The Confession

BY : The_Hopeless_Romantic
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Within the confines of a somewhat small dimly lit room, the air was muddled with cigar smoke. The translucent cloud warped and swayed to and fro for a long period of time before dissipating away. It would fade away, but the smell would remain and permeate the room. The room itself was illuminated by candles. A cast silver candelabrum sat upon a smooth wooden desk, five little yellow flames decorating it, as it sat adjacent to a small stack of papers directly on the far right end of the desk. The windows were all shut, save for one that allowed a misty breeze to tussle the curtains covering it and let some ambient light seep in every once in a while. Though Risky Boots loved being on the deck, giving her ever hard-working crew of dedicated Tinkerbats orders, she found herself isolated in the Captain's Quarters again.

She guessed the gravity attached to the unsettling reality of her old Captain potentially being resurrected made her uneasy. But what was she worried about? The guy was dead, six feet under, confined to Davy Jones' Locker. There was nothing to fear in knowing he was gone.

With her head tilted down, her eyes were looking upward at the tips of her heeled shoes as she was leaned backwards in the wooden four-legged chair, keeping herself balanced by the wall behind her. “Damn it, what a disaster,” she said with a sigh as she rubbed her face. “I didn't think the bastard would actually have a chance of resurrecting. That can't be, though. He was put in the grave by Shantae's mother and the other genies. After that, I took all of his weapons and the ship for myself. Hell, his face even looks good on me, if I do say so myself. But now, all of those weapons are scattered across Sequin Land somewhere; and here I am, stuck with the one person of all people who I need to help me get my revenge on the Pirate Master.”

Of course, she was referring to Shantae.

She still found it hard to believe that Shantae, that half-genie that foiled her revenge plan so handily, would trust her to find the dark magic and wipe the source of it clean to stop the Pirate Master from coming back and destroying everything. The very thought was utterly asinine and comical in its absurdity. Who would've ever thought those two would one day be working together? “Why am I acting so surprised? I should've seen this coming. After all, isn't it common for enemies to set aside their differences to defeat a greater threat? I suppose so, but I'm not doing it to protect her or her lowly batch of friends. Once this is over, it's back to terrorizing the seven seas and that pathetic little town of hers. There can be only one Pirate Master on these seas! Ho ho ho ho ho hooooo!”

Risky took another puff from her cigar and blew it into the room. It didn't stay as long this time. The wind managed to pick up, tussling the curtains more. She'd spent enough time pondering. Now was the time for action. She snapped her cigar in two and tossed it in the little trash can beside her. She pushed herself forward with one hand against the wall, where she then thrust herself upwards to stand. She bumped the chair away with her hip and proceeded onto the deck. At the middle of the deck, she found Shantae and only a small remaining handful of her Tinkerbats gathered together in a circle for some reason. Risky walked behind them with a slow stroll, unbeknownst to them all, and yelled, “All right! That's enough of that! Back to work, ya' blitherin' bilge rats! There ain't no time for slackin' and carryin' on! We've got a Pirate Master to find, blast it!”

The small crowd of Tinkerbats scattered instantly when they heard their captain's booming voice roar in such a demanding fashion. Shantae, herself, jumped scared with a yelp punctuating. “As for you, face me.”

“Sorry, Risky! We were just waiting for your orders.”

“Waiting for my orders, eh?”


Risky looked up and down at her before she even turned around to show her now unnerved face. She was obviously frightened. Her knees were trembling. Her body looked tense and taut. Her arms were in a petrified state, locked at attention to her sides, wholly contrary to the shivering cadence of the rest of her body.

Shantae forced the massive stone trapped in her throat down to the pits of her stomach. As it slammed down with a thud, the weighty emptiness inside was apparent, grasping her and wriggling her confidence loose completely. The fear was overbearing. What in the world was she doing? Each and every click-clack of her heels hitting the deck of the ship was so uncomfortable to her, even more so now when Risky was bent in so close to her. Her eyes were clearly scanning her up and down, preying on her like a lioness on the prowl, waiting eagerly with heightened anticipation to pounce the moment she screwed up. Dear God, Shantae did not want to be eaten alive by Risky. She knew just how ruthless she was. “What were my orders?” Risky asked.

Oh no! She had her. Shantae swore Risky belted out commands to the Tinkerbats and even to Shantae herself prior to them leaving Scuttle Town's port. “W-What were your...?”

“Don't be so nervous. I just asked a simple question. What orders did Captain Risky Boots appoint to you? My Tinkerbats already know what's required of them. I want to know if you know.”

Shantae was stuck in a corner, surrounded on all sides by this ruthless pirate captain whom was, at least for now, an ally. Even though Risky never once considered herself to be working for the good guys, Shantae thought otherwise. The Pirate Master was a mutual threat, after all. Scuttle Town had to be protected at all costs lest the Mayor actually got off his lazy bum and tried to fight back for once. Risky had nothing to lose by commandeering Shantae to her crew. Shantae was about as helpful to her crew as a pair of scissors to her long whipping ponytail. She was all but a hindrance to Risky and the Tinkerbats. Probably all the more reason Risky barely talked to her, even at sea when there was nothing interesting going on board. The Tinkerbats didn't speak. They only grunted and spit in a high-pitched way. They seemed to understand each other just fine while Shantae was left in the dark, left to wander aimlessly through the untranslatable garbles that were their speaking patterns..All she hoped was that she got in the way as little as possible and followed Risky's orders without so much as a hint of disobedience.

She could see that Risky was getting impatient. She looked at the girl with a piercing glare, the intensity of her red eyes running her through. The tapping of her foot made her even more uneasy. She had to come up with something, and something fast.

“Well, I'm waiting. What orders did I appoint you before we left Scuttle Town? Don't make me ask you again lest I toss you overboard and make you swim back home.”

“Uhhhhh...” Shantae wracked her brain for the most convincing answer she could muster. “You, urm, told me to--” Risky stepped closer to her. Shantae began sweating bullets. “Y-You t-told me to, uh-uh-uh--” They were face to face now, their noses almost touching. “--uh, batten down the hatches?” The purple haired pirate's lip inched upward on the side. She didn't appear amused. “Swab the poop deck?” Shantae gave a smirk along with a look that was full of apprehension, fear, and anxiety. Her nerves were absolutely on fire. Good God, she hoped Risky wasn't serious about her threat about making her swim back home. They were already miles away from the coastline and there was nothing but blue surrounding them. Who knew how far they were out? Risky knew. She had the map Shantae provided to get to their first destination. “I...I-I...forgot.”

Risky stepped even closer to the point where she was scraping the crown of her heels against her jutti. “You forgot, huh?” She was dangerously close to her now. “Well, let me remind you again. I told you to sit and wait in the crow's nest until I came from my quarters to give the orders proper. The map you gave me says we're to head to Saliva Island, which is approximately ten nautical miles north from where we are right now. That's where we can find the first batch of dark energy that the Pirate Master needs to resurrect himself and wipe it clean from this existence for good.”

“ were taking so long...and I-I don't even know what a crow's nest is.”

“Then maybe you should've asked,” she said as she backed away and put her hands on her hips. “It's not like I'm going to bite your head off for asking a question. I already know you're the farthest thing from being a swashbuckling terror like me and teaching you the basics is going to be like teaching a blind man how to see, but I guess that's what I get saddled with when you're the only person on that worthless town of yours who can help me in any way on this mission.”

Shantae lowered her head a little bit and shrugged her shoulders up, feeling hurt by Risky's observation. There was much truth to it, though. She had no idea what being a pirate was like. She'd heard the life was incredibly dangerous, and there wasn't much reward in it beyond causing mayhem and destruction towards others. Shantae didn't care for that lifestyle at all. In fact, she resented it. She didn't really want to be like Risky. She only had the headscarf and leg strap on for a couple of minutes before Risky asked for her to be rid of it. That much was fun, at least. Plus, her thoughts were genuinely set on helping Risky stop the Pirate Master and saving Scuttle Town at the same time. All she wanted was the help. It hardly seemed like Risky wanted her help. “I'm sorry. I just want to help make things right.”

