Elizabeth in the Mojave

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Elizabeth in the Mojave

“Note to self, peek through a Tear next time before just leaping through” Elizabeth scolded herself as she was marched through a hot desert still as naked as she was when she had left Rapture, the sun beating down on her bare skin as she was forced to walk by two strangely dressed men, the one behind her keeping a crudely made Machete to her throat preventing her from trying to escape

“So who are you guys anyway?” she asked only to gasp when the Machete was brought closer to her throat

“Silence Profligate!” the man in front of her bark over his shoulder “as property of Caesar’s Legion and Caesar himself you will speak only when spoken to”

“Profligate? Caesar? These guys are talking as if we were in Ancient Rome” Elizabeth thought, a concept that wouldn’t have been too farfetched as the Tears allowed her to travel through time as well as space but what through off any chance of being in Ancient Rome was the large Assault Rifle that hung from the first Legionnaires back

Biting her lip to stop herself from asking what year it was out of fear that the Machete at her throat would get even closer Elizabeth’s mind went into panic as she remembered reading what had happened to people who were captured by the Ancient Romans, men were either forced into military service or into gladiatorial combat and women…

Women were made mainly into sex slaves

Whilst the idea of sex was by no means scary to Elizabeth she had no intentions of becoming a slave promptly trying to hatch a means of escape

Luckily for Elizabeth though the concept of becoming a slave didn’t last long as the loud crack of a gunshot went off and the Machete at her throat fell to the sand as the Legionnaire behind her suddenly lost his head making her jump and shriek, as she hit the sand the Legionnaire in front of her made a grab for her in an attempt to haul her off only for a brown clad Soldier to suddenly rush out from behind a nearby rock formation and open fire upon him riddling the Roman-esque man with bullets

Expecting the same to happen to her Elizabeth closed her eyes and waited for the worst as she heard two sets of footsteps approaching but instead of a gunshot and eternal darkness she heard a soft voice speaking down at her “ma’am, are you ok? Do you need help standing?”

Opening her eyes Elizabeth looked up to see the soldier bending down with a hand outstretched for her to take whilst a second soldier holding a Sniper Rifle stood next to him “did they do anything to you? Do you need medical assistance?” the first soldier asked making the Sniper speak up

“What do you mean ‘did they do anything to you?’, the poor girl’s naked!” the sniper chastised his partner smacking him across the head

“It’s standard procedure! How else are we going to help her?”

“By taking her to safety and not probing stuff that she’d want to forget!” the Sniper retorted as Elizabeth took the first soldiers hand to get back onto her feet

“No, no I’m fine” she assured them dusting herself off “I was naked when they captured me, they didn’t do anything to me, thank you for saving me though, they wanted to make me a slave” she told them whilst admiring their physiques, it was the second time in the same day that she had had her life saved but yet thanks to the look of the soldiers she had no complaints about it

“Fuckin’ Legion” the sniper spat taking the time to kick one of the Legionnaires corpses

“Yeah it looks like we found you just in time, if we hadn’t gotten that radio message of Legion activity in the area who knows what could have happened” the soldier sighed “come on, we have an outpost not too far from here, we can get you some spare clothes” he then added as he removed his jacket and offered it to Elizabeth which she eagerly took “we need to get you out of the sun”

Nodding Elizabeth held the jacket around her more for protection from the sun than for warmth, the thick musky smell upon it was an extra bonus as well sending a shiver up her spine as she breathed it in as well as an ache straight to her loins, her eyes running along both the soldier and the sniper admiring the toned musculature of their arms and upper bodies making her subtle-y lick her lips

She definitely had to fuck them both before she left

After a few minutes of walking they reached the outpost the soldiers had mentioned which was a small wooden shack tucked away in a crack in a cliff face to hide it from the elements, not exactly as glamorous and military as Elizabeth had been expecting but it would get her out of the sun so she wasn’t going to complain

Upon reaching the outpost however they found that the lock on the door had been smashed off “what? Oh fuck no!” the sniper exclaimed as he headed inside to find the place ransacked “shit all the supplies are gone!”

“Must have been Fiends, we got a Med X supply drop a few days ago” the soldier sighed as he led Elizabeth inside to find that all the closets and storage bins had been smashed open “the spare uniforms are gone too, I’m sorry miss but there’s nothing here you can use” he groaned as he turned to face Elizabeth only to find her stripping his jacket off

“That’s quite alright, I personally prefer being naked” she told them with a coy smile as she then sauntered towards them, making the soldier blush and start to stammer as she ran her fingertips down his chest “and at the moment I believe I owe my two brave saviours a thank you” she then purred beckoning the sniper forward

“Ma’am? What’re you doing? You shouldn’t be doing this after what you’ve gone through” the soldier stated as he took hold of her hand “you’re obviously going through trauma, you need to rest”

Tittering at the soldiers concern Elizabeth just cupped his groin making him stiffen and hiss “I told you already, the men who captured me didn’t do anything to me, you two made sure of that and for it you should be rewarded” she breathed as she grabbed hold of the snipers belt as well using it to pull him closer to her “come on, you two must have been working so hard and I always thought soldiers deserved more for their services”

Actually taking a moment to take in Elizabeth’s perfect naked body the soldier and sniper exchanged a look as they weighed up the option “she does seem to honestly want this” the sniper pointed out “and it would save a trip to Gomorra when we next go on leave”

“I guess” the soldier admitted before looking to Elizabeth again only to find that she had dropped to her knees before them, expertly undoing their belts and pants with a single hand for each making both men stare at her in shock at her expertise

