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Rummaging around in the seemingly endless darkness of a Zoan planet, Samus turned her head in the direction she had come from, gazing down the darkened corridor with a fuming expression beneath her visor. She had been lead there by the Federation, having received a reported sighting of a Metroid, and despite the claims being near impossibly accurate, she had rushed over to the planet as fast as she could manage.


So far, her journey had been both peaceful and boring. Entering into a crater at the very top of the small planet, Samus had soon enough discovered a hidden pathway leading down into the depths of the planet itself, and after walking around in those deep, dark reaches, she was on the brink of calling her search off. The only signs of any life having existed on the planet came in the form of an armor upgrade as well as a blaster upgrade, the former simply allowing her a greater vision in the darkness, whilst the latter enabled her to blast her way through the walls that proved too sturdy for all else.


After breaking down three walls, she had found herself at her current location, a pathway leading down even further, stretching on for what could only be hundreds of miles with a continuous downward slope and a minor curvature. However, despite having been on the brink of giving up, the deeper she went, the more chatter came up in front of her visor, subtle at first, but now, she could see images flickering through the darkness, voices from a long lost age, and perhaps something more. Something darker.


Rising up onto her feet, Samus reclined against a nearby wall, taking in the sight of her reward. She had been forced to trudge through a planet with a supposed Metroid sighting, all for a few upgrades she would later scrap, and what appeared to be a micro-chip containing an armor modification. What kind of change it would apply to her Varia Suit was beyond her, but she could feel the power it radiated.


Reaching down to remove the chip from its container, Samus brought it up to a slot in the middle of her red breastplate, waiting for her suit to verify the upgrade before finally, after what could only be considered a wasted eternity, the lights on Samus' Varia armor gleamed with a radiant light, everything proceeding as per normal with all her other upgrades. She could feel her vitality rising, the strength of her shields increasing, but more than that, she could feel an unfathomable safety within her suit...


... That was, until a low wheezing sound resonated throughout her helmet, quickly followed by the red piece splitting up onto two separate pieces, folding down on themselves to reveal her long golden ponytail and her irate eyes. Though, the changes did not end with her helmet, for even as she glanced down upon herself, the broad shoulder plates that accompanied her suit folded in on themselves, starting with her left arm dissipating into a thicker layer, until even that receded into the shoulder pieces.


Following the change of her upper body, Samus glared down to the ground where the armor plates around her legs followed suit, quickly folding up into the knee guards, before even that receded further up along her body, clapping loudly against one another as metal slid beneath more metal, all until Samus' face turned a shade of red from the way her toned thighs and long legs were left fully revealed, even going so far as to leave her toes bare to the world.


Without warning, the protective plating covering her stomach slipped beneath the pieces above it, darting up step by step at a far too great speed for Samus to halt its progress, being left with naught more to do than gawk as the plates around her entire upper body receded and folded together beneath her red chest piece, a plate that had already changed its shape into something smaller, lighter even, and far more revealing.


Cursing lowly to herself, Samus glanced over to the side of the wall where she had found a glass pane a few minutes beforehand, glaring into her own reflection as the changes to her Varia suit were completed. In opposition to the protective suit she had worn before, her plates had receded so far into themselves and thinned out that Samus looked much less like a warrior and much more like a... like a... whatever it was she looked like!


The plates around her groin had turned into a worn orange plate thong, keeping the entirety of her front covered, but as a draft from the tunnel blew through the hallway, Samus shuddered as she spun around to have a look at her rear. Wherein the Varia thong covered all of her front, Samus gawked as only a few orange plate bands ran down along her rear, acting more as a support to push her already firm rump even more together, making it all the more bubbly while keeping the crack of her ass on full display.


Turning back around with a begrudging groan, Samus trailed her eyes up along the porcelain skin of her well toned stomach, growling lowly at the way almost her entire body was laid bare, with the exception of her vagina, at least so far. However, as her eyes reached what remained of her breastplate, Samus cursed as a deep scowl spread across her otherwise gorgeous features.