“Come on, stop with the moping. It's pathetic. Be a bit more confident. You always have that confidence whenever you have to fight me. So come on and show me it!”

Risky was right. She had no reason to feel sorry for herself. There was a threat so powerful that even Risky, her greatest rival, set her discrepancies to the wayside to work with her. She had to chin up and do this. For Uncle Mimic; for Bolo; for Sky; for Rotty; for the entirety of Scuttle Town. They were all depending on her. “You're right, Risky. I'm not gonna get anywhere feeling sad. I've got a job to do, and that's protecting Scuttle Town. They're all counting on me.”

“That's the spirit!”

“So what're my orders, Cap'n?”

“Hopefully you'll hear this one better. I want you to take the helm and steer us to Saliva Island.”

“Okay! Uh...where do I start?”

“First of all, most of my crew is gone because of this damned curse. All but a few of my Tinkerbats are now monsters that are causing havoc all over. Who knows where they could be and what damage they're causing? So as it stands with the five or six that aren't affected by this curse, it's just you and me. And trust me, I'd do this by myself if I had a crew. Most of the work is going to fall on you.”


“Yes. I want you to get used to sailing her. Once more, Saliva Island isn't that far from Scuttle Town.”

“But why me? Didn't you just say that--”

“Look, I know what I said. Don't question what I say, understand me? If you want to be a pirate so bad—you just looked so enthused—you're gonna have to learn how to sail a ship. Be thankful this is only a short distance and it's a straight shot north. So go ahead and take the helm.”

Her first act on board a pirate ship as a real pirate. It wasn't a dream come true. Maybe she shouldn't have been too worried. Risky didn't consider her a real pirate. By the time all this was over, she was sure nothing she did would change her mind, either. Risky was a pretty straight shot. Shantae walked over to the helm and took hold of it tight. The smooth hard wood felt good in her hands. She'd never handled a ship's wheel before. Grasping the handles, she ran her hands up and down them. Her fingers cradled the wood. Her palms moved sideways across the felloe. The feel of the steering wheel had entranced her already. This level of control was unheard of for her. She hoped Risky wouldn't dole her out to do more complicated tasks. This was all she wanted to do. Well, that and waiting in the crow's nest (which she still didn't know what that was).

Shantae started by swerving the wheel to the right. The ship immediately hitched before leaning hard. A foolish mistake considering Risky and the remaining Tinkerbats were struggling to keep their balance and not fall over by holding onto whatever they could. Shantae was doing incredibly poorly, but she wasn't about to let that stop her. The ship's massive weight was soon balanced at she turned the wheel in the opposite direction, straightening their position from the crooked lean that nearly caused them to slide into the murky deep of the ocean below. She gave a nervous chuckle and grinned. “Sorry about that. I've never done this before.”

Risky got back up and shook the dizziness from her. “On second thought, maybe I should be the one behind the helm. You should read the compass. That should be easy for you to do without dooming us all to a watery grave before we've even seen the Pirate Master's gravestone; and damn it, I don't want to die without putting the final nail in his coffin myself because you were too clumsy to sail a ship! Step aside, I'll do the sailing. You take the compass and the map and work with the Tinkerbats to make sure we're heading in the right direction. It's all you're going to do until we get there, got it?”

“Aye, Cap'n!” she said, giving a military salute. As she was going to turn around and locate the compass she was referring to, she was instantly halted by the Tinkerbats. “And where do you think you're going?” Risky said.

“I was going to get the compass.”

“I know that. The compass is in the Captain's Quarters. You're not allowed back there. My Tinkerbats already have my permission to go back there, so I had them get it. I planned to have them use it, but since you're so incompetent in performing a task so simple as steering my blasted ship, they're going to give it to you.”

“Oh,” she said. “Thank you.”

Now that Shantae had a pair of directives that were simpler and easier to grasp, she felt like she could be somewhat useful to Risky's crew. After all, all she had to do was tell Risky what direction they were heading. North was the direction they were meant to be heading. The red arrow was centered somewhere between south and southwest. Two of the Tinkerbats stood as tall as her, one standing on top of the other one's shoulders, and pointed to the map which had suddenly been in their hands. What the? How did they manage to get their hands on it? It was tucked in her pants somewhere safely, she was sure. Unless they were in places they shouldn't have been. If that were true and they had magic powers she was totally ignorant of this whole time, working with these black things was going to be a not-so-pleasant experience.

The ship took a wider berth to cross from one direction to another. The red and white arrows began to jitter and sway and rock back and forth, pointing in one direction after another. Shantae trusted Risky's judgment. Her directions were much more intuitive than Shantae's, she could already tell. The compass seemed to validate her suggestions, too, because within a few seconds, the red arrow stopped shifting and began to remain fixated on the giant “N.” That meant they were going in the right direction, right? She wasn't completely sure and she assumed her assumptions were incorrect because her connections between sea-based travel and land-based travel were worlds different. When she turned to the Tinkerbats to ask them, upon showing them, they nodded and pointed back to the map.

The map was huge. It was massive. The world sketched out in front of her was a spectacle to behold. There were many unexplored islands that she'd never been to before. Scuttle Town was her home for almost her entire life. Life outside of Scuttle Town and her friends was foreign to her. She never thought she'd get the chance to explore the vast unexplored tributaries of the sea's grand mysteries. What a mysterious way to do it, however: with Risky Boots. Shantae was floored. She would remain floored until this adventure was over and done. Risky trusted her. Albeit begrudgingly, she had to put her trust in Shantae, but regardless of the circumstances, there was a connection between the two of them. She announced to Risky they were headed in the right direction. Risky responded with a thumbs up.

Yay! Shantae helped! It was minor and inconsequential, but at least it was better than nearly drowning them all in the briny deep. She couldn't help but laugh to herself a little for making such a costly mistake. Risky was there to save them. Thank goodness.

“Okay. Tinkerbats!” she yelled. “Take the helm for me. I'm going back to my quarters. Until you see land, do not disturb me for any reason. Shantae!”

“Yes, Risky? Err, I mean, Cap'n? Urm—yes, Cap'n!”

She couldn't help but roll her eyes at that pitiful performance. “Um, I don't know what to even have you do. So I guess you can sit in the crow's nest and wait for me again. Actually, I know what you can do. Shout “land ho!” if you spot anything that resembles what we're looking for on the map.”

“Wait, Risky! What's a crow's nest? I still don't know what that is.”

“Look. Towards the center of the ship. You see that giant wooden tower where the one Tinkerbat is sitting up top being a lookout?”


“That's the crow's nest. It's the lookout point. It's used to communicate if land or other ships or hazards are found to the captain and crew. Since I need someone with an actual voice, I want you to be my eyes and ears while they steer the ship; and trust me, even though they're smaller than the wheel itself, they know exactly how to use the damn thing. So don't worry about them. Just keep the map with you and keep your eye out for things out there. Got it?”

“Aye, Cap'n!”

“Very good. Now if you'll excuse me. I'm counting on you, Shantae. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone.”

With that, Risky was gone. It was just her and the Tinkerbats. Shantae followed orders and climbed the ladder to the top of the lookout, or “crow's nest,” as she called it. Pirate lingo was otherworldly. 'Landlubber?' 'Flake the main sail?' 'Shiver me timbers?' 'Batten down the hatches?' What did any of those terms mean? The most she knew was 'aye,' 'ahoy,' 'aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh!,' and a few others. She also knew 'yo ho ho!' She was very familiar with that one because Risky used it constantly. Whatever few pirate terms she could grasp a firm hold of without being told were relatively few and far between, and they were typically the easiest to understand. For children. Nowhere near what Risky knew. She was more seasoned in every single way to Shantae in pirate arts. Was that even a thing? Pirate arts? Could one get a certificate in sailing ships? Did she have to have a mastery in pirate lingo from the start in order to become an official mate? All of these questions were probably asides and she was no doubt overcomplicating things.

