Tough choice

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Tough choice

“Holy fuck that’s good” Barry groaned as he reclined back on his bed, the blond’s cock encased firmly between May’s huge bimbo tits as the brunette gave him the best tit fuck of his life

Being the only two present in Dawn’s condo as the other Trainers were all busy with their own things Barry had decided to make a pass at May when he walked by her in the hallway towards his room, the blond having given the Hoenn Champion a good firm spank on her spandex covered ass expecting to just get a gasp and a giggle from her but when she reacted by grabbing him by the pants and marching him to her room he had no complaints whatsoever

“That’s it, you like fucking my tits don’t you? You dirty little pervert” the Hoenn girl purred loving the feeling of him throbbing between her huge EE cup breasts, pressing her breasts harder together around his cock as she worked him towards his climax “you better cover these bimbo tits when you cum”

“Damn right I am” Barry groaned back placing his hands over hers to press her tits tighter around his dick, the blond starting to buck his hips to fuck her breasts back making May purr at the feeling of his dick rubbing between them

“That’s it, fuck those tits” May panted moving her hands to hold them to her head giving Barry full control of the tit fuck, staring with wide lust filled eyes at Barry’s cock as it poured precum into her cleavage “give me that cum, I want it all over me”

“Here it comes you whore!” Barry then gasped as he thrust even harder reaching his climax hard, thrusting up all the way between her huge tits as his cock erupted blasting her straight in the face with his hot load

Gasping with perverted delight as his cum hit her hard in the face coating her skin and shooting into her hair May returned her hands to her tits using them to jerk his cock whilst opening her mouth to catch as much cum as possible on her tongue “mmmm that’s it, tastes so good” she moaned cupping her tits and starting to lick as much cum from them as she could

“There you are!” Dawn’s voice spoke from the doorway drawing both of their attention, the blunette standing naked making her intentions obvious “I was going to surprise Barry with a quickie but you got to him first!” she mock complained as she sauntered over to kneel between Barry’s legs as he sat on the edge of May’s bed “that was an awful big load to blow on her tits from a so called ass man” she teased running her tongue along his cock

“You know my tits can convert any man” May teased back bouncing her huge breasts with her hands “he may have been an ass man before I got my hands on him but not anymore” she added sticking her tongue out at Dawn

“Oh yeah? I can get him back to fucking my fat ass in a heartbeat, any man would choose this big jiggly booty over your fat Miltank udders” Dawn retorted sticking her tongue out as well as she shook her ass to prove a point, making it ripple and clap loudly

“Oh yeah? Let’s decide it then” May suggested immediately peaking Dawn’s interest “I’ve already made him cum a bucket load so let’s see how much you can make him cum, whoever can make him cum the most with their most valuable asset proves that theirs is better, sound good?” the brunette suggested licking her lips as she watched Dawn take Barry’s cock into her mouth giving him several almost loving sucks

Taking Barry deep down her throat making the blond groan with pleasure Dawn then pulled her head back to grin dirtily at May “deal” she purred before proceeding to climb onto May’s head laying down on her front looking over her shoulder at Barry “get over here and fuck my butt like you did her tits, I want to feel your hot load all over my back” she instructed to which Barry borderline dived on her, making the blunette slut giggle as he pressed his cock between her huge ass cheeks

As Barry began to use Dawn’s ass cheeks to jerk himself off May sat on the bed by Dawn’s front, the brunette biting her lip as she watched how Barry’s cock disappeared between Dawn’s ass cheeks with every thrust “damn that’s hot” she purred cupping and groping one of her breasts as she watched Barry work the blunette’s ass

“It feels better than it looks” Dawn breathed back with a moan resting her face on her arms as she enjoyed the feeling of her friend’s hot cock testing her tightest fuck hole with every thrust “Arceus I could cum from just this” she moaned closing her eyes as a jolt of pleasure ran up her spine “bet you wish you had an ass like mine”

“Only as much as you wish your tits were like mine” May teased back sticking her tongue out as she groped her chest harder, one of her hands then trailing down her body to slowly rub her clit as she watched Barry hotdog Dawn’s ass faster