In a similar style to her new thong, Samus' breastplate had shrunk down considerably, reaching around her front and back like any ordinary bra would, maintaining its deep red coloring, but... as she gazed up to where her breasts felt a little stiff, Samus took in the way her Varia bra covered all of her firm D-cups, all except for her areola and the twin peaks that rested atop them. Practically, her modified suit only covered her vagina and most of her breasts, leaving the bits she'd rather keep to herself bare for the world. From somewhere behind her, she heard the swish of her ponytail coming undone, releasing her long blonde hair to hang loosely down her back, tickling the top of her firm ass cheeks in a way that made Samus involuntarily blush.


Feeling another breeze swoop past her form, Samus shuddered as her revealed body broke off into goose bumps, her bubble butt bouncing ever so slightly due to the crisscross pattern of her thong's harness, while her nipples swayed in time with her breathing, rising and falling whenever she took a breath. The worst part had yet to come for the bounty hunter. After all, in order to de-modify her Varia suit, she would have to walk through a highly populated human city and find a laboratory amidst the officials. Meaning, everyone would see her in this... this humiliating state of dress!


Again, the distant sound of something sweeping through the darkness reached Samus' ears, but even as she readied herself into a defensive stance, all it did was leave Samus' face, breasts and rear vulnerable. Trying to right her posture enough to keep her bubble butt from bouncing around too badly, a shrill shriek resounded from somewhere down the hall, and as Samus turned her head back around so that her hair fluttered around against her back, she was met with a sight of white and green.


Staggering backward a few feet as something slammed up against her face, Samus' arms immediately flew up towards her head, freezing mid-motion as three long claw-like clamps fastened themselves around her head, one by each ear, while the third one was dangerously close to poking a hole in her neck. Her eyes had been blocked completely, leaving her unable to see what had fastened itself to her head, but based on the slippery, almost slimy context, and the way the claws had latched onto her neck and head, Samus knew what it was even without seeing it.


A Metroid.


Opening her mouth to let out a strangled scream of surprise, Samus reeled backward in an attempt to stay upright, however, the second her mouth opened itself, even if it was just to scream, a thick mass of slick slime shot forth from the underside of the Metroid, dousing her lips with a goopy slime, though most of it ran down her throat, taking on a harder shape as it went, resembling more of a tentacle, though as a sense of dread settled upon her body, Samus recalled the shape, length and tip of what a human male's penis would look like, with the exception of the length difference.


As the scream she had tried to let out transformed into a broken gargle, Samus' arms dropped back down to the sides of her body, unable to even move her feet or turn around as her throat was molested and rubbed, a slippery tentacle cock making its way further down her neck, undoubtedly on its way down towards her gullet. With a shaky move, Samus managed to stagger herself forward, though instantly, her hips bucked in time with the rapid pumping of slime against her face, clogging up her nose as well while the Metroid's tentacle cock stuffed her throat.


Feeling her eyes roll into the back of her head beneath her eyelids, Samus' body turned traitor on her just as the Metroid's slimy dick dropped down into her gullet, squirming around for a while before continuing its trek through her system, being so far down that Samus long since lost where it had disappeared to. All she knew was that the slime gushing down against her face was growing stiffer, and that her face had lost its peachy coloring in favor of an oxygen-deprived white.


Her body had turned traitor on her, or perhaps it was merely the reaction to being ravaged by the creature she had come to find, but as something poked against something inside of her body, Samus' revealed nipples hardened while the bottom piece of her upgraded Varia suit grew moist, leaving a small river of juice to run down the skimpy underside of her thong.


 Feeling dizziness begin to overtake her system, wanting nothing more than to take a deep gulp of fresh underground air, Samus' eyes snapped open just in time for them to roll into the back of her head. In a violent gush of slime and juice, the tentacle dick that had violated her mouth and throat for so long burst free from Samus' unused asshole, a surge of aquamarine slime squirting out as the slender head of the tentacle's cock extended out of Samus' rump, pulsing in time with the Metroid's invisible heart beat while sliding further and further out.


