False Jaina's Crusade

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The following fanfic contains tentacle rape, mind control, breast expansion, yuri, non consensual sex, and probably a bunch of other fetishes. If you have a problem with any of these things, or are under eighteen turn back now.

I will not be repeating this warning. So don't complain about the content in the reviews.

Chapter One: Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore emerged dripping wet into her tower, pulling off her soaking wet cloak and setting her mages staff to one side. Brushing aside a strand of her golden hair from before her crystal blue eyes she made her way through the empty tower while the wind continued to howl. She entered the experimentation room and was satisfied to see that the Gate had been transported before the monsoon hit Theramore.

It was a large upright circle of stone which emitter a low hum of magic. Its gray surface was inscribed with many hieroglyphics and runes. It had been found in some ancient ruins discovered in Duskwallow Marsh, however she had been away on negotiations when the find was made. Now that she was here she was eager to begin studying it.

She sauntered over to the gate and began trying to read the runes inscribed at the base. She had to kneel down and lean in to discern them. To her disappointment she did not know the language. However the hieroglyphics were clear enough. They showed woman kneeling before the gate in chains. In the next image tentacles reached out and grabbed them, and in the third they dragged them into a portal.

'It must have been used for sacrifices,' murmured Jaina 'I'd better not open it without help at hand.'

There was more. The pictures showed the woman emerging from the gates changed. With swollen busts they emerged and made their way to the palace of a King whom they pledged themselves to. Jaina stood and made her way over to a book shelf of histories, squatting down and leaning forward as she searched for a book…

The being within the waygate had long been out of use. Buried with the fall of the old regime, it had slept for endless ages until uncovered. Even so, it had yet to encounter an entity worthy of its attention.
Then it saw her.

A blonde bombshell with flowing blonde hair entered the room and drew closer. She kneeled down before the gate, giving the being a perfect view of her bright blue eyes and large perky breasts. She looked at the gate with a bookish interest which made the gate desire to have her more.

The desire only strengthened as she turned around and walked to a bookcase. Her wide hips swayed to and fro before she squatted down and in the process stuck out her sexy ass. The being had found its newest acquisition.

As Jaina found the book she was looking for the gate flared to life. Looking back she saw a portal like water out of which emerged many pink tentacles. Before Jaina could move the tentacles surged forward and grasped her arms, pulling them behind her back. She could feel her magic draining away as the tentacles wrapped round her slim waist and dragged her back. She opened her mouth to scream, and the tentacles gagged her from behind.

She struggled agains the tentacles as she was hauled back little by little. Finally she stood at the threshold to the gate, still fighting. For a moment she wedged herself between the sides of the gate. Struggling with her legs, she burst free of the tentacles grip and landed on the ground arms first. Scrambling up, she snatched her staff and summoned a shield around herself as the tentacles were after her.

They could not lay themselves on her, so instead they surrounded the shield, trying to break it by constricting around it. Jaina strained to keep it up, focusing her attention on resealing the gate. Suddenly a female figure with glowing green eyes appeared on the other side of the gate. A single manicured female hand with long painted nails emerged from the surface of the portal, and a bolt of green energy shot forward to strike Jaina. She moaned as she felt both pleasure and pain surge through her, a heat growing in her loins as a stinging appeared in her mind. Whatever spell had been cast burned through her mana reserves rapidly, and soon the shield fell, as Jaina collapsed to her knees panting.

The figure disappeared as even more tentacles came through the gate. They snaked round her arms and wrested her staff from her fingers, before tossing it aside. Pulling her up, and began to grasp her legs. Jaina shuddered as they circled her ankles and began to climb slowly up her long legs, causing her to scream. As she did so a tentacle snaked forward, its end opening up to cover her mouth with. Some sort of gas was poured into her mouth as she struggled and suddenly a euphoric mindlessness overtook her. She was suddenly perfectly content as the tentacles reached forward into her clothes, and began to grope and caress her. A tentacle gagged her, while the tentacles on her legs began to rub against her loins. Others snaked into her bodice and began to fondle her breasts.

She didn't know how long she spent in the tentacles embrace, but suddenly Jaina's senses returned to her. She began to struggle anew, trying to summon her magic but in vain. Slowly she was dragged towards the portal, pushed through the portal legs first slowly as she thrashed within the tentacles grip.

