Worshipping at the Temple

BY : Her_Knight
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Disclaimer: I do not own Tears to Tiara, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

“Well,” Tarte said, “what do you think of the Temple of Ba’al?”

Hamil had to admit he was impressed.

“It certainly is a lively place,” he replied, “it suits you.”

Hamil’s answer brought a smile to Tarte’s face. Even if she knew he would like it, she couldn’t help but be a little nervous about it. But there was still one more thing to show him.

“You haven’t seen the best part yet,” she said as she grabbed his arm and led him down the hall.

“Oh...” he said, trying to keep up with the goddess.

Finally she brought him to a door at the back of the temple. Hamil couldn’t help but admire her hind end as she brought out a key ring and searched for the right one. She was almost impossibly beautiful.

Finally she opened the door and led him inside. The room looked simple enough, without any furniture except for a large bed. Before he could take it in, Tarte turned around, beaming at him. Just seeing the smile on her face was enough to fill his heart with joy.

“The temple wouldn’t be complete without a room where you could worship your goddess properly,” she said as she made her way to the bed.

Hamil didn’t even need to ask what that meant as he watched her disrobe, but of course getting a view of her perky tits and seeing her sticking her thumbs into the sides of her shorts and agonizingly slowly sliding off could be rather… distracting. Finally, she sat down on the bed and spread her legs. Her voice brought his attention back to the task at hand.

“As my servant you should be grateful for the opportunity to please me,” she said, “now first you must get undressed.”

Tarte of course knew that Hamil would be eager to serve his goddess in this way, so it was no surprise how quickly he removed his clothes. She took a moment to admire his muscular form and already hard cock before ordering him again.

“Now,” she said, “stand before your goddess.”

Hamil made his way next to the bed ntil he was so close he could hardly resist the thought of jumping on top of Tarte and taking her right then and there.

“On your knees,” the goddess commanded, “Worship me! Sing me your praise in the way only my most important servant is allowed, and do your best to bring pleasure to your goddess.”

“As you wish, Tarte,” he replied.

“It’s only natural that you should so this,” she responded, “it is your duty to worship me after all. Nonetheless, I am glad you are showing the proper gratitude to your goddess.”

As Hamil knelt before Tarte, she placed her hands firmly on top of his head and brought his face right in front of her increasingly wet pussy.

“Remember, as my servant you are to obey my every command,” she demanded, “now start slowly and let me warm up.”

Hamil could not dream of disobeying his goddess. He began by softly kissing along her inner thighs, first the right, then the left, getting closer and closer until finally reaching her pussy lips. Her ran along them slowly and gently with his tongue, taking care to avoid her clit for now. He alternated licks with more kisses along her thigh until finally she interrupted him.

“You really are useless,” she said harshly, “I said start slowly, not take forever. You could never please a girl like this, let alone an extraordinary goddess like myself.”

Hamil of course knew the consequences of disobeying his goddess so he made sure to get right to it, bringing his lips up around her clit and sucking gently, then using the tip of his tongue to flick up and down, up and down, up and down. After a minute of this he switched back to running his tongue along her labia but now with his thumb running against her clit. He then pulled his mouth away and slipped two fingers inside and pressed against the walls while continuing to work on her clit with his thumb.

The stimulation from inside and out was clearly having quite the effect on Tarte, as evidenced by her squirming and the moans coming out of her mouth. Hamil couldn’t help but smile at the reaction he was getting. And it certainly didn’t hurt that she looked so cute when she was flustered. For her part Tarte tried her best to keep him from feeling too satisfied with himself. After all, she needed to keep him on his toes.

“Mmmmm… d-don’t think that I’m pleased. I-it takes a truly extraordinary effort to s-satisfy the… needs of… a… goddess...Ooooohhhhh…”

It may not have been the most convincing act, but Hamil was determined to bring her pleasure like no woman had ever experienced anyway. After all, not only was it his job to serve her, he was hopelessly in love with her. As he returned to pleasuring her with his tongue the thought occurred to him, not for the first time, that he could happily spend all day long with his face between her legs.

As he kept working on his goddess, the sensations became so overwhelming that any thought beyond the sensations she was experiencing left Tarte’s mind, her hips grinding against Hamil’s face while he continued licking and sucking and rubbing until finally it was too much and she experienced an intense climax and collapsed on the bed panting. Slowly she regained awareness of her surroundings.

“You have served your goddess well,” she said, still a bit short of breath, “your hard work deserves praise… and a reward. Now come onto the bed and lie down.”

Hamil was eager to comply and quickly got in position. Tarte then swung her legs around so that she was on top of him.

“Even though this is the reward for your hard work, it is still your duty to please your goddess,” Tarte reminded him as she positioned his very hard cock along her entrance, “so do your best, understand?”

“Of course,” Hamil responded.

Tarte then gyrated her hips, teasing him by letting his tip rub against her pussy for a bit before finally sinking down and enveloping him. Hamil brought his hands up along her hips, but she immediately grabbed his wrists and held them firmly down on the bed.

“I’m in charge,” she asserted.

Tarte then began bucking her hips at a fast pace. She had no intention of giving him an opportunity to warm up. The sensations of her tight pussy were too much for Hamil, and almost instantly he felt himself starting to lose control.

“Uhhh… Tarte. I-I’m... going to cum...” he gasped, barely holding back.

“Whaaa, already...” Tarte responded, her eyes widened.

Tarte often enjoyed making Hamil lose his load quickly. It was kinda cute and besides it certainly made her feel sexy to know what kind of effect she had on him. But right now she wanted more from him. She let go of his arms and quickly delivered a hard slap across his face.

“Y-you idiot! That’s way too fast! I need a man to please me, not some pathetic quick shot. Now don’t you dare cum before I’ve had my turn or else I’ll deliver more divine punishment.”

Hamil had to admit that the stinging sensation did help him refocus on holding his load.

“I-I’m OK now,” he said, “thanks Tarte.”

“It’s only natural that a goddess should help her servant do his best,” she responded in her haughty fashion, “but your praise is always welcome.”

With that Tarte placed her hands on his shoulders to once again pin him down and continued sliding up and down while slightly rotating her hips. Hamil for his part began thrusting back in perfect time with her. The bond between the two was so strong that the moment one made a move, the other immediately responded perfectly. No matter how many times they made love, Hamil somehow couldn’t believe it. Sex with a goddess was a pleasure so intense he couldn’t even put it into words. And for Tarte there was nothing better than being intimate with her most loyal and important servant. As they continued, time and everything else seemed to melt away. There was only the two of them, merged into one, and the bliss they were giving to each other. Finally Tarte climaxed again and, as if one cue, Hamil unloaded deep inside her. Tarte brought her hands up to Hamil’s face, this time to grab it and give him a deep kiss before dismounting and lying down next to him, her arm resting lazily on his chest. Hamil wrapped his arms around her and the two simply laid together in mutual satisfaction until Tarte finally spoke.

“Well, do you still like the temple?” she asked.

“I love it,” he replied, “I can’t think of a more fitting temple for a goddess like you. You really are an amazing goddess, and... I love you.”

Tarte’s face turned bright red. The words brought her so much joy and yet she still found them embarassing. Still she managed a response.

“I love you, too” she mumbled before drifting off to sleep in Hamil’s arms.

Before long he was out too and the goddess and her faithful servant took a nap in the temple dedicated to her. The perfect place to worship her.

Author's Notes: My first Tears to Tiara II story! I know not a ton of people have played it, but I wanted to write a story based on it because Hamil and Tarte make a cute couple, and Tarte being a goddess who demands to be worshipped works well for the sort of light femdom I like to write. Hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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