Side Stories from the Crimson Keep

BY : Alindria
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Indigo shivered as the cold water ran over her palms. She stood outside the dungeon cells, cleaning off the grime and blood from her hands. It had been a particularly rough day, and not just for her. Lord Tristan had forced her and her brother, Skyler, to train the slaves he kept. She had quickly understood that the training merely served as a way to mould the twins to his image, and did nothing good for the slaves. Many died, and they were the lucky ones.


Try as she might, Indigo could never shake the horrific images from her mind. Those poor people, held behind bars, starved and beaten, used for experiments or just for Tristan’s sadistic desires. Still, what could she do, besides obey? She knew what the man was capable of, and she had to keep herself and her brother safe. But she did what she could, trying to help the slaves as best she was able to. Sneaking in extra rations, tending to their wounds or sing to them if they were plagued by hysteric fits.

As much as Indigo tried to retain her inherent kindness and compassion despite it all, it had been different for Skyler. More and more he seemed to take pleasure in the atrocities they were forced to commit. Earlier today, before he had been summoned away to aid the Lord with a personal matter, Indigo had noticed his excitement when whipping one of the younger slaves. It pained her to see, but perhaps that was his way to cope with this new life they were bound into.


After Skyler left, she had treated the cuts the whip had left on the girl. Deep and ugly, but with the right salve infection could be prevented and pain lessened. The girl was small and timid, and tears had streaked her pale face, making lines through the filth that stained her face. Indigo wept for the fate of these poor souls too, but later, while Skyler would hold her in his bed. 


Her duties for the day were now done, and after rinsing her hands, she made her way to her chambers. A servant had drawn her a bath, and she was able to relax for a moment, allowing herself to forget her worries, and focus on the soothing warmth of the water. Indigo finished cleaning and grooming herself, and dressed in a long purple robe. By the time she was done, another servant called her for dinner. 


She arrived in the great hall, the table set with prime cuts of meat, fresh bread and a creamy, thick soup. Normally, her brother would already be there, always digging in before she had time to seat herself. But today, she was alone, with just a few servants present to see to her needs. Indigo knew better than to ask them, they were told nothing but their orders. With nothing else to do, Indigo enjoyed her meal, and made sure to thank the servants for their assistance.

Before returning to her chambers, she went to check Skyler’s room. It was adjacent to hers, and she visited it often. Most nights she would spend in his bed with him, and he would hold her and kiss away the tears she spilled for the pain and suffering they both witnessed. A glance around the room told her he was not there, and had not for a while. She wondered where he was, but if it involved one of Tristan’s ‘lessons’, she probably didn’t want to know. After hesitating for a moment, she removed her robe, and slipped into his bed. The day’s work left her exhausted, and she quickly found sleep.

Indigo awoke a couple hours later, to warm familiar hands rubbing her sides. Sleepily, she nuzzled against Skyler’s chest, recognising his scent. He pulled her in even closer, kissing the top of her head. Indigo felt so at ease in his arms, but slowly remembered his earlier absence. “Where were you, earlier? I missed you..” she murmured against his smooth chest. Skyler didn’t reply, and continued to let his hands wander over his sister’s naked body. He was way rougher than usual, kneading her soft flesh in his strong hands. “Skyler, please…” Indigo said, gently trying to push him away as to look him in the eyes. But he wouldn’t let go, and grabbed her ass roughly. Indigo was fully awake now, and actively trying to escape his hold.


“Brother, what happened to you? This isn’t like you..” she desperately pleaded. Finally, he responded. “What do you mean, sweet sister? We spend nearly every night in my bed like this… Comforting each other.” His voice sounded deep, and had a hint of something Indigo didn’t recognise. “Not like this..” she replied, while digging her nails into his arms as she tried to push him away. Skyler groaned at that, and it only seemed to increase his persistence. Indigo could never match her brother’s strength, and before she could react, he had pushed her on her back, and climbed on top of her. Instantly, she felt his excitement pressing between her legs. Indigo started to panic now. She had always been very close with her twin brother, and enjoyed the intimate moments they shared, cuddling and kissing. But this… How he hungrily gripped her body, pushing himself against her.. This wasn’t what she wanted. “Please, Skyler, stop this.. I don’t-“. Skyler cut her off by grinding up against her crotch, causing her to yelp.