With how sensitive his cock was from his first release Barry only lasted a couple of minutes between Dawn’s heavenly ass cheeks, the blond driving forward as far as he could before cumming hard all over Dawn’s back and into her hair “mmmmm fuck, now that has to be a bigger load than what he dumped on you” the blunette purred shaking her ass to further coax more cum out of Barry

“Actually it kinda looks the same” May commented noting how much cum now covered Dawn’s back and hair

“What? You’re lying, it feels like he busted both nuts completely on my back” Dawn protested honestly feeling like she was covered head to toe in cum

“Nope, looks like we’re going to have to go for a tie breaker” May suggested “let’s go all out this time, as fun as jerking a guy off with my tits is I’m dying for a cock inside of me” the brunette added which Dawn eagerly agreed with, the hotdogging session leaving the blunette craving a hot hard ass fuck “good, I call first dibs!”

Before Dawn could protest May pounced on Barry knocking him clean to the bedroom floor with a loud thud, the blond not getting a chance to complain about it as the brunette quickly impaled herself on his cock with a loud moan of ecstasy “oh Arceus yes!” she gasped as his cock stretched her cunt to its limit, placing her hands to his chest to stabilize herself before starting to gyrate her hips “empty everything in me and I’ll let you use my tits whenever you want” she purred trying to cheat her way to an easy win as she squeezed her cunt tighter around him

“He gets to do that anyway you bimbo!” Dawn teased making May gasp as the blunette slid down behind her and grabbed her tits from behind “you’ve never been able to turn down a cock between your Miltank udders”

“You’d be the same if you had tits like mine” May retorted with a breathy moan as Dawn continued to grope her heavy tits, the brunette rolling her hips harder starting to ride Barry’s cock as the blonds hands joined Dawn’s making May’s eyes roll back from the feeling of four hands groping her breasts at once

Groaning at how tight May got around him as he and Dawn squeezed her tits hard Barry began to buck his hips making the brunette bounce on his cock, her ass clapping loudly against his thighs as she moaned and panted shamelessly with pleasure “fuck yes, so fucking good” she panted before gasping and jumping a little on Barry’s cock when Dawn snuck her hand down between them and found her clit

“If you want to win this you need to make Barry cum bucket loads so make that cunt of yours tighter” Dawn teased as she started frantically rubbing May’s clit, seemingly caring more for Barry’s pleasure than the contest at that moment, her skilled fingers soon making May writhe and thrash on Barry’s lap as her orgasm took her by surprise, neither the blond or blunette letting up on her fucking her hard through her climax

After a few minutes of May riding and orgasming on his cock Barry quickly hit his third climax, rolling his head back against the carpet as he emptied himself inside of May’s cunt and womb filling her to the brim “oh Arceus there’s so much!” the brunette simpered as she lifted herself off of Barry’s still hard cock, her cunt so full of cum that it leaked out onto the carpet

“Damn that’s hot” Dawn breathed reaching down to scoop up some of the cum from May’s pussy before licking her fingers clean “my turn, when he’s done with my ass he won’t be able to cum for a week” the blunette smirked as she pushed May aside so she could take her place on Barry’s lap, sinking her ass down on his cock reverse cowgirl style drawing a long moan of ecstasy from both of them

Setting her feet on either side of him Dawn set her riding pace slamming her ass up and down her friend’s cock as fast as she could in that position, the sounds of her huge ass beating against his groin and stomach echoing throughout May’s bedroom alongside her loud shameless moans of pleasure

Licking her lips as she watched Dawn ride Barry’s cock May decided to give back what Dawn had given her, moving in close the brunette cupped Dawn’s cunt slipping a finger inside making the blunette’s eyes go wide “surprise” May smirked as the sudden penetration made Dawn’s cunt and ass clench tighter making both her and Barry gasp with pleasure as May then leaned in to latch her mouth on Dawn’s small but perky breast

With the overstimulation in both of her holes Dawn was soon orgasming hard dragging Barry over the edge with her when her ass squeezed so hard it threatened to snap his dick clean off, the blond burying his cock as deep as he could into the blunette’s tightest hole as he filled it with his hot load

When she came down from her orgasm high Dawn hopped off of Barry’s cock and with May barely gave him a chance to recover before demanding his answer as to which of the two of them was a better fuck, the blond’s only answer being a delirious babble making both sluts sigh

“Looks like we’re going to have to continue”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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