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She had been in the town of Pleasantville for a year now, and while the mayor

sat at her desk, she felt a distinct lack of accomplishment. Visibly to anyone

who might visit, the town looked dead, barren. A lack of care, thought the

Mayor, as she ran her hands down her legs, straightening her Pink Zap-Dress.

She had ideas, but many people had ideas, she only had to talk to the nearest resident to hear someone’s ideas. But these ideas rarely came to anything. She sighed and removed her oval shades, placing them on the desk in front of her.


The banging on the door stopped.


For a moment she took in his surroundings.

A small room lay ahead of her, a short reception desk, unoccupied.

Some flowers lay about the edges of the room. Moonlight trickled in from the gaps in the boarded up windows. She could still hear the voices though, the small  glow of torch fire visible though the seams of the door’s letterbox.


The voices became faint, they must have given up for now.


Rising wearily from her mayoral chair Ellie began to make her way toward the record player, her spare version, both had been gifts.

Lifting the pin, she placed on a record. Lowering the pin, it began to crackle into sound.



               ----------- 6 Months Earlier --------------



It was early autumn. An abundance of orange trees ripe and fresh for picking littered the town.

The morning sun casting its glow across the sandy beach, two runners shot by, disrupting the serene setting. Kicking sand up behind them, leaving a trail of footprints marking their journey.


Drift went into a crouch to launch himself as far as he could. John followed suit, only to come crashing backwards against his rear. A perfectly finished long-jumping Drift turned chuckling.

“You OK there cuz?” he joked

“Yup. I’m good” replied John, bring himself to his feet

“Alright fam, guess we can take a break here for your lazy ass!” Drift continued.

Thank you, thought John. It wasn’t so much that he was unfit that Drift was a fitness maniac, how he managed to coheres him into running every other morning still surprised John. But it was regular and he felt the difference day to day to not want to cut it off.


Drift jumped down with spring, kicking of his running shoes. John haven given up the action of rising now lay on the sand staring up at the sky.

For a moment only the waves could be heard, slapping against the sand.

“How are things with Isabelle?” asked Drift

John had been seeing his secretary almost soon as he had arrived and been dramatically dumped in the position of mayor. Of course John wasn’t exactly just seeing Isabelle, the development in the town could quite easily be put down to the time they spent fucking.



“How was the run?” asked Isablelle, swaying her hips, grinning.

“Great. Seeing you is better though”

Isabelle smiled even wider. John went to the side office, and turned on the shower. Soon after losing his house key one night he had discovered the mayor’s building also doubled up as a convenient housing establishment, maintained by Isabelle.

He had only just removed his boxers when Isabelle crashed into him from behind slamming him against the shower, her hand already grabbing his member. He could feel her breasts squashed against his back, pressing further into him with keen enthusiasm. With the other hand she tugged as his testes and began to pump with the other. John in an effort to take control turned, resting his hand against the glass panel to support his struggle. Isabelle ducked down onto her knees though, splashing against the water. Laughing to himself John went to run his hand through her hair. But she just took this as a sign for more, and threw herself at his cock, taking it all into her mouth, with a speedy rhythm bobbing up and down its length. John adjusting his weight as the pleasure rolled over him slipped and thudded against the showers floor. Isabelle making quick use of the situation jumped onto him and continued her activity. Out of options, John reaching his limit, gripped her head and pulled her further in. He felt his seamen shoot out. The comfort of her warm mouth and tongue wrapped snugly around him propelling the orgasm further.

Releasing her hold on him, Isabelle rolled over to one side, lying next to him.

Water continued to spray both of them trickling down their bodies. John looked atthe animal beside him, Isabelle looked at the human next to her.

"What is it, Mayor~" She cooed

"You always give me what I want. Why?"

She looked hurt. She faced away from him, her soaking hair facing him instead.

"You enjoy it, don't you?"

"Are you serious? Of course-"

Isabelle got up and turned the shower full whack to cold, and leaving John in.

"Agh! Isabelle?!" cried John as he scrambled to get up and cease the shower.





"I'm leaving John, didn't you hear me fam?"

"What, no. Wait what?"

"I'm leaving Pleasantville" repeated Drift

"Why? Where are you going?"

"Hah, John cuz, buddy, it's been great really but I need to move on..."

John stared out at the sea, this was the first time he cared someone was leaving.

"I don't want you to leave Drift" replied John

"Cuz" Drift spoke softly "This is something I need to do"

"But, you're the first person in this town I've really felt a good relationship with, you can't leave me I'm just getting-" Drift raised his flipper.

"You don't need me fam, not anymore" He beamed to John "You got this cuz"

"I..." John couldn't find the words. Drift looked out.

They both stared at the sea, just listening to the sounds, creating a memory.

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