'MMMPH! She cried, desperately hoping someone would hear. 'MMMPH!'

She was now up to her hips in the portal, and behind she could feel a terrible warmth engulfing her. The surface of the portal seemed to cling to her as her waist went in, then her breasts, slowly but surely until only her head remained outside of the waygate. Jaina Proudmoore was permitted one more glimpse of her former home, bound beyond hope of escape and fully away of the fact, before the tentacles dragged the voluptous blonde through the waygate to an unknown fate.

The spirit of the waygate did not know where she was going, but it knew more would follow soon…

Jaina was dragged through the portal into a cavern of pulsing flesh whose ceiling was higher than her eyes could see. Doors of violet color could be discerned, made of chiton. There was a stench in the air which filled her nostrils, and caused her whole body to tingle. All around her she could see naked women being penetrated by tentacles, moaning and writhing around her in a perpetual orgy. The sorceress was brought onto a pedestal of black stone and there suspended with her feet a few inches over the stone.

Before her a night elf maiden with black hair was pressed against a high elf, their gigantic breasts mashing together as their lips crashed against each other. Both had tentacles plunged into their asses and cunts, going in an out in a movement which Jaina found vaguely hypnotic. Other tentacles were tying them together at the waist, while their hands were giving the tentacles around them handjobs. As their tongues dueled for dominance their movements became more and more intense. As Jaina watched, a long tail suddenly reached out and wrapped round both as a naga with unnaturally gigantic mammaries pressed herself against both of them. The two elves moaned, and broke off their kiss, setting their lips to the creatures breasts and suckling upon them with hunger.

It was their eyes that caught Jaina's attention, however, for they were filled with mindless joy, and endless lust. There was no intelligence behind them. It was horrifying, and yet arousing, and Jaina realized she was blushing heavily. What was going on? Why was she feeling like this? She knew enough to know that the heat between her legs, the sudden compulsion to join in this perpetual depravity was some magic around them, effecting all the women in this place. Herself included. Focusing, Jaina tried to keep her senses, and steeled herself for what was to come.

'Oh your here finally. I'm glad.' said a husky voice directly behind her left ear. Jaina felt hot breath upon the back of her neck and breasts pressed against her back. 'I see you've already me some of my slaves. These ones came to me centuries ago.'

Two hands came round to grope Jaina by her ample chest, before dropping down to feel up her behind. Jaina wanted to scream, but her mouth was gagged with a tentacle still. 'My you have an excellent body, you know that. I'll enjoy making you into my pet.' said the voice. 'All in good time I suppose.'

Whoever it was came around to reveal a curvaceous blue skinned women with elf ears, dark hair and shimmering eyes. Her curvaceous form was packed into a black leather outfit and a whip was trailing from one hand. Her feet were goat hooves, and she had black batwings.

'A succubus…' thought Jaina 'is she the one controlling these creatures?'

As the succubus appeared, the tentacles withdrew from the women, who fell to the ground like puppets whose strings had been cut. The succubus lashed the floor with her whip, and they arose quickly to stand before her in a line, sticking out their ample chests. The succubus moved forward, her hips swaying to draw attention to her rump, and cupped the blood elf beneath the cheek. 'Their quite nice to look at, but not much for conversation anymore. They never got past the husk stage, you see.' She drew the blue haired one into a deep kiss, which it returned, cupping the succubus around the waist as the two felt each other up. Finally the succubus broke it off, and turning to face Jaina, wiping some drool from her lip. 'Its a delicate art breaking someone, and no matter how careful you are, sometimes they are just too far gone. So, here is the part where I let you speak.'

The tentacle gagging Jaina was removed, and she gasped for breath, working her way through the effects of the magic around her. 'How can you do something like this? Reduce sentient creatures to… that?'

'Oh my,' said the Succubus 'are you truly appealing to my inner sense of goodness? You truly are as naive as they say. To answer your question, I can do it by drugging them with the chemicals the tentacles secrete naturally, and then forcing constant pleasure through their minds. After a few months, even the most virtuous of maidens become slaves to their bodies.'