Rung after rung, the ladder extended upward, hundreds of feet above the deck. Shantae kept climbing for a minute and a half before she made it to the top. There she saw a little opening at the bottom. A door or something like that, wide enough for a person of her size to fit through. There wasn't a handle on her side, meaning that it was to be pushed open from her end. She gave the door a push forward and it swung open. She pulled herself up onto the wooden bucket-shaped lookout and closed the opening behind her.

From here, she could see everything. The entire world, vast and unending. The sun shone brightly in the sky, high above the puffy white clouds as the horizon line stretched farther than her eyes could see. The visibility of Scuttle Town faded to a blur, disappearing behind a mild fog of mist as they traveled farther away with the wind carrying them to their destination, wherever in the world that was to end up being. She would say goodbye to the bustling ports and shops and fishing docks of the town for now. She was positive the indelible will of Sky, Bolo, Uncle Mimic, and all the busy bodies that make up Scuttle Town's not-so-prestigious government structure would keep it from being converted into a military base before she returned. Damn that bloody Ammo Baron. The mayor would regret this.

The cool breeze was all around her. The salt whisking off the mist as the waves gently beat against the helm tickled her nostrils. The feeling of being an adventurer enraptured her and sent chills down her spine. Never before had she had the dubious honor of working directly alongside a pirate, especially one like Risky Boots, on an actual pirate ship sailing the seven seas. She lamented they weren't on a journey to unearth booty and chestfuls of jewels and spices and alcohol all peppered together in a gluttonous ego trip. Perhaps she would bring up the proposition when she wasn't fawning about being an apprentice to her greatest rival. In the end, it was to save her home and the world. Perhaps after this, she could convince Risky to change her vile ways and work for the good guys. Heck, she managed to get Shantae to be a pirate (even if it was a bad one). Maybe Shantae could win over Risky somehow. Anything was possible at this point. With this existential threat that could possibly do more damage than either of them thought, good and evil coalesced to bend a greater evil's knee once more to the will of the light.

With the map in her hands, she peered out into the horizon. All she saw was blue and smatterings of bright white dancing across its surface. She figured that was all they would see for miles; and her mission was to be on the lookout for land. What land was there to find in the vastness of this blue desert? The world was huge, she thought. She did have the map in her possession, too, which proved the world was bigger than the world she knew in Scuttle Town. Risky knew what she was doing. Shantae trusted her judgment.

...inside Risky's Quarters...

The biggest seafaring quest of her life was upon her. A toilsome romp of trouble, brooding thoughts of vengeance, payback, and feelings of hatred and utter betrayal, along with a mishmash of other feelings she couldn't quite pin down, were all mixed together like the stinkiest, filthiest, most macabre witches' brew. How bad was it ravaging her concentration? Perhaps it was doing the opposite and boosting her concentration. Her focus strengthened on ridding the world of the dreaded Pirate Master once and for all.

She didn't want to confront him herself. She was far too weak to take him on. Even in the weakened state he was in, he was still somehow gathering the magic energy that got released the last time her and Shantae fought. She never thought after he was done in so long ago by the genies that his name would ever resurface to stain the pages of history again.

She saw it herself. She saw the genies use every ounce of their power to defeat her former captain. She remembered the battle that took place that shook the world beneath their feet, made the seas become volcanic, made the ground itself shape shift, made the sky transform into a kaleidoscope of colors. Risky stood back, completely in awe, and in helplessness unable to do anything as her powers paled in comparison to either of them, at the sheer level of power it took to end his reign of terror over all of Sequin Land. In the end, his brash grinding fist of dreadfulness had, as all things, came to an end. Risky was all by herself, without a captain to give her orders, stuck staring at the destruction alongside what would be her future enemy. What was she to do? What did the future have in store for the former first mate? As she held the head of his lifeless body in her hands, she started to laugh. Her face lifted to the sky as chortle turned to guffawing turned to shouting.

She couldn't have been happier to be rid of him. “What a contemptible bastard!” she shouted. “It doesn't matter whether or not he taught me everything I knew about what I do. He ruined my life, gave me this dreaded curse. It's all I can think about now. Ever since I placed my hands on those weapons after his death, I should've known that they would perspire their vile evil onto me. I might be a vicious pirate, but I'm nothing like him; and now, by some stroke of bad luck, he's come back to haunt me.

“Damn him....”

She smashed her fists against the desk in frustration.

“Damn him.”

And again.

“Damn him!”

And again.


The final time, her rage shook the desk itself, causing the candelabra to fall, sending lines of candle wax spilling across her papers. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Damn it!” her voice raced as she scrambled in vain to amend her mishap. It was already too late. The wax already burned a hole in the small stack of papers, so fast as soon as the candles fell over. “Thank goodness there wasn't anything written on them,” she said. She heaved a sigh and gulped. “I wonder what'll happen if I fail and we meet face to face again? Will I even stand a chance? What will happen to me? What'll happen to Sequin Land? What'll happen to...?”

She paused. She was scared. Such thoughts had never crossed her mind before. For the first time in her life, she was terrified of being wrong. Had she been playing too close to the fire? God, she hoped against hope and they would be able to rid all of the dark energy spread out across Sequin Land in time before he became too powerful and all hope was lost.

Then there came a knock. Risky wiped the sweat from her brow and made herself proper. As much as her frazzled state would allow her to be seen as proper. She straightened her hair out, rubbed her pants down, and adjusted her bustier. She swiped the strands of hair that flaked across her forehead away and stood up straight. “Who goes there?” she said with her typical confidence. A single Tinkerbat opened the door. “Ah, what is it? Am I needed?” The Tinkerbat nodded, its widened yellow eyes blinking, its pixel small pupils staring at her. “Okay. You're from the lookout, right?” Again, it nodded. “So it's Shantae, am I correct?” It nodded again. “I see. She'd better not be messing around up there.” She followed the Tinkerbat onto the deck, its tiny clawed feet almost running across the deck. A few feet away now, it turned and pointed upwards. “Huh. Shantae! Are you keeping watch up there?” She waited a few seconds for a response from the half-genie. Nothing. She started becoming suspicious. She called her again. “Shantae!” Still nothing. “What the hell is she doing up there?” she said to herself. “Shantae, answer me! If you don't answer me in the next five seconds, I'm coming up there! Shantae! Shantae!” Even still, she was being ignored. Either she had abandoned ship, she was sick from all the motion of the ship, she'd fallen asleep, she was that incompetent, or she really did suffer from short-term memory loss after their last battle. It didn't matter at this point. They were probably nearing Saliva Island very soon and Shantae was completely failing at her duties. Wasting no time, she climbed up the ladder as fast as she could. “Shantae, I swear when I get up there and you're up there sleeping, I'm going to keelhaul you.” In less than twenty-five seconds, she had arrived. She punched open the door and poked her head through to find Shantae. What she saw next was something not even she expected to see. “I knew it! Shantae, you numskull! Did you even hea--?”

All of a sudden, Shantae jumped and turned around immediately after scrambling frantically. Her hands quickly covered her as her face flushed the deepest of red. “R-Risky! Oh, I-I-I can explain! T-This...t-this isn't, ehhh, w-what it looks like! Hooooh, nooooooo!”

Risky was so stunned by what her eyes just witnessed. She could barely hold on to the ladder. If she wasn't holding on to it as tight as she was, she swore she would've fallen off and crashed right through the deck. “S-Shantae...were you just...s-swabbing the deck?”

