Prison Island Inmate

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When there was a whole block of G.U.N. agents both on the ground and the sky, weapons trained on him, it was hard for Sonic to say no to their request to go nice and peacefully with them.

Sonic couldn't believe he let himself be captured again -- and with the heavy restraints on both his arms and legs, it was hard to think he'd ever escape again.

"Prison Island in the pipe, five by five."

But no lawyer, no witnesses? What sort of due process was this? He'd heard those terms before, and asked some of the pilots and soldiers if he was owed a phone call yet.

Jokes about not getting an inflight movie seemed inappropriate.

The craft landed, and he was hustled out abruptly flanked at all sides by men in armored black suits, causing him to falter for a moment as keeping up with their lock step and practiced walk was hard to do in shackles. "Hey, watch it!" He bit back, only to be immediately reprimanded with a stunning prod.

Sonic collapsed, but was propped up, his feet dragging along the green grass. He looked up to the silver detention center, realising soon he'd be in the belly of the beast.


Sonic tried to keep his dignity, walking nose forward, not making eye contact with anyone, but a fair few of the inmates that now resided here were brought down by the very hands of the now helpless hedgehog that was being led through the doors of the cell block that would be his foreseeable home, which some of them picked up on, hooting and hollering at Sonic.

Pushed in to his cell, Sonic turned on his heel and threw himself at the door as it shut. "Hey! HEY!" Sonic really rattled the cage. "Let me out of here! Give me my stupid phone call!"

"That won't do you any good, fish." Sonic whipped back his head to find his bunkmate sitting above, reading a rather steep looking tome. Sonic was more surprised a prisoner would be reading in the first place, as he let go of his glasses that he had just been readjusting a second ago. "This isn't a real or sanctioned prison in the governments eyes. We don't exist, so either bring out your killer animal or become victimized cattle."

He didn't want to end up on either spectrum -- but Sonic didn't want to seem timid in that moment. "So what's gonna happen to me now?"

Looking down from his book, a finger as a bookmark, he sized Sonic up and down. "Well you're not wet... so they're probably gonna get you deloused soon. Hopefully a group shower."

The hedgehog thought about that. "Wouldn't a solo shower be better?"

The man from his perch shook his head. "With a group shower, you know who's in there with you. A solo shower... you gotta worry about who they're gonna let in."

Sonic's throat churned at the thought. Maybe the old guy was just trying to scare him? Yeah, that was it.

Sonic nearly jumped out of his skin when a guard battered the cell door with a night stick. "Blue boy! Get your ass dressed. We're gonna get you cleaned up real nice."

Picking up his uniform that he had strewn across the floor, Sonic felt strangely humiliated having to wear clothes at all -- especially with having to get dressed in front of two strange men. His blue feet curled against the frozen to the touch feeling concrete, trying their best to warm themselves as he slipped on a black shirt and pulled up his orange overalls.


Sonic is thrusted into the shower block by a heavy handed guard. Cold, afraid and naked apart from the towel he was clutching tightly against his groin Sonic was overwhelmed with dread. His first shower in prison. He heard the stories about shower rape but his mind decided to chalk that down to hearsay and rumors. Slowly and quietly he tiptoed against the cold tiled floor he crept into the shower room hoping nobody would notice him. For the worlds fastest hedgehog he figured he would be done showering in a mere 2 minutes or less. He glanced around the room unable to see much thanks to the thick steam. He decided the room was empty as he calmly jabbed the water button. As he realized that if the shower room was empty there should be no steam he felt a strong sturdy hand tightly clasp his shoulder. He fought the urge to turn around. This was when the mouth of this mysterious man moved close to Sonic's ear. All Sonic could hear was the pattering of the water spraying from the showerheads onto the floor; then he heard the shallow breathing of the man behind him. His warm breath blowing into Sonic's ear. "Turn around for me babe." whispered the man into his ear.

Like a good obedient boy Sonic turned. A tall man of around 6 feet towered over Sonic. A sharp well defined jawline adorned this mans face and cold steely eyes were embedded in his roguish face. Long brown hair cascaded down the back of his neck. "Hey there buddy... Do you know my name? Cuz I know yours. Sonic, right? People in here call me The Bull. You will know why soon." Sonic's eyes lit up with fear like a deer staring down the barrel of a rifle. "Please don't hurt me sir. I don't want any trouble. Please!" Bull grinned and stared down Sonic. "You were in trouble the moment I saw your ass being dragged down the cell block. Now, if you don't want me to hurt you then do as I say alright. Well It's going to hurt a bit." The Bull's left arm shot out immediately at Sonic's neck pinning him against the wall. The Bull's right arm slowly drifted down Sonic's chest and to his crotch. Pain shot through Sonic's body as the man grasped his dick and balls. "You have nothing little hedgehog. Look down, and you will see why I am called the Bull." Sonic obediently panned down towards the other man's groin and gasped at what he saw.