Jaina tried to summon her magic, but something was draining it away from her. 'Yes but why? What purpose does it serve in your goals to initiate this… depravity.'

'Oh I understand,' said the Succubus 'you think I'm working with the Burning Legion. Really, its understandable, from the way they carry on you'd think they were the only faction of demons. No, my dear, my sisters and I have our own plans. One which all these women play a very important role, yourself included.

But you won't ever find out about it as you are now. You'll be a completely different person then.'

'So why are you telling me all this?' asked Jaina 'To watch me recoil in horror at what you intend to do to me?'

'You catch on quick.' said the Succubus, before drawing in near, pressing their breasts together and cupping Jaina's cheek. 'I don't normally do this though, I prefer efficiency over gloating satisfaction. But I still need your mind intact.' Her hand radiated power as Jaina felt a spell coming over her body, searching through her consciousness. It was as if the succubus were looking through her mind and taking notes. Jaina tried to expel her, to drive her out, but she found herself outmatched. The women before her was far older, and far more powerful than was apparent. By her will, Jaina found herself thinking that the women was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. This was no ordinary Succubus, this was a Queen of Suffering!

'Wha… what are you doing to me?' asked Jaina, feeling weak.

'Making a copy,' said the Queen of Suffering 'not of your soul, of course. That would be needlessly complex. I'm just duplicating your thoughts, memories, hopes and dreams. Everything that gives the blank slate of the soul meaning. I'm drawing it into myself.' She drew her hand back, and it was shimmering with a violet glow. The glow moved up her arm, around her shoulders and head and soon surrounded the Queen entirely. Then the glow faded, and the Demon Queen smiled. 'I have it now, a complete understanding of your nature. But I need one more thing from you…'

Then the Queen of Suffering moved forward and kissed Jaina on the lips. The urge to kiss back was nearly impossible to resist, but Jaina did it, struggling to pulls away. She felt pain as the Queen of Suffering bit her lip, drawing blood. Jaina turned her head away, as the Queen reached forth with her tongue and licked up the blood, before separating from her.

Suddenly the Queen began to change. Her hair grew longer and changed styles and color to bright blonde. Her skin turned a familiar hue, as she became a little less tall. Her goat hooves changed to pink and white high heels, while a skirt formed around her legs that was white and violet. Her midriff which had before been clad in black leather was exposed to reveal a toned body, and her chest was suddenly covered in a white top.

Jaina Proudmoore was looking at a perfect duplicate of herself. She was so stunned that she barely noticed her lip healing. 'You… your planning to-'

'Take your place, yes.' said the imposter. 'You know, it feels strange being you. Its like I'm a disney Princess, except the universe doesn't bend over backwards to ensure I live happily ever after, my Prince Charming turns out to be the main villain, and the primary appeal of my character is which unholy abomination will make me into their sex slave first.

You're actually in your element here.'

'Shut up!' snarled Jaina 'You'll never be able to impersonate me forever! You'll be discovered!'

'I hate resorting to violence,' said the False Jaina, while shading her eyes with one hand. 'but you asked for it. Oh, Arthas! I know that you've practically killed half the population of Azeroth and made an enemy of everyone who has ever existed, but I'm sure if you just came back to the light the power of love will do the rest!

Varian, your half the leader I am, with far less experience and accomplishment, but allow me to cowtow to your whims, and do nothing to stop you from taking over the Alliance and sending my people down the road to oblivion.

Yes Thrall! Please force me to appease your race of warlike brutes! Make me initiate a policy of appeasement please!' She paused. 'Am I far off?'

There was a long silence as Jaina heard her own voice mocking her. '…Thats a terrible impression.' She said lamely.

'No its not,' said the false Jaina 'and thats why your upset.' She stretched. 'You know, I think I've rather enjoyed our conversations, and taking on your personality makes me feel chipper. I was going to set the tentacles on you before I'd left, and let them break you while I did my work, but I think I'd like to watch.' Drawing out a vanity mirror from nowhere, she looked into it. 'But first, I need to make some changes.' She batted her eyelashes, and suddenly she was wearing violet eyeliner, then licked her lips, leaving them coated in red lipstick. 'I always like to leave little hints when I take on another form.' Her expression hardened. 'Take her.'