“N-no! I was being lookout like you ordered me to. I'd have to be on the deck to be swabbing it, right? Ha-ha-ha!” she said as she laughed nervously. “You must need me to do that, so I'll be on my way. Excuse me, Risky. The Tinkerbats obviously have it under control. They're obviously better lookout material than little ol' me, right? Ha-ha-ha!”

“Not so fast, genie! Or should I say, human,” Risky said. It was clear the girl was trying to save face in order to excuse what she was obviously caught doing. But on Risky's ship, there were no such things as secrets. There were no such terms as 'hidden' or 'invisible.' Everything was public domain on board Risky's ship. “Don't think you can try to squeeze your way out of this one. You were just touching yourself, weren't you?”

“Risky, I--”

“Eh! Don't “Risky!” me. You're not fooling anyone. I saw those pants down. I saw what those hands were doing. You were masturbating. You naughty little concubine! Hah! I can't believe it! I never knew you were so dirty.”

“But I'm not.”

Risky gave a wry grin. “Suuuuure, you're not. Wipe that blush off your face. You look like an idiot.”

“Risky, wait! Please don't tell anyone.”

“Oh, don't worry, I won't. That Tinkerbat who was up here with you already knows. Eventually, the whole crew will know.”

Oh, God. Shantae felt utterly ashamed of herself. She pulled up her pants and fastened them tight, with her face towards the floor yet again. How could she be so stupid? She heard Risky loud and clear from below. She had a very booming voice. She knew that. Why in the world did she hesitate so badly? Why couldn't she just break away and make it look like she was sleeping or something, or pretend she was doing her job? How did she always manage to find herself in these unwinnable situations so frequently? “Risky, I...I...”

“Hmm? What?”

Her crimson eyes pierced right through her, penetrating her to her very core. Her legs were locked in place, her feet pinned to the floor once again. She didn't want to say anything, give any obvious hints. Perhaps it was best for her to play it safe and remain silent. “I-I'm sorry. I did something really stupid. I hope this won't sour things between us. After all, we're only here to stop the Pirate Master, right? Not fight.”

“Yeah, you're right about that. As a matter of fact, come with me. I'd like a word with you.”

“Okay,” she said. The deflation in her usually upbeat voice wasn't out of place. Shantae hardly, if ever, masturbated. Of course, she was a person and she had needs and desires just like everybody else. It wasn't out of the ordinary for her mind to wander into fantasies about certain people or things she'd want to do one day with a tall handsome gentleman. However, like most, she had a sense of privacy about them. She kept her desires to herself, within the shuttered and padlocked confines of her mind and behind the shut doors of her bedroom under a twinkling night sky. Rare as those moments were, she felt like her desires were at an impasse, trapped at a fork in the road with the safe road blocked off by construction. Why these thoughts popped into her head, she had no idea. She wrestled with herself they weren't really her fantasies and the half-baked notion she was on the verge of going mad or something like that.

Shantae followed closely, not wanting to be left behind. She knew she in a world of trouble. It was Risky Boots. Her and Shantae were already on rocky footing as it stood now. She described it as a “non-binding agreement.” After this, she was certain this temporary partnership was permanently terminated. Once they were alone, Shantae shut the door behind her. Risky faced her with arms crossed, legs shoulder-width apart, and a disapproving frown. “You know, when I depart to my private quarters at sundown, I blow out my lantern and tuck myself in, I sometimes wonder to myself how someone with your kind of attention span manages to keep that town of yours protected like you do. It boggles my mind. There's zero chance you didn't hear me calling your name. I shouted your name at least four or five times. Five times! Even if you were doing your thing while I was gone, you could've made yourself proper before I got up there, or at the very least, respond and let me know that things were under control! Then you could've gone on playing with yourself, thinking about that stupid boy, and I wouldn't been any the wiser.”

Great. Now Shantae had to confess. Or did she? “You mean Bolo?”

“Whatever his name his. Geez, that kid is so creepy. Next time you see him and he tries to talk to me again, tell him I'm shoving the barrel of my flintlock straight up his--”

“No, I wasn't thinking about Bolo,” she said.

“You weren't?”


“Then who were you thinking about?”

Maybe she didn't have to know right now. Perhaps she could keep it hidden for a little while, at least until they made it to dock at Saliva Island's bay, then she could spill the beans. “Nobody in particular. I was just really enjoying the scenery so much that I, I just started to do my thing. Sometimes you have those moments where, uh, you just have to relieve some stress and that's the only way to do it.”

“You're expecting me to buy that? What kind of fool do you take me for? You enjoyed the sight and smell of the oceans that you suddenly became horny and felt the need to rub one out right then and there in the open in front of one of my Tinkerbats?”

“You're right. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.”

“Of course it doesn't! I'm not stupid! So what's the big deal? Who was the progenitor for those lustful thoughts of yours? Tell me, that's an order! Or do I have to force it out of you?”

“No, no, no, please! Please, Risky!” she said. Risky was always so unpredictable. Every time they fought, she always found ways to surprise Shantae and nearly conquer her. If there was one compliment she could pay to her swashbuckling enemy, it's that she was incredibly underhanded, sneaky, cunning, and resourceful. And she had a fierce temper. That wasn't a compliment, though. It was fact. “I just can't tell you!”

“What?!” she exclaimed. “Are you disobeying a direct order from your Captain? Tell me before I get really angry!”

“I can't!”

“Why not?”

“I-I just can't, okay?”

“Nonsense! You tell me why you were masturbating on my ship right this second before I run you though!”



“Because you wouldn't understand!”

Risky's eyes widened. Shantae gasped. Risky pulled back. Shantae's hands covered her mouth. There was silence. It hung for a while, lingered, footed about. Growing tensity seemed to make it hard to breathe. The two women were completely struck speechless, both for different reasons with different gravitational pulls. Risky's clenched fists loosened to open hands. “Oh, I wouldn't understand, would I?” she spoke after about a minute of still silence as she began to walk towards Shantae with a sly stride. Within moments, they were facing each other as before, close enough to where their noses were touching, but now, their breasts were squishing against each other, too. Risky's hands pressed hard against the wall, barring Shantae in like scared, trapped prey. “And why wouldn't I understand?” she said, her lips curling upward into a grin that elicited a sense of obvious power.

Oh, no. She felt Risky's bust press against hers. Her eyes darted down. The size difference was like night and day. Risky was far more well endowed than her. That made her feel a bit more intimidated than usual. What was worse, her skin was warm, as if she were aroused by what they were doing. “U-Uhm...t-there's a person--”

Risky pressed harder against her, their breasts now flat against each other. “Yeah?”

“...t-that I kinda like...”


“...and, erm...I haven't really told them anything yet.”

“Do continue.”

Shantae was beginning to feel extraordinarily uncomfortable. Risky was seemingly flirting with her for some reason she couldn't understand. Was she? It wasn't hard to comprehend what Risky's motivations were, but here, she was totally lost. “A-And--”

“Yes?” Almost like she was a magnet pulling on her opposite polarity, Risky slowly crept forward and placed her body against Shantae's. Her hands remained on the wall, still keeping her contained, as her blue body started to gyrate a little against Shantae. She moved up and down slightly, the strap on her bustier mysteriously loosening as it revealed more of her chest.

“We're getting married!”

Risky stopped and looked at her with an almost farcical smile on her face, like she attempted holding back laughter. “Wait, you? Getting married?”

“Yeah, it's not a joke. His name is Mordecai. He's a magician who lives in Scuttle Town. Mimic introduced him to me, we got to know each other for a while, and the rest is history. We're going to get married very soon, so I really should be getting back to my crow's nest to keep a lookout for Saliva Island!”

Shantae did a quick roundabout dodge maneuver to sweep from underneath her and reach for the door. She turned the handle and yanked the door open. Freedom was within reach! Much to her saddening dismay, Risky grabbed and pulled her by the arm, slammed the door shut and pressed her against the wall again, this time pressing a firm grip on her wrist. “You're so excitable today. So is that the reason why you were touching yourself up there instead of doing your job as you were told?”

