything that he wanted to buy as he was satisfied with just looking. Besides it wasn't as if he was going to use any of those guns or eat any of that food. While it was a dream, as it had to be a dream, that didn't mean he was going to shoot people. And because of the fact that this was a dream, he didn't have any need to eat any of that food. Which was great as none of it looked appealing to him.

The young man started to get lost in his own mind as someone tapped him on his shoulder. Out of shock, he flinched before turning around to see who did it. His eyes widened when he saw that it was none other than Porter Gage.

''G-Good afternoon, sir.'' Jeremy tried his best to sound casual. Unfortunately, he was never a good actor and so his attempt was useless.

The raider looked him up and down but his face refused to show what he was thinking. Which only made Jeremy grow more nervous with the second. While death was out of the question, even without god mode activated, the raider in front of him still made him nervous.

''The boss wants to see you. Said that he wanted to welcome our newest guest personally,'' Said the raider with a smile. Unfortunately, that smile could only be described as predatory. And it widened when the other saw how nervous the pip-boy wearing stranger got.

Jeremy didn't trust his voice so he answered with a nod instead. Luckily this was enough for Gage as he started to walk away. For a second Jeremy tried to see if he could just stay there but the gaze he got in return when Gage realized he wasn't being followed was enough for Jeremy to move his legs.

The walk was short but still very uncomfortable. The main reason being the fact that he was going to meet the overboss, but the stares and catcalls of the raiders around him certainly didn't help. Once they got to the elevator Gage gestured for him to stand on it. Slowly he did and he was soon followed by Dogmeat and Gage himself. The second the elevator started moving Jeremy clung on something that was close to him. When he felt someone look at him he turned to the source of the gaze. That's when he realized that he was holding onto Gage's arm. Quickly he let go but not before the raider shot him a smirk.

Once the elevator stopped Jeremy took a second to take in the room. It wasn't exactly as how it was in the game but that was probably because someone else lived here now. Quietly he followed Gage as he walked towards the blue doors. And once he opened it Jeremy realized that the changes wouldn't stop coming. While the hallway was the same pretty much everything else was different. In front of them were three doors. A big door on the opposite end of the hall and the two others beside it but facing each other. Gage knocked on the biggest door and quickly he got a response. Jeremy recognized the voice immediately as the male sole survivor. The excitement started to run through him as he wanted to see what kind of male sole survivor his brain made up. Would it be the default one? Or something completely different? His questions were quickly answered when Gage opened the door.

The door opened to reveal what could only be described as an office. A big table in the middle of the room with a giant chair behind it. In that chair was the overboss. In front of the desk were two normal chairs and on the desk was a terminal. Bookcases were pressed against the four walls but they were mainly empty.

Gage started to walk towards the chairs so Jeremy followed. But when Gage sat down Jeremy didn't, he was too nervous. His eyes were shifting around the room to look for anything suspicious.

''Sit.'' Said the deep voice of the overboss. Obediently Jeremy sat down at the same time as Dogmeat. When he noticed that he couldn't help but feel a little concerned. If this was how the rest of the conversation was going to be he could already say that he didn't like it.

The smile on the overboss' face was friendly so Jeremy decided to return it. ''My name is Nate Howard and I'm the overboss of Nuka World. And as the overboss I want to welcome you to my park.''

As seconds passed by Jeremy realized that the older man was waiting for a reaction so he quickly cleared his throat. ''Oh thank you Mr.Howard,'' Jeremy answered politely. He internally congratulated himself for not sounding nervous.

The smile on Nate's face turned into a side smirk when he heard the younger man's words. ''Please, call me Nate. Mr.Howard sounds too.'' Nate paused to think of the right word. ''Impersonal, and I have a feeling you and I are going to get to know each other very soon.'' Jeremy couldn't help but find the tone in which Nate said that last words ominous. As if he was promising Jeremy something and Jeremy wasn't sure if he should be scared or not.

''In fact how about we start with that right now?'' And while that sounded like a question Jeremy could feel it wouldn't do him any good if he answered it. ''Let's start with that pip-boy of yours. Where did you get it?''

''W-Where did you get yours?'' Jeremy stuttered quickly and he cursed himself for being such a bad liar.

Fortunately, that caused Nate to chuckle and mutter the word cute. ''Well since you asked I got mine from vault 111. I wasn't raised in that vault mind you, I barely lived in it. I was brought into that vault when the bombs fell. And not even ten minutes later I got frozen, only to wake up 200 years later.'' The way Nate said it was as if he was describing today's weather. It was the only reason why Jeremy managed to look and sound surprised as he already knew the sole survivor's story.

''You're very... forthcoming with that information.'' Jeremy still sounded nervous but this time his voice held a little dash of surprise.

''And you're not very forthcoming with yours. So tell me where did you get that pip-boy?'' And while that sounded like a question Jeremy knew that it was a demand. Trying to avoid the question again would be a terrible idea.

''Well, I grew up in a vault.'' Jeremy hoped that this answer would be enough but the look on Nate's face signaled Jeremy to continue talking. ''Vault 101, it's in the Capital Wasteland.'' Jeremy figured that he could use Fallout 3's storyline as his background. He knew that game inside out so keeping to that lie would be a very easy thing to do.

''In that case you're pretty far from home. But don't worry I'm sure you'll like your new home just fine.''

''New home?'' He asked this question so fast he didn't have any time to even try to not sound nervous. It's why his voice sounded so much squeakier than normal and it brought a smirk to the rest of the room.

