Celebrating Master's birthday

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Celebrating Master’s birthday

Joma’s Lopunny paced tirelessly along the deck of his boat as she held his birthday present tightly in her paws, having evolved not too long ago the Normal Type had been eager to show her Trainer just how much she appreciated him for putting the time and effort into making her evolve as the process from Buneary to Lopunny was a long and arduous one

Having found a Sapphire on the beach when Joma had dropped anchor at Slateport City Lopunny had snatched it up and spent the next couple of days shining it to perfection, wanting it to be absolutely glistening when she presented it to her Trainer as a thank you for helping her evolve

Swallowing her nerves deciding it was best to get it done and over with despite her fear of Joma not liking her gift the Lopunny then made her way to his captain’s quarters, too caught up in her intentions to hear the noises coming from inside as she flung the door open and held the Sapphire out “happy birthday Master!” she exclaimed forgetting in that moment that Joma couldn’t understand her

It was only then that the Normal Type heard the moans, pants and creaking springs of her Trainers bed staring in shock at the sight in front of her, Joma laying back naked on his bed with his Gardevoir riding him like her very life depended on it, her moans and cries echoing throughout the bedroom as her thick ass clapped against her Master’s thighs

Gasping in shock at what was going on in front of her Lopunny dropped the Sapphire drawing Gardevoirs attention, the Psychic slut staring at the Normal Type for a moment before smirking at her “it appears we have a guest Master” Gardevoir purred drawing Joma’s attention to their ‘guest’ “looks like I beat you in giving Master the best gift” she teased wiggling her ass at Lopunny before setting her riding pace again, the fact that they now had an audience only turning her on more

As the Gardevoir began bouncing on Joma’s cock again all feelings of shock within Lopunny were swiftly replaced with that of seething jealousy, ever since her evolution the Rabbit Pokémon had developed a somewhat friendly rivalry with Joma’s Gardevoir and the one thing that she hated that the Psychic Type had over her was physical access to their Trainer

Near immediately forgetting about the Sapphire Lopunny dove upon the bed making Gardevoir gasp with shock as she was shoved off of Joma’s cock, catching both the Psychic Type and her Trainer by surprise when the Normal Type then dove down onto Joma’s cock taking it straight down her throat forcing it passed her gag reflex determined to prove that she was a better fuck than Gardevoir could ever be

Choking as she fought through her gag reflex Lopunny took her Master’s cock all the way down to the hilt, her throat bulging out as she worked her tongue as best as she could for him “holy fuck” Joma groaned staring down at the Normal Type with a mixture of surprise and pleasure as she started to bob her head

“No, no, no! You’re doing it all wrong!” Gardevoir exclaimed climbing back onto the bed and grabbing hold of Lopunnys head, pushing down on it hard forcing her to throat him deeper “take it deeper and suck it hard! Hold your breath and make him cum!” the Psychic Type chastised as she started to pump Lopunnys head along their Masters cock, caring more for Joma’s pleasure than the Rabbits ability to breathe

Luckily for Lopunny she wasn’t choking for long before Joma came hard, the Rabbits eyes going wide as her mouth and throat was flooded with thick hot cum making her cheeks bulge out as far as they could go

Whilst the Normal Type wasn’t a virgin having gone through a couple of mating seasons before she had been caught she had never experienced a male cumming so much in one go before and after tasting it she knew she could never go back to Pokémon cum afterwards

“That’s it you slut, swallow it all” Gardevoir purred rubbing Lopunnys back as she gulped down her Masters cum with several hard swallows, the Rabbits cunt now visibly dripping with arousal as her gags and chokes gave way for low throaty moans as the Normal Type continued to suck on Joma’s cock after it had stopped shooting its thick addictive cum

After a minute or so of hungrily sucking Joma’s cock the ache in Lopunnys cunt became too much for the Rabbit to ignore, clambering up her Trainers body until her cunt was pressed against his throbbing dick “damn, if I knew you were this needy I’d have fucked you sooner” Joma growled lustfully making Lopunny whine with needy as his hands moved to her thick ass, his fingers digging into the soft fur covered cheeks as she rubbed her dripping slit along his length

Unable to help herself Lopunny quickly stopped teasing his cock and slammed her tight juicy cunt down on his length taking every inch of him inside of her with a blissful cry of her name, her inner walls squeezing extremely tight around his shaft making Joma groan with pleasure

“Holy shit!” Joma grunted as Lopunnys cunt burned around his cock, having never felt such pleasurable heat before the Captain couldn’t help but start thrusting up hard into the Pokémon’s pussy making her bounce hard on his lap whilst Gardevoir watched with lust and jealousy

“Mmmph, that’s a good girl, ride his dick hard” the Psychic whore moaned as she started to touch herself to ease the ache in her loins, one hand slowly teasing her clit whilst her other massaged her breasts as she watched Lopunny bounce hard on Joma’s cock like she had been doing minutes earlier

As Joma’s cock slammed passed her cervix and into her womb every time she pressed herself down upon him Lopunny began to see starts as her mind devolved into a pleasure filled mush, her body shaking and becoming limp allowing Joma to move her as he saw fit, her body becoming the perfect sex toy for him as she started to orgasm hard making her cunt even tighter for him

Sensing the Rabbits waning consciousness Gardevoir quickly moved forward placing her hands on Lopunnys head, channelling energy into her to make her snap back away “don’t go fainting on us” the Psychic Type teased as her power not only kept Lopunny awake but also increased her sensitivity tenfold making her orgasm again even harder than before “you’re going to make Master cum and you’re going to feel every second of it!”

Unable to stop them as Joma and Gardevoir moved her onto her back so that Joma could fuck her missionary style Lopunny had no chance but to just take it as the pleasure was becoming almost painful, her entire body shaking as she drooled heavily, her eyes wide and manic as her Trainer slammed into her without mercy

With a few more hard thrusts into the Rabbits womb Joma came hard for a second time, the hot rush of his load making the Normal Type scream again as she orgasmed for a third time with enough force that it would have knocked her out cold if it wasn’t for Gardevoir forcing her to remain conscious

“That’s it Master, fill your cum dump up nice and full” Gardevoir encouraged as Joma continued to thrust throughout this climax until he finally pulled out, Lopunnys cunt and womb so full of his seed that it leaked out onto the bed

Purring with approval at how much of a mind fucked mess Lopunny had been reduced to Gardevoir dove at the chance to have her turn with her Trainer again, leaning down to suck his cock clean of his cum and Lopunnys juices before letting him push her down onto her front and ease his cock deep into her fat ass making her moan and bite the bed covers

“Nnnngh fuck Master! So deep!” she screamed into his mind as she bit down harder on the bed covers, her pupils forming into hearts to visibly show her Trainer just how good his cock felt in her ass as he slammed into her “I’m going to cum!!!” she added as she used her powers to link hers and Joma’s minds to make sure she felt her pleasure alongside his amplifying the experience for him

“Holy Arceus above!” Joma groaned as the sudden wave of pleasure overwhelmed him driving him over the edge in seconds, burying his entire cock up Gardevoirs ass making her keen shrilly as she orgasmed a split second later, her body shaking as she relished the feeling of her Master’s cum flooding her insides alongside the weight of Joma on her back as he collapsed on top of her making her purr

“Happy birthday Master”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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