“Yes, it's the truth. Me and Mordecai are going to get married very soon and I'm really excited to be his wife. We'll defend Scuttle Town together and you'll never even get your ship to port, let alone try to dock and land on Scuttle Town with your Tinkerbats.”

“Hah! The sole guardian of Scuttle Town and all of Sequin Land, who's not even a half-genie anymore, involved in an arranged marriage suddenly thinks she has agency now? Wow, you are really trying hard and I do commend you for that. However, don't think you can pull one over on Risky Boots, because I'm no fool. No, no, no.”

“W-What are--?”

Suddenly, a kiss the lips. Risky had kissed her. It was so sudden. Before Shantae could even continue pretending her lie was on track to fooling her, their lips were pressed together. Softly. Then firmly. Such a shocking sensation as her body became awash with so many different feelings she couldn't hope to attempt to exposit. Risky's warm tongue found its way into her mouth, snaking around to creep across every part she could taste. It went in deep. Her tongue was long, nearly touching her throat. Shantae didn't ever want to know that. Now she did. Somehow, some way, she felt dirty for knowing such a thing. The kiss lasted for a full thirty seconds after which, Risky pulled back with a strand of saliva breaking at the ends of their tongues. “So,” she began with a sigh, “feel like telling me the truth now?” She wiped the saliva that dripped from the side of her lip. “Ugh, how uncivilized, even for a pirate.”

Still pinned against the wall, she may as well have been paralyzed from head to toe. Risky didn't need to hold her down. She was too weak to attempt to escape now. Her body fell limp as she appeared lethargic, leaning to one side while her head fell down. Her eyes, once glistening and wide like jewels with captivation and freedom, were glossy and glazed over with a sense of feeble acquiescence to Risky's sense of control over her. She couldn't raise her voice to even a whimper to voice her objection to this as she looked up at her, seemingly defeated. It was degrading, embarrassing, mortifying, disgusting even. But what could she do? Risky had her backed into a corner, fresh with all the energy in the world, while she was all but spent.

“Come now, Shantae. Are you giving up already, are you? Don't do that. You'll make me cry,” she said with obvious sarcasm in her voice. “I'll get an answer out of you one way or another.”

She pushed Shantae against the wall, causing her to lose her balance and fall on her backside. Risky wasted no time in spreading Shantae's legs and removing her pants and shoes. Tossing them aside, she took note of her panties. Her hand rubbed up and down her crotch, enjoying the silky cotton that kept her privates nice and clean. “Time to dirty those knickers,” she said. Risky's slender fingers crawled along the edge of the line, trailing off at times to feel her sultry light tan skin. The feel of her body was impeccably soft and smooth to the touch. She had no idea what herbal cares she used to make her skin feel like the next best thing to crêpe, but she was jealous how fine how skin felt. Her other hand started to explore the other contours of her body. Everything from her belly, to her beautiful legs, to her chest, to her neck and face, it was all being violated. Risky tugged her panties aside to reveal her bare, hairless snatch. Of course she shaved. Why would she have expected anything less after feeling her hands run across her body so smoothly? She poked and prodded at her pink snatch before going down on her herself.

Shantae felt a strange sensation overwhelm her, the kind of heat that burned from the tips of her toes to the crown of her head. “Mmmmm,,,:” A small moan escaped her lips as her body quivered. She opened her eyes to find Risky eating her out. “R-Risky?”

Risky looked up at her, but didn't say anything. After all, it was rude to talk with one's mouth full.

“What are you doi-- Aaaaah!”

Shantae was once again reminded of Risky's long tongue. It had found its way to another, even dirtier, wetter, more sensitive hole. Her head buried itself between her legs, prodding its way into her sloppy dripping cunt. Her tongue was so long, that it felt as if it touched her in places her hands could only reach. It greedily slapped the walls inside her vagina, rolling around as her head bobbed and turned. The sensation was overwhelming in more ways than she could articulate. It was like masturbating without her hands, but somebody else became her hands instead. Her clitoris grew hard while her body shivered helplessly. She was unable to control herself. Her hips gyrated a little in response to Risky spreading her labia apart and licking her up from her vagina, down to her puckering hole, then right back up to fuck her with her snake-like organ all over again.

She couldn't help but let out quivering moans of desire as she trembled with excitement. Her mind was racing, though her body was trapped in a valley of great pleasure. She had no means of escape, no exit roads towards some kind of release from the intense gratification. This wasn't what she wanted. Everything seemed to happen so fast. What was Shantae to do? Wet, sloppy sounds were almost impossible to ignore as Risky gave her pleasure, doing everything from fingering her sweltering twat while sucking on her clitoris at the same time, to prodding her asshole with her tongue, to licking the juices that drained from her and delivering them back to her with a messy spit, only to lick it right back up again. “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, my Gooood!”

God, she couldn't take it. She gripped her ponytail tightly and pulled on it over her shoulder. She bit her lip to keep from moaning too loud so the Tinkerbats wouldn't hear them. Her toes curled as her body tensed up. The indescribable levels of sensation from this alone was far beyond her description. Perhaps this was from the shock of never having sex with a woman before. Granted, she was still a virgin and she honestly didn't see herself in a relationship as long as she was guarding Scuttle Town full-time and then some. Was this to be her first sexual experience ever? To have sex with her greatest enemy, Risky Boots? She hoped this epiphany didn't have to end up like this, but she bought this on herself. She made the bed herself. Now was the time to lie in it.

Risky's fingers were like gauges of exploration, unhindered by any obstruction. Just like her ship, she was completely in control of all of the functions that made up its ability to perform actions. She was the head, the alpha, the captain of this navigation. She was the captain of Shantae's sexy body. At least for now. Risky proceeded to nibble at the hood of her clitoris, causing Shantae to bounce. Her body reacted so strongly that she knocked her back a little. Her legs buckled as the rush of an orgasm erupted up her spine. Her back arched forward and her body quaked as she held back her moans as much as she could to no avail. She rested a hand to her chin. Her body collapsed right there. “R-Risky...please...”

Risky rose to her feet, looking down at the now weakened and salacious half-genie. “Let's not beat around the bush. All I want to know is who was revolving around those fantasies of yours you were having that prevented you from doing what I asked.”

“I...I told you already. It was Mordecai.”

“Oh, Shantae. You just never learn,” she said with a chuckle.

She undid the large belt that secured her pants and tossed it aside. Same with her pants. They were all tossed in the same place with Shantae's pants. She also removed her bustier, unfastening it from behind and tossing it on the ground with the rest of the clothing, revealing her full figure. Her blue skin shined sensually in the ambient light shining through the windows as her voluptuous figure appeared to make Shantae stare with what looked to be a state of awe. She gave a little dance, swaying her hips from side to side. The performance she gave wasn't all that bad, she felt. She could probably hold her own. She was sexy enough. Her gorgeous hips bumped back and forth, the gravity of the ship seeming to make her glide more gracefully while her hands made soft motions across her naked body. She rubbed her breasts, she cradled her stomach, she rolled her booty in Shantae's face. Turning to face Shantae again, she placed her hands on her face and kissed her again. Just like that, she'd made Shantae into a toy for her to exploit until the answer she knew was true finally came. She backed away, while facing her, and sat on the desk, legs spread wide open and pussy lips spread wide open with her fingers. “It's your turn,” she said.

“My turn?” Shantae said.

“Yes, that's right. Now get over here and eat me.”

She gulped. Risky was serious, wasn't she? God, this wasn't happening. She refused to believe this was really taking place. She looked scared. How could she bring herself to do this against her will? If only the tables were turned. If only things were different. She slowly got up and stepped to Risky, one hand on her chest, the other between her legs. All she did was give the gesture – one hand pointing down – and she was obedient. “Don't disappoint me.”