Clenching her throat around the Metroid's tentacle dick, Samus thighs quivered as another juicy explosion hit the front of her metallic thong, locking her abundant pussyjuice inside of the skimpy garment while another small river formed on the backside of her rear, further lubing up the tentacle's journey through her body.


Through the coating of slime around her face, Samus could feel something solid poking down against her lip, and without any way to stop it from happening, a second tentacle dick slid down from the Metroid's phasing body, forcing Samus' mouth wider as it began the descent down throughout her body, completely ignoring the slow, meticulous pace that the first one had had. Instead of that gentle, albeit uncomfortable, journey, the second tentacle broke its way down Samus' body, causing her throat to bulge out obscenely, making sure to gush as much of its aquamarine slime as possible to further suffocate the blonde bounty hunter.


Even before the second tentacle had reached her gullet, the first one gave one final twitch, before receding back through the anal cavern it had forced open, sliding back inside with a wet slick, before returning up into Samus' gullet to join the first one, the trek leaving Samus' asshole stretched and coated in the green slime that seemed to ooze from this particular Metroid.


With both tentacles now inside of her stomach, Samus let out a pitiful whimpering mewl with the last of her breath, standing up straight for a reason beyond her comprehension. However, even as she began to fall, the twin tentacles lodged inside of her throat pulsed, sending two large blotches of something through the otherwise thin tentacles, forcing Samus' mouth to the very brink of its capabilities before traversing down her throat, once more bloating out her windpipe until Samus' breath finally ran out, causing her knees to give out.


Even as she fell forward, the first of the tentacles slid down her insides once more, bringing with it the surge of goop that ran through its sheath until the head bumped up against Samus' tight little asshole, remaining in place there until the pulse reached the tip. With a suffocated moan, or as close as she could get with two tentacle dicks down her throat, Samus felt the second tentacle's pulse reach her stomach, a gush of thick green slime violently exploding within her stomach, near instantly filling it up before another pulse ran down the Metroid's secondary tentacle, causing more and more slime to erupt within her stomach while another pulse ran down the first one.


While the first slime explosion happened within her stomach, the first tentacle slid back inside of Samus' anal cavern, causing the pulse that ran down there to explode within, giving Samus the biggest internal anal creampie a girl could ask for, but as the second pulse neared its destination, the tentacle surged forward, breaking through Samus' tight anal ring in one fell swoop, pushing most of the slime out with it to gush out around Samus' rump, coating it near instantly with the thick green goop while the second surge stretched her anal ring out even more.


With her stomach taking the third and final slime explosion, the second burst by her ass arrived, and due to the way the tentacle was angled upward, the slime burst forth and showered down upon the blonde bounty huntress' body, coating her long blonde hair, slender back, and bubbly butt with blotches of green goop, ending it off with a final wet slick as the tentacle receded back inside of Samus' slime filled butt, causing an abundance to slide out in a small river.


With both tentacles leaving her body, sliding back up along her sore throat, while leaving her oxygen-deprived mouth, the Metroid's claws loosened from around Samus' head, lifting off immediately thereafter as the pool of slime it had left on Samus' face slid off to land on the floor. The second both tentacles had left her face, and the Metroid hovered off to rejoin the seclusion of the darkness above, Samus' legs gave out fully, causing her to fall over, landing face-first in the goop that had previously encased her face, unable to do much more than lay still and breathe, taking ragged gasps and gulps of air.


Shuddering as the color slowly returned to her face, Samus tried shifting her arms beneath her body, wanting nothing more than to rise up onto her hands and knees, or to at least get into a better position. However, when she did so, her blue eyes drifted down to her stomach, beneath her sweat drenched, hardened nipples, to where her previously flat belly was swollen and distended, giving her the look of a pregnant woman about to give birth.


Glancing over at herself in the mirror on the wall, Samus' body gave out completely, sending her tumbling back down onto her front, though this time, her stomach was pressed down into the ground, causing a copious gush of green slime, what would eventually be the color of her pussyjuice, to squirt out of her underused vagina and brutalized ass.


The proud bounty hunter had been reduced to such a skimpily clad slut.

And she liked it more than anything ever before.

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