Pokémon breeding ground

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Pokémon breeding ground

“Please don’t rape me” shouted Rosa. She was running away from her rival Hugh. He wanted to have sex with her but Rosa didn’t want to have sex with him. The bad news was that she got lost, fell or rolled down a hill and now here she was in some unknown forest that she never saw before.

 It was a place that trainers were urged not to enter because the Pokémon here were evil and had no morals. Rosa entered by accident, but she knew that the Pokémon would not understand, but hoped that she could leave with her virginity in place and not with blood in between her legs. Grown men entered this forest and didn’t come out alive or even in one piece, so why would she be any different from those men? The reason was that first of all she was a girl and second all the men who came here wanted to catch does Pokémon, but not her so maybe they would have pity for her, she was cute, sweet and innocent. Surely these Pokémon had a heart.


As Rosa walked through the thick trees trying to find a path that would allow her to exit this awful forest that smelled like dried blood, she heard something behind her. Rosa stopped in her tracks, slowly turning around.

“Is anyone there?” she asked like a fool, knowing full well that nobody would answer her. She heard another noise coming from her right, then her left. She had no idea where the noise was coming from. Then all of a sudden they were all around her, three Vigoroth.

The three Vigoroth around her ripped open her shirt, her bra coming off in the process. One of them used his tongue to lick her boobs. Another one joined him, making her nipples hard. The leader of the Vigoroth who was right in front of her ripped her pants so that she stood in front of him in only her thong. The leader tore her thong to shreds; he had a great view of her virgin pussy. She saw his cock, thick and white like his fur.

Rosa screamed at the top of her lungs when the Vigoroth thrusted into her body with his huge cock. It was the most painful thing ever. She was sure that she was bleeding down there, but couldn’t see it. It was pointless to scream, no one would hear her because no one was here, and even the cops didn’t enter this forest. Her life was over now.

The leader of the Vigoroth picked her up in his strong arms; it was clear from just looking at the three Pokémon that he was far more powerful than the rest of them. The other two moved away from her, as the Vigoroth leader moved his mouth close to Rosa’s lips. She wasn’t so interested in making out with a Pokémon, but she had little choice in the matter. Vigoroth’s mouth pressed on her own and she felt his tongue try to pass through her lips, but she won’t allow it. The Vigoroth broke the heated kiss and set her down on the soft grass and took another deep thrust in her hot body.

Rape me. Vigoroth please rape my body again and again. I want to be your sex slave and live with you for the rest of my life

“No you don’t” said Rosa out loud, she didn’t want to get raped by wild Pokémon, but her body didn’t feel the same way as her heart and her mind.

Then she saw a cock near her lips. She noticed one of the Vigoroth was standing over her head as the leader continued to fuck her. The third Vigoroth had returned to her breast and was leaving a large amount of wet drool on her hot tits. The Vigoroth over her head looked down at her and smiled then he moved closer to her lips. Tears fell from her eyes as Rosa knew what he wanted.

“Please not my mouth” she said, he moved inside of her throat, she nearly gagged from the size and the horrible smell of his dick. He started to pump her mouth like if it belongs to him and it kinda did.

Don’t act innocent Rosa, you wanted this. You want these Pokémon to rape you. Don’t lie to yourself bitch; you love every last second of this

“Am I?” she thought to herself. Because it didn’t feel that way. She had a cock inside of her mouth, it moved all the way down her throat until she had his balls in her eyes which caused her to blink quickly as he came slamming down into her mouth, she was drooling a lot and most of it stayed on his cock and dripped over her eyes. Her boobs were getting violated by another Vigoroth’s tongue and made Rosa feel so hot as she felt his wet tongue roll around her nipples. The leader of the Vigoroth took her virginity from her as his huge dick moved deep inside of her, she could feel his dick destroy her vagina, and Rosa knew she was bleeding.

Rosa could smell the fresh blood in the air. Was it the blood from her pussy or was it another victim of the Vigoroth that lived in these woods? The tongue over her breast, the cock fucking her mouth and the cock that was moving quickly inside of her pussy made her feel so hot, she wanted it to end so badly, but also in some ways she didn’t want it to end. How could Rosa like what was happening to her? She knew her mother was into Pokémon, she had seen her mother watching films in where female humans had sex with male Pokémon for the camera and she even saw her mother fuck a Pokémon or two before she left Aspertia city to catch her own Pokémon. Maybe Rosa was like her mother, she would grow to love Pokémon cock.

Summit! This is your life now, you’re a Pokéslut. These Vigoroth will rape you over and over again. You will spend the rest of your life as their tramp.

The Vigoroth that was working on her mouth pulled out and started to lick her forehead with his skilled tongue.

“YES! YES! YES!” she shouted over and over once her mouth was open “Please keep on fucking me, keep on licking me, keep on sucking me. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Rape me forever!”

The Vigoroth liked the sound of that. The Vigoroth returned inside of her mouth and went back balls deep and came very fast flooding her entire mouth with his fresh seed. The second Vigoroth ejaculated his load over her fine pair of knockers. The final Vigoroth came hard inside of her womb. He wasn’t finished yet and so where the other ones. Time after time they came again and again. Rosa lost track of time, but she knew that there was always at least one Vigoroth that was fucking her, but only the leader fucked her pussy. The others were allowed her ass. She also knew that she never moved from the spot where the leader placed her down that first day. She was fucked and raped time and time again but at least the Vigoroth fed her during that time. Then one morning when Rosa woke up expecting to be getting fucked in the ass or the pussy. There was no Vigoroth around.

“Where can they be?” she asked herself. She stood up, her legs weak since she didn’t stand up for days. Her hair and skin were a mess and all her clothes were torn to shreds. She was able to use her water type Pokémon to clean the dirt and cum from her body. Then she made her way through the forest hoping to see her rape partners, but she didn’t see one Vigoroth at all. A sign once she got out told her: Vigoroth mating season mid-Summer to early fall, Rosa was shocked that so much time passed. She had first fell in the forest in the middle of spring; it was three months that all that she did 24 hours a day was have sex with those Vigoroth. Inside her mind she felt sad to be free, she wanted to stay a Pokéslut, she would have to call her friend May, she was well known as a Pokéslut or Dawn as well, and she lived much closer. She could now have sex with her Pokémon and have a life filled with the joys of Pokémon cock.

She went home to Aspertia city and her mother didn’t even know that she was missing or was raped out of her mind by three brutal Pokémon. Rosa didn’t mind and she also didn’t mind that 6 months later she gave birth to the newest member of her Pokémon team, a very powerful Slakoth with a rather large dick in between his legs.

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