From her earliest days as a half-genie, she was always serving. Her life was always intertwined with those who gave her orders, almost like an unsigned contract of her allegiance to a greater cause than herself. At the expense of her job, she committed to put in one hundred percent effort into everything she did. All around her, the echoing voices of her jinn family from deep within her subconscious always told her to remain steadfast to her beliefs and do what was right for humanity, for her friends there in the human world. Only now did she seem to betray them.

On her knees with her head buried deep in her enemy's snatch was where she found herself. She started by flicking the tip of her clitoris with her tongue, followed by a brief bit of sucking on it like a piece of candy. Her tongue proceeded to roll around her clitoral wall, poking in between the folds to drive her tongue from one side to the other. Her ears picked up on Risky's soft moans and light open-mouth breathing. She sounded like she was enjoying herself. Clear salty juices ran down her tongue and unto her upper lip. Oooh, she smells surprisingly good, she thought. She smelled a combination of lavender and fancy soaps. Her eyes darted up occasionally to see Risky looking right back at her with a pensive look on her face. A nervous Shantae quickly darted back down to focus.

What a surprise and a pleasure. She didn't realize that pirates bathed. She always thought they were terribly unhygienic from not having any showers or baths on their ships and having to sail for days, weeks, or even months at a time before seeing land. But Risky seemed to have an ace up her sleeve in the hygiene department. Maybe if she was keen enough to remember, she would ask how she kept her body so clean in a setting where, normally, the circumstances wouldn't allow for such enticing smells that would bring any man to his knees. Shantae was already brought to her knees, but not necessarily for the smell of her perfume and soap.

She continued to weigh her oral proclivities down upon Risky. She maneuvered her tongue to her labia and trailed across them in both directions. From one end of her thick pussy to the other, her organ drifted daintily from tip to tip of her pink flesh. She looked back up again. An eyebrow raised and a bit of a snarl. No surprise, Risky was probably a really tough girl to please. She opted to try a little harder, going for a rougher approach. Her hands rose forward and slammed themselves onto her thighs, spreading her legs apart. The more elbow room, the better. Her face was soon buried entirely into Risky's cunt, doing unspeakable things to her. She became a lot more forward, nearly scraping her dirty tongue across the full length of her, from her taint to her pussy. She stabbed her vagina with her index and middle fingers repeatedly, constantly and unceasingly twisting inside of her. Risky's moans grew louder, her body raced with electricity as Shantae suddenly got the hint. “Ngh, that's it, Shantae. That's more like it. Aaaaah, yeah!” she moaned as her head flew back.

Shantae had her now. She gave herself over to Risky's desires completely, if only for a moment. Risky was fondling her breasts; squeezing, pressing, pinching her nipples so the electricity could flow through her even more. She felt herself getting incredibly hot now, sweat dripping from every pore, the light causing her blue body to glisten like gold. “Mmmm, shhh--!” Shantae kept prodding as deep as her fingers could reach. Her tongue was nowhere near as long as Risky's was, yet her aggressive nature proved to be working without the need of a tongue as long as a serpent's. The girl was going crazy, hardly able to control herself while being smothered by those tiny little lips grinding hard against her drooling cunt. Her head gyrated around while her quivering moans resonated loudly throughout the room, further accentuating the thick cries of wanton lust she heard bounce off the walls to her. She spread her legs wider so she could receive more pleasure. She wanted more, so much more. She ached for it, yearned for it, begged for it, she needed it—and Shantae was going to give it to her and then some. “Nnnngh! Fffuuuaaaa! S-Stop! Stop!”

Shantae heard her cries and did as she asked, raising her head up above her thighs. “Risky? Are you okay?”

Risky looked back down at her with her usual grin. “Of course! Never felt better.”

“Then why'd you ask me to stop?”

“Because you were doing good.”

“But wouldn't that mean you'd want me to keep going?” she said, a little confused.

“Normally, yes, but I won't let you have all the fun. This is my ship, after all, and as you know, I'm the captain,” she said, “and I'm the one in charge. Let's not forget that, got it?”

Shantae let out an audible gulp. She was utterly fearful about what Risky had in store for her next. Courage had eluded her in the moment she needed it the most, which was now.

Risky rose to her feet and towered over her once again. Shantae fell backwards to land on her back as she looked up helplessly at a dominating Risky Boots. She grinned widely, as she revealed a shark-like row of teeth that were ready to grind. It wasn't long before she in control of her again, pinning her to the ground this time. Risky pushed all her weight on her so she couldn't move a muscle.

“Urgh, ungh, mmph!”

“Don't try to struggle. Like a snake, I'll only tighten my grip.”

Shantae wriggled around in Risky's powerful grasp, unable to break loose no matter how much she fought. Her hands were coiled around her wrists and pressed against the deck, while her thighs were crushing her pelvis. She made it virtually impossible to escape. She was hers to do with as she pleased. “Let me go, Risky!”

“Then you know what you have to do.”

“I already told you. I'm not lying.” It was almost like she was fighting for her life. Claw and nail, she was fighting to keep up the lie as hard as she could, to see in vain how long she could carry on the lie before Risky found out the truth (or at the very least see through the lie). By the look on her face as she laughed, however, she seemed to know something that Shantae herself didn't, and what she thought it was scared the bejesus out of her. All those thoughts were ground to a halt when Risky rose to undo her bustier. The silken cloth strap that kept her bra supported nicely had fallen away to fully expose her natural 30C breasts. Tossing the bra and cloth aside, she licked her lips and went back to straddling Shantae.

“Until you tell me what I want to know, I'll go on for as long as I want it to.”


Shantae wriggled like a worm on a hook in Risky's powerful hands. Her naked body was completely unprotected from the purple-haired pirate's erotic advances. She tried to turn her head away from a kiss, but to no avail. One thing led to another. She still felt the wet warmth of Risky's tongue trail down her cheek to her neck muscles. Her lips felt so soft and warm as they cradled around her, suckling and smacking her flesh every second. Shantae's heart was set to explode at any minute, her body was runny with perspiration, which made her shine in the dim light of the cabin. Corals of yellow and white shaped around her skinny voluptuous body, conforming to her twisting, coiling movements which failed miserably to resist Risky's great strength.

Risky's tongue tapered downwards to cradle Shantae's breasts, which were still covered by her red bra. The tip of her sleek tongue rolled around the center of her right breast until she felt her nipples poking through. She immediately heard her squeal like a mouse getting its tail pinched. “Eeep!” she squealed. Risky took advantage of her weakness and immediately yanked her top down. Her much smaller breasts jiggled as they popped out of their protective cushions. Risky wasted no time in grabbing them. Her hands proved eager as they squeezed them, fondled them, fingers trailing up and down her hardened nipples that flicked with each passing stroke. Shantae's voice grew to sexy reverberations, quivering groans of a sort of painful passion her body and mind couldn't ignore. Almost like a magnet, her mouth was drawn to them. Not one precious second was wasted as she chose one of them to suck on. Which one? It didn't matter. They both looked equally as delicious. Her lips wrapped themselves around one of Shantae's breasts and performed suction cup motions while her hands were like voracious busy bodies.

“Yaaaaaggghhhh!” Shantae's body was so sensitive at this point, she couldn't bear the moment when Risky put her hands down there. Those lips were pulsing, beating, pumping with such intense fiery energies that one touch in just the right spot would set her off. Not even a scrape across there would make her experience the tightest, most intense orgasm she'd ever felt in her life. She wouldn't cross her fingers Risky wouldn't find it. Such thoughts were utterly shadowed by the pleasure that engulfed her mind's eye from one far angle to the other. “I-It feels--!”

“Good, right?” Risky said.

Shantae looked back at her and gave a nod followed by a fragile whimper.

“Thought so. I knew you'd love it.”