Nate leaned back into his chair as he admired Jeremy's face. His friendly facade has already been dropped but this only made Jeremy more nervous. The way Nate decided to take his time before answering the question didn't help either.

''I want to thank you for taking care of my dog.'' Said Nate after what seemed like an eternity of silence. This made Jeremy frown before he asked, ''Your dog?''

Instead of answering Nate decided to show Jeremy what he meant with that. ''Dogmeat.'' Said the overboss sternly and the dog soon walked towards his boss. If it wasn't for the desk Jeremy would've seen how Dogmeat sat down next to his owner. Confusion filled him before he mentally scolded himself. Obviously, Dogmeat would belong to the sole survivor and there was no doubt that the man in front of him was the sole survivor.

Nate started to inspect Dogmeat for injuries before he nodded in approval. ''Just some advice but I wouldn't use that magic of yours in public. It might attract the wrong crowd.''

Jeremy's eyes widened as fear struck his face. But before he could say something Nate started talking again. ''But I'll have to say, seeing you pull caps out of thin air was quite impressive.''

''Why am I here?'' The question came out as a whisper as Jeremy barely had the guts to ask it in the first place.

''Because I want to fuck you,'' Nate answered bluntly. It painted Jeremy's face red and confused with a hint of fear while Gage grinned in amusement. By the looks of it Jeremy wasn't the only one who didn't expect that answer. ''I'll be honest that wasn't why I made Gage bring you to me. You'll have to thank your magic for that. But now that I've seen you up close.'' Nate paused to look Jeremy up and down with a smirk. ''I can't wait for you to ride my cock.''

Jeremy's face turned even more red with that. He wished that he could just disappear but it felt as if he was bolted to his chair. ''I-I can wait. In fact, I wouldn't mind if it never happened at all.'' Jeremy's voice was shaky and nervous but he was glad that he was able to speak in the first place.

Nate's smirk almost turned into a smile but his cold eyes prevented that. ''Cute.'' Said the overboss in a tone that could almost be described as loving. ''And because you're so cute I'll give you two options.''  Nate stood up and while he walked to the back of the room he said, ''Option one, you become mine. I can have you whenever I want. Nobody but me can touch you. You won't have to work for anything. I recommend that you choose this.'' The sound of a safe opening filled the room.

''Or option two, I'll have you work in my brothel as a prostitute. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to pay good money to get to fuck you.'' Nate turned around while holding a slave collar. Calmly he placed the collar on his desk as he sat down again. ''This probably won't do anything seeing as you can heal dying dogs, but I'm sure you'll look good in it.'' Nate winked at the horrified young man.

Jeremy could feel his heart in his chest and he decided that he didn't like that feeling. Everything felt too real. Quickly he shifted his eyes around the room as reality started crashing onto him. This wasn't a dream. This was a living nightmare.

''C-Caps aren't the only thing I can pull out of thin air.'' Jeremy almost shouted in panic. ''There's so much more I can do for you instead of.'' His voice trailed off as he was too embarrassed to say it. ''Eh... You know... ride your cock.''

Nate's lips were graced with a side smirk as he leaned back into his chair. ''Oh I'm sure you can. But you won't be riding my dick twenty-four seven so there's plenty of time for both.''

Jeremy could feel his eyes water as he shook his head. ''Please Nate. I'm sure there are plenty of other people who want to have sex with you so I'm begging you. Please pick someone else.'' He could hear the desperation in his voice but Jeremy decided to not care about it.

''Call me Daddy and I'll think about it.''

''Please Daddy,'' Jeremy begged quickly without thinking but it didn't take him long before he realized what he said and he could just feel his face heating up.

Nate showed a toothy smile as he leaned forward. ''You know, baby. That only makes me want to fuck you more.''

Before Nate could continue Jeremy blurted out, ''I'm a virgin!''

This definitely caught both Nate and Gage by surprise. The raider and the overboss shared a smirk before Nate turned his attention back to Jeremy. ''Baby, are you trying to get me to fuck you. Because if that's the case you should stop teasing me and start begging. Daddy doesn't like to be teased.'' Jeremy started blushing for what felt like the millionth time and he started to fear that it might become permanent.

''W-What makes you think I'm just going to accept this. Like you said I have 'magic'.'' Jeremy scolded himself for not bringing that up sooner.

''Correct me if I'm wrong but your conscience is clear isn't it?'' When Nate saw Jeremy's confusion he continued with talking. ''With that I mean you never killed anyone have you, babe?'' Nate's pet names started to annoy Jeremy but the younger man wasn't going to voice his opinion. But what he did was nod. ''Come on, baby. Use your words. No need to be so shy.''

''Yes, Nate,'' Jeremy answered quickly. And just as quickly Nate let him know that that was the wrong answer.

''Wrong. Try again.''

It didn't take a genius to find out what Nate wanted and reluctantly Jeremy played along. ''Yes, Daddy.''

''Good, that wasn't so hard right? But let's continue. Daddy on the other hand doesn't have a clear conscience. In other words, you're not staying here for your safety. You're going to stay here for someone else. Whether you decide to make your life here a pleasant one is up to you. But you won't leave without my permission. Not unless you want to have blood on your hands.''

Jeremy's eyes shifted towards Gage who greeted him with a smirk. Everybody in the room already knew what Jeremy would do but the young man tried to stall time as long as possible. When he felt Nate getting impatient he knew that his time was up.


''Yes, baby?''

''I choose option one.''

 ''Good boy.''

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