A thick, long, heavy cock hung from the Bull throbbing and aching for him. The Bull pushed Sonic onto his knees and tightly grabbed Sonic's hair with his right hand. "Open wide baby." Muttered the Bull as he pushed his pulsing cock past Sonic’s tightly pursed lips filling his mouth instantly. Sonic gagged as the Bulls cock pushed against his tonsils. In one swift motion the Bull pulled Sonic’s head down on his crotch seemingly impaling Sonic... a team of white hot tears streamed down Sonic's cheeks. His throat was on fire. His neck, throat, head and balls ached immensely. The torture was only getting worse. The Bull decided that the Hedgehogs throat was less than satisfactory, and he threw Sonic to the side. Sonic took this opportunity to make a daring escape. He immediately bolted up and sprinted for the doorway. He hadn't taken into account the wet soapy floor and unlike he expected; he tumbled and smashed into one of the walls. His ribs ached from the impact and his ankle had sprained, ruining his chance of escaping the other convicts in the days to come. The Bull strided over to Sonic stomping on his already bruised and aching ribcage. "Don't you dare try to fucking run from daddy you little whore. Now you have just pissed off the Bull. And he really doesn't fucking like that!"

The Bull pinned Sonic’s chest down on the floor and he rested his weight onto the back of Sonic's thighs. He placed his strong hands on Sonic's round, bouncy ass and began squeezing down. Sonic had to force back cries for help as he knew that the Bull may kill him and it was sickeningly likely that his pleas would fall on deaf ears. The Bull spat onto Sonic's tight asshole and painfully crammed his forefinger and middle finger into the Hedgehog's warm, tight, virgin asshole. "It's a tight fit, this is going to be good for me" spat the Bull. He retracted his fingers from Sonic’s virgin fuckhole and pressed the tip of his meaty cock into Sonic's ass. More and more tears streamed from Sonic's eyes as his asshole was being torn open by this monstrous dick. The Bull pushed even harder and felt as each inch was slowly swallowed by Sonic's burning raw asshole. Each thrust into Sonic's asshole was pure pleasure for the Bull and excruciating pain for Sonic. The harder he thrust the harder it was for Sonic to keep the contents of his stomach inside his body. Each thrust amounted to more torture for the little blue hedgehog. Each thrust brought the Bull closer to spraying his thick heavy load deep into Sonic's sloppy wet cum hole.

Bull began pounding harder and faster into Sonic each powerful thrust powered by pure lust and anger. Finally, he felt it, the sweet release. Viscous ropes of sticky, hot cum spewed from the cock of the Bull filling Sonic to the verge of explosion. He finally pulled out and he heard Sonic whimper. "Open up whore. I want you to suck out whatever’s left of my precious load." He pushed the tip of his cock into the mouth of the now subjugated hedgehog and Sonic began to gently suckle on the head of the cock. A few small beads of cum came from the cock and Sonic obediently swallowed the sweet and salty seed of the Bull. "Thank me." Insisted the Bull. "Thank you." whispered the Hedgehog. The Bull glared at Sonic and slowly stepped on the Hedgehog's ribs. "Thank you, Daddy!" Squealed Sonic ashamed of what he had become. The Bull turned and walked out of the shower without saying another word. Leaving the broken Hedgehog crying into the floor with his still hot cum leaking from his gaping abused fuck hole.


Sonic stepped back into his cell, bow legged and limping, and with red eyes that hadn't seen the last of their crying spell.

Bunk knew that look.

Sonic was quiet as a mouse as he sat underneath in the bottom bunk. Sonic folded up into himself against the back of the cement wall, quiet moans of harrowing inner pain escaping.

Bunk knew that sound.

Prison Island, 50 miles of concrete and rebar injustice. Prisoners enter and they either leave in a body bag or quickly adjust to the pecking order in this forsaken hellhole filled with abusive prison guards and even far more violent inmates. Only the biggest, strongest and most brutal survive in here. Those that were small and weak either ended up dead or at epicenter of the abuse and desires of desperate and horny men.

He hated seeing it, but that was the reality.

In a long line up of orange suited and faceless criminals sat Bunk and Sonic opposite one another. Bunk shook up his juice container while Sonic picked through his mashed potatoes and carrots. Bunk could see the way the Sonic kid was withdrawn and as pale faced as a blue, waist high hedgehog could get. Bunk didn't want to annoy the kid with some BS about keeping his strength up.

Sonic looked up from his unappealing looking food to the man with the weary blue eyes and wirey frame, who seemed to reach for his face just like when he first got to the cell, annoyed. "I'll just be a second kid." He squeaked back his chair, standing up, yet again fumbling with his glasses.

He felt vulnerable without Bunk, and his suspicions were confirmed. "Have a good time, my Hedgewhore?" Bull had pulled Sonic into an unwanted neck hug, posing with him like he was his girlfriend. Sonic tried to pull away, but just like before, Sonic just didn't have the strength of a human to defend himself from a man like Bull.