“No, I don't...”

“You don't? Then why did you stop fighting back the minute I touched you?”

“You're just very powerful.”

“Oh, I'm powerful, am I? I'll take that as a compliment,” she said as she continued to suckle on her breast.

“R-Risky, no!”

Rumblings began to slowly egress within her chest. From the put of her stomach, it began, to the beating heart in her chest, it raced up and began to shake her. The suckling motions that Risky performed on her were too much. Inside of her mouth, she felt the contours of her tongue rub against her mammary and it drove her absolutely mad. The rough feel of the flat end of her tongue, every single bump slowly dancing across her super sensitive nipples caused a bolt of lightning to strike within her. From the crown of her beautiful head that lurched back to the tips of her curled toes, the sensation was overwhelming. “Oooooaaaaa! Nnnnngggghhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! God! Oh, my!” As the riveting lust seemed to take over her, she had long since stopped struggling to overcome Risky. She had hit every note to make her submit to her wanton desires to make her squiggle and squirm and writhe as helplessly as she could, to drown deep in her pool of twisted black sexual desires. She had hearts in her eyes at this point. She moaned out loud, unable to contain her fragmented thoughts together. “Touch me there! Oh, touch me there!”

Risky saw now, heard now, it was all she wanted. She wanted to be touched. Risky would fulfill her desire and then some. “Listen to you,” she said. Risky's other hand, which was stationed around Shantae's ass to squeeze it, started to make its way to her dripping wet vagina. She caressed her thigh around, heading up the right to fondle her inner thigh before rolling down and touching two of her fingers against her opening, just lightly. The minute she did, Shantae's entire body seemed to react accordingly. Her legs spreadeagled across the deck while her hands were still in the same place as they were. Risky had long since let her free a few minutes agao. She clearly refused to fight back.

She was a helpless prisoner. She was under Risky's spell one hundred percent, a faltered folly that had given way to the deepest depths of sexual gratification. Her perverted actions nearly made her confess as the words which had found their way to the edges of her lips were held back. Just barely. All of her willpower had to be exerted before she lost even more of herself. She wouldn't become a mindless puppet. She had to keep this going, even through this, the most physically painful moment of her life. Yet as painful as it was, it felt so strangely rewarding at the same time.

Risky's hands proceeded to work their magic while Shantae twisted and squirmed and floundered as she moaned in pure ecstasy. Her tiny voice, which usually was so feminine, was even more so now. Her yelps and groans of uncontrollable arousal was more than enough to get Risky worked up, the very thing she didn't want. Or, at least, she didn't want to get this worked up. She was legitimately horny now as the lightning that flowed throughout Shantae's body was beginning to rumble as thunder in hers. Her eyes never left Shantae's gorgeous body. In fact, they moved down to stare at her leaking hole. Risky proceeded, with ever more vigor than last time, to eat her bald pussy again. Every time Shantae opened her mouth to shew her trembling cries, she couldn't help but feel herself tremble with the same throbbing ecstasy penetrating her hot blue body. It wasn't much longer before she was just as glistening with sweat as Shantae was and her body was aching for the same magnitude of release.

Once again, Shantae found herself being consummately violated by Risky's tongue, trailing the edges of her vaginal walls. Risky soon found herself dug into her snatch ever deeper as Shantae's legs wrapped around her upper back. They pushed her forward until her nose was even entangled in her slippery wet hole. Shantae was so close to screaming. The willpower she had earlier had all but disintegrated into dust. With nothing left to cling onto, she grasped at her bangs and tugged at them as her head swung wildly from side to side, lost in a world she never foresaw herself diving so deep in. “Aaaah! Risky! Risky! Right there! That's the spot!” she cried.

Like a starving prisoner, Risky slobbered and spit and licked with the most voracious appetite, as if it were the last thing she'd had for what seemed like weeks. Shantae's pussy started to spill over with clear liquids forming a small puddle under her buttocks. Risky looked up at her, panting, and said, “A good pirate always finds their enemy's weaknesses to exploit and use against them.”


“Now one more time. Are you gonna tell me what I want to know or things going to have to get rougher for you?”

“Risky...I think I came at least three times. I don't know if I can go on.”

“So let me know why you were masturbating in the crow's nest, then we can let this go and pretend it never happened. Why not make it easier on yourself? I'm sure by now, we've reached Saliva Island. We can't just waste time having sex. More important matters need to be attended to. Let me show you some mercy.”

“But I don't understand. Why are you doing this to me, Risky?”

She chuckled. “I don't expect you to understand my motives. I don't expect you to understand me and the things I do. The less you know, the better. I do what I want, when I want, and what I tell you is the answer you're gonna get and be happy with. Got it?”

“But why this? Why go through all this to extract a meaningless confession? Look, I'm sorry I was doing what I was doing up there rather than keeping an eye out for our final destination. But I just couldn't stop thinking about--”

“Who? Tell me who, Shantae. Tell me now!”

“Stop pressuring me, Risky!”

“I said tell me who! I need to know!”

“Why do you want to know so badly?” she asked again. Her arms suddenly coiled around Shantae's body, squeezing her with the strength of a pit viper while her red eyes stared her down with a death glare. Their sweaty bodies pressed hard against one another, their naked breasts squished flat almost evenly like a pair of pancakes. “Ouch, Risky! You're hurting me.”

“What do I have to do to get you to tell me the truth, Shantae?” she growled. She clawed her nails down her bare back.

“OW!” she yelled as she felt the skin break as her fingernails sink into her.

“How long do you want to prolong your suffering? Just tell me. You don't need to know anything. Just say the name, Shantae! Just say the bloody name!”


“You tell me or else--”

“Or else I won't help you defeat the Pirate Master!”

All of a sudden, Risky suddenly felt her heart beat faster as it sunk to her chest. She'd been told off before. She'd been told off by allies, enemies, and even the Pirate Master a number of times before he lost his life. She was used to being denied—it came with the territory of piracy—but if one thing was concrete and set in stone about her, the one thing that she was unabashedly the most stubborn about, was getting her way. She always got her way, even if in the end, her plans were eventually bound to fail. What was so different about Shantae shutting her out? In reality, nothing. So what if she was being a little defiant? It wasn't like Risky didn't have the firepower to take down the Pirate Master himself in his weakened state, and it wasn't like she couldn't go through the trouble of tracking down them maps herself without Shantae's assistance. The problem lied in the frame of time. She had no time to waste searching aimlessly without maps and Sequin Land had a massive span that stretched for miles upon miles. Time was precious as the rarest gemstone. Not one second of it was to be thrown to the wayside. But why was Risky doing this if that was the case? Even she didn't know. Perhaps her obsession led her astray far deeper than she thought in that very brief moment away from the ship. Risky turned her head down, a little embarrassed as her tight grip loosened. “Look, I'm sorry, okay? It's not often I get like this. I hardly ever get like this, as a matter of fact. Hell, it felt kind of good....”

“Risky, you can tell me anything you want to. I hope that just because we're enemies that we can't share things that bother us. I know we have a mutual threat pitted against us, but for now, I only want to help my friends. If I could be your friend to some extent just to help you purge some of your demons from you, maybe that could be an option.”

“Forget it.”

“I knew you would say that.”

“On the other hand...”


Risky squeezed her arms around her body again. “Maybe we can resolve this in a way that benefits the both of us.”

Shantae gulped, not at all looking forward to what Risky had in mind.

Just then, her hands began creeping up her back. She embraced Shantae in a similar kiss as before, her tongue being as adventurous as it always had been. Her hands slithered up the sides of Shantae's stomach and held her arms. They soon found themselves in a different kind of embrace, grasping each others hands passionately. “Perhaps I could work on being a little gentler with you.” A warm smile ran across Shantae's face. Risky shared the same smile. It seemed like they could find common ground after all. Shantae slipped off her golden ponytail holder and let her long hair flow down her back. As she let it downwards, it bobbed and fluffed outwards before straightening out completely. She gave a light shrug as her face glowed red. Risky, as per usual, made the first move.