Suddenly the tentacles unravelled around Jaina and caught her by the wrists and ankles. Others gripped her skirt and tore it away, revealing Jaina's undergarments as another began to work on her top. Before long both had been torn off, and she was hanging stark naked and bound by tentacles.

A suddenly desperation overtook Jaina, and she forced herself to summon what magic remained to her. Yet even as she opened her mouth to cast a spell, and tentacle drove itself down her throat, as even more tentacles appeared and wrapped around her, suppressing her power. Her arms were bound painfully behind her back. Her legs were spread wide as she was forced into a horizontal position.

Jaina knew what came next. As the tentacles drove themselves into her cunt and ass, she screamed into the tentacle in her throat. The pleasure was far greater than it should have been, and the pain was equally strong. Two other tentacles positioned themselves over her breasts, before their ends splayed out into suction cups which set themselves to her breasts, and began to draw milk from them.

Humiliated and in equal parts pain and pleasure, Jaina watched as the impersonator came closer, eyeing her body hungrily. She smiled at Jaina's fearful gaze. 'Oh but things have only just gotten started. Begin the improvements.'

Something was injected into Jaina's breasts and lower half. As it entered her, her entire body was suddenly aflame with unquenchable lust. Such was the effect that she found herself moaning with pleasure as the tentacle worked at her, plunging in an out. At the same time, her breasts began to swell larger and larger before her eyes.

'Mmph! MMMPH!' moaned Jaina as her breasts became larger than her head, and yet continue to grow. Her hair too was lengthening, falling out longer and longer beneath her so that it would have been below the knee had she been standing. Her hips widened also, growing steadily larger until they were thicker than her shoulders.

Jaina could hardly think as the False Jaina approached her, and fondled one of her butt cheeks, which became steadily more round and firm. The pleasure was overwhelming and she suddenly found she could take no more!

Jaina came, and as she did so the tentacles also came inside her, filling her body with their cum as the False Jaina watched. Finally it ended, and Jaina breathed heavily as the tentacles removed themselves from her, and she was changed to an upright position, her legs trapped together by coiled tentacles. Her breasts were hanging where they had been before, three times the size of her head. Despite their now enormous size they seemed unnaturally firm. Jaina strained for breath, forcing her way through the haze of the pleasurable afterglow to glare at the succubus before her.

'You… you won't get away with this…' she breathed out.

'Oh, you are still capable of speech.' said False Jaina, obviously pleased. 'Excellent, I was afraid you'd break too soon. I think by the time we're done with you you'll turn out quite. And I already have gotten away with it, for your information.

Even if I am somehow stopped in your world, nobody is going to be able to find you out here. Even if they have the inclination to. Besides,' she smiled and struck a pose, flipping her blonde hair behind her head. 'I'd say my body matches your description a bit better than yours does.' Suddenly she surged forward and kissed Jaina on the lips, and as she did so Jaina could sense some of her power passing from the Queen into her body. It surged down her throat, and dissipated throughout her body before Jaina could do anything. 'Just a surprise for later,' said the Succubus. 'goodbye for now.'

Suddenly feeling more exhausted than she ever had in her entire life, Jaina slumped forward, barely having enough energy to watch False Jaina turned and saunter slowly towards the portal, swaying her hips seductively as she did so. Jaina's nipples went erect, as she shifted uneasily a heat growing between her legs. As False Jaina put one long leg through, she glanced back, batting her eyelashes one final time before going through the portal.

Jaina was left alone, bound by tentacles, completely powerless and awaiting whatever fate lay in store for her. Around her she saw other women being ravished by the tentacles, while others were bound up until later. And as she remained there, countless depravities played out before her eyes, weakening her will as the urge to join in them surged through her. She resisted it with all her might, forcing herself to stay focused on escaping.

An hour later the tentacles set to work on her once again, and she could do nothing.

For her part False Jaina entered her study, and picked up her staff. 'Ah, its good to be back.' she said, making her way through the halls and picking up her cloak. 'Now, I'll need to start with people who won't be missed of course. Once I've done that, I'll get to work on some of the more prominent leading ladies of this world.

Who to target next?'

This was going to be fun.

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