Letting out a needy moan as she undid their pants Elizabeth then gasped with delight as she found the NCR soldiers to be both hung and girthy, able to feel the heat coming off of them along with loving the scent of their musk making her cunt clench and drip with need “oh my god you’re both huge” she gasped wrapping a hand around each cock loving how hot and sweaty they felt in her grasp

Licking her lips as she stroked them Elizabeth decided to suck on the sniper first taking as much of him into her mouth as she could making him shudder and groan as she stroked the soldier faster “god damn this girl’s good” the sniper hissed as he cupped the back of her head, holding her in place to enjoy the feeling of her snug throat whilst the soldier reached down to grope at her breasts

“Her body is pristine, how did she keep it so perfect?” the soldier pondered amazed at the total lack of wear and tear on Elizabeth’s body, unable to find a single bullet wound, scar or even a simple blemish on her pristine porcelain skin

Humming at the feeling of the soldier’s rough hands exploring her chest Elizabeth pulled her mouth off of the snipers cock to smile up at him “if you think my body is so perfect why don’t you put it to good use?” she tittered as her eyes flicked to one of the beds hinting to what she wanted and thankfully both men were smart enough to catch on quickly, helping her to her feet before leading her to the bed to which she eagerly hopped on and laid back with her legs spread

As the sniper moved in to retake Elizabeth’s mouth the soldier took his place between her legs, rubbing his cock against her perfect little pussy finding himself staring at it in wonder, hairless, as pale as the rest of her body and so fucking wet that it was dampening the mattress beneath them

Feeling Elizabeth’s heels on his lower back reminding him of what he was there to do the soldier shook out of his stupor and slid into the young woman’s needy cunt in one fluid motion making them both moan with absolute ecstasy “oh fuck she’s so tight!” he groaned as he began thrusting into her as hard and fast as she could making her moan and squeak around the snipers cock

“I’m having her ass next” the sniper grunted making Elizabeth moan louder with arousal “ah fuck, that’s it slut, suck my dick like you love it!” he panted as his cock throbbed against her tongue, feeding her his precum as she sucked harder and bobbed her head faster along his length seemingly desperate for his load

Luckily for the slut the sniper came moments later, shooting the first few streams straight down her throat before pulling out to finish on her face, Elizabeth starting to frantically jerk him off to help him finish his entire load onto her face and into her hair “that’s it, cover me with your cum, it feels so good” she panted before pressing her heels harder to the soldiers lower back “and you, fuck me hard! You earned this pussy so use it!” she demanded starting to buck her hips to fuck his cock back whilst stroking the sniper faster to keep him hard

“Yes ma’am!” the soldier replied as he took hold of her waist and sat up on his knees, making the slut cry out with pleasure at the now much deeper angle he took inside of her making her tits bounce with every thrust he took into her, his cock head hammering against her cervix making her toes curl

“Oh shit! Just like that! Make me cum!” she panted leaning over to lick at the snipers cock again looking up at him with lust drunk eyes “you wanted me ass? Get in my ass!” she then growled loving her hands to the soldier’s shoulders using the grip to pull herself towards him to give the sniper room to move in behind her

“You’re the boss” the sniper grinned as he slid in under the slut, letting her lie back down on top of him as he guided his cock to her tight ass letting out a low groan of pleasure as he pushed inside, the double penetration making Elizabeth’s eyes cross as her jaw fell slack, her body going limp with pleasure as the soldier’s pace got faster and more frantic

“Oh shit…fuck I’m cumming…shitshitshit fucckkkkk!!!” the soldier exclaimed as he hammered into Elizabeth’s cunt before slamming every inch inside of her hole, flooding her pussy with his hot load as her orgasm came moments later, making her clamp down like a vice around him refusing to let his cock go whilst the sniper steadily fucked her ass throughout “fuck it’s too good”

“That’s it, let it all out, use that pussy” Elizabeth moaned feeling some strength come back to her arms as she wound them around the soldier encouraging him to keep fucking her as the snipers thrusts got harder making her eyes cross again as she bounced between the two men

When the soldier finally stopped cumming Elizabeth encouraged him to pull out taking one of his hands and placing it on one of her tits “you like my tits? Fuck them, I want to feel your cock between my breasts” she breathed licking her lips as the soldier moved up her body to oblige her wish, pressing his cock between her tits as she squeezed them around his girth, making her cleavage nice and tight for him as he started to thrust

“Holy fuck this ass” the sniper groaned as Elizabeth squeezed tighter around him “fucking cumming!” he then gasped as he couldn’t hold his release back, hammering up into Elizabeth’s ass making her scream and throw her head back against his chest as he flooded her ass with his hot thick cum

As Elizabeth screamed with pleasure the soldier started to cum again, his oversensitive cock unable to last between her perfect tits showering her face with his load making Elizabeth moan whorishly in arousal at the liberal coating she received

“More cum…please…give me more…” she panted as she lapped up the cum from around her lips, moving out from between them to kneel before them as they stood over her, her mouth and eyes wide open with her tongue hanging out as she feverishly stroked their cocks, coaxing out several more streams of cum to fill her mouth and completely cover her face forcing her to close one of her eyes

Moaning whorishly as she relished the warm feeling of their cum coating their face Elizabeth scooped as much of it as she could into her mouth hungrily gulping it down before leaning in to suck both of their cocks clean, moaning and humming all the way until they final went soft “fuck I love cock” she moaned, more of an admission to herself as the two NCR troopers collapsed back panting on the bed feeling like their life force had been drained out of them

Tittering at how she had left the men Elizabeth took that as her cue to leave, stating that she wanted to get some air despite the fact she was sure that neither trooper could hear her, the slut sauntering out not even bothering to clean the cum from her skin and hair as she opened a Tear outside of the outpost

“Ok, where to now?”

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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