She pushed lightly against Shantae, pushing her back against the deck, the place she became most familiar with in the fifteen or so minutes they interacted. She continued to kiss her as their hands locked in a loving clutch. Slowly, passionately, Risky moved forward, pressing the meaty part of her thigh against Shantae's slit and rocked back and forth. Shantae let out a soft moan through their kissing.

Their bodies struck the very tipping point of euphoria earlier. They wanted to experience it all over again, but this time with less unfiltered aggression and more care. Risky's thigh became slick with Shantae's juices, making it a lot easier to slide up and down with more passion and intensity, which is what she did. As they kissed, Shantae wrapped her arms around her and pulled her in. Risky immediately adjusted her body as she was leashed in by her arms, almost as if to kiss her even more deeply. It seemed to be so. Her tongue was just as adventurous as Risky's now, dancing, waltzing right along to the same beat as hers. Their tongues twisted around one another, feeling each other, rolling around, coiling as saliva drooled down the sides of their lips. They were entwined within one another's embraces, their hands rubbing and caressing and feeling and running across every part they could possibly reach as their mouths made sweet love to one another.

Risky herself took Shantae by the back and lift her upwards. Shantae immediately gave her support by crawling up as she grabbed the table. They pulled back from their kiss, letting a long strand of saliva split apart and fall away. “Are you ready?” Risky said.

“I think so,” Shantae replied.

Risky inched forward again, adjusting her legs so her right leg was above Shantae's and her left was in a lame position resting against her thigh. If Shantae had a real lump in her throat, she would have the hardest time swallowing it. It was utterly trapped, forbidden to descend mostly through fright at something she'd never done before and wasn't entirely sure she was prepared for. She then felt something cold, then warm. Then hot. Soft. Wet. Slimy. She looked down and saw Risky's pussy was touching hers, pressed firmly against it. Shantae was fixated on this as she became lost in something that felt almost like love? She had no idea, but she knew it was a strong sensation that encapsulated her more so than before. It was more than blind lust and fear. It was greater than that. It couldn't have been love, though. How in the world could her and Risky be an item? There was no way. It made no sense. She rejected the notion for the time, but she could not reject how she was feeling right now. Her body was on fire. She let out a sudden, almost frightened gasp as she felt Risky grind against her.

Risky giggled menacingly. Her hips started off slowly, like the grinding groans of a clock's gears. Like those gears, she felt herself become lubricated as she moved with a steady flow. Her luscious hips thrust forward to let their sweet juices mix as their vulva ground together. As the energy of desire channeled itself even deeper now, her breath became hot, just like her body, which didn't take long to become soaked in sweat once again. She had forgotten how stuffy it was in here. Some time later, she would have to do something about that.

Shantae was so nervous that she could hardly bring herself to move. Her body was practically frozen while Risky was unceasingly grinding her lady bits against hers, fearless and confident in every action she performed like a professional. Had she done this before? Now was not the best time to ask. She was bound to assume the answer was “yes,” but she decided to leave it alone. She really did feel good, so much better than before. Perhaps it was because Risky was sticking to her word and being gentler with her. That made things a lot easier on her and her body. If she got used to this, she could express herself more. For now, she continued to let Risky do her thing as she held back screaming because the sensation of having her genitals stimulated in such a direct way was far too much for her to bear.

Minutes felt like hours as Risky got deeply involved with scissoring Shantae. She slammed her hands behind her, leaning backwards as she could twerk her hips faster, greater, more intensely. Her flesh felt like it was cracking, breaking away to reveal some kind of monster of lustful satisfaction she was barely able to hold under control. “W-Well, aren't you gonna do something? Don't just sit there. Move your hips,” she said through hot, bated breaths.

“But it just feels so good, and I've never done this before.”

“Heh, all the more reason to give it a try. I know it must feel amazing,” she said, “so why hold back what you know feels good to you?”


With that, she proceeded to move her hips in the opposite direction of Risky's. Their engorged clits touched and scraped past each other as they bucked left and right, up and down, side to side, and all around. Shantae tried and failed not to moan so deeply and loudly as before. As her body was one again covered from head to toe in sweat, she once again let Risky take control. She kept grinding, but it was clear that Risky was the superior one. She leaned back on her elbows, panting heavily as her hips gyrated on their own. “Yes! Yes! Risky! It feels amazing!”

“It does, doesn't it, Shantae?” she said.

“It does! God, it does!”

“I want to know now...who were you thinking about up there? Last chance if you don't want me to keep going.”

Shantae knew she'd not have another chance at this, this amazing, heavenly feeling that eclipsed her mind, body, and spirit. Her body convulsed so many times since they began rubbing their pussies together, she swore she must have gone numb now and she was only responding by instinct. Her libido was going absolutely crazy and she couldn't stand to hold back anymore. She couldn't keep up the charade any longer. She confessed her hidden secret, which she was sure that Risky already figured out a long time ago. “I-I...I...I was thinking of you...” she said.

“Excuse me? Say that again?”

“I said I was thinking of you!” she cried as the next big orgasm speared right through her. “I-I couldn't hold back thinking pretty you are. N-Not to mention, you're so troubled because of this curse, I-I kind of thought maybe I could help you change your mind and p-possibly fight f-for—aaah!—for us, the good guys.”

“Shantae, are you serious? Do you really think that about me?” she said as she stopped moving.

“Y-Yes, it's true. That's why I was touching myself earlier. I just want to help you. Please, Risky. Don't stop...!”

Risky smiled warmly. “Well, Shantae. That's all I wanted to know. I hate to admit this, but I'm kinda flattered that you think of me that way. Now hold on tight. I'm so close to cumming, but I'm gonna take you on a roller coaster if you haven't already been on one judging by how I saw your body jerking so violently before.”

Almost like a switch being flipped on, Risky sat up and grabbed Shantae's left leg, pulling it towards her and squeezing it as she ground hard and fast against her. Shantae felt like she was going to literally burst. Her body was a volcano at this point, a ticking time bomb of so many sensations swirling around in her that it was impossible to describe. “Risky! Risky! Yes, please keep going! I'm going crazy! Oh, God!”

“Oh, Shantae! Shantae!”

“Risky! I'm cumming again!”

“Me, too! Me, too!”



Between their legs, a splash of clear liquid burst into the sky, propelled by their incredibly powerful orgasms. Their bodies convulsed and shook with such intense vibrations that they made the deck underneath them shake. Risky's was so powerful that she trust forward and held onto Shantae. She wrapped her arms around her intimately, almost like a guardian protects their servant, and held her as her body thrashed for a moment. It took some time for the sensation to finally wear off, but when it did, Risky found herself cuddled in a warm embrace within the arms of her enemy, panting heavily, her body drenched in sweat. “Shit, you did a good job.”

“I did?”

“Yep. You managed to make me orgasm two times.”

“Two times?” Shantae said. “You made me cum at least a dozen times.”

“Just goes to show who's the most superior.”

“Hey! I can be just as good as you if I put my mind to it.”

“Sure, you can. Wanna try that out with my pistol?”

Shantae gulped upon hearing that. She didn't want to know what was she had hidden in her arsenal. She was better off not knowing. The things that pirate lady held were probably some of the most horrifying, sick, twisted, and terrifying devices ever known. “Not really...” she said sheepishly.

“Ho ho ho ho ho! As I thought! You're not ready for that yet. You'd collapse like a house of cards in mere seconds.”

“That's not true! I can handle it! I just need to rest, that's all.”

“Well, it'll have to wait. Right now, your orders are to wipe yourself off, clean yourself up, get your clothes back on, and get out there and ascertain whether or not we've made it to our destination.”

“Aye, Cap'n!”




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