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Enter Novus


Her mission was simple. Land on the previously unexplored world of Novus, identify the target, and either capture the target or kill it. The bounty would remain the same either way. In theory, it was a standard mission for those that specialized in assassination and recognizance, but for someone of her expertise, it would be an easy enough task. However, as she pivoted her ship through the vast atmosphere of Novus, a crystalline and pure planet that looked more like a white sphere floating throughout space than anything, Samus struggled to keep her ship on its predetermined course. To her, it felt as if some kind of electromagnetic pulse was pulling her down, though, according to the ship's scanners, the only difference was a slight push from a meteorite in a far-off area.


Slumping into the back of her pilot seat, Samus Aran took in the sight that lay bare before her eyes. Novus was one of the few unexplored planets that still remained. Although, considering she had received a bounty offer concerning one of the planet's inhabitants, someone must have been there before and returned to tell the tale. What little information she received about her quarry was that it was a large hooved creature. Perhaps an antromorph of some kind? Or a rabid monster with a horse's appearance? She had seen a lot worse than a rabid animal, though then again, perhaps there was more to her bounty than what met the eye.


Sinking further through the atmosphere of Novus, Samus' entire ship was engulfed in the cloudless skies of Novus, the radiant light of a bright cyan sun making the planet itself much more tropical than any other, though even so, she still struggled to see why the planet had remained unexplored. From what she could see through the blindingly white terrain on the surface, Samus saw naught more than a tropical environment, a place with such a lush and pure nature that the very planet itself had taken on a majestic crystalline white color. To the far side of the area she descended towards, Samus could see a large jungle, tall trees standing up more than a hundred feet, with a clear lake a little further to the side. On the outskirts of the jungle, another section of trees and plains stretched on forever, only interrupted in the very horizon by a small mountainous region that shared the brilliant crystalline color that all else had.


As her ship's descent slowed to a halt, Samus enabled her starships hover module, wanting to have a look around at her surroundings rather than merely going down and then up again. Somewhere on this planet, her quarry lived, unaware of its coming demise. Trailing her eyes along the serene view in the horizon, Samus squinted her eyes as something moved in the distance, though the more she looked that way, the less she saw. Only the blindingly crystalline white mountains, and a washed out lake whose water was so clear that she had no doubt she could see the very bottom of the lake from where she was.


Although, as Samus gazed around the serene landscape, taking in the beauty of a pure, unexplored world, so radiant in its colors. However, as her clear blue eyes transfixed themselves on the hovering bright blue sun in the heavens above, a terrible quake slammed through her ship, sending the blonde bounty hunter tumbling down onto the ground as a faint trace of smoke clouded the right side of her windscreen. The beeping sound of instruments going out of control, and a ship losing its altitude faster and faster by the minute, snapped Samus out of her stupor. On this vast planet, in the clear cloudless skies, something had snuck up on her radar and slammed into her ship.


Staggering up onto her feet from where she had been knocked over, Samus all but threw herself onto the handles of her controls, activating every emergency measure in her arsenal whilst trying her hardest to pilot the ship a different direction. Opening up a window to assess the amount of damage that had come from the encounter, Samus bit her lip as she saw the entire hull on the right side, and how every single part of it had darkened in color to show its deactivation. Whatever it was that she had hit, it had disabled her shield generators and destroyed her engines, leaving Samus with little but one choice.


With a determined expression etched into her face, Samus Aran, the proud bounty huntress of the galaxy, steered her ship down towards the ground, intent on finding exactly what had destroyed her ship. However, whatever it was, she would give it no swift demise. No, she would utterly dominate this great creature of battle, and in the end, the beast would know her by presence alone.


The only thoughts that raced through her mind as she steered her ship down towards this unexplored world, were those of revenge, escape, and the faint memory of what she had seen in the far-off horizon. Brilliant white wings, a strange silhouette of fur, and deadly claws that could tear anything to shreds. A strong beast, by the looks of it, though it would come to understand the consequences of facing her.


Samus Aran would take the creatures of this world, and in time, all would come to know her anger. With those thoughts in mind, her starship landed atop a clearing by the crystalline forest, where her base would come to be.  

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