“Don’t want this..? But this is what is meant for us.. We only have each other, don’t we..?” Indigo couldn’t respond, so shocked and overwhelmed by his weight on top of her. Skyler noticed, and leaned down to kiss her deeply. Almost instinctively she returned the kiss, but it was different than what they usually shared. She tasted a desire on his lips, a yearning. Indigo’s resistance faltered, her arms feeling drained after their struggle, her mind torn between the love she had for her twin and the disgust at what he was forcing onto her


Skyler saw his chance, and grabbed her wrists together, pushing them down on the pillow above her head. With his other hand he pawed at her breasts, roughly squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his fingers. “Skyler, stop.. I don’t want this.. it’s not right..” Indigo cried, her voice breaking. “Shhh.. Just let it happen, Indigo.. Don’t worry about what others think. You know how much I love you…” Skyler shushed her, as he continued to play with her sensitive breasts. Despite her resistance, Indigo felt her body react to what was happening. Jolts of pleasure coursed through her, and her lower stomach was buzzing with arousal.

Her brother’s eyes watched her intently, and he could feel her wriggling underneath him. His sisters internal struggle only filled him with more lust. As they had grown up together, he had witnessed her body transform into something he thirsted for. Lord Tristan’s education had only increased that thirst, given him more of a taste for the sadistic and perverse. And today’s brutal sessions left him with cravings he could no longer deny.

Indigo was powerless to her brother now, feeling how he moved his hand between her legs. As much as she had tried to fight it, his stimulations had left her very excited, and very wet. Greedily, Skyler dipped his fingers into her, feeling how hot and tight she was, and how her juices already dripped down her thighs. “Mmm,” he growled, “I can feel just how much you’re enjoying this.. Would you like a taste?” Indigo shook her head, her teary eyes looking up at her brother desperately. Skyler had no regard for that, and brought his fingers, covered in her arousal, up to her mouth. Knowing there was no point in further defiance, she allowed him to push them in. Her juices were thick and sweet, and she lapped his fingers clean as he pressed his shaft between her legs once more. 


This time, he was able to slide easily between her slippery thighs. Indigo could clearly feel how hard Skyler was, rubbing against the sensitive flesh. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning as he brushed his cock against her folds. This only enticed Skyler more, and Indigo could hear him grunt in pleasure as he tilted his hips for the next thrust. “Skyler, please, no!” Indigo sobbed, with desperation in her ragged voice. But he didn’t answer her pleas, and instead pushed himself deep inside of his sister, with a cry of pleasure. Her pussy felt smouldering hot around his cock, and he pressed himself in completely. Indigo was crying now, her beautiful face marked by tears. That sight, combined with the feeling of her tight pussy wrapping around him, sent him into a frenzy. 


Skyler let go of Indigo’s wrists, and cupped her face in his hands as he started to pump his cock into her with a merciless fervor. Again he kissed her, this time tasting her lingering juices on his tongue. He had no regard for her pleasure now, just seeking his own and finding it by plunging himself into her again and again. His ecstasy was indescribable, the sensations combined with the taboo of the act sent him to unknown heights of rapture. Meanwhile, Indigo felt all the strength sapped from her body, only able to lay there as he fucked her raw. She felt every single stroke ignite a fire deep inside, one that she could not ignore or extinguish.

Minutes passed while Skyler screwed his twin sister, increasing his speed as he went. She seemed to feel tighter and tighter with every thrust and he knew his climax was near. When he felt the pleasure overwhelm him, he pressed into her as deep as he could fit, and let thick ropes of his cum spill out. He collapsed on top of his sister, lovingly muttering her name over and over. Indigo just wept quietly, shivering beneath her brother as she felt his seed overflow and spill down her thighs. Luckily, she was spared the shame of orgasming through her brothers assault, but she found little comfort in that fact. Skyler rolled off of his sister, feeling spent and utterly satisfied. He pulled her close and embraced her, whispering soothing words and kissing her head until she finally stopped whimpering, and fell into a restless sleep.

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