"Hello Bull." A calm voice sat above Bull's sneering tone.

"B-B-Bunk! Haha, man, I'm just playing. I'm just playin' with the fish." Bull let go of Sonic in a hurry. Sonic could see why Bunk had so much trouble keeping on his box framed glasses, as he had taken the piece that rested on his ear and used it to keep hidden an exacto sharp blade. Sonic watched the way the pointed steel was inching closer and closer into Bull's neck before Bunk let up entirely from the neck hold.

A sick part of Sonic wanted to see it go in.

Bull walked away, as Bunk reconstructed his glasses. A guard overhead leaned over his railing. "Are we having trouble!?"

Bunk threw open his arms. "No trouble."


Bunk told Sonic it'd be lights out soon, and not to worry about Bull. Sonic sat in awe of the man that just protected him, as he used a hidden fish line to yank something free from the toilet. There were several strong tugs before it finally popped out, Bunk standing proud like a fisherman as cold toilet water streaked down from the plastic - a radioactive looking orange was contained inside.

Bunk rung out the water before heading over to his bed. Sonic listened as Bunk seemed to pop the package. "Hey uh, Bunk... thanks for having my back out there."

Lowering down back into Sonic's view, Bunk used cut off tops of 2 litre soda bottles as make shift wine glasses, passing off the orange concoction to the blue hairball.

Sonic only had to take a whiff before being instantly disgusted. Not to mention how unsanitary it must have been -- but hunger was getting to him, and the pulp in the home made goblet was starting to look appetizing. By now, if he was free, he would have eaten ten chili dogs.

Sonic took a swig.

As he looked up to the older man's face, he knew he had made a mistake, as his visage turned blurry and strange. Bunk must have seen the look on his face. "Sorry kid, but once you're marked as a bitch, you're a bitch for life. If you had defended yourself in there, I could have done more for you." With both hands on his head, he pulled Sonic in for a drunken kiss. The hedgehog, unable to defend itself, almost seemed to accept it in his stupor. "You're so fucking cute" Bunk rasped between kisses. "I could barely hold myself back."

His body also seemed to bend to the mans will as Bunk placed him face first into his mattress, grabbing hold of his taut blue tail and raising his ass up as far as he could, before pulling over Sonic's pillow and placing it beneath his pelvis. Sonic tried to shake off Bunk as he started working his arms out of his overalls, but his muscles seemed so relaxed...

Leaving the hedgehog's jumpsuit crumpled at his feet, Bunk almost licked his lips as he rubbed down the front of his pants, barely able to keep his erection in check. The blue fuzzball globes were firm to the touch as Bunk gripped and rubbed them over, treating them like a nice pair of tits as he gave them a kiss on each side before spreading Sonic open and exposing his nice pink hole. It almost seemed to squeeze in anticipation, almost like a mouth that was begging him to fuck it.

He wouldn't deny it as he whipped out his hard piece, and pressed the tip of his cock against the soft of Sonic's O-ring, which was just as good as a woman's asshole. Grabbing hold of the metal frame of his bed, Bunk let his hips do the talking as he pumped hard and loose into that tight hedgehog bum. "I guess Bull's not that big because your ass still feels pretty nice, punk." With heavy grunts, he started sweating as he grabbed at the sides of the blue and weighty cheeks.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Bunk groaned out delivering rapid penetrations - Sonic wasn't even sure if he was better or worse than Bull at this point.

Bunk leant down on top of him, giving Sonic a piece of advice. "If you're gonna cum, do it on your hand - cause the COs will be pissed about it." He then pressed his knees down at Sonic's sides, compressing Sonic down into a sandwich with Bunk and the bed as the bread -- which just reminded Sonic of his own hardness that was rubbing up and down his pillow, a feeling he had been trying to suppress. Actually this time, it was different not better or worse, just different. Maybe it was because he had already been fucked, or maybe it was the mickey he had been slipped which seemed to take the edge off, but he was actually starting to feel a bit of the first genuine pleasure he had gotten here, albeit incredibly detached pleasure,

With a few more strides down that hole, Bunk blew, and so did Sonic.

Bunk took awhile before he eventually pulled himself out, both his cock and Sonic's ass spurting. Bunk sat down next to the catatonic and drooling hedgehog, giving his blue ass a smack. "You'll learn your place."

Bunk left him like that, climbing up top to sleep, as the lights shut off, and the cold of the jail was like cold autumn wind breezing past his sensitive and semen covered meat socket that Bunk had just plugged, sending shivers all throughout him. The muscle relaxant eventually did wear off, and as Sonic raised his hand to his face, he realised he did indeed catch his syrup-y cum like he was told, and as he stared at his pearly strands as they strung like webs, he lovingly licked the ejaculate off from between his fingers.

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